tagLoving WivesHe Fucked My Girl Ch. 02

He Fucked My Girl Ch. 02


At first I was pissed at Ricky, feeling he took advantage of the situation. Part of it was my insecurity after seeing Ricky fuck Jen. He's more muscular than me and has a bigger dick, and Jen seemed to enjoy both. But he apologized, so eventually things returned to normal. In some ways we grew closer. We were roommates, but not great friends. But now Ricky often complimented me how hot a girlfriend I had, and how lucky I was.

It was awkward though when the 3 of us were in the same room. Jen avoided talking about him, but sometimes I'd catch her looking at him. I saw Ricky stealing glances at Jen too, even more than he used to. I started going over to Jen's place more to avoid seeing Ricky, but that didn't give us much privacy because Jen's roommates were home a lot more than Ricky.

About a month after it happened, Jen and I were in my room making out. I had Jen's blouse unbuttoned and my hand inside her bra when Ricky walked in. WTF! Didn't he see the hanger on the door? We pulled away from each other. Ricky muttered apologies, his eyes on Jen's open blouse. I looked at Jen and her eyes were on Ricky's crotch. He wore sweat pants and his dick made a huge tent in the fleece material. The attraction between them was unmistakable. The sexual tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

I don't know what took hold of me. But instead of kicking Ricky out, I pulled Jen to me and started kissing her again. I put my hand back inside her bra and rubbed her nipple.

For a while we made out like that, pretending like Ricky wasn't there. I moved down Jen's body and pushed up her short skirt. I pulled her panties down her long legs. They were soaking, and her pussy lips glistened with excitement. I opened her legs and went down on her.

I purposely avoided looking at Ricky. After eating her for a little while, Jen's moans and writhing became more intense. I looked up, not surprised to see Ricky all over her. They were kissing, and Ricky's hands had replaced mine on her breasts. He finished taking off her blouse and bra, and expertly rubbed and fondled her tits and nipples.

"Wait, wait," she panted, out of breath and her chest heaving. She pushed Ricky away. "Mike, come here."

I moved to her. She took out my dick and stroked me, and then took me into her mouth. I groaned and my head rolled back with the pleasure.

"That's so hot!" Ricky said watching my girlfriend give me head. I saw a smile cross Jen's face (even with my cock in her mouth). Ricky moved between Jen's legs, and raised an eyebrow at me. Jen looked at me too, but her face didn't reveal what she wanted. My lust definitely controlled me, all good sense gone. I nodded at Ricky, and he gave me a big eager smile.

He pulled out his big cock and moved up between Jen's thighs. Jen grunted as he entered her. "Oh god!" she groaned.

She took me back into her mouth, but she clearly had trouble concentrating on blowing me with Ricky impaling her with his long thick monster. She gave up altogether on sucking me when he put her legs over her shoulder and began pounding her.

Panting, I moved over to Ricky's bed (just a few feet away), and sat on the edge of the bed. Ricky was more muscular than me and he was an impressive sight with his body all tensed up as he pounded Jen's pussy. He leaned into Jen, pressing her legs against her chest, and she clutched the sheets as if holding on for dear life.

From my vantage point, I had a clear view of how Jen's bare pussy lips (she kept herself hairless except for a tiny landing strip above her clit) strained to accommodate Ricky's girth. His cock was incredibly long, it was like a python moving in and out of her. It amazed me seeing him fucking her. His cock was so long it seemed to take forever to slide in and out of her as he slow stroked her. He definitely had an effect on her by her pants and the ecstasy on her face. It was gut wrenching knowing I couldn't fuck her the same way as him.

To make it even worse, I realized Ricky wasn't wearing a condom. Jen was on birth control, but the pill isn't fool proof. I always wore a condom because she was freaked about getting pregnant. Her older sister had gotten pregnant and they were catholic, so she dropped out of college, married the father and had the baby. Fortunately her sister loved her husband, but Jen didn't want that to happen to her. It surprised me that Jen let Ricky into her again bareback (this was the second time), but then she was so caught up in lust (just like me) she didn't realize it. I could stop him of course but then the memory came to me of the last time, how his thick baby making seed oozed out of her pussy. I got lightheaded with excitement and I knew I didn't have the willpower to stop Ricky from shooting his fertile sperm into my girlfriend's womb.

"Oh god oh god oh god," Jen panted as Ricky long stroked her with his cock. Ricky leaned down and kissed her. Jen didn't resist, instead she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him back. I could tell from their cheeks that their tongues were down each other's throat.

Jen's toes curled, and I knew she was cumming. She groaned her orgasm into his mouth, her back arching with the pleasure. Moments later, Ricky's body tensed. He pushed deep into Jen and stayed there, and from his convulsions I could tell he was cumming too, ejaculating his seed into her. I wondered if he had just gotten my girlfriend pregnant (I knew this was her most fertile time of the month), and with that thought I came too, without even touching myself, my sperm shooting onto my thighs and chest.

Ricky again had the good graces to leave and give us some privacy. As soon as he left we started giggling and laughing, just like last time. We were in awe at ourselves, how wild we'd been, not just once but for the second time. We weren't prudes, but normal college students (even hot blooded ones) didn't do this type of thing, did they?

"I can't believe you actually gave Ricky permission to fuck me," Jen said.

I hid my embarrassment with a shrug. "I don't know what it is, seeing another guy fucking you really turns me on," I said truthfully.

Jen looked wide-eyed at me, and then gave me an excited smile. "Oh my god, that's so hot!" she said excitedly. She got on top of me -- by that time I was hard again -- and we fucked like rabbits.

The next day reality hit. What would we do if Ricky had knocked up Jen? Due to her religious beliefs, getting a morning after pill wasn't an option, nor was an abortion if it came to that. We were so scared we did some research on the internet about putting a baby up for adoption, but Jen got so upset by the concept that she started crying. So I knew if she was pregnant that not only would she have the baby, but she wouldn't give it up. Honestly I didn't know what I'd do. We loved each other and we'd even talked about getting married, but we were both young. I was 24 (a grad student) and she 21 (a senior). Would I want to father another man's child?

But thankfully Jen got her period (thank god for the pill!). To celebrate, I got us a bottle of bubbly, and she gave me an incredible blowjob.

Our relationship with Ricky changed. Jen's awkwardness with him was gone. They kidded and joked around like buddies. It made me jealous, but whenever I saw them together acting so familiar, my cock stirred. So I guess it was inevitable we'd have another threesome.

It started innocently enough. We all decided to watch a movie on cable. But the movie was boring so soon we were laughing and making fun of the storyline and corny lines. We were all sitting on the sofa, and as we joked around there was a lot of touching and rubbing. At first we weren't aware of all the touching, but then all at the same time we realized we were bunched together on the sofa, with Jen squished between me and Ricky. The sexual tension immediately went through the roof. Before I knew it Ricky and I were kissing and feeling up Jen. She switched back and forth, first kissing me, then turning and kissing Ricky. As she kissed me I buttoned her blouse, and Ricky pulled it off her. Then, when she turned to kiss Ricky, I unsnapped her bra and Ricky's hands immediately went into her loosen bra cups to cup and fondle her breasts.

It was like me and Ricky were in sync. He undid her jeans, and then I pulled them down her long legs. He pulled off her panties, and then I dived between her legs to eat her out as he kissed her and fondled her tits and rubbed her nipples.

As they continued to kiss and grope each other, I put on a condom and plunged my rock hard cock into her pussy. God she was so wet. I wanted to see Ricky fuck her, so after a while I pulled out. "Your turn," I said to him.

He eagerly switched places with me, and as he took off his jeans I kissed and fondled my girlfriend. "Ricky's gonna fuck you real good now babe," I hissed into her ear, and she moaned. I looked over at Ricky. He had his monster cock out. I should have told him to put on a condom, but I didn't. She's on the pill, I reasoned to myself.

As he mounted her, Jen hugged me hard and groaned into my mouth. "Oh god!" she moaned, "He's so fucking big!"

Ricky reached down to squeeze her tits, and there wasn't enough room for both of us, so I took a step back to watch. He grinned at me, like that's what he wanted, to have my girlfriend all to himself. He fucked her good and hard and sent to her an amazing orgasm, just like the other times. Then he came hard shooting his seed into her young fertile womb.

He kissed her as they came down from their orgasms. "Come on, get off!" I said annoyed, hitting him on the arm. He pulled out and I got between my girlfriend's legs. Her pussy gaped open and milky cream oozed from her lips. The sight got me so hot I felt like I was going to faint. I took off the condom -- it didn't matter at that point -- and plunged into her pussy. She felt incredible loose, but knowing how she got that way turned me on. I fucked her hard, but I noticed she wasn't responding as passionately with me as with Ricky. I told myself it was because she'd just cum. I came hard, adding my sperm to Ricky's.

Afterwards, Ricky didn't leave like the other times. Instead, relieved of the sexual tension, we all laughed and joked around. It was still early so we decided to watch a different movie. Jen wrapped a blanket around herself. Both Ricky and I put on our boxers (I put on my t-shirt too). Jen sat between us as before, naked under the blanket.

As we watched the movie, I noticed Jen stealing glances at Ricky, at his muscular arms and six pack. I got involved in the movie. Then I felt Jen moving under her blanket, and heard her moan softly. I looked over, and saw the blanket moving. Ricky was fingering her!

Jen saw me looking, then we locked eyes. She wore a desperate, aroused look. I got hard, and leaned over and kissed her, pulling the blanket away. Now that she had my permission, she reached over and slid a hand into Ricky's shorts. I heard him groan as she wrapped her fingers around his cock.

So here we were, me kissing Jen, and she and Ricky playing with each other. Ricky leaned over and swallowed one of Jen's nipples, making her gasp. She turned to Ricky and they kissed, their passion hot and urgent.

As they kissed and fondled, I began feeling like a third wheel. Ricky got between her legs and pulled down his shorts. Almost as an after-thought, he said to me "let me go first this time, okay Mike?" He said it like a question but he was already positioning his cock between Jen's pussy lips. With a huge lurch he impaled her on his shaft, Jen grunting and pushing back to meet his thrust. Pretty soon they were going at it, their fucking desperate and fervent. It was like I wasn't even there. I moved to a chair across from them, and watched as Ricky brought my girlfriend to another massive orgasm.

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