tagLoving WivesHe Fucked My Girl Ch. 03

He Fucked My Girl Ch. 03


You might think these threesomes with Ricky would hurt my relationship with Jen, but instead we grew closer. Jen was giddy all the time. She had a normal upbringing, if maybe a little conservative because of her religion, so her hookups with a guy not her boyfriend were exciting "break the rules" kind of things for her. From her point of view, yes, she was acting sluttish, but she had her boyfriend's permission so it was okay. For me, it was so exciting to see my girlfriend taken by another guy. I can't explain it, but just thinking about it made me dizzy with excitement. Yes, it was gut wrenching, but so thrilling.

I didn't like the way Ricky and Jen acted around each other (outside the bedroom). Their actions were a little more intimate, touchy-feely than before -- not like boyfriend/girlfriend, but more than platonic friends. My friends noticed it, and some of them even told me I better watch out for Ricky because he was making moves on Jen.

I tried telling Jen my concerns, but talking about it got me excited and hard (despite the anguish), so it always ended up with us having amazing sex. My reaction got Jen believing it excited me when she flirted with Ricky in front of our friends -- which it did -- so she started doing it more, delighted by how kinky and demented I was.

To celebrate my birthday, Jen threw me a party with about 30 of our friends. She looked amazing. I guess maybe I should describe her. She's a head shorter than me at 5-3, with a petite slim body. She's got soft blonde hair that goes passed her shoulders, and a girl-next-door pretty face with freckles across her cheeks that match her bubbly, happy-go-lucky personality. Her breasts are small (she wears a 32 a/b cup) but perky, and she's got amazing long legs with slim pretty feet. See danced a lot in high school and college, and is kind of tom-boyish, and prefers jeans and flats over skirts and heels.

Jen hates wearing pantyhose, feeling they're too constricting. So it surprised me that not only did she wear a dress to my birthday party (a little black number), but also sheer nude pantyhose, and spiky high heels. I didn't know where she got the high heels, I didn't know she even owned any. But she looked incredible! The dress was low cut so it showed the soft swell of her bosom (I think she wore a push up bra as her boobs looked bigger than normal), and it end way higher than her knees so it showed off most of her legs. And her legs looked even more amazing than usual in the silky nylons and high heels.

Even though it was my birthday party, Jen spent as much time with Ricky as with me. I think our friends thought it was because she was tipsy from beer, but given how touchy-feely the two of them had been lately, I'm sure all my friends thought Jen was cheating on me with Ricky. More than once when the three of us were clustered in a group with other people, Jen ignored me completely, her eyes and attention solely on Ricky.

One time Jen came up to me and whispered into my ear, "Doesn't Ricky look so hot tonight?" She giggled seeing the flash of excitement on my face, then walked away.

Around midnight I looked around for Jen but couldn't find her anywhere. Ricky wasn't around either. They'd been all over each other all night, so I was pretty sure I knew what they were doing. Most of the people were still there so their absence wasn't noticeable, but soon it would be if they didn't show up soon. Just as I was about to have an anxiety attack, they walked in ... together! WTF, couldn't they have at least come in separately?!

Ricky said something about going out for a smoke, but Jen's hair was disheveled, her cheeks flushed, and her dress creased. In other words, she looked freshly fucked! I could tell, and so could all are friends. Many of my friends looked at me questioningly, wondering why I wasn't taking a slug at Ricky. My gut wrenched with jealousy and insecurity, and at the same time my cock was hard as a rock.

After I didn't do anything, the party got back to normal, although there was a lot of whispering and gossiping going on. I tried to catch Jen's eye but she ignored me, still giving Ricky all her attention. Finally when I thought I couldn't take it anymore she came over and pulled me aside. We had a few moments of privacy, and she kissed me open mouth. "Can you taste Ricky, he was in my mouth not long ago," she whispered into my ear. Then she pushed my hand up her dress. The upper thighs of her pantyhose were soaked. "That's Ricky, his cum, spilling out of me."

It was too much, I lurched and came in my pants. Jen smiled delightfully. "I guess you're having a good birthday," she giggled.

"Jen, wait," I pleaded. "Everyone knows you fucked Ricky just now. They all think you're cheating on me."

She shook her head and gave me a knowing look. "They might suspect something, but they don't know." I wasn't so sure about that. I cleaned myself up and we re-entered the party holding hands.

Later that night back at my apartment, I pushed Jen's dress up around her waist. Her black thong panties were visible through the sheer tan nylon of her pantyhose, and the pantyhose from her crotch to mid-thighs were soaked. "Ricky cums a lot," she giggled.

"Where did he fuck you?" I asked hoarsely, my fingers tracing the wet area of her pantyhose.

"Outside, in the back. He fucked me against the fence."

"Weren't you worried someone would go outside and see you? A lot of people already think you're cheating on me." I pulled off her pantyhose and panties and pushed my cock into her. She felt loose and extremely wet. One good thing about this thing with Ricky, she no longer insisted I wear a condom, finally deciding the pill was safe enough.

She shrugged, but I caught a flash of excitement in her eye. The excitement wasn't from my cock though, she barely reacted to my being inside her, but then Ricky was a lot bigger than me. No, her excitement had to do with people thinking she was cheating on me. She'd been raised Catholic, and had always had the reputation of being a pristine, goody-two-shoes girl. Maybe she liked people thinking she had a bad girl streak.

As I moved inside her, she said, "In the middle of fucking me, we heard Sam on the other side of the fence, talking on the phone. We had to stop until he left." She flushed excitedly. Sam was my best friend, we'd been best friends since grade school. "God Mike, Sam wasn't two feet from us, on the other side of the fence, and Ricky was inside me. What if he had opened the gate and saw us. How would you like that? Sam seeing your girlfriend fucking another guy. Would you like that? Or maybe you'd want me to suck him off so he wouldn't tell anyone. Would you like that? If I sucked Sam off and let him cum in my mouth?"

It was too much, I grunted and lurched and came. I collapsed onto Jen, physically and emotionally spent. We lay in the darkness, our bodies entwined. "I'm not sure how much longer I can do this," I said. "I mean, it's exciting, but, I mean, it's almost too exciting."

We talked a long time after that. It was exciting for both of us, but it had drawbacks too. Jen admitted it wasn't the best thing for her if everyone thought she was cheating on me. I was nervous throughout the conversation, because I thought she might break up with me, deciding she'd rather be with the more hunky Ricky. I knew Ricky would take her in a second, he'd always thought she was hot, and even more so now that he'd seen her naked and knew how great she was in bed. But to my relief she never even broached breaking up. Finally we decided to stop it with Ricky.

Ricky wasn't too happy with this. He hit on Jen a few times, and when that didn't work he threatened to tell everyone that Jen was a slut and I a cuckold. He screwed himself with that one, because that got Jen mad at him so if he ever had a chance with her, that was gone now. We told Ricky it would be as bad for him as us if this ever got out -- like, what if a potential employer ever heard about this? That finally convinced Ricky because all of us were about to graduate and we were all looking for jobs.

He moved out and I didn't see him again until graduation. I was graduating from the grad school and Jen and Ricky from the undergrad main campus. After my ceremony, I walked across campus to meet up with Jen. When I got there I saw Jen across the lawn talking to Ricky. It was pretty far away, but it looked like he was doing most of the talking. She shook her head as he spoke. He kept talking. She looked nervously around, then she said something to him. That seemed to satisfy him because he smiled and walked off. When I caught up with her I asked, "What was that with Ricky? I saw you talking to him."

"Oh, um, nothing," she said. "He got a job in California, so he said goodbye." Then she hurriedly added, "Have you seen our parents yet?" I frowned. It seemed they talked longer than it took to say goodbye. But our parents were taking us out to dinner to celebrate, so I forgot about it as we went in search for them.

After graduation, both Jen and I searched for jobs in New York City. We both loved NYC, and we wanted to stay together. Jen was ecstatic when she landed a job in a big advertising firm as an assistant account executive, and I got a job with a big Wall Street firm. Jen's job didn't pay much but it was a good start, and anyway my job paid enough to make up for it. We rented a loft in SoHo and moved in together.

We didn't talk about Ricky, or what we'd done with him. It's not that we were ashamed by it, or regretted anything. We were just too busy with our jobs and it was exciting to live in a big city like New York.

We went out all the time. There are too many great bars and restaurants in NYC to cook at home! I admit I gained some weight with all the eating out, but Jen managed to keep her slim figure by enrolling in modern dance and yoga classes with others from her office.

Jen really blossomed in New York, shedding her tom-boyishness. In advertising, you had to be stylish so she started wearing designer dresses all the time. I think she spent all her paychecks on clothes, but that was okay with me. I made enough for both of us to live on, and with her great legs I loved the way she looked in dresses and skirts, and now she even wore high heels all the time. Her company was old-school, where it was a no-no for women to go bare legged. I thought that would be a problem for Jen, because she hated wearing pantyhose. To my surprise, one morning I found her putting on thigh high stockings. It looked like she'd worn them before; one had the start of a run. That further surprised me. I didn't know she even owned any, and I'd never seen her in them. I asked her about it. She shrugged and said, "I've had these for a while. Maybe they'll be more comfortable at work." Seeing her roll the thigh highs up her long sexy legs made me crazy, and I attacked her. "Maybe I should wear them more often," she giggled. Needless to say, we both ended up getting to work late that day.

I felt proud and so lucky to have a girlfriend as good looking as Jen. She'd always been one of the prettiest girls in the room, but she really blossomed in NYC, and with her new clothes, she looked better than ever, a real head turner everywhere we went. It gave me a charge seeing other guys look at her, and men were so confident in New York that they'd hit on her, even with me standing right next to her. Jen noticed how this aroused me, and she started flirting with other men right in front of me. Nothing as outrageous as with Ricky, but still it was a charge for both of us, and it always led to great sex. Sometimes during sex she'd whisper into my ear how hot she thought a guy was, making our fucking even more exciting.

After 2 years in NYC I asked Jen to marry me. We were young (she was 23 and I was 26) but we'd been going out for years by that time, so we were both already committed by that point. But Jen didn't immediately say yes. She took my hands, looking nervous and serious. "I want to say yes, but first I have to tell you something. You remember Ricky?" I nodded and she paused, as if steeling herself. "After we agreed to stop with him ... well, one time after that, I had sex with him."

My mouth went dry. "When?" I managed to say.

She looked away from me, like she was too ashamed to look into my eyes. "At graduation," she answered. "He sat next to me and hit on me the entire time. So, well ... I went home with him."

"That day?" I asked, confused. I remembered them talking after the ceremony. But after that we were together the entire day. We found our parents and then went out to dinner. Then I remembered that after we found our parents, Jen said she had to run back to her apartment because she forgot to pack her contacts. I offered to go with her, but she told me to stay to keep our parents company. I remember she was gone a long time; when she got back she'd said she ran into some friends and they insisted she have a quick drink with them. I looked at her. "It was when you said you had to get your contacts."

She nodded, tears welling up in her eyes. "I'm so sorry," she said, clutching my hand. I thought back to that day. Jen had rushed into the restaurant, apologizing for being so late. She'd looked frazzled. I'd assumed it was because she'd had to run across campus and back. Now I realized it was because she'd been freshly fucked by Ricky. And at dinner, as she sat next to me and as we excitedly talked to our parents about our future together, she'd been full of his sperm.

I loved Jen though. I hugged her and told her it was okay, and said I still wanted to marry her. She told me she wanted to marry me too, and just like that, we were engaged. We hugged some more, and I'm sure she could feel my hard-on against her belly, but she didn't mention it.

We celebrated our engagement that night, going to an expensive restaurant and drinking too much champagne. After diner we continued to celebrate at a nightclub down the street. We drank more and we both were way passed tipsy. I took her onto the dance floor. Jen is a great dancer, she really knows how to move her body. As she gyrated I pulled her against me, my hands on her ass.

Clutching her skirt I lifted it as we grinded on the dance floor. It was already a short skirt, barely passed mid-thigh, but now I had it just below her ass, revealing her lacy stocking tops to anyone who looked. Jen didn't stop me, she just looked into my face as I kept raising her skirt as we swayed to the music. I had her skirt so high, my palms were on her skirt while my fingers were on the bare flesh of her ass.

Finally she reached back and held my hands, preventing me from raising her skirt any higher. She pulled my head down to her. "You like showing me off?" she whispered into my ear, sounding half drunk. "It turns you on when other men see my body?"

I didn't say anything, but she could tell my answer by how hard my cock was. She smiled at me, emboldened by the alcohol. "It turned you on hearing how I cheated on you with Ricky, didn't it?" she asked me, her smile half inquisitive and half challenging. The she leaned up against me, pressing her body against mine, and snaking a hand between our bodies to cup my crotch. "If he was here right now, would you want him to fuck me? Fuck your new fiancée?" God, I felt like I was going to burst! I dragged her out of the bar and into a taxi, and practically took her right there as we drove home. Luckily it was only a 5 minute drive. Upstairs in our loft we had the best sex we'd had in a long time.

Jen and her mom spent a year planning our wedding. During that time we talked about Ricky again, and how exciting it had been when he fucked her and I watched. It turned out Jen hadn't spoken of him over guilt at having cheated, but now with that behind us we both reveled in remembering the excitement of our last year in college. He became a big part of our pillow talk, and we fantasized about him when we had sex. It was mostly me coming up with the fantasies, but Jen was definitely excited by them. Probably the most demented fantasy I came up with was inviting Ricky to our wedding, and then letting him fuck Jen, so he would be the first man to have my new bride instead of me.

These fantasies lead into our real life, with Jen becoming more flirtatious with other men. She'd flirt with other guys right in front of me. It was gut wrenching when she did it, but so incredibly exciting. It was even more exciting watching guys hit on her, now that she was my fiancée and wore an engagement ring. The diamond on her finger didn't deter guys from hitting on her, in fact if anything she got hit on more now than before. I guess guys liked the idea of taking another man's girl.

Sometimes we'd go into a bar separately, and I'd watch as Jen got hit on. We went to bars where it was unlikely we'd run into anyone we knew, but the thought of Jen being seen by our friends flirting with other men (and our friends thinking she was cheating on me) excited me. We always had great sex afterwards.

Our fantasies stayed fantasies, though. Sometimes I wanted to say to her, "Baby, I really want to see another guy fucking you, for real," but I held back. I still remembered how intense it got with Ricky, and I wasn't sure I could survive that again. Jen held back too, I think because she was basically a normal American girl, and normal girls don't have sex with other men. The thing with Ricky had been wild and taboo, but now we were out of college and had to grow up.

Jen even got less anal about birth control. She was still on the pill, but if she forgot to take it one day she didn't have a heart attack like before. After all, we were getting married and we eventually wanted kids, so if she got pregnant a little earlier than later, it was all good.

Things changed about a month before our wedding. We were in a Starbucks when guess who walks in? Yep, you guessed it -- Ricky.

He saw us, and we invited him to join us for coffee. He'd joined the marines because he couldn't get a job in California. He'd been in Afghanistan and taken a bullet to his side. He was still in the marines (in fact he was dressed in fatigues), but he was assigned stateside in NYC while his wound completely healed.

Later that night in bed, I said, "So what did you think of Ricky?"

Jen gave me a smile. "He looked really good," she gushed. I have to admit he did look good. Ricky had always had a ruggedly handsome look, but with the military short hair and fatigues, he looked even more so. Also, his body looked even more ripped than before, no doubt because of the physical demands of the military.

I gave her a lecherous smile. "I saw you looking him up and down."

"I couldn't help it!" she said, and we both laughed, then we had great sex.

I couldn't stop thinking about Ricky, how he'd fucked Jen, how he got her to cheat on me. We'd gone "soft core" the last 3 year, playing around and fantasizing but not actually bringing another man to our bedroom. I had the urge to do something demented, one last time to sow our wild oats before we got married.

About a week before our wedding, I called Ricky and invited him to dinner. He seemed surprised, but immediately agreed. That evening at our apartment, the bell chimed and Jen opened the door.

"Ricky!" she said surprised.

"Sorry babe I forgot tell you, I invited Ricky over for dinner," I quickly said.

"Oh," Jen said. We got Ricky settled in with a beer in front of the TV and then Jen pulled me aside. "What are you doing?" she said accusingly.

I shrugged innocently. "Just catching up with an old college friend."

She narrowed her eyes at me. "Mike, that better be all this is, we're not kids in college anymore," she threatened.

"Relax babe, it's all good," I said kissing her. Then I picked up the phone to order some delivery pizza.

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