tagLoving WivesHe Fucked My Girl Ch. 09

He Fucked My Girl Ch. 09


Every now and then all three of us went out. Part of it was my need to be with Jen. I was seeing less of her (since she was with Ricky a lot), and I missed her. Of course, part of it was my need to see them together. I was so conflicted about this. I guess I gave her mixed signals. She saw both my angst and excitement.

Often we sat in a booth, with Jen between us. Usually, she started out sitting closer to me, but gradually moved closer to him; it wasn't planned or choreographed, that's just the way it happened. Sometimes it might take a drink or two for us to loosen up, but eventually Ricky got her under his spell. It was excruciating watching it happen, seeing the woman I love gradually move closer to another man as they talked and laughed.

She looked so lively and vibrant as they interacted, smiling and looking into his eyes, delighted by everything he said. Being a highly tactile person, she often touched him as they spoke, a light touch on his arm or chest. Sometimes she moved closer to me or brought me into the conversation, but soon she'd been sitting close to him again, her attentions on him. It was all natural, nothing fake. I mean, she didn't act this way to turn me on. That made watching them so exciting and disturbing too.

Sometimes Jen would realize how they were ignoring me. She'd move closer to me and ask "Are you okay honey?"

"Yeah," I'd say my voice hoarse with excitement. She'd give me one of those sly knowing smiles, seeing the excitement on my face. She knew this was gut-wrenching for me, but I'd also told her how jealousy actually fuels my excitement.

One time it was me who met them for dinner (Jen had spent the afternoon with him). I got there a little late. Ricky's arm was around her, and they were talking. As she spoke and looked up into his face, she kind of absent-mindedly played with a button on his shirt. The intimacy of that moment stayed in my head for a long time.

It was an awkward moment when I approached their table. Ricky felt Jen's unease so he reluctantly withdrew his arm. She slid over to me in the booth. But the waiter had already pegged them as the couple and me as the invited guest, so it remained awkward. Eventually she moved closer to Ricky as we loosened up.

Usually after dinner we'd go back to our apartment for sex. I didn't join them in bed. Ricky didn't like me with them and he got pretty aggressive, wanting her all to himself. He wasn't verbally abusive, but whenever Jen tried to include me he'd pull her back and made sure his lips and hands and big muscular body were all over her, leaving no room for me.

I preferred to watch anyway, and Ricky didn't seem to care about that. In fact sometimes when Jen's moans got really intense or after he'd brought her to an earth shattering orgasm, he'd look at me with a smug smile on his face, silently telling me what I already knew, that I couldn't pleasure her like him.

Seeing them fuck never failed to get me incredibly hot. Seeing Ricky on top between her legs pounding the shit out of her was amazing. He was big and muscular, and when he pounded her like that the only thing Jen could do was hold on for dear life.

Even more exciting was when he slow fucked her. That's when he gave her the best orgasms, his long thick cock moving slowing in and out, hitting both her g-spot and clit. They caressed a lot, his hands on her breasts rubbing her nipples, and her hands moving up and down his chest and arms. They kissed a lot as they slow fucked, and they talked, whispering to each other, their lips almost touching.

Jen told me she liked slow fucking the best. When I asked why, she said it felt incredible feeling his long cock sliding forever pushing into her, and then sliding forever again pulling almost out of her. The sensations were even better of course because he was so thick and he knew how to rotate and angle his hips to hit all her pleasure spots. It pained me knowing I could never give Jen that same amount of pleasure.

I met Jen when she was 20, and we were exclusive almost immediately. Before me she'd had a few lovers (she'd lost her virginity at 18), maybe 8 or so, and she'd told me enough that I knew I was one of the smallest. Still, our sex had always been good. I usually made her cum through intercourse and she loved my tongue, I could always get her off that way.

I doubted our sex would ever be as good again. I was in decent shape but nothing like Ricky, I couldn't relentlessly pound her like he could. Worst, my cock was half the length of Ricky's, and not nearly as thick. No way could I long stroke her like him. After fucking Ricky regularly for months, getting spoiled by him, no way would she ever be satisfied by me again.

But it was their intimate touching and kissing and whispering that bothered me the most. Each time they slow fucked like that, Jen got closer to him, she fell more in love with him. Despite how gut wrenching it was, I still watched them, I still got painfully hard, I still jacked off as they fucked. I felt like I deserved to get something out of this train wreck. That's how fucked up everything was, how fucked up I was.

Life wasn't all about her relationship with Ricky. Outside of when she saw him (which was 2 or 3 times a week, with usually sleeping over 1 night with him) we lived our lives as a newlywed couple (I think you're a newlywed until your first anniversary). But Ricky crept up into our normal lives too.

Thankfully our circle of friends didn't overlap too much with Ricky's. But every now and then at a party someone would ask "so how is Ricky?" and Jen would stammer out something like "oh he's okay I guess."

Often their fucking got so rough it left marks on her body. Seeing the marks always excited me. One time at a party, a friend pointed out a hickey behind Jen's ear (we hadn't noticed it). Things suddenly got silent and awkward because I'd been away that entire week for work and the hickey looked a few days old (which it was – Jen had gone out with Ricky on Wednesday). Jen stammered an excuse about hitting her neck on something, but you could tell our friends didn't believe her. I was certain our friends thought Jen and Ricky were having an affair.

Whenever we talked about it, Jen would say "They might suspect something, but they don't know." I remembered she'd said the same thing back in college. It bothered me she was so flippant about it. She didn't seem to care that our friends thought she was cheating on me. I think her infatuation with him clouded her good sense. It was hard for me when our friends gave me looks. It was emasculating knowing they knew my wife opened her legs to another man. But I admit it was exciting too – I guess it pushed another cuckold button inside me.

As their relationship grew, we argued. It was about where "us" ended and "they" began. We argued about stupid things. One time the three of us were going to a party (the host was a mutual friend) and after they were going on a date. I got mad when she wore her hair up and went braless. "You're dressing for him!" I yelled at her.

"Okay, I'm sorry," she said. She said it like she thought I was being foolish. She put a bra on and let her hair down. Knowing she'd hurt my feelings, she stayed by my side during the party, ignoring Ricky. But as the party ended, she went into the bathroom and put her hair up and took off her bra. She made me feel like she was just condescending to me.

Ricky wanted more time with her. We argued about that a lot. What hurt the most was she clearly wanted to spend more time with Ricky too. That's when their dates went from once a week to 2 or 3 times a week. One time during an argument Jen said "I don't know why you're mad, I still spend more time with you than him." Like it was a sacrifice to be with me. She saw the hurt in my eyes and immediately said "I'm sorry, that didn't come out right." But it was too late; you can't take something back like that.

Jen knew I was hurting. I mean, she knew me as well as I knew her. I think she would have broken up with Ricky if she could, but she couldn't. That's how attracted (addicted?) she was to him.

To help me deal with her relationship with Ricky, she encouraged me to see other girls. It didn't start out that way. At first she suggested I not stay home when she went out, because she knew it wasn't healthy for me if I sat at home alone fretting about her and Ricky together.

So the next time she went out with Ricky, I went to a sports bar to watch the game. I was there for a couple of hours and the waitress flirted with me. I think she flirted more for a better tip than because she was interested in me, but the next day I mentioned it to Jen. I guess I was hoping she'd get jealous. Instead, she said it was a good idea if I saw other girls, maybe even dated someone I liked.

I forced a smile on my face and said I'd think about it. But that was a really low point for me. I think I died inside, part of me died. I knew she was just trying to help me deal with her growing romance with Ricky. But how committed was she to us and our marriage, if she wanted me to find someone else? Clearly she wanted Ricky, not me, so she wanted me to find someone else to ease her guilt about spending so much time with Ricky.

Jen even set me up on a blind date. Or maybe Ricky did. It was probably him, as a joke. One time she came home from a date, and she was kinda drunk (and full of Ricky's cum). She handed me a telephone number. Giggling, she told me it was Claire's number and Ricky said I should call her. Claire was the young busty brunette Ricky dated before Jen.

I didn't call her. Not that I wasn't attracted to her; she was pretty and sexy. But she was much younger (20 I think) and way out of my league and I didn't need more rejection.

Then one day, out of the blue, Claire called me! I think Ricky put her up to it. So the next time Jen went out with Ricky, I went out with Claire.

We didn't have sex. I think maybe she would have, like a mercy fuck. She even seemed let down when I pushed her away (we didn't even kiss), probably disappointed at being denied a funny joke to tell to Ricky (like how my dick was so small and how I sucked in bed).

But I wasn't interested in her. She was young and beautiful and any guy in his right mind would fuck her in a second. Yet, to me every girl paled compared to Jen. I just wasn't interested in Claire or any other girl.

The ironic thing was, our date wasn't a disaster. We had a fun time, but as friends, not lovers. She was at NYU and studying to be an actress (she had the looks for it), but she was flunking her math class, a prerequisite. I'd always been great at math, so we ended up spending most of our date with me tutoring her in math. I admitted I was worried Ricky would make fun of me to Jen if he knew what really happened on our "date." Claire was cool about it. She told me if Ricky asked she'd tell him we had great sex.

When Jen got home that night, she asked me about my date with Claire. She asked a lot of questions. I think Ricky wanted to know, hoping my date was a disaster so he could belittle me. I think he did that a lot on their dates, putting me down so Jen would think less of me and more of him.

I lied, telling her we had sex and it was okay. She wanted more details, but I put her off saying something like I wasn't a kiss and tell guy. In truth, I didn't think I could lie convincingly and didn't want her to know my date had been a bust.

Claire aced her next math test, and her finals were coming up. She called me and asked if I'd tutor her again. Why not? Jen was going on another date with Ricky and I didn't have anything else to do.

During our "date," I told Claire about how Jen quizzed me about our sex the last time. Even though she was years younger, Claire was more worldly than me, at least with interacting with other people. She smiled knowingly and told me not to worry. She sometimes saw Ricky and Jen on their dates (she was an army brat and part of their group), and she'd make sure they had all the raunchy details of our "sex."

Not always, but often, Claire and I went on a "date" when Jen was with Ricky. We hung out as friends. Sometimes I'd tutor her, sometimes we'd see a movie. It was completely platonic. To be honest, our friendship turned into a big brother / kid sister thing. Claire dated a lot of course (she WAS very pretty) but she didn't have a steady boyfriend and she seemed to like hanging with me.

I told Claire the entire sordid tale of me, Jen and Ricky, starting all the way back with that first threesome in college. Claire didn't think we were weird. In fact, she thought Jen was pretty cool for being so sexually adventurous. (I think she kinda envied Jen to have both a husband and a hot boyfriend.) She agreed with me that Ricky was an ass, but she also understood why Jen found him so attractive. She admitted she'd been head over heels with Ricky too when they dated.

Claire had seen them last weekend at a party of Ricky's friends. "How'd they look together?" I asked.

"Like horny love birds," she answered without thinking. Seeing the anxiety on my face, she said "Sorry Mike, but you asked."

Jen and I always had sex after her dates, either that night or the next day. Seeing her freshly fucked never failed to drive me out of my mind. She never denied me when I wanted sex, although I don't think she got much pleasure out of it, not compared to what she got from Ricky. I mean, she didn't act like dead wood underneath me as I fucked her, but the uncontrolled lustful passion she had with Ricky was never there with me. She was my wife, but I couldn't give her sexually pleasure. I could hardly ever make her cum anymore. I could get her off with my finger or tongue, but not during intercourse. I think part of it was because Ricky always left her so satisfied and satiated. But also part of it was she wasn't sexually attracted to my body as much now. How could she be when she spent so much time with a man like Ricky?

"I'm surprise you even want me anymore, with all the sex you get from Claire," Jen joked once after our lovemaking.

"Are you saying you want to cut me off?" I said. I forced a smile and made it sound like a joke, but her comment cut me like a knife. She didn't want sex with me anymore? Is that what she was getting at?

"No, I'm just saying ..."

Her evasive answer proved it, she DIDN'T want sex with me anymore. Probably Ricky didn't want me touching her anymore, since her body and heart belonged to him know. Well, if she wanted to cut me off, I wasn't going to make it easy for her. I said, "Jen, I'll always want you, there's no one prettier or sexier than you! I like Claire but she's nothing compared to you! So if you have something to tell me, then god dammit just tell me!"

"Okay okay," she said with a big smile, looking pleased with herself. "Don't get mad," she said giggling.

What the fuck?! She's dicking with me?! "Whatever Jen," I said walking away. I was so pissed!

"Mike wait!" she said still smiling and hugging my arm.

That's how our conversations went alot. They weren't normal, they were all fucked up. I was fucked up.

One day Jen told me Ricky got leave and he wanted to take her away for a week's vacation. An entire week!

"Where?" I asked. It was a stupid question. It didn't matter where. But I was trying to mentally and emotionally deal with this new idea.

"Cancun," she said looking at me. "A lot of his friends have leave too, so we'll be going as a group. Melody will be there too."

"We'll be going" I repeated her words in my head. "We" was no longer me and her, it was Ricky and her. He'd have her all to himself for an entire week, an entire week to make her fall even more in love with him.

Jen looked expectantly at me, waiting for my answer. It was clear she wanted to go, but she was guilty so she wanted me to tell her I was okay with it.

The last time we'd been at a beach it was our honeymoon. I remembered how she'd pranced around in revealing bikinis during the day, and revealing dresses at night. I remembered how she'd fucked Kyle twice on our honeymoon, back when I was still the number 1 guy in her life even though she fucked other men. Now she'd be with Ricky, wearing revealing bikinis and dresses for him, fucking him all day long and sleeping in his arms at night. They'd shower together, and she'd soap him up and then get on her knees and go down on him. It was stupid, but I thought about how he'd wash her hair and massage her neck and shoulders. A stupid thought, but the one that hurt the most.

"I guess you want to go," I finally said.

"You want me to?" she asked hesitantly, probably afraid I'd say no. She looked down and saw the tent in my pants. Yes, even though I was losing my wife, all of this still turned me on; yes, I'm pathetic and didn't deserve her, go ahead and chastise me, pile on, what does it matter.

She didn't joke or even comment about my erection. She understood my conflict. But she knew it meant I was okay with it. In truth, my cock was okay with it. My heart was pretty much dead.

"It's spring break. I guess you'll be able to spend time with Claire," she said.

What? Claire? Why was she talking about Claire, how did she matter at all? Then I remembered the lie, that I was having an affair with Claire. I managed to sound enthusiastic. "Yeah that's a good idea."

"Is she your girlfriend now?" she asked with an inquisitive smile.

I shrugged, making a joke of it. "I haven't given her my high school ring yet." Then I looked at her bosom, seeing the outline of Ricky's ring under her blouse. She wore it a lot now, even when she wasn't seeing him.

Seeing where I was looking, she said "Oh I'm sorry," and began taking it off.

"Leave it on if you want," I said, hiding the bitterness from my voice. Why did it matter anymore?

She left it on and gave me a tight smile. Then she pressed her body against me, cupping my crotch. "I can take care of this for you," she said with a grin.

I got it. A quick thank you fuck for giving her my okay to spend the week with Ricky. But it was impossible for me to say no to her. "Okay," I said, and we went into our bedroom.

The next weekend I drank a beer and watched ESPN as Jen packed for her trip. She ran out to get some last minute toiletries, so I took the opportunity to look in her suitcase. Almost everything was brand new, all things she had bought that week to wear for him. Skimpy bikinis, tight dresses, short skirts, filmy low cut blouses. No bras and no panties. I guessed Ricky wanted her braless the entire week, with easy access to her pussy. A lot of spikey high heels, and 7 pairs of stockings. A pair for each night in Cancum. She planned to wear stockings for him, even though Cancun was hotter than hades this time of year.

Ricky picked her up later that day. She hugged and kissed him, and then came over to me. "I guess I'm off," she said. Even though the plane didn't take off until tomorrow, Ricky wanted her to sleep over that night so they could get an early start. Jen had asked me if that was okay. I shrugged and told her it was. Why would 1 night more matter?

I forced a smile on my face. "Have a good time," I said hugging and kissing her.

"You too," she said hugging me back.

"Give me a call sometime," I said with a crooked grin.

"I'll call every day," she promised, squeezing my hand. I doubted it, but whatever. She looked into my face. Despite my forced smile, she saw the hurt in my face. She brushed her hand across my cheek. "Are you okay? If you don't want me to go, I won't."

Yeah right. If she didn't want to go, why did she buy all new bikinis and dresses for him? Why didn't she pack any bras or panties? Why did she pack thigh highs for every night, to wear for him, when she hadn't worn stockings for me even once on our honeymoon? She just wanted to hear I was okay with it to ease her guilt.

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