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He Just Did Me


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Well as many of you can guess from my story called "My first fling" well my relationship with Bob was on the rocks and now it's on the death bed. Still, I do care for Bob but have started looking for my own place. I'm not sure if my attraction to Mike was the final nail on the coffin or if the sexual foreplay was a wake up call for me telling me that something was wrong. Well that and my obsessive need to flirt with Mike.

It seems that a lot of people were upset with me for allowing Mike to do me. However, have you ever found someone that you just had to have? Where you knew there wasn't any type of relationship there except a sexual one? Yeah, I was with a guy but we both knew or at least I knew it was over. Not that it excuses it but I'm pretty sure that Bob was seeing someone else and that and work kept him pretty busy.

My job is going okay but it's pretty clear that our local economy has tanked. Needless to say that I can feel pressure as business has really slowed down and I'm guessing that the value of real estate has dropped by 40% in one freaking year. To date I'm guessing that the bank where I work has lost around ten percent of our workforce. I still enjoy my job and the people that I work with. This economy sucks and I can't wait for it to be over. It's so depressing to see so many people struggling and then all the foreclosures. But I won't go there.

So the other day one of my bosses has made several comments about me looking good. Guess that the time I spend in the gym is finally paying off. Finally I've come to terms about men and have totally accepted the fact that men love pantyhose. Therefore I found that CVS has a new line of inexpensive sheer pantyhose that men are just unable to look away. It's strange, but now no matter what type of morning I'm having getting ready for work always puts me in a sexy mood. I know that in about an hour some guy will be checking me out drooling and wanting to bed me.

Maybe part of the turn on with these guys checking out my legs is the fact that most days I'm not wearing panties. If they were able to look up my skirt they would see my personal business. I love busting men and get a real kick when I catch a woman checking my legs out.

When I dress for the day, sliding my silky pantyhose up my freshly shaved leg is a turn on. From feeling the soft cool silk touching, rubbing against my skin starts to make my body come a live. Not sure why but when I put on a pair of Wolford's stockings my mood always changes into something a little wicked.

If you read my first story, well you know that I'm living with my boyfriend and that we both live with a close friend of his. Let's just say that he's a freaking stud and have fantasies about him all the time. I'm doing everything that I can think of to get him to notice me. After our little sexual encounter it seems that he has lost interest in me. Still in one way it's nice to live with two guys and yeah the thought has crossed my mind how erotic it would be if they would share me, but don't see that happening.

On a personal note my close girlfriend Erin has asked me to move in with her. I think it would be fun to live with her but I'm pretty much ready for my own house or condo. Now that I'm earning a decent paycheck I just want my own place also with the prices of condo's it's an opportunity to finally own my own place. Next week I have a lunch date with a client that sells real estate and she swears that she has the perfect condo for me.

Now back to my current situation and romance. Bob is a great guy, just not the right guy for me. Mike on the other hand, now that man rocks my world. Now, even though we did have sex that one time, Mike has not made a pass at me. Was there something wrong with me? Why didn't he try to do me again? I so wanted to have a fling with him, to enjoy him as a friend with benefits.

With him not trying to seduce me, well it bothered me and at first I thought that he didn't like me. In fact, it's started to piss me off! How dare he not do me! Well what is a girl to do other than that it became my mission to seduce him. Now around the house I never wore a bra. I made sure to wear loose fitting tee-shirts so that he could get a nice view. After a couple of days though he was openly flirting with me again which only pushed me to flirt back with him. Still, I missed having sex with him even though it was just that one time. So I decided that I had to turn up the heat since I wanted him in my bed at night pleasuring me and not my trusty vibrator.

Even though I know that my relationship with Bob is over, one thing that didn't help is I still have to see Mike every day. It's not that I want a relationship with Mike just want to be friends with benefits. I know that he watches me leave in the morning. Even though it's wrong and I do know its wrong; however, I still enjoy his attention. Mike is a good looking man that makes me feel good. When I catch him looking at me, well I enjoy that. Mike's a major flirt that leaves me wet. I love flirting with him and how he pushes the envelope. Mike can be aggressive and that turns me on.

I love the weekends for two reasons. First there is the sleeping in part and second, not having to dress up for work. The weekend gives me time to play with Mike by wearing something lose giving him some great views. My teasing is a two prong attack and both are helped by not wearing a bra. I love teasing him by learning forward allowing him to see down my blouse or tee-shirt. Needless to say I always have pokies when Mike's around. Let's just say that my pokies are not caused due to me being cold.

I've come up with another plan that invoices me pretending to think Mike will be out of town. Then I will rent a porno and set up the family room with candles. I'll be nude masturbating while watching the movie when Mike walks in. Oh to see the look on his face as my hand is rubbing my clit.

Then about a week ago I decided to step up my game and only wear a tee shirt around him. Mike noticed but still didn't make a pass at me and this little game we were playing was making me so wet and aroused that I was pleasuring myself two to three times a day thinking about him.

How can he not enjoy looking down my tee shirt to see my breasts? I love walking up to him when he's sitting at the kitchen table, lean over to get something, and make sure that he has a nice view. What he doesn't know is that every time I do that I want him to say something or just make a pass at me.

One big change that I've allowed myself to enjoy is during the week, when I'm getting ready for work I've started to walk around the house in my towel. After all I enjoy being nearly nude walking around Mike's house and since it is early in the morning well I need my coffee.

I've been tempted to allow my towel to open giving him a view. Would that be bad? How would he react seeing me nude? Would having a quickie before work be bad? Oh, how I would love to go to work after he did me.

Not sure if guys could understand my dilemma. I care for Bob, but desire Mike. Mike teases me in such a way that well, let me just that that I think about him at night. If he only knew how many times I pleasure myself while thinking of him to only drift off to sleep at night.

Bob was out of town last week and that is when things really heated up. Maybe it was due to my lack of getting some as I really needed to get laid. My toys were just not cutting it. I didn't realize how short my skirts were getting till my boss pointed it out.

Well not really pointed it out but said something that about me not wearing panties to work. She smile and then touched my knee. I'm pretty sure that it wasn't a friend touch but a "Hey maybe we can be lovers" type of touch. My boss is pretty cool hot cougar but I didn't think she was into women.

Later that day I came home and found Mike sitting in the kitchen drinking a beer. I gave him a hug hoping he would notice my arousal. Sadly he didn't. Mike played it cool; however, I did catch him checking me out a few times. I tried to leave the room but he said something to me. Oh crap, I wanted to change into something slinkier. Something without a bra where he could see what titties I have! I didn't leave even though I should have. Mike asked me to get him a beer since I was closer to the fridge than he was.

I knew that Mike was checking me out so I made sure to take my time. This way, he could enjoy the view and hopefully his defenses. I've waited a long time for this and there was no way I would let him go. I had to get some and Mike had to do me and my sugar walls were dripped with anticipation.

Mike moved behind me, "Oh excuse me but I need to get this."

I pushed my ass into his crotch, "Oh excuse me, but are you happy to see me?" I missed feeling him and when I felt that he was hard that shot electricity though my body. My body came alive craving his cock. My pussy ached, and would ache till he stuffed me with that thick cock of his.

Mike reached out and grabbed both of my wrests, he then pulled them behind my back, "Be careful little girl."

Shock waves shot through my mind with his dominance. I've been teasing him for months and by the feeling pressing into me he was about to let me have it. I pushed back a little more, "Yes, well I better be careful I think your packing something that could hurt me." I've been wanting him to do me for some time hopefully that bulge in his pants was telling me that he was about to do me, or maybe he would spank me first? Either way I was his slut for the making and taking.

Just that simple move by putting my hand behind my back put me in a very submissive mindset. I wanted him to take me, no! He had to take me now. I gave his cock a little squeeze telling him that I wanted him.

Mike reached under my skirt, pantyhose, and cupped my pussy. His strong palm pressed into my crotch. Damn, I should have worn panties today, but he pulled my skirt up exposing my pussy; well I was happy that I didn't. Mike turned me around taking in the sight before his eyes and since my pantyhose were sheer he knew that I was freshly shaved.

Mike spun me back around, "Seems that someone forgot to wear panties today." He pressed his had firmly against my crotch. "Oh, what do we have here? I like the fact that you have kept a sexy shaved pussy? That's very nice and I like it."

I could feel his fingers digging into my flesh, "Do you." I reached back with my right hand and grabbed his hard cock.

I knew that I should have stopped him but didn't. When he sensed that I submitted to him he lifted up my skirt higher and roughly pulled down my pantyhose. I could feel his fingers sliding down my thighs exposing my wet putty to the cold air conditioned air.

There was no stopping now. Not that I wanted him to stop.

Without even looking it was easily to tell what would happen next as I could hear him unzip his pants then feel his cock pressing into my hungry flesh. Not sure who wanted this more, him or me.

With force he started to feed his thick cock into my waiting flesh. One hard push from Mike and he was in me balls deep! My arousal coated his thick head as he started to enter me. Inch by inch pushing deeper into my soul giving us pleasure, oh how I loved his cock.

In a deep rasping voice I moan, "Oh how I've missed that cock."

He felt better than the last time and there was no way I could ever say no to him. How he pushed me down into the counter so that he could watch his cock leaving my body. I'm sure my arousal coated that thick shaft of his.

My pantyhose acted as a restraint, since he didn't pull them very far down my thighs. I wanted to step out of my hose but he wouldn't allow me to move. Mike must have been enjoying this too, keeping my legs together I'm sure kept me very tight causing lots of friction against his thick cock against my walls.

This was so wrong and dirty. He didn't even ask but knew that I wanted him. How brave of him to just push me over the counter and do me like this! Gosh, I can't believe how badly I missed having him in me.

"You like me doing you, don't you?" This was more of a statement than a question.

Before I could answer he slapped my ass cheek, "I know you like it."

Bastard knew that I did and I tried to show some confidence, "Oh do you?"

He slapped my other cheek, "In fact, I think you want it more."

"What makes you say that?" He really started to do me harder. His thrusts were deeper and harder almost a little uncomfortable against the hard counter top. I pushed his hand out of the way so that I could rub my clit, "I'm going to cum on your cock." I loved feeling that thick mushroom heat pulling almost out of me, teasing my pussy, moving a little sideways to then slip deep into me, filling me!

"That's it, I knew you wanted it. You've been teasing me for the past month acting like a naughty slut. I should punish you for your naughty behavior."

"Oh, do it. Punish me and make me your little slut."

Yeah I did, if only he knew how I would masturbate at night thinking of him. Oh did he stroke his cock in the shower before work thinking of me?

"How many nights did you think about me while working that vibrator of yours? Do you fuck yourself at night while thinking of me?"

"How dare you!"

"I would, but we both know it's true."

I could sense the smirk on his face, "If you think that is true, then why don't you fix that for me?"

I could feel it, he was getting close. Mike's breathing had changed while he worked his cock faster and harder into me. Now, this wasn't about sex he just used me to get off. Oh, how that turned me on! To know that he had to cum and that he was going to cum in me.

"That's it stud boy, are you going to cum in me? Come on you stud, give it to me!" After I came hard, I thought it was the thing to do to.

Since I was on the pill there wasn't a worry about getting pregnant; therefore, I wanted him to cum in me. I love the sensations from feeling a guy cum in me, to feel that thick head expands to shoot that first stream of cum into my body.

Then I started to think about my friend, and to watch Mike do her. Not sure how or why that thought came into my mind. After all I had him in me! But the idea of licking her off his cock really excited me.

Can't imagine how I looked, my hands behind my back, my hose around my knees, and Mike doing me. That little fantasy and vision pushed me over the edge and I erupted in a powerful orgasm. Then I felt it, the tip of his cock expanding. Oh I felt so warm as that first stream of cum shot into me. Another stream shot into me just as hard as the first. For what felt like ten minutes he shot thick stream after thick stream into my bare pussy. I could even feel some of his cum running down my thighs.

Slowly his cock became flaccid in me, till it leaked out of me leaving me feeling empty. I turned my head and when our eyes met he smiled. Yeah, I think he liked doing me. Hopefully I will be getting more of that cock at night.

Neither of us was sure what to do next but he asked me to join him in his bed. I accepted while trying to keep my cool. We ordered pizza for dinner that night and enjoyed a couple of beers than he enjoyed me again, but that is another story for another night.

The end of this chapter!

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