tagLoving WivesHe May be Submissive

He May be Submissive


My husband stood naked in the kitchen. He had a hard cock, of course, and his pubic hair was shaved. There was lubricant dripping from the end of his cock.

I was dressed and ready to go out the door for most of the day. I walked over to him, reached down and grabbed his sperm filled balls and gave them a firm squeeze. I gave him a soft kiss and said see you later. We both looked down at his cock as I slid my hand up its length and wiped a large drop of pre-cum off the end of his prick and onto the end of my finger. I moved my hand toward his mouth, he automatically open it. I put my finger in his mouth and he licked his pre-cum off my finger.

"When I come back, I'll take care of this for you, would that be OK?

He just moaned.

"I'll let you cum in me, when I come back. Would you like that?"

He said yes

"God, I bet there is a huge amount of cum in those balls" He hadn't cum in a number of days.

He said he thought so too.

"And then you know what I want you to do after you cum in me?"

He nodded his head

"Tell me what I'll have you do, you know you want to talk about it with me"

"I'll lick my cum from you"

"That's right you will, and why will you do that?"

"Because you'll tell me to, because I love you and I love your pussy, even when it's filled with my cum"

"Especially when it's filled with your cum, because you're my cum eating husband aren't you?"


"Yes what?"

"Yes, I'm your cum eating husband."

We both look down at his cock, it is so hard it looks like it could snap.

"I bet if I touched your cock it would explode"

"It would, I have not doubt"

I don't touch his cock, but I do take his hand and say, "Walk me to my car"

Our garage is part of the house and there really isn't much change of our neighbor seeing him, but there is a little chance once the garage door opens.

As I back out of the garage and head down the driveway, the last thing I see of my husband is him waving goodbye with a hard bobbing cock. It's very cute. His balls are going to be sore by the time I get home. I think I'll take my time.

We weren't always this kinky. It started a couple of months ago when my husband, in a fit of passion and a little drunk, told me he wanted to lick his cum from me after making love. Really what he wanted was for me to make him lick his cum from me.

We never did anything about it, he seemed to lose interest in doing it once he came. Over the next few months, he mentioned it once or twice and I could tell he still had an interest in me making him do it, but I think he was embarrassed to mention it much. Then one evening, we were having a drink on the deck of our club. It was a beautiful night and it was our first drink, we were standing by ourselves. My husband had his arm around my shoulder. He kissed the side of my head and said. "When we get home I want to make love to you and then I want you to sit on my face and make me eat my cum from you. I have fantasized about this for a long time, and I just can't make myself do it, so you have to just do it for me. Promise me you will make me do it, lick my cum from you"

I was shocked. I just looked at him. This was not the conversation I was expecting. He was obviously embarrassed he said it, I could tell he wished he hadn't. He needed to get past this fantasy by it becoming a reality.

"OK, not a problem. I don't think your going to like it, but you are going to do it, that is for sure. And don't try to get out of it because you are definitely going to eat your cum tonight. You have asked a number of times and then just didn't do it, tonight, you're not getting out of it." I smiled because there was a little tent in his pants.

Just then friends walked up to say hello. I know he was going to have an interesting evening thinking about what was going to happen. I also decided we would talk about it on the drive home to raise his embarrassment level a bit..... and his cock.

That was the beginning. After he came in me, he didn't really want to go down on me. I pushed him onto his back and reminded him that he wanted me to do this. I then crawled up and straddled his face, holding my hand over my pussy to keep his cum in me. I asked him if he was ready, he said yes, and I removed my hand and started to lower myself. He just said, "Oh my god."

I don't know if he liked the taste of cum but he did like me making him lick me clean. And I liked getting a nice soft tongue in me after having sex. I liked getting his cum cleaned out of me. I liked the idea of him eating his cum after all the cum I have eaten. I liked fucking his face after he fucked me. This was all pretty nasty! I liked it, and he defiantly liked it, and right then I decided that his cum eating was going to be a regular part of our love making. After I came and we were holding each other, I asked him what he thought. He admitted the taste wasn't great, but not too bad, but what he liked most was having me "make" him do it. He said he really liked his submissiveness and really liked my dominance. I grabbed his cock and it was partially hard again. We made love a little more and we fell asleep, he was still hard, but I was tired.

The next morning before we got out of bed he was hard again. Very hard in fact. I asked him what we were going to do with that, and he said he wanted to be brought right to the edge of cumming, and then left hard and horny so he would think about me all day. I played with his cock and balls for about 10 minutes, stopping twice so he would not cum. When I left the bed to get coffee, he was naked on his knees, legs spread wide, balls pulled up and cock pointing toward the ceiling bobbing and leaking.

During the course of the day I could tell he was very horny. As we passed he would touch me or kiss my neck or shoulder. By the time we went to bed, he was almost crazed. We made love quickly, and he came very hard and long telling me how much he loved me and how he thought of me all day.

After he came I let him rest for five minutes and then told him to get "down there and clean me up."

He did without hesitation. I might be able to get use to this dominance thing.

The teasing part of his submissiveness also developed over time. Once he started eating his cum more often, he felt there was nothing more dramatic than that, so he told me all of his fantasies. One was his desire to be teased and to have his orgasm delayed. I now enjoy seeing his cock hard and leaking, and NOT letting him cum. He is more attentive when he is horny

Nudity is also a turn on for him. He likes being naked and hard while I am dressed. For him, nudity also includes being clean shaven "down there". This too turns him on because he feels very "naked" for me, and it is something that only I know about. He also likes the process of shaving his cock and balls, it keeps him horny and thinking about me because it needs to be attended to often. He does look very naked when he is shaven.

So that is how my husband ended up naked in the kitchen with a shaved hard cock, horny and desperate to cum, talking about eating his own sperm from my pussy after he cums, with his fully dressed wife squeezing his balls and stoking his hard on, but not letting him cum. It all makes sense now doesn't it?

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by Rwa476802/13/18


I love eating pussy and cleaning up creampies. I love the submissive side of the story too.

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