tagFirst TimeHe Never Knew She Was A Virgin

He Never Knew She Was A Virgin


I was an 18-year-old virgin when I met Spencer. I worked in a coffee shop in the centre of town and I often noticed him in there. He was tall, about 6ft with big chocolate brown eyes, cropped dark blonde honey coloured hair and a smile that would make the most devoted of lesbians rethink their sexual orientation.

I noticed that he came in regularly mostly Saturdays and Sundays. I asked Ella, who also worked there, but full time, if he came in any other time. She replied that he never came in during the week. She smiled at me, raising a dark brown eyebrow. She always knew when I was interested in a man.

Finally he came up to the counter, as soon as I asked what he wanted our eyes locked and I felt a shoot of electricity surge through my body to the tips of my toes. My pussy clenched and I felt myself becoming more wet, just by looking into those eyes! He ordered a cup of coffee and when he uttered the word 'Please' my nipples pinged erect. I watched his firm behind walk back to his table where he sat alone reading a magazine. I desperately wanted to reach down and rub my clit into a painful orgasm, I had never been so wet in my life, but I refrained, giving my nipple a gentle tweak as I adjusted my nametag.

As I walked over towards him with his coffee he looked up and me and I knew he was watching my tits, jiggle inside their black satin cups. I smiled as I set down the cup, giving him a good view down my shirt. My tits ached, the creamy mounds with erect pink nipples, that past boyfriends said were so chewable, spilled out of my bra. I looked up into his eyes and he asked me if I wanted to go out sometime. I breathlessly said yes.

So it went on, we met a few times, saw a movie and got to know one another. Pretty soon I realised I wanted him to make me scream with pleasure, and I had a plan...

On a Friday my mother works nights so I had the perfect place and time. All I needed was him. I phoned Spencer at 9 and asked him to come round. From the tone of his voice he knew what was going to happen.

When the doorbell rang I opened the front door wearing an almost see through shirt, a short black skirt with only a g-string underneath. He came in and we kissed, a hot liquid kiss. Our tongues thrashed around and we soon became breathless. I walked up the stairs, with Spencer behind. I knew he could see up my skirt and I couldn't resist giving him a little wiggle.

In my bedroom I shut the door and lay on the bed. I could see his cock bulge in his jeans. I knew I wanted 2 taste every bit of him and I would. He lay over me, fingers unbuttoning my shirt. Losing patience he ripped the fabric, my tits loomed out at him, full and creamy. He bent his head and licked the nipples, sucking on them and making me cry out in pleasure. Moving his hand down he finally touched my pussy, running his fingers up and down the slippery slit. I was crying out softly, face-flushed red. He took his fingers out of me without touching my burning clit. He looked me in the eye as he sucked the juices from his fingers, grinning as I moaned with frustration. Then he tore my skirt off with such force that the sides ripped. My ass juddered and pussy lips shuddered with the brute force of it all. Spencer brought his head to my opening, still concealed by the flimsy g-string. He licked me in one long stroke and I gasped.

'Yes! Don't stop! God!' I moaned louder and louder as the licking became faster and faster. Reaching down I pinched my nipples and groaned. He finally released my pussy from its prison and tongued my clit hard. I started coming as he lapped up my juices, also probing me with his fingers. Before I knew it pussy juice had washed all over Spencer's face, and from his expression I could tell he loved it.

'That was fucking amazing' I breathed, rubbing my inner thighs.

'Suck me off you dirty slut' He dirty talked, it just made me horny again.

Looking at his impressive cock, I smiled. 'Sure' I whispered.

I licked his throbbing dick in long strokes from base to head, finally covering the purple head with my hot wet mouth. Caressing his hairy balls with my hands, no one would ever guess I was a virgin. I sucked harder as Spencer gasped faster. I took his entire 8 inch into my mouth as he gasped out 'Fuck!' and shot out hot creamy spunk into my mouth. I swallowed it all down, the salty liquid teasing me to an aching peak.

'I wanna fuck you' I gasped as I rolled onto my back, opening my legs to reveal my hairless, glistening pussy. I felt his cock tip at the entrance, this was it. I wanted him shoving deep. 'Fuck me NOW' I screamed, and he obliged. He thrust so hard I didn’t notice the pain that was supposed to come. He fucked me so hard and deep I cried out his name over and over. He palmed and squeezed my tits, making me shriek in pleasure. Pretty soon I started to come again, and I felt Spencer's body tense. He cried out as I did, spilling his hot jizz into my clenching wet pussy. I gasped as he withdrew and licked the come off my outer lips with his hot tongue.

After he turned me over and looked at my pert ass cheeks.

'Well..?' I asked, a smile teasing my lips. 'Get to it!'

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