tagNon-Erotic PoetryHe said I was...

He said I was...


"You're beautiful",
The words sunk deep into my skin,
The words sunk deep into my blood,
The words sunk deep into my depth,
A depth that had never been stirred by such words.

Depth that I did not know was in me,
And for the life in me I did not want this to be a-
a fake-
a wish-
a good nights sleep.

He didn't act like what he said was anything special,
The words had rolled right off of his tongue,
Flowed forth and onto me,
Inside of me,
Making me.

And just as quickly as it happened,
He turned back towards the t.v.,
Continued watching basketball,
Unaware of the change-
Unaware of the cacoon he had just released me from.

Staring at him with an expressionless face,
He looks at me and says, "What?",
"Uh, nothing, just thinking,"
"I meant it, you know, you don't even know you are, do you?",
I just glanced into his eyes,
Eyes that sank into me like no-one else,
"You're such an ass-hole."

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