He, She and Him


Cara began to want it more. She wanted him deeper and faster. Moving in unison with him she began to move her hips. A strangled moan escaped her as she worked herself.

"That's good," he whispered. "So, good."

Adam pulled her hair back and kissed her. Their fucking became more intense. He would pull out, almost dislodging himself, only to slam back into her. Over and over they repeated this. Each time her body swallowed him, muscles within her pussy clamped down on him.

Cara closed her eyes tightly and cried out. "No, no," she pleaded, trying to lift herself off of Adam. The feeling that was building up throughout her body was frightening. It was so strong that she wanted to fight against it, delay it. But, she never stopped moving to the juicy rhythm Adam and she created. It was like the dance they had done earlier.

Adam heard her pleas and understood. He wanted her to experience the fullness of what was happening to her. So he held her firmly to him, pressing her body into his as they moved together

The feeling Cara was fighting swirled into a ball pulling from everything inside her. It was unbearable. It was so fierce and demanding. As it gathered into a tight sphere at her center, Cara's body tensed up. Then there was like a shattering crash deep inside. "Oh God," she yelled out as she exploded above him.

Adam slowed down just enough to lengthen the ride of her climax.

Afterwards, Cara's entire body was one pulsating force. Her pussy constricted and loosened to its cadence. She tried to control her breathing, but the challenge seemed to be beyond her.

Adam continued to move beneath her until he was certain that her body was sated. He never left her entry way as he sat up with her. He pulled slightly away and reached his hand down to manipulate her clit.

Cara's body jerked.

He smiled knowingly.

When he pulled her off of him, his cock was still hard and glistening from her juices. His head looked angry between them. Cara whimpered

Adam leaned in and kissed her lips and made a trail to her ears. "I want you to turn around and ride me."

Cara shook her head yes, like a child eager to please. With her legs spread so wide and weak from what she had just experienced, it took a while before she could actually use them. She turned around for him. Up on her knees, she reached up under herself and found his cock. Her hands seemed small, as she grasped it in her palm and curled her fingers around it. It was hot. Holding him made her so excited. She pumped him before aiming him for her opening. She leaned forward. And when she leaned back, she impaled herself on his pole. Cara could not stop herself from crying out. Her hands were positioned on his thighs for leverage as she began to pump his cock, lifting and grinding herself into him. She rocked too, saying "ah" each time her clit pressed against him.

When she finally raised her head, her hair wild and in her face, Cara noticed Gabriel. He sat naked in a chair in the corner. His hand slid slowly up and down a ridiculously long cock. His eyes were like spears, salacious.

He rose up out of the seat, still stroking his cock. He moved like a jungle cat. His body was broader than Adam's. His shoulders, chest and abdomen more cut. His manhood was not as thick as Adam's, but longer--ideally shaped.

Gabriel stopped in front of her.

Cara panicked just a little. She had forgotten he was even there. There was the understanding that she would be with both of them. But, it really had not sunk in completely. Now he stood before her, his cock's smoothly curved helmet glaring at her. She wondered if he expected her to suck him. No, she thought, they were not familiar enough for her to be comfortable with that. Cara's eyes widened and her nervousness caused her to fuck Adam harder.

Adam, who had been holding her waist, smoothed his hands up and down her sides. "Relax," he said soothingly. "Let him pleasure you."

Gabriel smiled wickedly. Then he dropped leisurely to his knees. He knelt between her legs. His hands ran up her thighs and then moved between her legs.

Cara was so excited that it felt like her whole body flushed. She gyrated above Adam as he grasped her hips and plunged himself into her. Anticipation caused her to well up with that familiar feeling. When Gabriel's fingers stretched her open to him, Cara inhaled a sharp breath. She threw her head back and her eyes drifted shut. She could not believe this was happening.

When his tongue reached out and licked the slick, revealed pinkness, Cara's eyes flew open. She could not fight the urge to watch in wonder. Gabriel's hot mouth kissed her, licking, tonguing and tasting her. Cara ran one hand through his dark hair in acceptance. She did not know what felt better, Adam fucking her so thoroughly or Gabriel sucking her clit into his mouth and flicking the tip. The combination was amazing.

Gabriel hummed in response, like a man truly enjoying a good meal.

Adam fucked her almost to the point of being brutal. This never interrupted Gabriel's possession off her sweet nest of honey. They were accustomed to the movements and timing of the other. The two men controlled the moment. Cara did not move of her own accord, they moved her.

Cara could not take this feeling nor could she let it go. She had thought that it was too much before, but now it was times two. This combination had her riding a powerful wave of unfathomable pleasure.

Pleasure, she thought and said aloud in a voice that was alien to her. That's what Adam had said. And, it was pure pleasure. Nothing else could be felt or recognized but the simultaneous movements of the two loving her body. Adam in and out. Gabriel strumming her clit. Next thing she knew spasms were rocking through her. She could not try to control what was happening to her if she had tried. There were so many seemingly separated throughout her body and independent of each other. Her legs...everything shook. Then the one took hold of her and shook her to her very core. She thought that she would lose consciousness. Her vision blurred as her eyes became teary.

As she came, neither man let up on his ministrations. She came on top of coming. The sounds she made were like no other sounds she had ever made before and they echoed off the walls.

Adam made a guttural sound that emanated from the depth of him. Gabriel's lips left Cara and he lowered himself to Adam's ball. Gabriel wanted to feel them tighten as his lover came.

Cara was only slightly conscious of the removal of Gabriel's mouth. Her sensitive pussy was still feeling the effects of his talented tongue. Then Adam thrust in and jammed his cock as far as it would go. He released a strong stream of hot cum. She felt it flood her body and smooth over her cervix. He thrust again and released once more, holding himself buried deep inside of her. His hands dug into her sides.

Gabriel stood up. He held himself again and worked his length from base to head. He smeared the pre-cum over the crown of his steel like cock with his thumb, watching them recover.

Finally, Adam pulled out of Cara and sat up, holding her close. He rolled to his side, taking her with him. He repositioned her and slid her up further on the huge bed. When he moved away from her, Cara felt a great loss. However, she was too weak to do anything about it. She wanted to cuddle but was exhausted. She felt the bed move as if a great weight was placed behind her. Then she heard the sounds. When she turned her head, with eyes that were mere slits, she saw the two of them.

Gabrielle was at Adam's back. He had hooked Adam's arms over and around his own so that they were secured behind his back. Adam's legs were spread open. His shoulders were thrown back from the position and he arched his neck.

Gabriel was kissing and biting the bared flesh.

My God, Cara thought to herself. She mumbled something, but not even she knew what it meant. The too men were oblivious.

They were glorious. Two strong long, exemplary forms of masculinity stood on their knees. One an angel, pale, the other a dark lord, his skin swarthy. Muscles bulged. Their sex was raw and untamed.

Cara had never seen anything like it, but was not repulsed or shocked. If she had the strength she would have had to touch herself. She could not take her eyes away, as heavy hooded as they were. It was almost like a dream. When Gabriel let Adam's arms fall to his side, Adam immediately bent forward and placed the palm of his hands against the tall dark wood headboard. Gabriel placed one hand on Adam and with the other he guided his cock between the divide of Adam's rear. From her angle, Gabriel's shaft seemed even longer.

Gabriel grabbed Adam by the hips and jammed himself inside of him with one smooth movement.

Cara was not sure but she thought she heard Adam cry out. Then Gabriel began to piston in and out of Adam. Skin slapping together created a tempo in the room. She watched Gabriel's dick pull out and push in. Gabriel angled his head as he watched his lover's back. He pumped and pumped. Cara was certain that she heard Gabriel bellow as her eyes shut.

She was not sure, but time seemed to lose itself.

Dazed she opened her eyes once more, Adam was leaning his back against the headboard. His legs were pulled up and wide. Gabriel was bent down between them, his head bobbing up and down. Adam's head was thrown back and he was moaning loudly. It was the sound that woke her up. Once identifying it, she slipped back into a deep sleep. Dreaming of the two extraordinary men.


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