He Taught Me How to Fuck Ch. 01


"No I haven't but I don't need to when I can have you lying down on the seat. I know I can screw on the seat, if she wants to know if she can, let her get her own man to fuck her in the truck." Ron said.

"She may surprise you, she probably has already screwed in the truck."

"Like I told you before Nora isn't the fucking around type. She might get asked but I am sure she would turn the man down. I am the only man that's ever had any of her pussy."

I watched as they both stripped down and got on the bed. Carol's head was going up and down and I knew she was giving him a blow-job. Turning from the scene in the bedroom, I walked back toward my car.

Ron had told her that he has been the only man to fuck me. I know another man that's going to be getting some of Ron's pussy tonight. How is he going to feel when he finds out that some more men have had some of his pussy. I called Butch as I drove back toward the motel.

"Hi Butch. This is Nora. I am ready for you to fuck me if you still want to."

"I sure do and we are in luck my wife was called into work tonight. Where do you want me to meet you?"

"I have a room at Motel 6, room 13. So what time can you meet me there?"

"I am going out the door now. Give me fifteen minutes and I will be there."

I didn't have the heart to tell Butch that his wife Lisa probably wasn't at work. I knew that Lisa was putting out to some of the custodian workers that worked at the hospital. It was rumored that she was screwing three of them and had screwed three of the men one night at the same motel that I was at. I could have called and checked on it but I didn't. Butch had told me that he knew Lisa was screwing other men and that was one of the reasons why he had asked me to fuck.

After I got back to the motel room I had freshen up and was lying down on the bed wearing red bikini panties and matching bra. The time for me to get another dick had arrived after a lot of thinking about doing it. I wanted Butch more than anything and I knew that after tonight and after what I had saw at my house I knew what I wanted to do. Then I heard the knock on the door. I got up and went to the door and looked through the peek hole. It was Butch.

"Hi Butch, am I glad to see you." I said opening the door for him to come in.

"Same here Nora. Wow you sure do look sexy and hot." He said.

"I am hot for you baby and I want you." I said as I closed the door.

"Here let's get you out of these clothes and let's get on the bed." I said as I began to unbutton his shirt.

"I can do that Nora. Do you want the lights on or off?" He asked as he sat on the bed and removed his shoes.

"Let's cut the lights off. I have already pulled the drapes closed. Its more fun with the lights off. How long can you stay? You said Lisa was called into work?" I asked knowing that she was somewhere and it wasn't at work.

"I can stay as long as I want to. Anyways its going to take us awhile here tonight. If you have other plans for tonight you want be going to do whatever you have planned. I am not here for a wham bam thank you mam fuck."

"Oh really. I have plans to go out to a club after you screw me. You are here because I promised you that when I decided to put out that you would be the first man to fuck me. Since Ron thinks that I will be out of town for the weekend you want be the only man that I entertain in this room tonight or tomorrow night."

"So you caught Ron and Carol fucking in your house and in your bed?"

"How did you know it was Carol?" I asked.

"I just do and she hasn't been the only woman he has had sex with and I think you know it."

"I know Ron has been screwing around on me for years. I just didn't want him to fuck Carol since she and I work together and we are friends."

"I work with you and you invited me here tonight. You must want to be like Carol and your other female employees."

"I know that most of them are fucking around on their husbands. Its the same talk every Monday morning, each woman telling another woman how much dick she got over the weekend. From the talk you would think that they are all married sluts. So what I want right now is for you to fuck me." I said as he got on the bed.

"I am going to fuck you, that's why I am here and its going to take awhile too."

"Why are you some super stud that can last a long time and give me mutiple orgasms? Butch I am going to fuck your nuts dry of cum and it want take as long as you think. Most men don't last five minutes and you are hyped up because you have waited so long to have me. You probably thought about what you want to do to me on your drive here and you want last two minutes and I will have your cum inside of me. So quit talking and fuck me."

"First let me tell you one thing since this is what you say is your first time with another man besides Ron. I have been here five minutes and you haven't felt of my dick at all. At work or when we talked in the parking lot you never once let your hand run across my dick. In my case when I ask a woman to fuck she is interested in what she is going to get. She will run her hand down my pants or rub my dick from the outside. You haven't done neither, so you don't know what size or how long of a dick you are going to get. So next time when you want a man to fuck you, find out how much dick he has in his pants."

"So what the fuck are you, some kind of super stud with a long cock? Shut the fuck up and fuck me!!!!!!!"

"Alright bitch, but remember you are going to take all of my dick and don't ask me to stop because I want. You invited me here to fuck you. Enjoy your orgasms and try to move around instead of me doing all the work. You say you want to fuck so move like you want it. I will be talking to you while I pound your pussy." He said as he got between my legs and put my legs on his shoulders.

"Aaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhh!!!!!! O shit you are long and huge!!!!!!!!!. Stop, stop, you are tearing me apart!!!!!!!" I said as I felt his dick go into my pussy.

"Slut I don't have but a couple of inches in you. Take your hand and feel of my dick. You still think that I want last but a couple of minutes. It will take me ten minutes to get all of this dick in your tight cunt."

"I don't think that I can take your cock in me. I am a one hundred and five pound woman and you must weight two hundred and fifty pounds and you must be twelve inches long and very thick. Please let's just forget about this and I will get you off with my hand. If you fuck me you will tear me apart."

"Fuck you!!! I came here to fuck you and that's what going to happen. You have twisted your ass and showed me your tits at the office and you called me to come here tonight. You have teased me and you told me that you want to fuck. Truth is I have fucked some of the women at the hospital and I have fucked Carol and now I am going to fuck you. Its too late to back out, when I leave here tonight my cum will be inside of you. Sure its going take at least thirty minutes to an hour to get there, but we will get there."

"Fuck you, you bastard. Now I know why Lisa is out fucking somebody else. She wants a cock but not yours all the time. Alright just take it easy and let me get use to you as we go along." I said wishing I could get out from under him.

"Aaaaarrrggggghhhhhh!!!!!!! Take it slow." I said as I felt Butch shove more of his cock into me.

"Relax and concentrate on having an orgasm. You still have a lot of dick to take and after your first orgasm it will better for you. Next time you will know before a man fucks you how long is dick is, want you?"

"Yes I will." I said between clenched teeth.

"Aaarrrggghhhhh you bastard that hurts!!!!!!! Oooooohhhhhhh I'mmmmmmm cumming!!!!!!!!!!!!. Let's me rest some, please!!!!!!!"

"This is not a two minute fuck like you thought you was going to get. I have about six inches in you and you are whinning. Tell you what I am going to put it all in you." He said as he ran his hands across my tits and bent down and took a nipple into his mouth.

"So you fucked Carol?" I asked.

"Everybody has fucked Carol. Even Ron has fucked her. Quit thinking about that slut and enjoy my dick. After tonight you will be just like Carol and the other married sluts. Come Monday morning you can join them in telling about the stud that fucked you tonight."

"Fuck you!!!!!!!!!" I said as he bit down on my nipple as he shoved his cock all the way ito me.

"Aaaarrrrggggghhhhh that hurts you bastard. You are tearing me apart!!!!!!!! I said as he held his cock deep in me.

"Lay back and enjoy it Bitch because I am going to pound your pussy like you have never had a man to do before." He said as he moved in and out of me.

Taking his cock was almost like being a virgin. After the pain it began to feel good and I did fuck him back. I had orgasm after orgasm as he continue to pound his cock into my pussy. It was like he was trying to shove his cock into my belly.

Looking at the clock we had already been at it for thirty minutes and he showed no sign of slowing down. His cock had grown in length and it had become thicker as he move in and out of me. Then I heard him let out a moan and I knew it wouldn't be long before he would fill me with his cum.

"Aarrrggghhh!!!!!!!!!!' He said as I felt his cum on the walls of my pussy.

"Damn you are a good fuck." He said as he held his cock in me.

"Wow you sure do shoot a big load of cum." I said feeling his cum run out of my pussy and into my ass crack.

"That just the first load. As soon as I get another hard I am going to fuck you again." He said as he bent down and we kissed.

"I am sore why don't we wait and fuck some other night." I said.

"No way. I am just about there and I am going to fuck you again. Besides we have all night. So how do you feel now about letting me fuck you." He said as he shoved his dick into me and held it in me.

"I don't feel guilty if that's what you mean. It was going to happen. I just didn't know when. One thing I am going to do and I don't know who with, but I am going to take a fresh cream pie back home one night. Then I am going to tell Ron to eat me and let him taste the man that I fuck that night. He want know about the cream pie until after we make love." I said as I felt Butch's cock grow inside of me.

"I'd like to be that man that gives you a cream pie to take back home." He said as he lifted my legs onto his shoulders.

"Butch I want you to do one thing for me?" I said wanting him to fuck me again.

"What's that slut?"

"I want you to teach me how to fuck."

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