tagGay MaleHe-wolf Ch. 07

He-wolf Ch. 07


(Disclaimer: All characters involved in sexual relationships are over 18 years of age, and no minors are sexually exploited in this content. In no way are actual events or persons depicted. This is my own fictional story and my characters mine and my own remember if you wanna be a good fan add me on Skype allen9980 or my face book Luki Rhoads.

Alex-18 werewolf

Jagger-18 chucial

Luna-44 werewolf

Dean-48 werewolf

Alice, Felix, Sparrow-4 werewolf pups

Preston-19 werewolf

Hunter-19 werewolf

Bruce-18 pixie

Chucial chu-se-al- ancient human half breed with animals that have the powers over one or more element such as fire, water, earth, air, or very rarely spirit.)



I heard my heart first. Then came the pain. I never knew pain could be so painful as cheesy as that sounds. I felt like death warmed over. I heard someone talking, but something told me to be still. Truth be told I couldn't have moved even if I wanted to. I highly doubted if I'd even be able to move again. After a few minutes I figured out that the people I was with were friends and listening to them might help me put some pieces into place. I started listening to the person who was talking and it sounded like Lumiere. He was talking about his mom and us never being safe. At that moment I remembered everything. The kidnapping of me, the beatings, the manipulation, the training, and the escape.

"Over hill, over dale, Thorough bush, thorough brier, Over park, over pale, Thorough flood, thorough fire! I do wander everywhere, Swifter than the moon's sphere; And I serve the Fairy Queen, To dew her orbs upon the green; The cowslips tall her pensioners be; In their gold coats spots you see; Those be rubies, fairy favours; In those freckles live their savours; I must go seek some dewdrops here, And hang a pearl in every cowslip's ear."

He finished reciting and I heard him turn the page.

I smiled to myself. Smiling outright hurt too much. That was my favorite poem and I was surprised he remembered. I opened my eyes to see him in a beat up leather chair next to me. I guess he didn't notice I was awake for he didn't react in anyway. I reached under the blanket and probed my stomach to find a large cut going from my belly button to my lower chest. It felt very tender and sore to the touch. To be honest I didn't realize that would happen before I touched it because the curses I let lose were not at all sweet and soft. Before I could take my hand away Lum was admonishing me for messing with it.

I looked around and noticed there was a heart monitor and I.V next to me as well as a tube up my dick that I hoped was a catheter. The room smelt of sickness and disinfectant so I guessed I was in a hospital.

After sitting and staring at Lum for the longest waiting for him to volunteer information I got frustrated and fed up and just burst out with "Where the fuck am I?" I know I should've been appreciative, but at this point I was in pain and irritated that he didn't just tell me outright. He looked over at me, furred his eyebrows together, and sighed. Guess he wasn't expecting the outburst. Whose fault is that? Then it was my turn when he laughed.

"HAHA thought you had fallen asleep with your eyes open." I wanted to smack the smile off his face.

"Really? You think that's funny. Nothing makes sense to me and you are over there laughing." I said. "Now where am I and how long have I been out of it? I know I'm not in a normal hospital or I would be being dissected by now."

"You're in opal and you've been in a medically induced coma for about a month and a half. You were taking off the drugs 4 days ago." He said and turned the chair towards me and leaned back sighing.

My jaw dropped and I looked deep into his eyes. "6 Weeks!!! What the hell. You couldn't just wrap it or poke it or something. So what about Alex Is he okay?"

He shook his head and frowned. "I am sorry Jagger. I really am but he's gone feral. We're going to try and get him out. Hoping that being around you will help him, but there are no promises and he might truly be gone."

My eyes misted with tears and I laid my head back down. I felt the depression spread and let my wings droop. "No....that can't be, Can I visit him?"

He shook his head frowning. "Not until the poison is out of your system and you're a bit more healed."

My face soured and I growled, getting angrier with every word he spoke. "It's not just him that needs me, I need him too. I know that you have noticed that the changes. How can you tell me no and expect me to get better. Now get me to Alex now before I burn the roof off of everything in this world and fly there myself Lumiere." I punctuated my rant with the mightiest snarl I could manage.

He nodded quickly and stood up. "I'll get Luna so we can get the nurse and release papers." He said and walked out of the room.

I fall back with a groan. Now that my anger was dissipating I felt all the pain again and I wondered if I'd be up for the trip. I tried sitting up just so I could try and keep up the brave face, but the pain in my stomach had me wincing.

"Now now pup you know that you should not be sitting up and putting stress on your wounds." I looked up and saw Preston, Hunter, and Bruce standing there grinning at me. "You should lie back down." Preston said and walked over to me and started reaching for my shoulder.

"Oh fucking hell. Suck my nuts Preston. And if you touch me I swear I'll bite off a fucking finger." Preston's hand fell and he chuckled at me while I heard the others mumbling 'snobby bitch' and 'oh fuck you too ho' at me, but there grins told me they weren't serious . I flipped all of them off and told them all to go fuck themselves as I tried to get out of the bed.

I played with my weird floral hospital gown and glanced at Bruce. "When did you plan on telling me you were a pixie?" Bruce's eyes widened and his thin eyebrows flew into his hairline. I wondered if he realized that wasn't a response.

"I-I wa-was planning o-on to when t-the attack h-happened." He stuttered out.

I scratched at the scar on my cheek and looked at my cup of water. Dipping my finger into it and sighing while making a drop of water weave threw my fingers. "I understand the need for the secret, but I'm sad that you didn't trust me with it. Especially since I've always trusted you with everything. Even when I knew about everything else you didn't say anything. Did you tell hunter before me?" I asked. He nodded a pitiful need and I sighed trying to reign in my anger. I closed my eyes and felt the small cup shake. Then heard a split start and continue down the side of it. The water poured out and separated to small and medium sized droplets joining the one weaving between my fingers.

After a few minutes I opened my eyes and looked at Bruce who was staring at anything but me. I stared harder just to see hid reaction. I realized I would be angry for a while. He was supposed to be my best friend. The person I told everything to and he couldn't be trusted. He couldn't even tell me the most important thing about him. The anger was pushed aside as a complete feeling of loneliness took over.

Lum walked in and I glanced over as I started pushing the water away and into plants around the room. He looked at me, rolled his eyes, walked over to me, and wiggled my chin. I hadn't even realized I had been doing it.

"Stop that now!" he said. While he tried berating me I ignored him and looked over his shoulder to see Mama Luna smiling at me.

I smiled widely at the thought that I still had a family and let the remaining water fall as I made my way to her. I hugged her to me as tightly as I could manage in my condition. Happy to see and smell and feel her again. "Mama Luna, how is everyone? Are the kids okay?" I asked her. I rattled out tons of questions. Anxious for the answers and her warmth.

She nodded and smiled up at me. Cupping my cheek in a way only a mother could do. "We're all fine honey. You saved me, Alice, and so many others that day. I'll never be able to show you my appreciation. We have all missed you so much and I will take you home today if you are sure that's what you want."

I nodded quickly and kept smiling at her. "I wanna go home Mama, I miss home so much." I laid against her and held her hand tightly not wanting to let go.

"But what about Corbeille? I can't go back home if she's going to come back and hurt more of my new family." I frowned and looked away.

"She can't hurt you sweetheart. She can't hurt anyone anymore. Something's have been happening since you've been sleep. I promise we'll talk about all of that soon as we get you home and settled." She said and smiled her motherly smile. She filled me with warmth and I was happy for her presence.

"What of the pack?" I asked.

She frowned and gripped my hand softly. "There is a lot to that dear. We shall talk on it later as well. I promise."


A few hours with a lot of begging and swearing later we were home. Before I could even take in anything I saw 3 little speeding creatures of cuteness running towards at me smiling. "Jaggy!!!!" They yell as they hugged my legs.

I kneeled down as far as I could go and hugged them tightly and whispered reassurances of how I'd never leave them again. "Oh my. Aren't y'all just big now? I don't even think I can pick y'all up anymore. Y'all are going to have to carry me now." I pretended to lean on them and the laughter that I heard made the pain worthwhile. "I heard that y'all just had a birthday."

They nodded fast and giggled at me. Sparrow stepped forward to make sure he was heard. "Yea we're four now unca jaggy."

I smiled happily at his words and kissed his cheek. I will be an uncle once Alex and I were reunited. "Well I'm going to have to give you a small magic show later today for a late birthday present." I said and stood up slowly.

All 3 of them yelled and jumped up and down. "YAAAAAY CAN WE HAVE IT NOW!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEAAAAAAAAAAASE." Said Alice and Felix at the same time.

I pretended to think for a minute. "Okay guys lets go to the garden and I'll show you a few things that I learned."

They smiled and pulled me by both hands to the garden.

We all sat in the porch swing and the smiled widely and anxiously as I took out my zippo lighter. I set it in my lap and laid back looking at the water and telling it to swirl around my legs. It rippled then started to rise in thin strips and came to me circling around my legs. I did the same to the small rocks and pebbles, but told it to circle my chest.

After a few seconds I looked at the irises and made them grow and swirl around each other making a small crown. I picked it up and set it on Alice's head making her squeal and clap with delight. I pushed the rocks to surround Sparrow and the water to surround Felix.

I laughed with them as I made large fire animals dance and fight around us. They were so amazed they looked in silent aw.

I heard some clapping and looked behind me to see a large man with his head shaved and his muscular arms covered in tattoos. I narrowed my eyes at him and stepped in front of Alice, Felix, and Sparrow.

"Who are you and what the hell are you doing here?" I asked the man.

The trips giggled and ran over the guy with sparrow hugging his leg and sitting on his shoed foot.

"Can we have another ride Gur?" Felix asked as he sat on his other foot with Alice on his back.

"Sure kiddies." Gur said as he walked over to me and held out his hand.

"I'm Segur, but you can call me seg or gur as the tykes call me I guess" he chuckled at his attempt at a joke. I didn't find the shit funny at all.

I looked him over carefully, but saw nothing but loyalty and friendliness in his posture and eyes. I'd watch him, but for now I just shook his hand firmly. "Jagger. I'm glad the kids had someone to play with while I was gone." I said.

"Oh I know who you are. Alex told me all about you while we were cell mates. Interesting breed that one. I got out of jail 3 weeks ago. But don't worry It wasn't for murder or anything just some misunderstandings and what not." He said.

That raised my hackles. I didn't know if I should be excited to talk to him about Alex or if I should kill him for insulting my mate. I guess he say my hesitation for he immediately backpedaled and told me it was a good thing. We started walking down the steps of the patio with Segur not even struggling as he walked down them with the kids on his feet and back and me trying to decide if he was going to be on my shit list.

"Really he talked to you about me? Mind telling me what he said?" I asked slowly. I didn't want to give him ammunition should he decide to betray us.

He smiled and looked at me. "He said you were easy going, liked to hang out, and had a great sense of humor. Although I don't think he was right on that account." He laughed at his own joke and I realized he was a jackass. This didn't make me take to him any better though. "Then he spoke on how good you liked and how good in bed you were. I must say you do look good." He punctuated the statement with a perusal of me like I was something to eat. I blushed from anger not embarrassment. He went on as if he didn't see me glowering at him. "Yea he told me all types of stories." Pushing aside my annoyance with Segur, my wings shuddered in excitement at seeing Alex tomorrow. I had to hope that with our coming together everything would get better.

Guess he could see he wasn't winning any points since he started spinning around to make the kids laugh. Ok so maybe I'm not as lucky as I thought since he started talking again. "Yea he'll be excited to see you tomorrow. Maybe if you give him some in his cell he'll stop growling at every single person that even comes within 10 feet of him." He laughed at his comment and it took everything in me not to choke or bite him.

"Yea and maybe you should enter before me so I can gauge his mood. If he bites you I'll know it's not safe." I said.

"With an ass like that you aren't safe from anybody." He smiled down at me as if he was daring me to retaliate.

I growled and spreading my wings trying to look intimidating even though it was painful as hell. "Watch it mister. I'll kick your ass with your own fart and believe me I can and will do it."

He laughed as if knowing I couldn't or wouldn't do anything as he let the kids down after we had walked a bit more. I swear I don't trust him. I heard Mama Luna calling us in for dinner just in time for me not to crack his skull. Shit where the hell that did come from. I've never been this violent. I did make a branch swoop down and smack him backward making him fall on his ass though... it was the least I could do.

We walked inside with the kids and sat at the large table as did all the other family members. I frowned noticing all the empty sets. Alex's in particular.

"We all miss him Jagger." I looked up and saw dean smiling down at me. "We're going to do our best to get him out. We're going to need your help." He smiled sadly and squeezed my shoulder. "Now eat up. We're going to visit him tonight and hope that you two will be able to work some things out."

That made me smile and so I started piling food on my plate. Without all the drugs in my system I felt a lot more powerful. And more in control of myself. After I finished eating I sat back and started thinking of a few plants and trees I liked and smiled. I felt something prick me and snatched my hand back to see a large bougainvillea branch growing in from the window behind me and trying to wrap itself around me. I frowned and made a shooing motion with my hand making it go back out side. I looked around and saw everyone at the table was staring at me. Awkward much. How could I not squirm under that scrutiny?

I saw Segur smiling while he was looking down at his plate and that just pissed me off. "What I do?" I asked looking around. Already resigned to shock and fear that would come and then end with me being pushed away.

"The...The branch sweetheart. We thought it was coming for you. To take you away, but we see now that you were doing it. When did you learn to do that? How did you learn to do that?" I guess she saw the look in my eyes because she quickly added, "There is nothing wrong with it honey. It just surprised us."

I tried to calm down. I don't understand why everyone is judging me. They turned into wolves, yet me being able to control plants was a shock. I mean what the complete fuck! It was there fault I was like this. I didn't ask for any of it. I was starting to think I couldn't trust anyone, but Alex. He would've never judged or feared me. I needed to get out of here. I needed to be with him.

I looked over at Lum and got even more pissed off when I noticed how he held Preston's hand. It was ok to have a once mortal enemy dating someone in the pack, but someone who's mated to one of the pick who changed while he was with them was off putting. I leaned back into my chair and started playing with the water in the glass in front of me looking back on this past year. I thought on my love for Alex using it to calm my anger. The glass started break and tip over as the water inside started to boil and slosh around. Everyone stared at me in fear, but that only fueled my rage. I froze the water to stop it from breaking the glass as well as to freeze my emotions so I could grasp some control. I stood up and looked at everyone that I loved and thought loved me. "I'm going to our room. Let me know when it's time to leave." I walked away with the sad realization that not even the thought of Alex's love calmed me anymore and that my powers were more in tuned with my emotions then I thought.


I walked into our room with the intentions of taking a bath hot enough to erase all my hot headiness, but of course that's not how it was too happen. As I was stripping from the plain blue jeans and white shirt the queen seemed to buy in massive bulk I heard the clearing of a throat. I don't know who I thought it to be, but I sure wasn't prepared for it to be who it was. I turned around to face Sombre.

"You have some nerve. What the fuck are you doing in my room? This is my home and I won't have it tainted with you. Get Out Now."

Do you not know this asshole laughed? Full bellied, never heard anything so funny in my life laugh. Whatever calm I had found in taking my bath was gone. I could feel the very walls shake with the menace I carried in my heart right then.

"You are so feisty now winged one. I must say the look fits you. All that black in your heart." He sniffed the air. "Ah so this is where my brother is. Did your pack take him in or did he encourage his pack to take you in?" Every word he spoke bothered me. Mainly because I had just been thinking the same thing. "Don't worry I'm not here to kill you. If that was my intent you would've been dead by now. No I came to make you an offer. Your so called family fears you. The people you were so worried about now plot on how to control you. Come with me. You know I'd never try to change you." He rubbed his finger down my bare shoulder as if he was already imagining the things he would do to me. The thought made me sick to my stomach. I closed my eyes to tune him out when he whispered think about it and licked my ear. I opened my eyes to fight and he was gone.

I collapsed to the floor. The exchange took too much out of me and if I was honest I was scared because I was considering his deal. No one here seemed to love who I was anymore. I walked into the bathroom hoping that Alex wouldn't be the same.

I got out and went to put on my comfortable black skinny jeans with a bedazzled skull on the left back pocket. I pulled Alex's oversized black sweater on and sighing happy at being back in my element. I put on my black combat boots and fixed my chipped nail polish when Lum came into the room. I ignored him as I put my black lip ring in and started putting on my eyeliner.

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