tagRomanceHeads and Tails: Her Story Ch. 02

Heads and Tails: Her Story Ch. 02


"You do have a condom" ... taken from the end of Heads and Tails ~ Part 1

I can see the answer in his eyes, and I know that whatever happens next is up to me. I ask myself why. Why did I ask this; why didn't I just let things happen? I see Mike's eyes. They're sad now, his shoulders falling slightly. "No." The sound is barely a whisper escaping from his lips. Lips that look, to me, as a gift to taste and enjoy, beckoning me forward. I put my hands to his face and bring his lips close to mine, hearing myself whisper lovingly, "That's okay. We can do other things." I want to hold him close to me and love him. My mind gives in to this, knowing that it would have lost this battle with my body.

Standing, I take Mike's hand and lead him to my bedroom. We pause at the door. I can feel his eyes watching me, like the eyes of a wolf stalking his prey. I shiver as I hold his hand and we walk to my window. Looking from my high view of the city below, we see the lights brightening the dark night outside us. The lights shine into my window and into my room, giving the feeling of soft candlelight flickering along the walls. My senses are alert to everything, every muscle taut with expectation. I feel empowered to be here with him and to know that this step he's left up to me.

"Are you sure?" his voice calls to me, a deep hungry sound.

"Yes, I want this. I need this." I gaze at his lips, and press mine slowly to his. Our mouths first feel like feathers, nestled softly together to show their beauty, but this soon erupts into a kiss so full of need that our tongues collide, trying to decide who is the master and who is the slave. I pull my mouth from his and let my tongue lick his lips. "Let me love you." I hear my desperation, and I know he'll let me take the lead, the answer coming from his eyes.

My stomach flips as this newfound energy and power rolls through my body. I feel myself separating once again from my body, as I watch a scene so erotic and powerful begin to take place. My hand moves from his and I pause, taking one more glance out my window. I look to him and smile, feeling the need I have for him reflected in his eyes. He's waiting for me; waiting for my touch. My outer self, the part that has left me, watches as this woman, who has just discovered her own passion, takes her first step of self-discovery. My hand cups his face, caressing his cheek. Letting my fingers move to his jaw, I trace it's fine structure. My other hand touches his arm, feeling the cords move as he flinches under my touch. I look at my fingers and I feel my outer being return to me, so it, too, can enjoy the feeling of Mike's skin under mine.

"Ohh," I hear myself moan. His hand takes my waist, and while his fingers massage me, I feel the heat from his body surrounding me, enveloping me in its warmth. He's letting me lead for the both of us, letting me explore my new sense of passion. I feel the trembles of his body while my fingers move up his arm to his shoulder, feeling the restraint. He's holding back, wanting not to frighten me. My heart is touched by this gift he's given me, and I lean in to taste his neck.

My tongue moves in circles against his skin. I can feel his pulse beating fast beneath its thin protective shell. I step closer, my breasts pressing against his chest, my bare body against the full length of him. The softness of my breasts feels the coarseness of the hair on his chest. I can feel my nipples tighten at the sensation, and let my body rub against him. His hands pull me to him, one hand playing with my hair while the other grips my hips, pushing his body deeper against me. I can feel the bulge in his jeans, and I rub my pelvis hard against it. I hear his growl of want.

I whisper in his ear, letting him know how wet he's made me; letting my breath tease his skin. My tongue licks the lobe of his ear and I draw it into my mouth. I give a gentle tug with my teeth and lips, and move my hands from his shoulders. One hand runs across his collarbone and pauses at the center, at the top of his chest. The other I let rest on his tummy, feeling the texture of his jeans, then moving up his ribs to his nipple. My mouth kisses his shoulders. Each hand finds its own place to touch. My senses run wild, like a river swollen from a great rain. My left hand spreads its fingers open and I splay it across his left nipple, as my right does the same with its mate. Each nipple is given equal pleasure; each given their own partner to enjoy. I realize, at this moment, that this is why men and women were made, each to compliment the other. Two hands to touch, so no part of the body is left wanting or needing. His nipples tighten under my caresses. Power courses through my veins and moves up to my heart and mind, giving my mouth the strength to continue.

My lips leave kisses across his chest and down the center of his body. I bend slightly, my mouth nuzzling him, as his hands run lovingly along my back and over my skin, like a man handling an injured dove; wanting to be gentle, so as not to startle it into flight. I hear his sounds of pleasure but cannot focus on the words, as my own hand uncovers the present it was hiding from me. My tongue licks his nipple and my teeth graze its edges. I feel it tighten against my tongue. Closing my lips over it, I suck gently on the hard bud, bringing a moan of pleasure from my lover. I move my lips from him and close them, then proceed to brush them back and forth across the tiny button.

My fingers dig into his skin, as I feel the tightness in my belly, so taut and nervous. My mouth kisses his sides and his stomach. I taste the salt from his skin, so hot beneath my lips. My own body quivers with heat, a liquid pool of lava running through my veins, building and collecting before if flows free. Feeling the desire in my pussy, I'm even wetter now. I feel the difference in temperature from the room, compared to my body. The coolness from the window and the heat from Mike's skin; all these things push me forward in my quest to love this man before me. I look up into his eyes, and for a moment I am unable to breathe. I inhale gulps of air, and feel myself once more leave my own being and watch from afar.

The woman in front of my own self is not who I ever thought I could be. She is a new woman, undiscovered after being so long denied true passion and true freedom. I watch this other self run hands across skin, working on his button and zipper while her lover; her friend; eases her soul with soothing touches and sounds. Floating back, I become aware of an almost animalistic urge to devour my love.

My hands tremble as I work his jeans from his body. My nails graze his ass through the fabric of his boxers, and the knuckles of my hands feel the texture of the hair on his thighs below. I open my palms and press against his naked thighs. I bend slightly, my mouth just inches from his still-covered cock. I watch his stomach tighten, and my own moistness begins to once again make itself more noticeable. My mouth leaves a kiss on each hip, and my hands push his jeans down further; past his knees, to his ankles. All this time my mouth follows. My lips kiss his thighs; the outside of them, then moving to the inside. He moves only enough to step out of his jeans and kick them to the side. I smile to myself, as I remember that it wasn't that long ago that my own clothes were being abandoned, with no care at all. Tucking my smile inside, I go back to my lover as he steps back towards me.

His leg muscles jerk and twitch as my hands course up them and back down, my mouth kissing, sucking, biting each thigh. I am only aware of each patch of skin beneath my lips, loving that one patch until I must move on to the next. My hands and mouth move together, as if my hands were laying the tracks for my mouth to travel, to a destination that is so welcoming; so inviting, I'll never be able to abandon it.

I hear his groans as my mouth presses a kiss against his cock. Feeling the fabric that blocks my lips, I whimper from need. I want him in my mouth so badly, the longing is unbearable. Not wanting to be hindered any longer, I pull his briefs down quickly, watching his hard, swollen cock spring out and forward to me. "Oh yes," I hear myself cry out, as I am held captive by this amazing sexual heat that is coursing through me. Once again, Mike moves to step out of that last obstacle that had barred me from my quest.

I want to taste him; to stroke him; to have him fill me so completely that his body and mine will want to enjoy each other for many nights to come. I look up to him and am awed by the look of complete trust and respect for me. I know that if I changed my mind right now, and told him I couldn't, that he would accept it and still want to love me when I was ready, and when we were more prepared. I smile at him, and I know that I did convey my feelings.

I close my eyes to let my sense of desire take over, and be my eyes for me. They lead me on a path of discovery. My lips taste the skin of his abdomen. My hands, not wanting to be left out, move to explore their own paths. One hand moves to his ass and grips it firmly, pressing the nails into his skin. The other touches his scrotum, cradling and feeling the weight of each round sphere covered inside. While each hand burns it's own mark, my mouth moves to its own reward. I taste the salt from his skin, and feel the textured difference of each part of him; the smoothness of his hips mixed with the coarseness of his hairs. My mouth moves closer to the hard, pulsing prize before me. Opening my eyes, I gaze at this object of every young girl's mind, and I hear the little girl in me sigh with pleasure, as she has just been shown a secret that only she and I know of.

My tongue sneaks out to lick the beads of moisture that have started to slide down the head, making their own paths for my tongue to travel. The taste is new to me; not unpleasant, but a salty, slightly bitter taste. Its smoothness is like oil from a bottle, that one might use to spread on their lover's body. I let my tongue take a longer lap at this new treat, savoring and letting each part become acquired to the flavor of my lover's hot need to have me.

My hand moves from the firm buttocks I had been holding. My fingers graze his long shaft, running its length; tracing the shape of the head. My eyes watch his penis swell even more, stretching before me, as if trying to preen itself for my attentions. Mike's muscles tighten, and his cock jerks, the breath of my mouth causing it to leap towards me. My hand strokes his scrotum. My nails graze its crevices, and my other hand grasps his cock, to steady its tremors. Mike's sounds bring my eyes up to look at him; seeing rapture, delight, and even torment across his face. I must only guess at how my face looks, because I feel these same things.

My hand holds his cock steady while I lower my mouth to its head. I feel it leap for me, trying to push into my hot wetness. I suck gently on his head, while letting my hands find the right motion, so that his shaft and his scrotum are dancing to the same musical melody; rubbing, grazing, stroking. My lips roll over the head and I take him deeper. Each time, Mike's hips thrust into me, coaxing me to take more. I slide my tongue over the surface of his cock as my lips move up and down on the head, then further down the shaft.

My body boils inside, wanting to release its heat, but wanting to keep it capped tight; not wanting to stop before I taste my lover. My mouth moves faster over his cock, and I let my tongue lick the sides. My hand holds the thick member as my tongue devours it. It's as if it were a hot summer's day, and the heat were melting ice cream down the sides of a cone. I feel like the young girl again, wanting every part of the sweet cream, and not missing a drop. My lips slide off him, and I take his balls, cradled in my hand, and kiss each one.

The scent of my lover thrills me as I inhale his essence deeply. My body throbs, my breasts are heavy, and my pussy feels as if a floodgate is about to open. I love each ball with the tender care I would bestow on a fragile piece of clay. Sucking and sliding my tongue, I move from them to his cock, once again.

"Soon," is all I hear, and I know that it's time. Time for us to release ourselves; to free ourselves from this locked and barred prison. My mouth aches to encase his cock fully, my hand working to guide him in deeply. As his head grazes my teeth and I open my mouth wider, allowing him fully inside, Mike's hands tangle in my hair, and he helps my mouth move to a rhythm that is to both our liking. A frenzy is occurring as we move as one being. My hands, nails, fingers; even my tongue feel as if for the first time they all speak the same language. The thrusting of his hips helps all of my body parts to work with each other. As I hear the shout of release from my lover's lips fill the room, my own body cums with him.

I pause for just seconds, and feel my own hot thick cum flood over the gates of my body, traveling down a dark path to reach the welcoming light of the world; dripping down the walls and resting at the edge of my swollen lips. I press my legs together, feeling the moistness pool between my lips, as I suck this glorious tool of pleasure. His cum fills my mouth, so I swallow, letting each swallow linger longer, relishing the taste of him; the taste of what he gave me.

At last, removing the warm covering of my mouth from his cock, I begin to clean it off with my tongue, licking each drop that may have escaped. My fingers dive to my pussy. Touching my clit, and a new wave of desire begins. Knowing now that I cannot let this man leave me, cannot let this night end, I stand to face him. Looking deep into his eyes, an unrecognizable voice falls from my lips; a voice filled with a determination I never knew I possessed, "I want all of you. I know the risk we take, but I must do this for me; for you; for us. Please, Mike. Make love to me. Fill me completely."

(...to be continued...)

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