tagRomanceHeads and Tails: Her Story Ch. 03

Heads and Tails: Her Story Ch. 03


At last, removing the warm covering of my mouth from his cock, I begin to clean it off with my tongue, licking each drop that may have escaped. My fingers dive to my pussy. Touching my clit, and a new wave of desire begins. Knowing now that I cannot let this man leave me, cannot let this night end, I stand to face him. Looking deep into his eyes, an unrecognizable voice falls from my lips; a voice filled with a determination I never knew I possessed, "I want all of you. I know the risk we take, but I must do this for me; for you; for us. Please, Mike. Make love to me. Fill me completely." Taken from Heads and Tails: Her Story Part 2. Thanks to the editing services of VillageWordsmith for taking the time to clean up my screw-ups.

Mike stares down at me, I am still on my knees facing his softened cock. My fingers still cup and hold his testicles. I can read the questions in his eyes, "I want this," I tell him. Pressing a kiss upon his rod. Standing, my breasts touch his chest, my lips cover his, our tongues touch again. Slowly we share the taste of his cum, each one of us wanting to keep the gift, but also wanting to share it.

I step closer to him. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I feel his wrap around my waist. His fingers skim the small of my back, before sliding down to hold each cheek of my ass. I want and desire him so much, I don't know why I ever doubted his attraction for me, and mine for him. His mouth touches my neck, kissing it before his teeth nibble at the sensitive flesh behind my ear. My own teeth find his shoulder and I taste him. The sweat from our bodies are full of salt and water. We drink from each others hot skin. Taking and still wanting more. I feel as if something else is needed to quench our parched bodies.

Mike lifts me to him, his hands cupping my ass, and holding me up. I wrap my legs around his waist, my mouth presses to his neck, nuzzling his skin. He carries me to the bed. My body warm from the aroused state he has made me realize, and I long to fill more of him. I need it and hunger for his touch.

I lie back, he comes towards me. Lifting my arms, I open them up for him. Welcoming him, to me. Mike takes my hands, kisses them, then lies them against my sides. His hands moves down my legs, touching each one. He lifts my foot, and massages each one. I giggle as he licks each one of my toes. Shivers elicit through me, as he draws each one into his mouth. His tongue swirls over the little digits of my foot.

The muscles in the soles of my feet melt as his thumb works into them. Relaxing into his ministrations, I slip my foot from his hand, and smile, offering him the other. He grins down and me, treats my foot to small bites and licks, before sliding his tongue from my toes up to the inside of my ankle.

"Oh, Mike," I whisper. The thrill of the moment building. The foot that is not in his hand, reaches out and strokes his cock. I feel it grow under my toes, and I knead it gently, pushing it with my feet. Running them down to his balls, I press against those also. Smiling as his eyes close and he enjoys the feel of my toes playing against his sex. I push further, letting the hairs of his sex cover my toes, caress and teasing them.

I laugh as he pulls my foot away from his cock, he kisses the inside of that ankle, then licks his way from the ankle up to my knee. His fingers rest on the inside of my knees. He pushes them apart, I ease his quest and spread my body open to his. His tongue continues to travel up my leg. He licks at my sex, gathering up the cum that I had spilled from the walls of my pussy. He laps at it, cleans it from the sex that is begging for more.

He whispers words of desire and passion against my stomach, his tongue sliding up to my breasts. I lift my hands from my sides, touch his arms, and slip them across his back, then into his hair. Mike captures one of my nipples between his teeth, as his hand cups my breast and he teases it with his thumb. Strokes of fire reach from my nipple to my sex, and I feel more moistness escape me.

The strokes of his tongue on my tit, thrills me. My back arches, my hips lift, as my inner thigh welcomes the touch of his now hardened cock, resting against me. His tongue covers the top of my breasts, licking the small clusters of freckles, as if he is trying to count them with his tongue. My fingers tangle in his hair, bringing his head up closer to me, allowing him to abandon my nipple.

His kisses trail up my chest, along the edge of my neck, across my ear. Whispered words of want and need reach into me. I whisper them back, welcoming him to take me, own me and possess me. I am his, and now I know this is right, this is where I belong.

Mike's tongue reaches into my mouth, touching and stroking mine, with firm, assuring pressure. He knows how I hunger for more of him, "Mike, I want this so badly," I whisper to him.

"Yes," he answers.

The kiss of his tongue melts me, as he slowly tastes my teeth, my gums, my tongue. Moaning and grinding my body to his, I run my foot along his calf muscle, then up and down again. The hairs on his leg are coarse against my soft sole, but still I enjoy the different textures of our body. He rises over me, my legs slide up his and I wrap them around his hips. "Mike please," I hear the begging in my voice.

His hand skims down between us, I feel him grasp his penis, his knuckles graze my pussy lips, and then I feel the tip of his cock. He slides it between the wet lips, making me release more juice. My bottom lip is bitten and tugged inside my mouth, my back arches, I want so much more, I need it. He is my air, and my body needs to breath.

He slowly strokes my lips, the swollen head caressing each side of me. Soon, he moves the head deeper, not yet entering the hot haven that needs him. "Ohhhh, Mike... please..." I beg and plead, my voice hoarse from crying out for his body. Mike enters me, just the head of his cock claims my body. I gasp, hold my breath and savor the moment, he has finally given me.

He teases me, and I growl in frustration. His swollen tip, slips deeper, allowing some of his shaft to enter behind it. My lips tremble, my eyes clench. He holds my hips down, keeping me from thrusting them up and claiming him for myself. Mike pushes slowly deeper in. Taking his cock, I welcome it. He slides back, easing part of his hard rod out of me, before easing it back in again. Sighing and gasping once more, I swallow my saliva, trying desperately to gain some moisture so I can speak. I can't. There are not enough words to tell him, how he makes me feel.

He pushes his full length into me, finally. I call out his name. Releasing my hips, he rakes his fingers into my hair, and the other hand pushes and kneads my breast, as his tongue moves inside my mouth. I bite at his lip, then thrust up my hips, and devour his cock, completely within the walls of my sex.

Our hairs tangle, as I press myself deeper to him. I can feel the juices of my body that had collected on the walls of my sex, and on the lips of my pussy. They now cover his cock, and soak my hairs as well as his. We move together, I lift, he pushes. My fingers move to his hips, hold him close, wanting to consume his very soul. He moves his tongue to my neck, bites my skin, as his cock, drums against the fleshy wrapping of my sex.

Mike looks into my eyes, I tighten my hold on his hips, we begin our final quest, the thing that we both had started wanting so long ago. He moves deep inside me, faster, increasing the tempo slowly, gently, with long strokes of his hard cock, moving his whole body along mine. My nipples touch his chest, my legs hold him, my heels dig into his back. I can barely breath as he continues to impale me, and bring me to great heights of passion and lustfulness.

"OHhh.. God... Mike.. I ... Ohhhh don't stop, please don't stop," I hear myself, I can't believe the feelings rushing through my veins. The boiling fire that rages inside me. He drives into me harder, thrusting with more force, I open my legs wider, his balls slapping against me.

His sex slides against the walls of my sex, begging me to squeeze his cock. I press my muscles against him, hold them, then release him, only to grasp him again. We move as one, each one of us giving what we wish to bring the other one, desire. Each one of us takes what we hunger for. I feel his cock hit the bone of my pelvis, and I scream his name as I feel my orgasm leave the hidden home where it was waiting for him. Loving the feel of it wash over him, then his hot fluid shoots up into me and I shudder, my mouth bites down on my lip once more, as I clasp his cock, and hold him buried deep inside of me.

He slides his cock in and out coaxing more ripples of orgasmic delight from my body. The climax brings flashes of light across my closed lids. Sparks of fire, electricity and lighting light up as each quiver runs through me. "OHHhhhhh God, Mike."

He whispers words of love in my ear, and slides his cock, slowly, taking each tremble from my body and keeping them strumming along his rod. "Ohh, love," he whispers to me.

I feel the final wave leave me, and I pull him close. His sex rests inside me, softened but still held within my body. He kisses me softly, holds me close and I know this was right, that no matter what becomes of us, this was what was meant to be.

We lie there together, the night still full of hours, yet we know we are full of years, years to love each other. I know that he is mine, and I hope with all soul that I am his.

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