tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHealth 101 -- Female Oral Ch. 01

Health 101 -- Female Oral Ch. 01


All participants are college students and are over 18 years old.


I was more than ready for the next section in the syllabus. Although I had carefully led my freshman college class through some basics, made steps towards breaking down their inhibitions against public nudity, and even required them to give classroom demonstrations of their masturbation and cocksucking techniques, I had found that some of the girls would still not be ready to give or receive cunnilingus in front of the class at this point. In order to destroy this inhibition, I intended to do the first demonstration myself. The sacrifices we have to make to provide quality education....I could hardly wait.

Perfect attendance, as usual. "Good morning, class!" I smiled. "We have a big day ahead of us, so let's get started by getting naked!" I had already turned the thermostat to a balmy 84 degrees, and it didn't take long for them all to strip down and stow their clothing in their desks. Despite the warm temperature, I noted unanimous nipple erections among the girls. They knew what was coming. So did I, and my pussy was already sopping.

"Now, as you know from the reading material, what we are going to address today is technically called "cunnilingus." As we don't normally speak Latin in this class, or elsewhere, I prefer to call it "eating pussy." Boys: you may, of course, feel free to masturbate at any point during the class. There is a box of tissues and a tube of KY on each of your desks. Please clean up after yourselves."

"Girls: I would prefer that you NOT masturbate during this section. It is your turn to have someone else do the honors."

I boosted myself up onto my desk, which I had covered with a thick foam pad. As I lectured, I slowly removed my blouse and lacy black brassiere, and lifted my skirt to reveal a sexy garter belt holding up my sheer hose. No panties covered my smooth-shaven pussy, and I lazily traced a finger up and down my glistening slit as I continued. "Now I will need a volunteer, since I can't lick my own pussy, although I would certainly like to be able to do so." This brought some nervous titters from the girls, and a unanimous show of hands from the boys. They really are coming along smartly.

I would have liked to have chosen James, as just thinking of his monster eight-inch dong made me wet, but I still had my doubts as to Andy's future in this class and thought it best to try to give his ego a boost.

"Andy, please come to the front of the class. I've made you suck a cock in front of everyone, in spite of your prejudices, so you can think of this as a little reward."

Andy stumbled up to my desk, trying to conceal a broad grin. "Take that little stool with the padded top, Andy, and kneel here between my legs. Class: gather around and make sure you can see what is happening.

"Now, let's review. You can all see my pussy in detail, because I've taken the trouble to shave it for this class. I don't necessarily recommend that, girls, but it helps in instructional situations. A neat trimming is generally all that is necessary.

"These are, of course, the outer lips or Labia Majora. This is the entrance to my cunt, surrounded by the inner lips." I inserted a finger and bumped my G-spot surreptitiously. "Boys, you will NOT put your fingers or anything else into the girls' cunnies at this point. They are not ready for it. Instead, you will concentrate on the clitoris, which is way up here, covered by its little hood." I pulled the hood away from my already tingling clitty, and flicked it gently. "Now this is very important, and I want you to listen carefully, put it in your notes, and underline it twice. You WILL see this on an exam. The clit is VERY sensitive. The only other organ that has anywhere near this concentration of nerve endings is the tongue. Perhaps this is why they like each other so much."

Giggles, but rapt attention. "Seriously, excessive stimulation of the clit can cause more pain than pleasure. It is up to the girl's partner to determine where that boundary is and to avoid crossing it. Some girls cannot endure direct stimulation of their clitties. But do not despair. Stimulation of the hood will work wonders. If even this is too much, as it may be in rare cases, you can see that manipulation of the inner pussy lips causes the hood to be pulled across the clit, bringing about a very gentle stimulation."

"Andy, you may now touch my pussy. Take your index finger and slide it along my inner lips. Good. How does it feel?"

"Uh, slippery. And damn hot," Andy mumbled.

"Correct. I'm hot and ready. If I wasn't, what would you do?"

"Uhhhh, lick it?"

"You might do that, if you had already spent some time kissing me and playing with my titties. Those preliminaries will make most girls wet enough to proceed. Let's assume that you have reached the point where you both feel ready but the girl is still dry. In that case, your saliva will be most helpful. Slide your tongue along my slit, Andy. Gently, please."

"That's good. Now if you wanted to make me wetter, you would hold my labia apart with your hands and slide your tongue right into my cunt. Go ahead, do that. VERY good. You do not need to try for deep penetration here. Mmmmmmm. Good. OK, now proceed to drag your tongue along my slit until you find my clit. I know you can't see it. You will know when you find it because -- eek! -- you will feel my response and that was it -- gently, now Andy! Now stop while I catch my breath."

"Okay. No, don't dive back into it, Dear. Hold my pussy open with your hands so everyone can get a good look. See my clit, class? It has turned bright pink and is sticking out of its hood by about half an inch. My clit is rather large, but I have seen bigger ones. Some girls' clits may be an inch long, or longer, and while the very large ones tend to be less sensitive, they can be fun because a lover can suck them just like a tiny cock. Now note the spot about half-way between my clit and my cunt. That's the urethra or pee-hole. Some girls enjoy stimulation of that area. I do not. It is unwise to attempt to insert the tongue or other objects into the pee-hole, as it becomes infected easily."

"Andy, would you please describe your physical response at this point?"

Andy flushed and I could tell that what he really wanted was to get his tongue back into my juicy gash as quickly as possible. "Well, it feels good, I like the taste a lot...my dick is as hard as a rock and all I can think about it is...well, you know...." he floundered.

"All you can think about is ramming your hard cock into my slippery pussy as far as it will go, isn't that right, Andy?" I inquired.

"Yes ma'am," he said.

"Any of you guys NOT thinking the same thing?" I demanded. Good; no liars in the group.

"Now you can try to make me come, Andy," I told him generously. "Do your best. Pretend it's someone who isn't an expert at this herself."

Andy slithered his tongue up my slit and began to clumsily lash my aching clit with it. I was so hot I wasn't sure how much I could take, but didn't want to come just yet. "That's good, Andy, but let's try some variations," I gasped. "Now this is not for everyone, but I like to feel my lover's teeth once in awhile. You may nibble my inner lips, very VERY gently. Good! Now swirl your tongue around the entrance to my cunny. Very nice. Now back to my clitty. Go ahead and try to suck it into your mouth. And back to the tongue lashing. Excellent. Are you rubbing your cock while you do this, Andy? You ARE! That makes me feel even hornier....OK. OK. Andy dear? ANDY! You may stop now. Oh Andy. You're coming. Lean over here and suck my nipples while you come all over my pussy. That's so hot. Thank you, Dear; now clean yourself off and step back so someone else can have a chance."

I glanced down and saw the thick strings of Andy's sloppy load clinging to my thighs and naked cunt and nearly went over the edge. His spurts had been so hot and vigorous I longed to feel an erupting cock buried in my spasming cunt, and had barely restrained myself from stuffing him into me while he was still in position. But my turn would come. Get control, Professor!

"Did I make you come, Professor Crumpet?" Andy asked humbly, and I loved him in that moment.

"You get bonus points for asking, Andy," I told him kindly, "And that is something we should all note. If you don't know if your lover came, ASK. Usually you will know. But if you're not sure -- don't assume. And girls: If you lie, or "fake it," you are hurting only yourself. But to answer you, Andy; no, I did not come. Your technique was adequate for a beginner but you need much more practice if you are going to be able to make someone like me come involuntarily. In my job as Professor or Sex Therapist I often find that I must delay my own gratification for the benefit of the student or client, so the fact that I did not come is really no reflection on you. Do not worry -- you will be getting plenty of practice both in and out of class, and I'm sure you will learn to give an orgasm to any girl who wants one."

"Now, girls? You think you know enough to let the boys practice on you? You DO? I think not. Just like the boys did in the section on sucking cock, you are going to have to experience both sides of this operation. One of you will proceed where Andy has left off...Volunteers?"

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