tagMind ControlHeart of the Plan Ch. 06

Heart of the Plan Ch. 06


Chapter 6


3 Months After Incident

Kathy breathed slowly, lying on Doctor Victoria's couch. Her eyes were open, soft, beautiful. Her chest strained against her blouse with every inhale, showing Victoria her assistant wasn't wearing a bra—exactly as her doctor had instructed.

Victoria bit her lip, sitting in a chair right next to the couch. 'I should let someone else help her,' she decided once again. But she couldn't, not after what Mesmeri had revealed to her about her assistant. She had to find out for herself if it was true. So Doctor Bell had dove into Kathy's psyche intent on learning more about her assistant, but ended up finding things out about herself.

Because Mesmeri had spoken the truth: Victoria had taken Kathy as deep as she could go, had conducted every test she could think of, and she'd found no foul play. Kathy's desires were genuine. And that had excited Doctor Bell.

She should have transferred Kathy's case then. She should have put in for a leave of absence and check herself in for treatment. She should have done something other than indulge herself. Because it was wrong, Victoria knew that, but it was hard to maintain that position when it felt so right. 'It is possible Mesmeri did manage to do something to me after all,' Doctor Bell considered. 'But all the tests showed nothing—no chemicals in my blood, no implants, no altered brainwave-function—and I've always been uncomfortable about mind control. It would be understandable if I deluded myself on the why.'

'And I'm not harming anybody this way,' Victoria thought as her hand glided up her inner thigh. She drank in the sight of Kathy lying there as her fingers slid underneath her panties. 'So eager to please, so ready to follow my voice.' Her other hand palmed her tit through her blouse; Victoria was wearing a bra; she hadn't been hypnotized not to.

Doctor Bell moaned, not worried in the least Kathy would hear. She wouldn't remember anyway, because her doctor would tell her not to. Victoria's pussy fluttered around her finger at the thought. 'I could tell her to masturbate too. To go home and kneel in front of a mirror and diddle herself thinking of me. To beg me to take her as she cums.'

"Oh, fuck!" The pleasure jolted through her as Victoria pictured it. "Fuck, fuck, fuck," she grunted as climax overtook her. Disheveled, slumped back in her chair as she recovered, Doctor Bell looked at Kathy. 'But I shouldn't. I really, really shouldn't. Even if she wants me to. I have to deny myself, though Kathy would be very happy if I ...'

6 Months After Incident

"That was the last appointment for the day, so why don't you go home and I'll close things up," Victoria told her assistant through the intercom.

"Doctor, could I, uhm, talk to you," Kathy asked. "I ... I need to ask you something."

"Of course, my door is always open for you. You know that." She waited a beat. "Except when I'm with a patient," Victoria joked.

"Thank you Doctor, I'll be right in."

When her assistant entered, Victoria had to hide her satisfied little smile behind clasped hands as her gaze roamed over Kathy's appearance. Her outfits had gotten sexier these past few weeks, though never getting unprofessional. Her blouse was respectful enough, if Kathy hadn't gone through the trouble of undoing every button except two in the middle to show off her gold belly chain. Her skirt had no such pretensions. The hemline was well above the knee, but it was the split on the left that bumped it from sexy to sensuous. 'Maybe I overdid it?'

"So, it sounded like you had something important to tell me?" Victoria prompted.

"Uh, no, no, I mean, it's more like a question I need to ask you, Doctor." And Kathy started to blush. Her left hand toyed with her belly chain.

"Why don't you take a seat and you can tell me all about it."

"I don't know if I should ... I'd rather, well, stand for this, Doctor."

"Of course, whatever feels comfortable."

Her assistant took a deep breath. "I'm really grateful for all the time you put into helping me after the whole Mesmeri affair. I enjoy, I mean, you really helped, but I think that maybe I should," Kathy licked her lips, "we should see less, no, I think I should look for another doc-therapist." The blonde's speech finally stumbled to a halt, her eyes shining with emotion.

"Are you sure?"

"No," Kathy murmured. Her voice grew in strength with her next words. "But lately I've been having these feelings, these dreams. They're so strong, and I'm scared that ... I simply can't ...

"There, there. Why don't you take a moment and count down for me. I'm sure everything will work out. Go on: ten, nine, eight."

Kathy shook her head in denial, but her mouth was already aping the words. By the number five, she'd taken over from Doctor Bell. "Four, three, two, one," Kathy sighed as her eyes drifted close and her head slumped forward. "Your assistant is fully hypnotized, Doctor."

A thrill ran through Victoria at the blonde's quiet words. "Tell me, why was Kathy trying to stop our sessions?"

Her assistant sighed. "Kathy is uncomfortable with how she's starting to look forward to them. She's confused as to why she's dressing more sexily to catch your eye. Yesterday, under the shower, Kathy masturbated while fantasizing that you hypnotized her and ordered to do so. Kathy is afraid you'll find out and fire her."

"That won't do. Assist me." The words were part command, part trigger to deepen and direct Kathy's trance. Her assistant raised her head and opened her eyes to stare blankly at Victoria. "Kathy shouldn't fear me, Kathy trusts me. Kathy trusts me completely. My assistant should always remind Kathy of that."

"Yes, Doctor."

"Kathy is going to forget about coming to me to talk about stopping the sessions. All she will remember is that she realized her worries were silly, and that we had a friendly chat, after which she asked to be hypnotized."

"Yes, Doctor."

"Kathy will fantasize more. And tone down her clothing choices a little," Victoria allowed. "I want her to dream of walking into my office, naked, and kneel on the floor as she asks to be hypnotized. I want her to daydream of being spanked. I want her to finger herself as she thinks of all the things I might do with her as she lays on my coach. I want her to cum begging to become my will-less slave."

"Yes, Doctor."

Victoria's heart was racing by now, her own pussy crying for attention. "In fact, we should give her some more material. Hike up your skirt and play with yourself. And do exactly as I do," she instructed as she moved around her desk and sat down on it, hiking up her own skirt before she did so. Her hand slid underneath her panties, Kathy's fingers circled her pussy.

7 months After Incident

Her mouth gaped open as the second dildo slowly but surely entered her back-passage. Two soft hills capped with hard points pressed into her back as slender hips molded themselves around her butt. She took a deep breath, pressing her own breasts into the owner of the fake cock sheathed in her pussy. Looking up into her eyes, she saw Doctor Bell's smile, and pain became pleasure.

"And not a single complaint ever since I told you I was going to share you. Very good, my assistant."

"I am yours to command, Doctor," Kathy moaned as they both pulled out.

Doctor Bell's assistant came around her fingers, fighting to remain quiet, though there was nobody else in the restroom. She savored her climax for a little while before cleaning up and getting back to work. 'This should tide me over until after my session with Doctor Bell. Carmen won't be home 'til eigh; I'll have the place to myself.' Which meant there would be nobody there to hear her as she knelt before the mirror and pretended Doctor Bell had given her post-hypnotic commands. She could be as loud as she wanted to be. 'Would be even better if it were real.'

8 Months After Incident

"I'm really sorry, Doctor. I don't know how I forgot to book the hotel room, it's never happened before." The blonde fidgeted before Victoria's desk like a schoolgirl that had been called to the principal's office.

"It was a very unpleasant surprise after an eight-hour flight." Kathy drooped even more. "They were full too, it took me an hour to find another hotel." She hadn't counted on that, the conference wasn't that big, but it turned out it wasn't the only one in town.

"I ... you could spank me," Kathy mumbled. Her face glowed with embarrassment as their eyes met. "As punishment," she whispered.

Part of Victoria wanted to play coy, wanted to draw things out a little bit more. But Kathy already seemed to be ready to withdraw the offer and that wouldn't do. Rolling back her chair, she waved the blonde over. "Lay across my lap," was all Victoria said.

Kathy swallowed thickly, but she barely hesitated. Soon enough, the blonde was indeed lying across Victoria's lap with her skirt flipped up to expose her butt and the purple thong that parted those buns.

Victoria lowered her hand, but not all the way. It hovered over her ass as she took in this moment. She'd played with Kathy's mind, had her do all sorts of things, but not once had Victoria touched her. It was a line she had not crossed, a border that had remained intact. And now she would breach that taboo as well.

She rubbed one globe, felt its silky roundness. Muscles bunched up under the unexpectedly gentle contact, then relaxed. That was the moment Victoria chose to quickly lift up her hand before bringing it down with a loud smack.

"OUCH!" Kathy yelped, more in surprise than pain, because she quieted down as Victoria's hand descended again and again. "Oof, oof, oof, oof." Her breathing did speed up, getting louder as the sound of flesh hitting flesh echoed off the walls. "Oof, oh, oh, oh, ooh."

Her hand landed between the blonde's legs and Victoria had to smile at the wetness she found there. "I think enjoying your punishment might defeat its purpose."

Frozen, Kathy did not reply. Not until Victoria's hand pressed the scrap of cloth a little into her. "Oh," the blonde moaned, all mortification forgotten as she pressed down.

"We will just have to do try this again tomorrow," Victoria went on while her assistant rode her fingers.

"Yesssss." She didn't seem to hear Doctor Bell, so, right as Kathy looked to be ready to cum, Victoria removed her hand, leaving the blonde a panting, dripping mess. Bewildered, she looked up at Doctor Bell.

"We will try this again tomorrow," Victoria repeated before helping her up. "Oh, and it would really assist me if you couldn't cum until I give you permission."

The blonde's eyes fluttered. "Yes, Doctor," she said absentmindedly before wobbling out of Doctor Bell's office.

Still looking at the door, Victoria brought her hand to her mouth and savored Kathy's taste. "Tomorrow," she promised.


She'd been prepared for the possibility that Kathy wouldn't show up for work the next day, but it turned out Victoria didn't need to worry. Her assistant had arrived almost on time, her eyes never meeting Doctor Bell's.

Neither said anything about the day before, though Victoria couldn't stop grinning. They went to work, but all throughout the day, sometimes even when the blonde wasn't on break, Kathy would sneak out. And every time she came back she looked a little more jittery, a little more desperate.

Finally, when her last appointment left, Doctor Bell called Kathy into her office. She entered Victoria's office already blushing, her hand plucking her blouse. "Why"—she licked her lips—"Why did you call me, Doctor?"

"Why?" she repeated with an innocent tone. "Don't you remember? You still haven't received proper chastisement for your mistake."

Kathy made a noise, her eyes growing impossibly large as she stared at Victoria. But she didn't back away or protest. She simply stood there, waiting.

"We'll do it a little differently this time. Put your hands on my desk and spread your legs." When Kathy didn't comply right away, she snapped, "now!"

The blonde, breathing faster now, hopped to it. Victoria waited until her assistant had assumed the instructed position before she got up and moved around her desk to stand beside Kathy.

"Eyes forward," she told Kathy when she tried to look in Victoria's direction. Lifting up her skirt, Doctor Bell got another surprise. "No panties, my, my, what a naughty girl you are."

"I ... I ... I sort of forgot them," the blonde stammered.

"Really? Forgot them? Are you sure it's not because you want to feel my hand on your bare bottom?"

Kathy's head moved in something that was neither denial nor confirmation, though Victoria didn't care either way. "Since you forgot yourself yesterday, I've come up with a way for you to remind yourself you are being punished. I want you to count every spank, and thank me for it before you will receive the next one. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Doctor."

Not wasting any more words, Victoria's hand descended upon Kathy's butt eliciting a shocked yelp from her assistant. Her other hand rested on Kathy's back, a token effort to hold her in place. And then she was content to wait, her hand barely stroking the round cheek, while the blonde remembered what she was supposed to do.

"O-One. Thank you, Doctor."

Victoria said nothing; she simply raised her hand again and brought it down with a sharp slap.

"Two! Thank you, Doctor."

Another strike.

"Three. Thank you, Doctor. Four. Thank you, Doctor."

Doctor Bell made sure to alternate cheeks; this wasn't about hurting Kathy, after all. This was about something deeper than pain.

"Oh, nine. Thank you, Doctor. Ten! Thank you, Doctor."

She got lost in the beat of flesh hitting flesh, punctuated by Kathy's voice counting up.

"Ouch, fifteen! Thank you, Doctor. Six-oh-sixteen. Thank you, Doctor."

The scent of Kathy's arousal filled Victoria's nose. 'Nearly time to wrap this up. I think I'll go up to twenty-five, that should be enough. Then we get to the good part.'

Quivering on her legs, her behind red from the spanking, Kathy was quite a sight. But she didn't lose count, she didn't ask for a pause. She simply stood there and accepted her position, reveled in it. "Twenty-four, yes! Thank you, Doctor. "Oh, oh, Twenty-five. Thank you, Doctor."

Her assistant waited for the next slap that would never come, but she didn't try to look behind her.

Doctor Bell's hand felt between Kathy's legs causing the blonde to gasp. "I think you've been punished enough for today. In fact, you did so well that I think you deserve a reward," she cooed.

Two fingers entered the blonde's well-groomed pussy and started to saw in and out. Moaning, gasping, her arms shaking, Kathy rode her fingers. But she still couldn't orgasm, as she found out herself. Sweating now, Kathy whined in frustration as she rolled her hips, trying to get some more stimulation out of Victoria's fingers.

"Yes, you've been a very good assistant. You may cum now."

Kathy froze, then practically vibrated in place as her pussy gripped and sucked on Victoria's digits. She didn't utter a word, and barely a sound, as breath exploded from her chest.

"Cum for your Doctor," Victoria whispered as her assistant rode wave after wave of pleasure. Her words only served to set the blonde off again.

12 Months After Incident

"Colonel, I appreciate your position on this matter, but I see no reason to be suspicious of their relationship. Sparkler and Dawnstar have helped each other through some rough times. That creates a bond, and sometimes that bond can manifest itself in a romantic fashion," Victoria explained before she rolled her hips.

This caused her assistant to mewl softly. Victoria gave her a warning look. The speakerphone's software was supposed to filter out background noise, but that was no reason to take chances.

'Of course, if Colonel FSA had the decency not to disturb me while I'm having a session with Kathy that would have been even better.'

"Yes, but given their history ..." And there the old superhero stopped as he realized he was getting close to bringing Victoria's own work into question. "Alright. Guess I'm being paranoid. Thanks for entertaining my worries, have a nice day."

"You too, sir," Doctor Bell replied before closing the connection.

With their audience gone, Victoria could finally cut loose. She placed her hands on the blonde's hips again, one covering the "V" tattooed on Kathy's left hip, and eased her strap-on out.

The blonde moaned and threw her head back. She knew Victoria liked how the move called attention to the collar adorning Kathy's neck, a gift for their three-month anniversary.

"I thought he'd never leave," Doctor Bell complained. Her breasts jiggled as she thrust forward.

"Oooh. I could have, hmmmm, kept quiet, Doctor. You didn't, oh, oh, need to, ungh, stop, fuck, fuck, fucking meeeee!"

"Don't worry," Victoria said as she leaned forward to kiss Kathy's shoulder. "I'll never stop fucking you. After all, your mine."

"Yours!" Kathy agreed, pushing back to meet Doctor Bell's thrust.

Years Later

"Today we'll talk with Doctor Victoria Bell about her latest book, "The Heart of Control", that has caused quite the stir," the talk show hostess said. "Doctor Bell, welcome to the show."

"Thank you, I'm glad to be here."

"You're welcome, though you might feel differently after we're done. Now, you've written books on mind control before, but it seems that your position on the subject has undergone a change. In this one, you claim that not all victims of mind control are actual victims."

"That is not quite true, Andrea," Victoria corrected her. "The point of my book is that, by lumping all mind controllers together, by ignoring the differences in method and goal, we have made the same mistake our society has made before. We have criminalized a form of sexuality between adults simply because it is a minority.

"The truth is that there are men and women who enjoy this type of relationship. Not just supervillains, but everyday people who have to hide that part of themselves because if they don't, they too will be put in jail."

"That's quite the depar-" Mesmeri shut down the TV. There would be nothing new in this interview and certainly nothing compared to what was going on at the pool out back.

Getting up, she strolled through the mansion, the ends of her silk robe trailing behind her. 'So many years of planning and preparing, so many years still ahead; but the goal is within reach, now.'

She passed a glassy-eyed maid who was staring into nothing as she filled her pussy with her feather-duster. Mesmeri spared the girl only a glance. 'Acceptance, retirement without having to give up what I want, the vision is starting to become real. And what a sight it is,' she thought as she stepped out into the hot afternoon sun.

To her right was her host, congresswoman Margaret Applewood, reclining on a lounge chair as her aide, Emily Salesburry, lovingly rimmed her asshole. When the time came, Miss Applewood would be very happy to introduce the legislation that cleared Mesmeri and those like her of their past misdeeds. For now, however, she was simply enjoying the benefits of being one of Mesmeri's slaves.

Her Secret Service detail might have objected to that, but they were otherwise occupied. One of them was busy fucking her partner on the chair next to the good legislator.

On Mesmeri's left were Margaret's daughter and two of her friends. They'd arrived only the day before, and were still new to the whole lesbian sex-slave thing. Their hands were inexperienced, but, judging from the way their tanned, athletic bodies squirmed around, they were learning fast. The girls had pushed their chairs together and were busy fingering each other while watching the pair hovering above the pool.

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