tagSci-Fi & FantasyHearts of the Sky Intertwine Ch. 01

Hearts of the Sky Intertwine Ch. 01


A note from the author: this story starts a little slow, it will pick up. there is no sex in this first chapter, as i am still flushing out all the characters. I suggest that you read Silver Hearts Join as One so that you know how our hero came to be.


The door slammed open suddenly, causing his mother to jump, and his father to growl. His mother glanced at the doorway, calmed her heart rate, and returned to her work. "What is it Leihiel? I'm busy." Elana said.

A strapping young Elvin lad strutted into the office. His silver hair hung just past his broad shoulders, and was tied back to show off his pointed ears. His violet eyes shown with apology. "Sorry about slamming the door, mother. Sometimes I forget my own strength. I just came to let you know I was going out to stretch my wings."

"No, Leihiel. You know the rules. You can't go out on your own." Neheil said, resting his chin back onto it's space on Elana's desk.


"You heard your father. You can't go out without one of us with you."

"But the rebellion has been gone for years. All the rebels have been flushed out and dealt with. It is safe for me to go out on my own."

"I said no."

"Why do you still treat me like a child."

"Cause you are one."

"I am 75 years old, father. I can take care of my self. I am going out for a flight, and you can't stop me." he shouted, stalking towards the balcony. He changed forms and took off without a backwards glance at either of his parents. He flew hard for about ten minutes, then gently pulled his speed up to a gentle glide.

Leihiel circled lazily over the woods that he called home. His anger was still seething, which caused smoke to billow out of his nostrils. How can they still treat me like a child? he thought to himself. By the flames, I am over 75 years old. I have aged enough to make my own decisions.

Suddenly, off to the west, Leihiel caught a flash of sunlight from the tree line. Worried that the rebellion that his mother and father had quelled over three hundred years ago had reformed, he tilted his wings and angled in that direction. He circled over the glade but saw nothing because the tree tops blocked his view, so he glided to a clearing fifty yards away and landed quietly. Careful not to make a sound as he changed, he shifted to his Elvin form and stalked back towards the glade on quiet feet.

He reached the edge of the glade that he had spotted from above, and felt his jaw drop. In the center of the glade, curled up in the noon day sun, was a beautiful blue dragoness. The scales on her back and sides shown like sapphires in the sunlight, and she stared at him with eyes that were the color of the ocean.

"I wondered if you were going to come investigate me. Where is your dragon?"

"I do not have a dragon, beautiful one."

"Then how did you know I was here? Or did you stumble upon me by accident."

"In truth, I did stumble upon you by accident, but what I saw from the sky brought me in this direction."

"I thought you said that you didn't have a dragon."

"I don't. But I have an ability that can make me fly. I will show you if you promise not to be scared of me."

"A mighty dragoness like me, scared of a Elvin youth like you? I highly doubt it, but you may show me."

"May I have a little room please?"

"Of course." She replied, backing up to the outer edge of glade, giving Leihiel room. He accessed his magic, and shifted into his dragon form. He was smaller then his father by five feet, but he was still of an impressive size. His silver hide glittered in the sun, and he stretched his wings as far as he could in the glade.

"I hope this changes your opinion of me" He said to her, shifting back into his other form to give her the room that she needed.

I Thought that I would never find another like me. The dragoness replied, astounded. Her form shimmered, and she changed into her Elvin form. She stood just two inches shorter then Leihiel, and had a slender body. Her hair, which hung down to the middle of her thighs, was a lustrous blue that would of matched her scales if she was in her dragon form. She had delicate Elvin features, and her dragon heritage made her look exotic where it made Leihiel look more fierce then he really was. She stood dressed in a low cut dress of origins unknown to him. "My name is Azurina"

"You are breathtaking, Azurina." Leihiel said, staring into her ocean blue eyes "But our kind is not all that uncommon. There are others like me in my village. They are all male though."

"Really? I thought that it was only my mother that got raped by a dragon."

"Raped?" he asked confused. Then something occurred to him. "Oh, your mother must be one of the Drache Reiter that did not want to take her dragon as a mate after their first coupling and released him from his bonds."

Azurina gave him a sharp look. "How do you know of the Drache Reiter, and how are you not scared of them?"

"I know about them because my mother is their leader. And most Drache Reiter are not fierce. Most are, In fact, very peaceful."

The blue haired girl shrank back "Your mother is the leader of the Reiter?"

"Yes. If you want, I will take you to my mother and father. They are both nice, and will treat you with compassion." he offered, extending his hand

"Are you sure?" She inquired, staring at his extended hand like it would bite her.

"Aside from the rebellion that my mother single handedly put an end to, she has never hurt a soul. And my father, her dragon, respects all and will not cause any harm."

"Ok..... If you promise that your parents will not hurt me."

"I promise. Do you want to fly yourself, or would you like to ride?"

" I'll ride, if that is ok with you. I do not know these woods, and I fear that I would get lost even more."


Leihiel glanced down at the female who clung tightly to his side, wrapped one arm around her shoulders, and knocked on the door to his mother's office.

"Come in." his mother's familiar voice said, so he turned the handle and pushed it open just enough so that his mother could only see him.

"Mother, I have someone with me, and she is really timid around Drache Reiter." He explained.

"I will be gentle. Bring her in" He pushed the door open completely, and gently led Azurina in. "And who is this beautiful elf? I have never seen her before." his mother asked soothingly.

"Her name is Azurina, and she is not just an elf. She is like me."

"She is???? I have only ever heard of riders ever having a son." Elana turned her attention to Azurina, who stared at Neheil in fear. "It's ok, sweetheart. He will not hurt you."

"I'm sorry. My mother always taught me to be cautious of all Dragons, no matter if they are male or female, that all could hurt me if I was not careful."

"Your mother was wise. Why don't you tell me what happened to her." Elana suggested.

Azurina took a deep breath, but never let go of Leihiel. "Well" she began "My mother use to be a Drache Reiter, like you are. Only her dragon was blue-green. In time the urge to mate came over him, and he convinced my mother to couple with him, that it was part of the natural course of things. But then her long time friend walked in while they were coupling, yelled rape, and proceeded to slay my mother's dragon. My mother was so shaken up by it that she fled, never to return to her home village, knowing that they would just kill her for 'being tainted by the dragon's devil's stick'. She gave birth to me all alone, and named me after my father, Azurian, who she had loved with her whole heart. When I was about 30 years old, I changed for the first time, and my mother knew what I was. She taught me all I needed to know to survive, and then just left me. I have been on my own ever since, with very little contact with anyone else."

"how old are you, Azurina?"

"I am entering my 74th summer."

Elana turned to her son. "And how is it that you found her, Lei?"

"I had been flying over our woods when I saw the sun flash off her scales. Fearing that the resistance had sprouted again, I flew in that direction, soaring overhead. When I couldn't see anything from the sky, I landed far away from where she was, changing into this form before creeping closer. When I saw her, I forgot all about stealth cause she was a beautiful dragon at the time. We talked for a while, I told and showed her what I was, and then she shifted into her current form. When she said that her mother had been raped by a dragon, I knew that I had to bring her here so she could get the truth of it all." He glanced down at the little elf, who still clung to him and looked up at him with fear in her eyes. Then he returned his gaze to his mother. "I just don't want her to be in fear of us when there is no need to be."

His mother gave him a knowing smile "I think there is more then that, but I agree. Bring her over here and I'll give her a mug of mint tea to calm her nerves a bit." Elana bustled over and began working on the tea while Leihiel gently led Azurina over to the couch in his mothers office. he thought of all the things that he could do to her on that couch. He thought about laying Azurina down, of kissing his way to her snatch, of taking her with the gentleness only a male dragon can provide. By the flames, this elf makes me think of things that I wouldn't normally think, things that I had only heard of, never done. He pushed the images to the corner of his mind for the moment. Time for that later he thought to himself, shielding the images from his parents. His mother brought two mugs of tea over, and gave one mug to Azurina, keeping the other mug for herself. "Azurina, your mother's partner of the sky was right. Most dragons who are partnered with elves end up taking their rider as a mate. It is only the rare riders that do not. You are not a product of a misbegotten coupling. You are one of the rare few who all Reiter cherish above all else. You, just like my son, are the answer to a prophecy, and we have long awaited your arrival.

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