tagSci-Fi & FantasyHearts of the Sky Intertwine Ch. 03

Hearts of the Sky Intertwine Ch. 03


a note from the author: here is the next chapter of Hearts of the sky Intertwine there is sex in this chapter, so if you are easily offended..... what are you doing reading sex stories? i wish to thank my friend Ibtc, who helped me. enjoy!!!!


Leihiel and Azurina looked at each other with confusion. What do you think she wants? he asked.

I have no clue Azurina replied. I just hope that your mother isn't mad at me for kissing you.

She won't be, beautiful one. I looked in her eyes, and I think that she is happy that I have found someone that I care for deeply.He commented, pulling her against his side.

They followed Elana to her office, where Neheil dozed on his pillows in the corner. The silver haired rider crossed the room, her knee-length braid swishing with her movements. She poked Neheil gently on his nose, then leaned against her desk. "Please, sit you two." she said with a smile. Elana watched as they crossed the room and sat on the couch. They stared up at her warily, looking like two pups that were about to be reprimanded by their mother. "Oh relax. You guys are not in trouble. I just want to give you some information." Elana turned her head to Azurina. "How much do you know about the dragons?"

"Not much. My mother only taught me about survival and some minor combat training."

"Tell me what you do know."

"Well, I know there are at least six different color dragons. Red, blue, brown, green, white, and silver. That is about it."

"Ok. You know the basic fact. We can build from that. Now, each color is linked to an element."

"Linked to an element? How does that work?"

"Hmm, maybe I should rephrase that. Lets say it this way. Each dragons magic is linked to an element, and it's based off their color. Blue dragons can control water, and Red manipulates fire. Green has dominion over plant life and nature, while Brown can shift the earth and rocks. White is the master of air, and are the most graceful while flying, next to the silver dragon of course. All dragons can work by themselves or together."

"But I thought that no one can control the elements."

We don't control the elements. In a sense, we manipulate them to our desired outcome. A water dragon would team up with a fire dragon to put our a forest fire. The earth and nature dragons always work in close proximity to each other to repair any damage that happens during a natural disaster. We also draw our powers off of the elements. When we use any magic that does not affect the environment, nature gives us strength to cast it.

"You didn't mention the silver dragons powers. What is their magic?"

"There is only one silver dragon alive at a time, which makes him the leader of the dragons. The natural 'alpha', so to speak. He is always partnered with the leader of the Drache Reiter. That is how I became what I am, despite me coming from a simple farming village. Their power changes from dragon to dragon, as they have no set place most of the time. Their power falls within the sets we just mentioned. But there have been times, such as when war wages across the land, when the dragon has the power to call down the most dangerous element in the world, lightning. Up until now, there has only ever been one silver dragon alive at once. Now there are two alive, the first sired the second." Elana then turned to face her son. "This is where you come in. Your true magic has finally emerged, and your father and I couldn't be happier."

"What exactly is a true power, and why is it suddenly emerging now, after 75 years of life?" Leihiel demanded, rage and fear pulsed through him, causing his limbs to shake. Sparks of electricity jumped off his skin, causing Azurina to inch away from him slightly.

"First off, calm down. If not, you'll set the whole place on fire." Elana waited while her son got his temper under control before she continued. "A true power is the magic that defines who you are as a dragon. All dragons start out the same color, white. When their power emerges, their scales take on the color of their element, or stay white if it is an air dragon. In your case, since you were born silver and your scales will never change, it tells us that you are a dragon of lightning, just like your father. You must learn to control it, else you will burn our home to the ground. I will put up the wards that I had in place when your father's power emerged, to protect our home. As for why it is emerging now, we have no clue. Most dragons find their's within a year of two of hatching. We think it has something to do with the fact that your a silver dragon. From what i've read, a silver dragon's power only emerges when they find their heart partner, or there is an upcoming war."

Azurina scooted closer to Leihiel once he stopped throwing sparks off him, placed her hand on his knee to calm him down, then turned to face Elana. "How do the dragons become paired with their riders? Why do they choose to be bound when they can fly the sky with freedom unhindered? And why is it only male dragons choose riders while the females stay free?" she asked, smoothly changing the subject.

We may be able to have that freedom, but we can not access our magic on our own. We must have the help of our rider. That is why we bind ourselves to them. They give us access to our magic, and we share with them our longevity. Through our partners, we can work wonders all the time, not when it is needed.

"Elvin girls are presented to dragon eggs at the age of seven. They are brought into the hatchery, and told close their eyes, open their mind, and walk to the egg that calls to them. When they touch that specific egg, the dragonet inside hatches for the child almost istantly, knowing that this is their partner. From there they go into training. Girls who do not have an egg call to them will return to their former lives."

"Is that how you found Neheil?"

"No, actually it's not. Silver dragon eggs are never put in the hatchery. They have a spell cast over them that sends it to their proper rider, as the Rider and silver dragon are always reincarnations of the first ever rider/dragon team, and their spirits are bound to each other for all eternity." Elana turned her head to stare at her partner and mate. "We have always been together, and nothing will change." she said with love in her voice.

Leihiel saw where this was going, and decided that he should get Azurina out of there before she saw something that she might regret seeing later.

Maybe we should leave my parents alone. Leihiel thought to Azurina. It looks like they might go at it right here, and I don't feel like watching.

What are you talking about? They didn't answer my last question.

Trust me, you don't want to know. And they probably won't while their in this state. Leihiel said, barely able to keep the groan out of his thoughts as he took Azurina by the hand and pulled her out of the office.


Elana faintly herd the door click shut, but she could care less at the moment. She stared at her mate with love and passion in her eyes.Here or our room? She asked,

I can't wait for our room came her partner's answer.

Here it is then. She replied, reaching out with her magic to lock the door and close the take off balcony's entrance-way. She began to unlace the front of her dress when Neheil reached out, and with a sharp claw, cut her dress down the front, easily slicing the laces. The dress slithered to the floor to lay in a pile around her feet. Neheil! I hate it when you do that. This was my favorite dress. She reprimanded him, crossing over to her desk and stood at the end.

Relax my love. I was careful only to catch the laces. It is still wearable. All you have to do is get fresh laces. He soothed, darting his tongue out and flicking a pierced nipple. Elana closed her eyes and groaned, arching her back to bring her tits closer to his tongue.

Lean back Neheil ordered, and she obeyed, not knowing what he had planned as he had blocked all but communication from his mind. He used his claw to cut away the thin strings that held her thong in place, and used his tongue to pull it off and throw it to some unknown corner of the room. His tongue then licked a path around her tits and down her stomach. It swirled around her navel, and dipped lower. As he flicked his tongue against her clit, she shivered. No matter how many times that they have sex, she never gets use to the feel of his leathery tongue caressing her clit and pussy. The first touch always sends her over the edge, and she whimpered as she came, but Neheil didn't relent. He continued to eat her pussy, gently using his razor-sharp teeth to capture her clit. He rolled it gently, careful not to puncture it.

Neheil, will you quit torturing me!

Relax, my love. I'm in control here. he said, releasing her clit and shoving his tongue into her, corkscrewing it so that it filled her pussy. He used the fork in his tongue to massage both her g-spot and her cervix at the same time. Glad that she had cast a sound-proofing spell on her office when Leihiel was born, she let lose a scream that would of woken the dead as she came, clamping her pussy muscles down on his tongue.

Pleased with himself, he waited until she stopped spasming around his tongue then withdrew it, giving her clit one final flick. He moved his head out from between her legs so that she could sit up.

Elana stared at Neheil when he was done eating her out. She decided then and there that he would pay for teasing her like that. My turn she said with a sly, wicked smile. On your back.

Neheil nervously shifted positions, exposing his half-erect cock to her appraising eye. She let her eyes roam over his muscular thighs and groin, deciding how to best torture him. At two and a half feet long, his cock started off as thick as her fist at the base and gently tapered as it got closer to the tip, which was about the thickness of a broomstick and shaped like a humans.

Finally deciding on her plan of attack, she stood and walk over to where he lay, swinging her hips back and forth. His storm gray eyes followed her as she approached. She gently rubbed his cock with one hand, lightly tracing swirling designs up and down it's entire length making him shutter and close his eyes with pleasure. Taking the tip in her other hand, she ran her thumb along the ridge just under the tip feeling the soft, warm flesh against her palm and the pads of her fingers. Wanting a taste, she leaned forward and gently licked him. His scent reminded her of nutmeg and lavender, and his taste had what she thought was a hint of cinnamon mixed in. Wanting more, she swirled her tongue around his helmet and over the slit, drawing different patterns with the tip of her tongue, eliciting a pleased moan from Neheil as he threw his head back.

She kissed her way down the length of his cock to his knot, which stood out against the rest. Almost the size of a large Clementine, it was slightly harder, and a lot more tender. She kissed it tenderly at first, then started to lip her way around it. She knew that her teeth were too sharp for this delicate skin, and was careful to not let them touch him. Her lips kissed circles all the way around his knot, then she stuck her tongue out and traced light patterns on it. She ran her free hand to the base of his dick, then using the pad of her index finger, traced up the underside of it with just enough pressure that it tickled him. Neheil chuckled deep in his chest, them moaned when he realized how good it felt. He started flexing his hips, trying to thrust his cock into her mouth. Elana placed a hand on his stomach, stilling him. Relax, my love. I'm in control here. She said, throwing his words back at him, smugness tinting her mental voice. She then scratched the tender spot on his stomach to relax him.

Dam it, Elana! Do you know how good that feels? He growled, trying to twist out of her grip.

Just as good as you licking my pussy. Now hold still! Elana scolded as she took the tip of his cock into her mouth, continually swirling her tongue around it as she started to suck. She curled her tongue, just a little, so that the tip traced along the outline of his helmet as she circled. Her tongue began to hurt, so she stopped moving her tongue and she let run along the underside of his dick, teasing the delicate skin. This move earned her a growl of pleasure. Elana relaxed her throat, taking in as much of Neheil's cock as she could comfortably fit. She alternated between short, fast bobs of her head and long, sensual pulls. She sucked harder at some points, softer at others, but always swallowing around his dick, using her throat to milk it. Some of her saliva dripped out of the edge of her mouth and down his cock, so she caught it with her hand and massaged it into his knot, teasing him with light touches instead of the hard ones that he so loved.

By the flame, Elana! If you don't stop, I'm going to cum! Neheil growled, clenching his hips and thrusting into Elana's mouth. She let him thrust into her for a few seconds, carefully relaxing her throat so that he did not choke her. When she felt him stiffen, she quickly reached down and gripped him around the base of his cock, stalling the load that he was about to blow. Neheil released a growl-groan, giving voice to his displeasure at not being allowed to cum. Why did you stop me from shooting?

Cause you know that I like you to cum in my pussy.

Does that mean what I think it means?

Yes, it does. I want you to fuck me, and hard.

As you wish, my love. On the desk.
Neheil instructed as he rolled to his stomach to get up. She leaned back as he walked over and stood above her, lining himself up. He slowly ran the tip of his cock along her slit, teasing her. Elana moaned with pleasure, and gasped as he suddenly entered her. He inserted the tip at first, knowing that his love could not accommodate his entire length. He pushed forward slowly, pushing in one inch at a time and withdrawing. He stroked in and out until his knot met her clit. He held still for a second, waiting for Elana to adjust to his girth, then started to move, drawing out torturously slow until just his tip was still in, then ramming home with a sharp thrust. Elana let out a grunt, then a moan as he adopted a slow rhythm. He gradually picked up speed to the point that he was hammering her pussy at a blinding pace.

Come on, you irritating Dragon. I know that you are holding out on me. Push in your knot and fuck me until I pass out from pleasure.

We both know that it will hurt, and I hate to hurt you. Neheil said, pausing his pace and looking into his mate's violet eyes.

Do I look like I care of it will hurt or not? You give me more pleasure then anyone else ever can, human or elf. So insert that fucking knot in and fuck the brains out of me.

As you wish, my love Neheil replied. With a single sharp thrust of his hips, he pushed his knot past the opening of her pussy. Elana let lose a scream that was a mixture of pleasure and pain. Neheil held still until he felt her relax again, then began to move again with short jabs. She felt the tip of his cock bang against the opening of her womb, and moaned in pleasure as it tapped against it again and again.

Neheil lowered his head so that his mouth close to her chest, and began to lick and play with her tits. He used his strong flexible tongue to twist each nipple, and pulled at the golden rings that pierced each one. Elana writhed under his attention, her head thrashing back and fourth as she moaned and screamed in delight.

I am close, my love. Neheil thought to her.

Cum in me. Send me over the edge! Fill me with your semen! She thought incoherently. Neheil let out one last grunt, thrust hard into her, and let loose a roar that made Elana's ears ring. She felt his cock undulate in her as his cock pumped his sperm directly into her womb. That sent her over the edge, and her pussy convulsed and clamped down on her mate's cock, milking it for all he was worth.

They stayed like that while the both came down from their orgasms, panting. When Neheil finally went flaccid and his knot disappeared, he slid out of Elana, laid down and started to eat out her pussy, cleaning her of the cum that spilled out.

Elana sat up as her body stopped shaking. I love you, you know that, right? she told him.

I love you too, my love. Have for over 600 years.

She stood slowly, her hand on her desk in case her knees decided to give out on her. When she was sure that she would stay upright, she walked to where she kept the spare laces for her dresses. She took one out and crossed back over to where her dress landed when she un dressed and picked it up to re-lace it. She was just about to slide it over her head when she heard the one sound she always dreaded. That one sound was the screech of an eagle, deep and scary.

That eagle was the mount of Arina, the leader of the eagle riders.


Leihiel gently led Azurina to her room, making sure to show her every hallway so that she did not get lost in the huge tree that he called home. "Well, here is your room, Azurina. If you need anything, my room is right across the hall. Your room has a take off/landing balcony so that you can go flying strait from your room. You can add anything you want so you can spot it from the air easily." He said gently, then leaned in for a kiss. Just as his lips were about to touch Azurina's, a screech of an eagle sounded outside. Leihiel froze, realizing that both he and Azurina were in grave danger.

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