Hearts of Warriors Ch. 08


"Don't drink it too fast," he cautioned with a smile. "I'm not sure if I'm up to being a gentleman if you get wasted on alcohol. The last time was torture and I don't want to go through that again."

Outrage danced across her exquisite features as she sipped her wine. "I am not some kind of lush," she answered tartly. "I hadn't eaten proper food in days and that interfered with my tolerance levels."

Her indignation at his teasing merely heightened his pleasure and he trailed a finger from her brow down the side of her face keeping her gaze fixed on his. "Just making sure you know the ground rules, sugar. There will be no excuses tonight, nothing to get in the way of my plans for you."

Lily sipped at her wine, giving him a long measuring look as she worked to calm her rapidly beating heart. Mac looked every inch the predator he was though his eyes burned with a liquid heat that promised untold pleasure. "Your arrogance is quite breathtaking," she finally said, fighting a smile as a muscle ticked hard in his jaw.

His expression was suddenly intent, his hand still against the side of her face. "Yes, I'm arrogant," he agreed his voice serious. "I'm also possessive, dominant and a protector. Have no illusions about me, Liliana. If you take me, you accept the bad with the good."

His hand moved, sliding down the side of her neck to gently trace the spot Kallum had hit earlier. His gaze followed his hand for a moment and then travelled back to her face. "I'll try to give you the freedom you need, try to let you fly free. But you need to understand who I am right from the start, Lily. Where you go, I go. Where your wolf runs, I run at her side. You belong to me but I belong to you too. I may be possessive but you have that same right with me."

His words should have frightened her, should have had her running out the door and never looking back but she examined his face carefully, saw that he was half expecting her to run. Despite his words, there was a hint of fear in Mac's eyes as he waited for her reaction to his warning.

Lily knew what it was like to be so loved by a dominant male that their world revolved around her. They made mistakes and they suffered for the unwitting harm they caused. Her father was one such male and it appeared her mate would be another. There was a certain amount of irony that she would choose a man so like Andrei to claim as hers.

She smiled and shook her head sipping at her drink once more. "Just so you know, I will exercise my rights most diligently," she replied. Her smile widened at the flash of relief in his eyes. "And I'll most probably roast your heart as you try to keep me in line." She couldn't help teasing him.

"I have no doubts about that whatsoever," Mac laughed softly, some of the tension easing from his body. He plucked the glass from her hand, placing it on the coffee table along with his. "But I think you know I always play to win, sugar. You can fight against me all you want but I will win in the end."

"Arrogant!" Lily grumbled as she stepped closer to Mac, pressing her body flush against his and feeling the hardness of his erection rubbing against her stomach. Her breath sucked in sharply as his hissed out. His dark gaze turned molten and he wrapped his arms tight around her. "Let's play then, Mackenzie and see who comes out the winner."

Mac growled, her challenging words exciting him almost as much as her softness teasing against him. The uncertainty was gone from Lily's expression, leaving only excitement and hunger. She was exquisite, so beautiful and tempting that he forgot all about going slow and reached out to take what was his.

One hand fisted hard in her hair, the other snaking around her back to pull their lower bodies tight against each other. His mouth was a hard, sensual brand as his tongue dived intimately into the moist cavern of her mouth. There was nothing soft or gentle about his kiss it was pure male demand, a claiming on a primal level.

His lips devoured hers, his tongue insistent as he licked and tasted every inch of her mouth over and over again until Lily struggled for breath and his own lungs threatened to burst. Only then did he let up the pressure enough for them both to drag in a ragged breath. His lips didn't leave hers though, his teeth nipping at her full lower lip sensually, teasing little bites that brought a soft moan from the woman in his arms.

He had her instant surrender and the very male part of him that was dominant luxuriated in her easy capitulation. Mac kissed her again, long and slow this time now that his hunger had been appeased slightly, savouring the sweetness of Lily's mouth as it deserved to be savoured.

God, he could kiss her for hours on end. Never had a woman's mouth been so lush and tempting that all he could think about was sliding his mouth over hers endlessly. If the rest of Lily tasted as good as her lips then they'd never get out of bed. He'd indulge in her body over and over until she lay exhausted beneath him. Then he'd take her again and keep taking her until she fell asleep in his arms.

Mac broke away and looked into Lily's flushed face. He'd been congratulating himself thinking he'd won this first round with his feisty mate but he suddenly wasn't so sure if he had. Her kisses had stolen his very reason until nothing mattered except being with her. His woman was very, very dangerous and oh so tempting.

"You are lethal, Liliana Rose Romanov," he growled softly his lips quirking in a small smile as her lashes fluttered open and she stared up at him with a dazed expression on her face. "Just as well I love danger because I intend to bathe in your particular brand until we're both exhausted."

It was a husky promise backed up by the glittering darkness of his eyes. Mac swept her into his arms effortlessly and she let him do it, looping her arms around his neck. His kisses were breathtaking and she was still trying to calm her heart, which was no easy feat, resting against his chest as he took her into his bedroom. How could a woman be calm knowing her gorgeous male was about to wreak untold pleasures on her body?

She shivered with anticipation, her body tight with need that only he could assuage. The strength of his arms around her made her feel safe, the play of his chest muscles against her so erotic she ached to run her hands over his flesh and watch his body react to her touch.

She was drowning in Mac, surrendering completely to him and she didn't care. Lily knew there would always be a part of her that needed to feel protected, that needed to trust in her mate being strong enough to temper her wild spirit. It didn't mean she would be an easy mate to live with, but it did mean they would have a lot of fun learning the boundaries of their relationship.

The brief moment of being free from Lily's lips was enough to cool Mac's blood somewhat, to give him a bit of breathing space. He had to remember that this was her first time. His mate was reckless and didn't always think things through properly. She was as eager as he was to be together but he was the one with the experience. He would have to rein her in so he could keep his own need in check.

Lowering her gently to the floor beside his bed, he took a moment to run his fingers slowly through her hair. It was soft and silky gliding effortlessly through his fingers. He could just imagine how it would feel sliding over his chest, brushing across his stomach as she kissed her way down his body.

Mac had to swallow a groan and take a deep breath to control himself. Staying in control wasn't going to be easy with his woman. She drove all sane thought from his head. He had to put some distance between them even though it was the last thing he wanted to do.

He slowly released his hold on Lily taking a step back to admire her standing beside his bed. She was beautiful, her expression full of passion, her lips parted in eagerness. She looked so wanton it was agony not to throw her onto the bed and take her hard and fast until she screamed her pleasure.

"Don't move," he breathed huskily, reaching out to run his hands lightly across her hips until he reached the hem of her tight fitting tank top. He realised the stupidity of his words as he started to tug the material upwards exposing her taut stomach.

To take off the top she needed to move her arms but then he was distracted by the shiny gem dangling from her naval and his hands stilled on her waist, his gaze fixated on the flash of silver and pink glittering seductively at him.

Mac sank down to his knees, his hands tightening on Lily's waist, his head dipping so he could place a soft kiss on the swell of her belly. He heard her breath hiss out, felt the muscles move beneath her skin and gave into the need to flick his tongue across her piercing in a long, slow swipe.

Lily cried out, her hands tightening on Mac's shoulders as he began to kiss and lave his tongue across her stomach. Her insides tightened, heat blossomed between her legs and her knees suddenly didn't want to support her any more. Mac's mouth was wicked, relentless, toying with her piercing over and over again as she melted under his assault. He appeared to find it very erotic and she wondered what else her mate liked.

"You threaten to shatter my self-control," Mac grated out, tasting her skin and feeling as if he was addicted to her flavour. The scent of her arousal made his mouth water and his hands itch to peel off her cargo pants so he could feast on her body.

Seeing as he was down there anyway he gave into his impulse, sliding the material over her hips as he continued to play with the gem in her naval and she continued to issue soft breathy cries which made his cock pulse so hard it was a mixture of pleasure and pain.

Mac stopped breathing, his heart banging hard in his chest as he revealed pale blue silk panties already wet from Lily's arousal. It was the most erotic thing he'd ever seen, the delicate scrap of fabric caressing her curves having been hidden by the functional clothing of the soldier she was.

"Take your top off, sugar." The words came out in a strangled groan as he looked up to see her pulling the top over her head. "Sweet Jesus," he groaned again as she revealed a matching lace bra, her breasts cupped lovingly in the fragile fabric.

His hands were half way down her thighs, their progression halted in their job of taking off her pants. His fingers tightened around her flesh, gripping her hard as he fought for breath. "Do you wear lingerie like this every day?" he choked out. "Even when training?"

Lily nodded shyly, secretly pleased with Mac's reaction to her underwear. It was what she had hoped for...it was better than she'd hoped for. He looked stunned and so hungry, it was a wonder he wasn't trying to eat her alive. He made her feel beautiful and desirable. She had pleased her mate.

Mac somehow found the strength to remove Lily's boots and pants, rising slowly to his feet. He couldn't keep his eyes from her sleek curves, couldn't stop salivating at the sight of her semi-nude body covered only in silk and lace. He'd never be able to function sanely when training with her again. Not knowing what lay beneath her clothing.

"You're going to kill me, sugar," he suddenly laughed softly. "I'm going to have a permanent erection just knowing what's covering your skin every day. We should maybe discuss cotton as well as flannel."

He didn't really mean it. He wanted to spend endless hours staring at her body draped in all kinds of sexy lingerie. He wanted to run his hands over it, slide his tongue against the material until she writhed with pleasure.

Mac growled and clenched his fists hard. "Climb up onto the bed, baby, and lie back for me."

As she did as he asked, he took off his T-shirt, watching her face intently as he raked his hair back with an unsteady hand. Lily's face was etched in hunger, her gaze caressing the hard wall of his naked chest, the gold swirls in her eyes seeming to dominate.

He felt like preening, his own arousal reaching fever pitch as his mate clearly found his body desirable. He was kicking off his boots, snapping open his jeans and giving Lily her own surprise as he tugged them off.

Mac never wore underwear, hating the constriction of it. He stood before her proudly and so aroused his cock pulsed with each beat of his heart. He let her take in his body, become accustomed to it so she didn't become nervous when he came to her.

Her hungry appraisal set his blood rushing to his groin and he fisted his cock hard at the base as he felt his body threaten to disgrace him. Lily moaned loudly, her gaze dilating as she watched him touch himself and it brought pure male satisfaction surging through him that his woman found it erotic.

"You like, sugar?" he growled softly stroking himself a few times before moving towards the bed. "It gets so much better than this," he promised as he straddled her body forcing her back so he could look his fill.

He didn't know where to touch first, what part of her body he wanted to taste. He was calling himself a liar a second after he thought it. He knew exactly where he wanted to taste her and he was going to indulge both of them.

Mac slid down her body, his hair trailing over her sensitive breasts making Lily catch her breath and moan again. He dipped down for another taste of her abdomen, flicked his tongue around her piercing once more because it was sexy as sin and he loved seeing the tiny jewel on her body.

Then he slid his mouth lower, teasing the edge of her panties with his tongue as he gently forced her thighs apart with his hands. He splayed her luscious body open to his greedy gaze, staring at the damp fabric covering the very heart of her.

With a loud growl Mac gave into his hunger, pressing his tongue against her panties so he could taste her damp heat for the first time. Lily screamed hoarsely and bucked up into his mouth as he tongued her again, slow and languid, teasing her relentlessly.

He nuzzled at the wet material making it wetter with each flick of his tongue, drawing out the moment when the flimsy barrier would no longer be an erotic torture for both of them and instead become an unwelcome restriction.

The scent of her, the taste of her arousal was an aphrodisiac which heated his blood to boiling point. He licked harder, flicked just beneath the elastic to drive them both insane. "So wet, sugar. So fucking tasty I feel like I'm losing my mind." His hands were suddenly hard on her hips dragging the panties down and over her feet so fast they were gone and she was lying bare to him before she'd even managed to whimper.

It had taken every single bit of iron self-control not to rip the delicate fabric. He liked her lingerie and wanted to see her wear it for him again. But he needed more now; he needed to taste her straight from the core of her body. His fingers brushed the damp brown curls trimmed so neatly, then slid slowly downwards opening her up like a present.

"So fucking beautiful," Mac groaned hoarsely sliding his fingers gently against her searing hot flesh, stroking and caressing until she writhed against his hand wantonly.

He flicked his gaze up to watch the pleasure dance across her face. "That's it, sugar, let yourself go," he instructed lost in the sight of his mate surrendering to his touch with such abandon.

He pressed against the tiny bundle of nerves that brought her most pleasure, growling as she cried out once more and pushed hard into his hand. He was going to stroke her like this all night long, tempting her, teasing her body until she was mindless with pleasure, working only on instincts.

He flicked against her again, hard and relentless, picking up a steady rhythm which made her body dance but kept her from reaching the point of orgasm. He needed her to be wet for him, so wet that when he took her it would ease his entrance, bringing her pleasure and not pain from their first joining.

Mac had to taste her, couldn't resist the urge to suck on his fingers before bending his head and running his tongue along her wet heat. She had the sweetest taste, her musky, sensual flavour a deep honey he would never tire of tasting. He was ravenous for her running his tongue over every delicious inch.

Lily screamed as Mac used his mouth on her. It was wicked and delicious and so intense she felt as if she was about to fracture into a million pieces. Nothing had prepared her for being loved like this. No amount of reading books, frank conversations with female Weres, nothing could adequately describe the sheer beauty of having her mate lick her so intimately.

"Mac, please," she whispered pushed to sensory overload, desperate for the tight pressure within her body to be released before she died. She surely was close to dying because nothing good could come from the unrelenting strain within her body. Everything was coiled so tightly her body was bowing up, perspiration covering her, every nerve ending so sensitive they hurt.

The pressure eased as Mac's mouth slid from between her thighs, travelled over her stomach and up her rib cage. Her bra was suddenly gone and his wicked mouth was fastening onto her aching nipples tugging hard as his fingers slid between her legs and the torture began anew.

"No more," she pleaded her voice frantic. She pulled at Mac's hair trying to dislodge him from her nipple even as she arched into his hand. "Mackenzie, it's too much. I can't stand it!"

"We've barely started, Lily mine," he growled, licking up to her throat, laving against her pulse before nipping hard at the fragile skin. "I want everything, sugar. Every last moan and cry of pleasure -- your wet heat accepting my body eagerly -- the sweet essence of your blood sliding down my throat. We've started this tonight and we will end it as full mates. I will accept nothing less."

He dropped his body down on top of her, his thick erection resting at the juncture of her thighs. He pressed against her in slow strokes coating himself with her slickness, preparing their bodies to be joined. His gaze slid to hers and he fisted a hand in her hair.

"Claim me, Lily," he urged. "I'm yours as you are mine. Accept me with your body and your soul. It's the only way it can be between us."

She rubbed against him, ached for his hardness to slide deep within her. Lily met Mac's gaze, gasped as she saw a streak of silver rim the blackness of his pupils. It was the first hint of colour in his eyes and she wondered where it had come from. Was it a sign of his arousal?

She didn't get the opportunity to ask because the thick head of his erection was pressing against the entrance to her body. She instinctively pushed up to meet his intrusion, frantic to be joined fully with him.

Mac wrapped his arms tightly around Lily's back, fighting to keep control when everything in him wanted to push deep, to claim as only a male could claim his female. He hoped she was ready enough, ached that he might hurt her but nothing could stop him taking her.

He sank his fangs into the side of her neck as he surged forward hard. Her body tensed at the dual penetration, a startled gasp escaping her lips as he pressed through the evidence of her purity, pushed on relentlessly into her slick heat until he was buried to the very hilt.

Only then did he swallow her precious life giving fluid. Her hot blood slid down his throat, invading his body internally as her moist heat wrapped around his cock and gripped it like a velvet glove. Mac moaned, swallowing hard, holding still to give her body time to adjust to his intrusion.

He could feel Lily shaking in his arms, hear her deep cries of pleasure and knew the venom from his bite was focusing her pleasure and taking away any discomfort she might have felt as he took her innocence. He fed slowly, taking his time, finally moving his hips to slide out of her and then pushing back in.

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