Hearts on Fire


Sally stood up and held her top to her chest. "Uh... I think I'll get a shower now," she said. "Can you help pull the sofa bed out for me?"

"Sure," Sam said getting slowly up. "Thanks for the massage," she said. Then, suddenly, she realized that she was half-naked with only her panties and a thin tee shirt covering her. She looked at Sally and saw her staring at her partial nudity. There was still an unmistakable look of lust in her eyes. Then she watched as Sally raised her arms casually, baring her breasts as she put her top back on. Now she had a close up view of her young friend's breasts. They were gorgeous and indeed large and the nipples were as big around as silver dollars. Then her face colored when she saw that Sally had noticed her looking at her breasts. She quickly turned and reached for the sofa.

The two women opened the sofa and pulled it out. When the mattress was stretched out, they both realized that it was not fit for someone to sleep on. The mattress looked lumpy and was dry-rotted. It obviously had not been used for some time.

Both women stood looking at the poor excuse for a bed.

"You can't sleep there," Sam said. Then Sam paused for a minute to consider the options. She couldn't let her sleep on the floor in her own place. "Uh... the bed upstairs is king sized. I suppose we can share."

"Are you sure?" Sally asked, suppressing a smile.

Finally, Sam smiled. She was being silly. It wasn't like Sally was going to attack her. "Sure. Larry says that I don't snore too loud," she laughed a little nervously.

"I'll... uh... get my shower."

"I'll probably be asleep before you get to bed," Sam said heading for the steps. "Thanks again for the massage," Sam said turning to Sally. She saw her blush prettily.

"You're welcome." Sally hurried off toward the bathroom.

A short time later, Sally came quietly up the stairs. She could see that Sam was still awake.

Sam saw that Sally had on a set of baby doll see through underwear and top. She must have looked surprised as she stared at the young woman because Sally looked embarrassed. She said, "I'm sorry, it's all I brought."

As Sally crawled under the covers, the snow outside was piling up and the wind was blowing it around until the SUV was barely visible.

Chapter 4

It took Sam a long time to fall asleep. When she finally did, she began to have erotic dreams. She was in a sea of large breasts. They were everywhere. She was sucking on one and playing with two others. Then, there were other women all around her, waiting for her to suck on their breasts. She was surrounded with flesh. Suddenly, Sam's eyes opened and she was in a cold sweat and very sexually aroused. She tried to put the dream out of her mind, however, each time she went back to sleep, she had another erotic dream and it always involved women. When the morning light finally came through the window, she was relieved. She lay on the bed and watched the snow continue to fall. Between her legs, her vagina was throbbing almost painfully now. She had to have relief.

Sam glanced over at Sally and could see that she was still asleep. Her need overcame caution and she slowly slid her hands under the blankets and down her stomach. When she reached her groin, she found that the gusset of her panties was soaked. She pressed the material into her swollen lips and moaned quietly. She used her middle finger to slide up and down the groove as she spread her legs. Finally, she pushed her sweatpants and panties down her thighs and off. Quickly, her fingers went back to her swollen sex. It was so unlike her to masturbate. She could count on one hand the number of times she had done it since she had gotten married. However, it felt so exciting now, she wondered why she hadn't done it more often. Another little moan escaped her mouth as she pushed her finger into her saturated hole.

Sally had awakened at the first moan. She glanced over and saw that Sam was on her back and that her hand was obviously between her legs. Suddenly, her heart began to beat rapidly and excitement began to course through her. She wanted desperately to touch herself but she dared not.

Soon Sam was at a point of no return. Her body began to tremble as her finger found her swollen clit. She gently teased it, bringing her closer and closer to climax. She worked hard to keep her movements to a minimum, however as her tremors began, she had to squeeze her legs together tightly. Her attempt to keep quiet and restrict her movement made her head spin. It was almost as if she were fighting the desire to climax. The very act of trying to hold it back made the tension build quickly. Suddenly, her breath caught in her throat as a strong climax rushed through her. Her hips lifted off the bed and her legs stiffened as her body trembled, shaking the bed.

Sally could tell that she was climaxing. It took all of her will power to remain still. She had the sudden urge to jump on the older woman. However, she controlled herself, as excitement coursed through her body. She squeezed her own thighs together, feeling her swollen sex lips almost pulsing. She almost sighed in relief when Sam stopped shaking. Suddenly, her body felt incredibly hot. She pushed the covers off and groaned like she was asleep.

Finally, when Sam could catch her breath, she glanced over at Sally and was relieved to see that she was still asleep. Then, she noticed that Sally had pushed the covers off her body and was lying on her back with her legs spread apart, with one bent at the knee. Her face was serene with curls of her hair lying carelessly across her eyes. Sam turned on her side and stared at the pretty girl. Almost without thinking, Sam reached over and gently brushed the hair from her face. God, she is gorgeous, she thought. Then her eyes scanned down her body. She stared at her large breasts under her thin top. The nipples were bigger than any she had ever seen. Her eyes trailed down to her groin. A little gasp escaped her lips when she saw the young girl's bare pubic mound, barely hidden under the gauzy material. That confirmed that she didn't have any pubic hair. She sat up carefully to look closer and found that her pubic area was as smooth as a baby's butt. When Sam felt herself becoming excited again, she reluctantly pulled herself from the bed. She gently snatched her sweatpants from under the covers and hurried downstairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, Sam stopped and looked for her panties inside the sweatpants. When she couldn't find them she walked quietly back up the steps.

As soon as Sam was out of sight, Sally noticed that her panties were still lying on the bed. With a trembling hand she reached over and picked them up. Immediately she could feel how wet they were. With a moan of excitement she brought them to her nose and took a deep breath, her eyes closing in pleasure at the sweet smell of the older woman.

Sam was at the top of the steps when she stopped in shock. She could see that Sally had her panties in her hand and that she was smelling them. Then to her total amazement, Sally opened the panties and licked the wet crotch. The shock of watching such an intimate act almost made Sam's knees buckle and she had to grab the railing for support. Slowly she backed down the stairs and walked on trembling legs to the kitchen. Her hands were shaking so much that she almost dropped a dozen eggs as she brought them from the refrigerator. Then she had to sit down and catch her breath before she could cook breakfast.

Upstairs, Sally quickly stripped off her pj's. Then she took Sam's panties and rubbed the still wet crotch across her breasts, feeling the remaining wetness sticking to her nipples. Then she slid them down her stomach until she touched her smooth pubic mound. She pressed the material into her swollen lips and rubbed it up and down the groove. When she touched her clit, she began to tremble. Soon her own juice was mixed with Sam's, making the crotch totally soaked again, this time it was wet with their combined juices. She couldn't believe how incredibly sexy it was to masturbate with her friend's panties. Then, she used her middle finger to press the wet crotch into her throbbing hole. Suddenly, Sally moaned and her body lifted off the bed. She climaxed with the tiny panties inside her throbbing vagina. It was one of the most intense that she had ever had. When she finally crawled out of bed, she brought the panties to her nose again, and then stuffed them into her bag. Then she put on her clothes and walked down the steps on very shaky legs.

When she reached the bottom of the stairs, she glanced out the front window. Suddenly, she rushed over to the window and let out a yelp.

"What's the matter?" Sam said as she turned from the stove and rushed toward her.

"Look," she said pointing out the window.

"Oh my God," Sam said when she saw that their car was totally covered in a snowdrift.

"Let me get the radio," Sally said as she rushed back upstairs. A minute later she came back down with the radio on. "It's pretty bad. They say it's one of the worst blizzards that has hit this area in forty years."

"Oh Jesus, we're not going to get out of here today are we?"

"I don't think so. But, don't worry, we have enough food to last weeks."

"It's not that. I need to get back! I have too much to do."

"It might be days before we get out of here," Sally said. She kept a frown on her face but inside her heart was fluttering with joy.

"Can we call somebody?" Sam asked.

"Sure but that's not going to get us out of here. We're several miles from the closest road that they clear."

Sam took a deep breath and let it out. Then she smelled her bacon burning. "Oh shit," she yelled as she rushed over to the stove. She salvaged what she could and placed it on a plate. When she turned around she saw Sally coming toward her. Her eyes grew wide as she saw for the first time what the young girl was wearing. On top she had a tight tube top that emphasized her large bust. She could see the dark outline of her large nipples. Below she had on a pair of white stretch cotton leotards that hugged her like a second skin. In fact, they were so tight that the seam of her crotch pulled between the lips of her vagina.

Sally saw her surprised look and said, "I thought we would go skiing and those snow suits are really hot. I prefer to wear as little as possible underneath. Sometimes I even go naked," she added with a giggle and blushed.

Sam didn't comment but she did raise her eyebrow and then a little smile crossed her lips. The things we find out about people, she thought. "Well, sit down and have some breakfast. I'm not the best cook in the world but I can whip up a mean omelet."

"Sam, I'm so sorry I got you into this. I really am."

"It's not your fault sweetie. I could have checked the weather. We'll just have to make the best of it. The truth is that it might be good for me to take a little time off. Besides, I could be in a lot worse places," she said with a meaningful smile. "I'll call later and let someone know that we're still alive."

"Thanks!" Sally said

"For what?"

"For not making me feel bad."

"Eat!" Sam said as she placed a plate in front of the pretty young girl.

After breakfast the two women waited until the wind had died down and the snow had stopped before they tried to venture out. They both dressed in snowsuits that were left in the closet. However, when they tried to open the front door, it was snow bound.

"That's okay, the back should be clear," Sally said. They were able to open the back door and went outside.

The sun had broken through and the sky had cleared. Suddenly, they were standing in the middle of a glorious winter wonderland. Everything was snow covered and sparkling white. The road leading to the house was completely gone. It was almost as if it never existed. Nothing man-made was visible, except for the house and shed, for as far as the eye could see.

Sally led them to the shed where they cleared away enough snow to get inside. There were numerous sets of skis and boots along with two snowmobiles. Sally pulled several sets of skis and boots out. She handed a pair of boots to Sam and said, "Try these, they should fit you."

The size was a little large, but they were wearable. Sally helped Sam adjust the bindings on her boots and then she put hers on. Then, they carried their skis through the deep snow to a spot where they could put them on.

Sam had never been on snow skis. However, she could water ski and thought that it would be similar. When she stood up, she realized that it was very different. Then, as she tried to move, she fell over into a pile of snow.

Sally tried to help her up but Sam pulled her down on top of her. Both women began to laugh so hard that they couldn't get up.

"This is harder than I thought," Sam laughed as she lay on her back in the snow.

"You'll get the hang of it quickly," Sally encouraged.

When they finally got to their feet, Sally showed Sam how to move as if she were doing "cross-country" skiing, forcing one ski forward and then the other in a rhythmic pattern. The two of them moved through the snow-covered forest until they came to an opening at the top of a hill.

"Wow," Sam said as she looked out across the valley. "This is so beautiful!"

"I always thought so. I knew that you would love it. My dad and I used to spend hours and hours skiing down these hills. Sometimes we would be so exhausted when we got home that we would collapse in front of the fireplace and fall asleep and not wake up until the following morning."

"Well, now what do we do?" Sam asked, holding her poles and ready to go.

"Watch me." Sally moved down the slope at a slow pace, showing Sam how to move her skis back and forth and how to use the snow plow technique to stop. When Sam tried it, she got about ten feet and fell. She laughed and tried again. Finally, after four or five falls, she made it to where Sally was waiting. However, she was still sliding down the hill. Fortunately, Sally grabbed Sam or she might have slipped all the way to the bottom.

"If I keep this up, you're going to have to carry me back to the cabin," Sam laughed. When she looked at Sally, she saw her looking at her funny. "What?" she asked.

"Nothing, you're just so pretty all covered in snow. Kinda of like a snow bunny," she added with a laugh.

Sam could feel herself blush and she looked away. When she did, she lost her balance and fell forward into Sally. Sally tumbled backward, hitting a branch of a spruce tree that was covered in snow. The heavy snow fell from the tree right onto Sally's face as she hit the snow flat on her back. Sam came down on top of her again. Both women screamed with gales of laughter, as they lay covered in snow again.

"I'm such a klutz," Sam laughed. Suddenly, Sam realized that she was lying on top of Sally, their faces inches apart. She looked down at her snow-covered face. She quickly pulled her glove off and began to brush the snow from her face. When she had most of the snow removed, she saw Sally's smiling face and twinkling eyes. Her cheeks were rosy from the cold and wet from the melted snow. Her skin was creamy and smooth. Suddenly, she had an overpowering urge to kiss her. Instead she rolled off and onto her back. She lay looking up at the bright sun, suddenly breathing heavily.

"Come on lazy bones," Sally said and got to her skis, pulling Sam up with her.

The two women began to move down the hill again. Sam was a quick learner and had gotten to the point where she could move slowly downhill without falling. Fortunately, the snow was so deep that the powder kept her from going too fast.

Several hours later both women were tired and ready to go home.

It was a long trek back to the cabin and as Sally had predicted, they were both exhausted as they stumbled inside. They quickly stripped their suits off and hung them near the fireplace to dry.

"I'll get the fire stoked. Why don't you get some wine and a couple of glasses?" Sally said.

When Sam came back out of the kitchen she stopped suddenly. Her eyes fell on Sally as she bent over the fireplace stoking the coals. She still had on the skintight leotards and they were stretched almost obscenely over her tight buttocks. Sam felt an unwanted chill run through her. It was obvious that Sally wasn't wearing any panties and the material was almost transparent, revealing the dark crease between her buttocks. A view of Sally walking toward her this morning with the seam of her tight pants running between her lips suddenly flashed into her mind. She took a deep breath and slowly walked over to Sally, her eyes riveted to her sexy derriere. Then she sat down on the floor and leaned against the sofa.

Sally could feel Sam's eyes on her buttocks and continued the process of stoking the fire longer than necessary. Several times she even swayed her backside back and forth. Her face had turned hot but not from the fire.

Sam smiled as she took a sip of her wine and watched the blatant sexual display in front of her. While she tried to remain calm on the outside, on the inside she was trembling with excitement. She felt a little trickle of sweat break out on her brow and finally had to avert her eyes.

Finally, Sally joined her and the two women sat against the sofa, facing the fire, their shoulders touching. When the first bottle of wine was done, Sally got another. They talked quietly for a while and then fell silent. The room became very quiet with only the sound of the crackling fire. A short while later, Sam felt Sally's head touch her shoulder. Based on her regular breathing, it was obvious that she had fallen asleep. When Sam moved slightly, Sally's head fell toward her. She gently laid her head on her lap and watched her sleep. Suddenly, she felt the urge again to kiss the pretty girl. With the wine coursing through her veins, she leaned down and turned Sally's face upward. Slowly, she let her lips gently touch those of the younger woman. A moan escaped her throat, as she tasted Sally's sweet lips for the first time. Her head began to spin. She jumped when she felt a hand reach up and grasp the back of her neck.

Sally moaned and opened her mouth as she pulled the older woman's mouth to her own. She felt her vagina pulse as she pressed her tongue toward Sam's mouth. Another moan escaped her lips when she felt Sam open her mouth to let it inside. Then she thought her heart would jump from her chest when she pulled her tongue back and Sam's followed. She closed her lips around the intruding tongue and began to suck. Chills began to run up and down her spine. Soon, the two women's tongues were dueling with one another and their warm saliva mixing.

Sam could no longer think straight. She couldn't believe what she was doing. Her head was spinning so much that she was concerned that she might lose consciousness. She had never had a sweeter or more sensual kiss. It was nothing like kissing a man. Sally's lips were so soft and, maybe it was from the wine, but even her saliva tasted sweet. Then, when she pulled her lips slightly away and Sally's tongue began to lick her lips, she almost lost her breath. She pressed her mouth back to the younger woman's willing lips and she moaned.

How could something so wrong feel so good? she thought as the kiss went on and on. Suddenly her hand was moving on the younger woman's stomach. Both of them tensed as it moved slowly upward. As Sam's knuckles touched the underside of the covered breast, she hesitated. God, what am I doing, she thought. Then, as if she couldn't control it, her hand opened and it covered one of Sally's now heaving breasts.

With trembling fingers, Sally reached up and pulled her tight tube top upward. She felt Sam lift her hand out of the way. She began to tremble as she felt the warm air from the fireplace on her naked breasts. She knew that Sam's hand was hovering inches from her soft flesh as they continued to kiss. She sucked hard on the tongue in her mouth.

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