Hearts on Fire Ch. 02


"Look around, sweetie," answered Sally "everybody is friendly here and everyone is doing everyone else." Sam did look up and sure enough, the women were oiling each other up and no big deal was made of this. By this time, Sally was slowly working her way down Sam's thighs and calves and she was done.

"My turn" said Sally as she lay herself down on her front. Sam got on her knees carefully because the catamaran was going pretty fast, and repeated what Sally had done to her. When Sam started oiling her lover's ass, Sally spread her thighs slightly open in a sly invitation for her to get naughty. Sam looked around to see that nobody looking at them and then quickly ran her hand between Sally's ass crack and just touched her labia, but then decided that this was too much and just finished the job properly.

"Spoilsport!" whispered Sally.

"Hussy!" replied Sam with a giggle.

The two of them sat up and greased up their fronts and started looking around at the water, the shoreline, and the other people on the boat. Everyone was in little groups, sunning themselves, talking, and admiring the view as the boat sped along. After an hour or so, the "cat" slowed and anchored off a reef.

"Let's jump in and cool down," suggested Sally.

Sam was about to say that she didn't have her suit with her, when it dawned on her that she didn't need it.

The girls got up and walked to the stern where some of the women were donning masks, snorkels, and flippers. Sam realized that it felt so good to walk around nude in the sun and in a group of equally naked women. She also lost a bit of her shyness a started looking at the other women's bodies. There was a wide range of heights and weights in the party, but all of them looked happy and comfortable with who they were and how they looked. The more Sam looked, the more comfortable she felt and she quickly decided that she was enjoying the trip.

Sally grabbed her hand and together, they jumped into the clear water. It felt wonderful! Sam had never skinny dipped before, but this was fabulous! The freedom, the sensuous feeling of the water on her body! She knew that she'd do that again soon. She and Sally floated around, bumping into each other, giving each other quick kisses and quick feels under water; just having a great time. They pulled themselves back on the boat and spread out on the deck. Sam enjoyed the feeling of her body drying in the sun with no wet, sticky bathing suit.

The crew put out a lunch of sandwiches and ice tea and the naked women crowded around to get something to eat. Once in a while, Sam would feel someone eyeing her with interest, but instead of feeling worried, she started standing a little bit straighter, pushing out her chest and actually enjoying the looks she got. She also was looking at the women and found herself actually enjoying the scenery. She was quickly realizing that she loved looking at naked women.

During lunch, the women were milling around and Marie introduced Sam to another college professor who taught biology and a couple who were police officers in New York. Sally was talking to Laurie and Cathy, the two other college students in the group. When it was time to return to port, Sally asked Sam if she minded that she went to sit with the other two coeds, which of course Sam didn't. She went back to her old spot to read her book, but was soon joined by Marie.

"Do you mind if I join you?" Marie asked.

"Of course not," said Sam, as she put her book down.

"All right sweetie, I'm so excited for you. I want to know how this started," stated her friend.

Sam looked at her for a second and realized that this is what she needed. She needed a friend in whom she could confide, who knew about colleges and their social scenes. More importantly, she just needed to talk to someone who would understand. She proceeded to tell Marie everything, surprising herself at the level of detail she was willing to reveal. She told her about how Sally invited her to an isolated cabin where they became stranded, and how she had seduced her. But she also told Marie how much she loved the young woman and how she was worried that her world would collapse if the affair became known.

While Sam was telling her story, she and Marie were both reapplying sunscreen on their fronts. Marie asked her if she wanted her back done. Sam looked around for Sally and couldn't see her as she was on the other side of the boat, so decided to accept the offer.

"I've never been touched by another woman like this, other than by Sally," said Sam.

"Like what? I'm only going to put sunscreen on you, sweetie," Marie said innocently. But there was a naughty look in her eyes. Then she added, "Don't worry, I won't bite," said Marie. "Putting sunscreen on someone else can be sensuous, but it not necessarily a sexual thing you know."

These were not necessarily comforting words to Sam, but she nonetheless allowed Marie to rub sunscreen on her. She started at her feet and worked slowly up the calves and thighs. When she got to the upper thighs, Sam unconsciously spread them a little bit, allowing Marie better access. Marie didn't touch Sam's pussy lips, but she was close and Sam squirmed a bit in embarrassment ... or was it lust? Marie teasingly oiled Sam's ass, as properly as you could be in such a situation, and then she moved around and knelt at Sam's head so she could do the back.

Sam opened her eyes to see Marie's shaved pussy just a few inches from her face. It was so close that she could smell her musk and could see the inner labia. Unlike Sally's they protruded from the outer lips to form a very sexy tongue peeking out. Damn, I'm getting hot! she thought, and then without realizing it she asked herself, I wonder if she tastes like Sally. Then her face turned red with embarrassment at her naughty thoughts. All this time, she could feel warm hands rubbing oil on her naked body, in a semi-public setting. She thought that she should be uncomfortable, but she was just turned on. She felt a bit guilty that Sally wasn't the person doing the rubbing, but she also knew that this wasn't going to go much further. After all it was just harmless flirting.

When Marie finished, she asked Sam to return the favor and then lay on her stomach. A little smile came on Sam's face as she thought of the gentle teasing that she had just received. She put her hands on the second naked woman in her life and followed the same path that Marie had taken. She loved the way Marie's oily skin felt. She massaged the calves and the thighs, and when she got to the ass, she noticed that Marie wasn't as shy as she was and had her thighs open quite widely. She passed her hand very close to the pussy, but didn't touch it, though her fingers passed over the ass crack and fleetingly touched the anus. At that point she heard a moan from her new friend. That sent a chill down her spin and she could feel her pussy begin to get very wet. She then moved around as Marie had, and got very close and bent down to do her upper back, with her thighs spread for balance. She knew that Marie could see her now swollen and wet pussy. She was also sure she could smell her musk. Strangely, she was enjoying the idea that she was turning on someone else.

After finishing, both women smiled at each other, knowing that they had been naughty without stepping over any boundary. They settled next to each other and continued talking about their lives and work. Sam realized that she had a great friend in Marie. By the time the 'cat' docked, everybody was dressed, tired and looking forward to a shower. As they were going in their respective directions, Marie asked if Sam and Sally wanted to join them for dinner the following night. Both of them readily agreed. Before parting they sat a time and place.

Once inside their apartment, Sam grabbed Sally and pushed her against the door as she kissed her hungrily.

"Wow," gasped Sally. "Something must have turned you on," she said innocently. Yet, she knew exactly what it was. She had checked on Sam several times and saw her and Marie. At first she was a bit jealous, but then she knew she had been doing the same thing with her new friends. In fact, she slightly embarrassed herself that she had actually had a finger inside one of girls before they were interrupted.

Sam sighed and said, "I am just so fucking horny that I need you to eat me right now."

Sally giggled and said "With pleasure, lover."

Spending the day around sexy, naked women all day had been too much for the girls. They tore the clothes off each other and ran into the bedroom. Sam lay on her back and guided Sally to bring her ass over her face. She just pulled the ass down and attacked the pussy with her mouth and tongue. Sally screamed but then bent her head between Sam's legs.

Sam put two fingers into Sally's cunt and worked them in and out, while sucking on her clit. Sally was doing the exact same thing to Sam at the other end. She was bent down, one hand wrapped around Sam's thigh and with fingers fucking in and out of the pussy.

It didn't take long for both women to explode. It happened at the same time, drenching both of their faces. They rested for a few minutes before Sam rolled her lover onto her side, and with her face still between Sally's thighs, started licking her again.

Sally returned the favor and buried her face between Sam's legs. This time it was slower, more loving. They teased, licked, and pulled at each other's labia with their lips. Once in a while, a tongue would make its way back to the ass and lick out the juices that had trickled from their wet pussies.

Sam's mind wandered off a bit as she nibbled and licked Sally's pussy. Despite her conservative background, she was getting to enjoy the naughty, earthy words and expressions she was starting to use more and more frequently with her lover. She also knew that she just loved the taste of her lover. From her nipples and the skin of her tummy, down to the wonderfully wet pussy, and even her rosebud, she loved Sally's body as much as she loved the girl's smile, enthusiasm and friendly personality. Sam knew that whatever love she had for Sally when they agreed to this trip had doubled or tripled. She was totally in love with the young girl and knew that this was incredibly problematic.

After a little while, Sam refocused on bringing Sally off. She lubricated a finger with fuck juice and saliva and started teasing Sally's anus with it. She worked it in a little distance and then pulled out, and then she would wet her finger again and tease some more.

Sally was thrusting her hips back and forth trying to get the finger deeper into her ass, and then she would reverse and try to get more of Sam's mouth on her pussy. Sam was enjoying playing her lover like that. Finally, Sam stopped teasing and moved her finger in Sally's ass to the second knuckle and attacked the clit at the same time, flicking her tongue at it rapidly for a minute.

"Oh yes, sweetie, fuck my ass and suck my clit," screamed Sally. Her legs clamped around her lover's head as her body began to spasm. Sally moaned as she exploded, almost crushing Sam's head with her muscular thighs.

Sam first thought she was going to be smothered, but then thought she was going to drown as Sally's pussy released a torrent of juice. Sam worked hard to drink it all down, only allowing a little to escape and run down her chin. When the throbbing in Sally's pussy slowed Sam relaxed and fell onto her back.

"Don't you dare make yourself cum," she ordered Sam who hadn't had her release yet. "Let me get my breath back, and I'm going to try one of the positions from our book."

Sam grinned and knew that as horny as she might be, the wait would be worth it.

After a couple of minutes, Sally rolled over her lover and kissed her lightly. She then continued down and kissed Sam's nipples and started to suck and lick them. Finally, she moved down until she was kneeling between Sam's spread thighs. She put her hand under Sam's knees and pushed up so that Sam was almost bent in two at the waist, with her pussy and ass in the air. Sally then bent down slightly and passed her tongue from Sam's asshole to her clit and then started licking the little brown flower, teasing it gently. "You're not the only one that knows how to lick an asshole," said Sally with a giggle.

At the same time, her fingers were pumping in and out of Sam's cunt and she would use her tongue to occasionally flick her clit. It didn't take long to bring Sam to her peak. The anticipation, the strange exposed position, the ass play, all conspired to take Sam over the top.

"Oh, Jesus, Sally," screamed Sam. Suddenly Sam thought she was going to pee. But it wasn't pee that squirted out of her pussy. Sam pussy spasmed and shot a stream of girl juice into the air, wetting herself and Sally.

Sally was surprised at first, but her surprise quickly turned to fascination as she watched her friend and lover squirt juice from her pussy. Sally quickly dropped her mouth to Sam's pussy, lapping up as much of her juice as she could get. A strange thing happened; as soon as she tasted the sweet juices squirting from her pussy, she began to climax herself. It wasn't a full-blown climax, but it was very pleasurable nonetheless. She vowed to see if she could do it again sometime.

Sally let her friend's ass down and collapsed beside her, cuddling her until they both recovered from their strong climaxes.

"Sally, I don't know if sex with you can ever get wilder or better, but I'm looking forward to finding out," joked Sam.

They were too wiped to go out and just ordered pizza and watched TV for the rest of the night, going to bed early.

December 29

The next day, the girls went to the beach in the morning and came home in the early afternoon. Seeing each other dressed in skimpy bathing suits always got them hot and bothered and they knew that once they returned to the room that they would be fucking, so they delayed things a bit in order to build up the tension. After quick showers to get the sand and salt off their bodies, they both lay naked on the bed cooling down.

"I wonder if that Christmas present you bought could provide inspiration for the afternoon's activities?" asked Sam with a grin.

"Let me get it and let's find out," replied Sally as she jumped out of bed and ran to the dresser where they had left the book.

They cuddled together and slowly turned the pages, looking at the positions, casually touching each other's breast and thighs. Once in a while, a finger would run up a pussy slit or pinch a nipple, causing someone to moan appreciatively. The girls were enjoying the buildup. Finally they couldn't wait anymore!

"I want to try this one," said Sally as she pointed to the women doing the classical scissors move.

"Oh goodie, I was thinking of the one myself," gasped Sam as she moved herself into position.

She lay opposite Sally on the bed with her legs open. Sally took the same position and both women humped their way into position so that their pussies were almost together. When their pussy lips were just touching, Sam reached down and opened herself and moved up a few inches more until her nether lips were kissing Sally's. Sally did the same and both girls felt the other's wetness against their sex. They both moaned! It felt so lovely, this strange sensation of crotch against crotch, labia against labia.

They paused for a moment to enjoy the feeling, and both decided that they needed more friction. Grabbing each other's hands to hold themselves in place, the girls ground their pussies together, trying to get their clits rubbing against each other. It was harder than they both thought, but they kept at it and finally came to a good, but not great orgasm.

"That was interesting," gasped Sally, "but it's not my favorite way of coming. I think that we should try it again when we get a double headed dildo like in one of the other pictures."

"Sally, you're so raunchy and so much fun," Sam laughed. "I'm daring you to buy one. I'll even go into the adult toy store with you if you have the nerve to do it." The English professor sure had changed in the last few months.

The girls decided to have a nap before meeting with Marie and Deborah later. They took a quick nap and then showered and got dressed for their rendezvous.

They had a great time together. Marie and Deborah really understood what Sam and Sally were going through in their lives and provided them with encouragement and an example to live by. They also talked about music, travel and all sorts of other things. When they were leaving the restaurant, Deborah suggested that they go back to Jewell's to dance club and continue the party: so they did, four sexy women, lovers, and maybe confirmed lesbians out on a night on the town.

Jewell's was packed because of the holiday season when lots of women took their vacation time. Sam and Sally danced with each other and with Marie and Deborah. They also got to meet other friends of Marie's. One of these friends was named Suzie. She was in her early fifties, short, blonde, and but very vivacious. Suzie invited Sam and Sally to a party at her house the next night, but told them to talk to Marie about it first before they made up their minds about coming. That intrigued Sam and later on, she asked Marie about it.

When Sam asked, Marie looked at her in surprise and then pulled Sam and Sally to a quieter part of the club. "Well this is interesting!" she exclaimed. "I told you that Deborah and I were just a boring, monogamous lesbian couple. Well, that's not quite correct. We are just that for 364 days of the year, but on the one other day of the year, we go to Suzie's annual party. About 10 years ago, Suzie started giving a holiday party at her house on the edge of town. For some reason, the parties just got wilder and wilder. We don't really know how or why it happened, but a group of good friends, with lots of booze and weed started getting more and more sexual over the years. The last couple of years have been real crazy."

"What do you mean by crazy?" Sam asked.

"Well, you could call them orgies," replied Marie almost embarrassed. "There we are, perfectly nice women; most of us are in stable relationship, and we just ignore all that, one day a year at Suzie's. Some of our friends never got into it, and left the circle, but a few new people come in every year and for some reason, this event just keeps rolling on. I'm still amazed by it, and I'm still amazed that Deb and I keep returning. We have so much fun though, that the memories stay with us for the year, and we keep looking forward to the next one. I hope that I didn't upset you two, but that's what the invitation is all about. I don't know if you want to think badly of us. "

Sam was flabbergasted! A lesbian orgy! She was invited to a lesbian orgy and the scary thing was that she was quite excited about it! Over the last couple of days, Sam had finally come out of the closet with herself. She had finally admitted to herself after years of repression that she preferred being with women and that she was indeed a lesbian. She had also decided that while she could, she was going to try to take full advantage of her situation in Key West and enjoy the freedom that she had, albeit temporarily. Despite those thoughts though, she had never even considered attending a sex party. She was also very conflicted because she loved only Sally, and that relationship had become the most important part of her new life and she didn't think that it was a good idea to put their love to that kind of test.

She looked across to Sally who had a strange look on her face. "What do you think of this, sweetie?" she asked.

Sally looked a bit uncomfortable and began, "Well, Laurie and Cathy told me about it on the boat yesterday. They went last year and had a blast. You know me, I'm enthusiastic about things and I thought that it could be fun and different, but I never thought that you'd ever go for anything like that. I love you so much that I decided that it wasn't worth making you upset or uncomfortable by even mentioning it."

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