tagErotic CouplingsHeat Lightning Ch. 02

Heat Lightning Ch. 02


I had a moment of disorientation in the shower as I massaged soap onto my friend Ana's back. How did I get here? And what was I going to do about it? It was all fine and good to say "We'll worry about it tomorrow," but it was tomorrow. Time to worry.

Still, rising unease aside, it was hard to be too concerned while my hands were running over a sexy, naked young woman. I let my hands trail down her back, down to her round, smooth ass. Even after the morning session we'd just had, I could feel a stirring as I began to harden.

"Mmm, yeah," Ana murmured, leaning her head back to rest it on my chest. My hands rose and gripped her firm, supple tits. I knew if I didn't stop we'd end up fucking right here in the shower. The difference in our height would probably make that awkward, but I'd give it a damn good try.

I turned her around and kissed her, slow and deep. Then I stopped and held her close, just enjoying the feeling of her soft, wet body pressed against mine. When I let her go, she was looking up at me, her green eyes big and filled with trepidation. "Do you . . . regret it?"

"Not even close," I assured her, resting my hand on the side of her face. "Ana, last night . . . and this morning . . . was amazing. I can't imagine ever regretting any of it." I shut off the water and opened the sliding door so she could step out onto the bath mat.

As I grabbed a towel from the rack, I took in the sight of my lovely friend, completely naked and dripping with water from the shower. As I looked, the stirring became a full erection. I handed her the towel and grabbed one for me, wondering how I was ever going to get anything done again. She was becoming way too distracting.

"But . . . " she said, softly, pausing as she dried her hair. She looked up at me, squinting so she could see my reaction. (Her glasses were still downstairs somewhere in the living room.) "But what are we going to DO? I mean, I don't regret it either. At all. I wanted this so bad. But we can't just go back to being buddies like we were before. I don't think that would work."

"Well," I replied, idly drying myself. "Why don't we give it a try? Like, for real."

"You mean . . . boyfriend and girlfriend?" she asked, surprised. Her squint gave way to a wide-eyed unfocused stare.

"Yeah. Why not?" I asked.

"Lots of reasons. For one thing you go on and on about how much you love being single."

"Things change," I replied without hesitation. She looked at me doubtfully. Maybe it had been a mistake to tell her stories of my sexual conquests. She'd just seemed so curious . . . and now I knew why.

"You . . . you don't like younger women," she reminded me.

I nodded reluctantly. I remembered mentioning that. Well, it was more than a mention. More like a long, drunken rant. "I was upset when I said that." My last girlfriend had been twelve years younger than me. Her eye had wandered and she'd cheated. When I had broken up with her, Ana had been there to help me drink away my sorrows. Somewhere during that binge, I'd sworn off younger women . . . loudly and emphatically. "But honestly, most of the time age doesn't matter to me. It's maturity that matters. Age is just a number."

"Really? Then why are you always reminding me of how young I am? You've called me kiddo several times."

"Joking," I said with a smirk. I would have to stop with those jabs. "Thirteen years really isn't a huge gap. Seriously."

"I dunno," she said, turning away. "Why you'd want me I don't-- "

I interrupted her by spinning her around and placing my index finger on her lips. She looked back at me, her sparkling, light-green eyes wide with shock. I replaced my finger with my lips, drawing her into a passionate kiss. Once I pulled back, her shocked look had been replaced with a dreamy half-lidded expression. "Tell you what," I said. "I still have some work to do this weekend. Why don't we meet back here at, say, six. Then we figure it out."

"Okaaay . . . " she said, her voice sounding as dreamy as she looked. "I have something to do today anyway."

"Then it's a date," I said, squeezing her shoulder. I opened the door and went to my bedroom to grab some clothes. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Ana wrapping her towel around herself. Her tits were hardly covered by it, and her pussy was peeking out from the bottom. "Um," she said, following me into the bedroom.

"Let me guess," I said, pulling on a pair of boxers. "Bout of shyness? You want me to go downstairs and get your clothes?" I was smirking, and I hoped she could tell by my tone that I was teasing.

"Yeah," she said softly. "Your curtain doesn't close all the way."

"No problem. Be right back," I said, going to the living room to fetch her clothes. Her tank top and shorts were right next to the couch, but her somehow her panties had ended up across the room and were on top of my television. She must have thrown them in her rush to get them off. I smiled at the memory of watching Ana pleasuring herself a few feet away from me on my couch. I grabbed her panties and carried her clothes to her. Back in my room, she had dropped the towel and was laying back on my bed, arms and legs spread. I again wondered how I would ever get anything done again. "Don't tempt me," I said, setting her clothes beside her.

She looked up at me and blushed, sitting up quickly. "Sorry. I was just-- " What she was just I'll never know, because she didn't finish the thought. She scooted off the bed and started pulling on her clothes. "It's really hot in here," she griped.

"Yep. That's why we slept downstairs last night. This room absorbs heat, even when the air conditioner is working. I'm not sure why."

"Maybe your vent is broken?" she suggested, finishing dressing.

"Could be. It's taking long enough to get a new air conditioner. I can just imagine asking the landlord to fix the vents, too." I'd been thinking about looking for a house to buy. I had enough money saved for a decent down payment . . . I just didn't have any real incentive. My rent was cheap, and the house was big enough for me. But not dealing with a landlord was tempting. Plus, I'd always wanted a house of my own. But wasn't that really more a thing for a family, not a bachelor? I'd always wanted kids, but I would need the right woman before I started seriously considering that. Someday . . .

Once we were dressed, we went back downstairs. Ana slipped on her shoes and I gave her a goodbye hug. "Six?" she asked.

"See you then," I replied, kissing her on the forehead. Her lips were way more tempting, but I had to keep my focus. There was a lot for me to catch up on before six.

I went about my day, making coffee, scrubbing down the air mattress and putting it away, tidying up. I took some time out to go to the store and buy a couple of new fans. I actually did manage to get a little work done before the day became hot again. The growing heat and near-constant thoughts of Ana made focusing on my work nearly impossible. It didn't help that every now and then she would send me sweet texts checking on me, asking how I was doing. It was nice to know I was just as much on her mind as she was on mine. I found myself watching the clock and staring off into space more than getting things done. It was frustrating, but this was a kind of frustration I could live with. I went through my day in a giddy, cheerful mood. I couldn't remember the last time I'd felt this way. It was different from the usual haze of contentment that followed getting well laid. There was something more to this, and I didn't mind taking my time and exploring it.

The only bad part was that the day gradually became hotter until it was worse than the previous day. The storm clouds were still gathered in the sky, but it hadn't started raining again. The sun beat down through the dreary gray cloud cover. Not long before six I decided that staying in the house was not going to work, even with the fans. I texted Ana that she should pack an overnight bag. She didn't ask why, just responded that she would and was looking forward to seeing me, followed by a winky face.

When six finally arrived, so did Ana. Right on the dot. I opened the front door to a sight I didn't expect. As I mentioned before, my friend was almost exclusively a jeans and tee shirt girl. This evening she was wearing a light sun dress, pink with flower print. The light material clung to her curves deliciously. Another surprise-- she was wearing makeup. Just a touch to highlight her lovely face and her big, green eyes. She looked absolutely enchanting. She smiled at my attention, her cheeks reddening. "You like?" she asked shyly, her eyes casting down. With what seemed like a real effort, she brought her eyes back up to meet mine and bit her lip.

"Ana, you look gorgeous!" I said. "Of course, you always look amazing," I added, not wanting her to think I was making too big a deal over seeing her all girled up.

"Awww," she said, smiling sweetly. "I know you like girls in dresses, so I went out and got one." She gave a little spin and the skirt of the dress raised with her momentum, showing off her full, smooth thighs. I suddenly wanted nothing more than to be in between those unbelievable legs.

"It suits you," I told her, not even bothering to hide the fact that I was admiring the view. We were beyond subtlety by that point.

She giggled. "I'm glad. And thank you. So, why did you want me to pack a bag?" She gestured to the duffel bag that was sitting on the concrete beside her.

"Because it's way too hot to stay in this house tonight. We're going out. Want something to eat?" I asked, stepping out to join her, locking the door behind me. She nodded. My own bag was already in the trunk, and I set hers next to it.

After discussing what we felt like eating, we decided on Italian. We went to an intimate little place I'd taken a couple of dates to in the past. We each had a nice meal and a glass of wine. The conversation was light, and it felt like we were skirting around the interrupted conversation from that morning. But that was fine by me . . . we didn't have to discuss that yet. I was just enjoying being with Ana. She was a great dinner companion, as I had already known. We never had a shortage of things to talk about. But I'm not going to lie, that night most of my thoughts were about getting her somewhere private and taking that pretty dress off of her. I'm pretty sure she knew that's where my mind was, too. She seemed more giggly than usual.

After dinner, I drove the two of us to a nearby hotel. It wasn't the fanciest one in town, but it was no dive either. Her eyes widened when I pulled into the hotel's driveway. "Mike, are you sure? Isn't this going to be expensive?"

"Nah. And it's better than staying in my place and suffering."

"We could have gone to my apartment," she suggested.

"And have Stacy barrage us with questions?" I reminded her. Her roommate was nice and all, but she was certainly the nosy type. The last time I had hung out at their place, as soon as Ana left the room, she was all over me asking what I was planning with her friend. At that time I hadn't been planning anything other than watching a movie and maybe playing a two-player video game with her, but it was impossible to convince Stacy of this.

"Ohh, right," she said, relenting. "Well, okay. If you're sure."

"I am," I said, pulling into a parking spot.

It didn't take too long to check in. Our room was on the fifth floor. Once we got into the elevator, I couldn't hold myself back anymore. I pulled Ana to me and kissed her. She put her hands on my chest and kissed back. I cupped one full breast through her light dress and she moaned into my mouth. With delight, I found that she wasn't wearing a bra. One of her hands dropped to my crotch and she fondled me clumsily through my jeans. We got so involved in our kissing and groping that at first we didn't notice the elevator had stopped and opened. I happened to open my eyes and glance over to see an elderly couple standing at the open elevator doors. The woman's eyes were wide with shock, her hand at her open mouth. Her husband was grinning broadly at me and gave me a thumbs up. I returned his grin as the doors closed again, leaving them behind. The elevator went back to rising towards our floor and I let Ana go, readjusting my hard-on in my jeans. She cleared her throat and smoothed down her dress. I peeked at her from the corner of my eye and she was smiling serenely, as though she hadn't just been trying to give me a hand job in public. This made me smile. So innocent . . . but I knew better. As the elevator stopped, I snuck a quick grab of her ass, making her yelp. There was no one waiting on this floor, thankfully. We disembarked and I led the way to our room.

It was really nice. Not big, not small. Cozy and well-furnished with a big, comfortable-looking bed. Ana looked around curiously as I walked to the window and spread open the curtains. The evening sky was black and thick with storm clouds. There was a downpour coming, and soon. I turned and found Ana perched on the edge of the bed, her knees pressed together, her hands folded in her lap. The skirt of her dress was arranged carefully around her. She looked very proper and nervous, looking up at me shyly with her big, doe-eyes. "So, it was a hot day . . . you want to take a swim?" I asked. I'd noticed a sign pointing to the pool back when we were on the ground floor.

"Sure," she said, "but I didn't bring a suit."

"Me either. But a tee shirt and shorts should work."

"I didn't bring shorts either," she said, frowning.

"I got you covered," I said, digging in my bag for a pair of boxers. I handed them to her. She took them and her bag into the bathroom to get changed. I wondered if she would get over her shyness at some point. It was kind of amusing to me that after all we'd done she was still bashful.

When Ana emerged from the bathroom, I wasn't even sad to see the dress go. She was wearing a small tee shirt that cradled her ample breasts snugly. Her rounded hips and bottom looked unbearably alluring in my plaid shorts.

"You wear those SO much better than I do," I commented appreciatively. This got a giggle and a blush out of her. I offered her my arm and we headed for the door. She balked before setting foot outside the room, and I realized she was having another shy moment. I ducked into the bathroom for a second. "Here you go," I said, handing her one of the robes that had been hanging on the inside door. She slipped it on gratefully and tied it closed with the belt. With this done, she was fine leaving the room. It was clearly a woman's robe and came to about mid-thigh, but still seemed too big on her. It was strangely exciting to see her in something as unsexy as a hotel bathrobe, knowing the assets she was hiding just beneath it. It took a great effort to keep my hands off her during our second elevator ride.

The pool area was empty, which was no big surprise, as it was nearly ten o'clock by then. Lucky for us, this hotel kept their pool open 24 hours. Once she was satisfied that we were alone, she slipped off the robe, set it on a beach chair, carefully folded her glasses and set them on the robe. Then she turned and jumped in the pool, diving under to get herself completely wet. Eager to join her, I stripped to my own shorts and hopped in the water. We played around in the pool for a while, and no one came in the whole time. Seeing her like that-- the clothes clinging skin tight to her curves, her nipples hard and clearly defined in the wet tee shirt . . . I had to have her. It was getting hard to wait.

I waded to the shallow end where she had swam to and came up behind her. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her neck. She gave a small murmur and pressed back against me. I turned her towards me and our lips met in a kiss that was just as fiery as the one in the elevator. Remembering us losing control in public like that, getting caught . . . the memory turned me on even more. I always knew that I was a voyeur, but apparently I had a streak of exhibitionist in me too. I was learning all sorts of new things that weekend.

I pulled away from her and she was looking at me lustfully, her big green eyes slightly unfocused since she wasn't wearing her glasses. Without a word I started moving her towards the half-submerged stairs that led out of the pool. She looked briefly surprised when her bottom hit them and she went into a sitting position. I took one last glance around. No one had come in, there didn't seem to be any cameras . . . but by that point I was having trouble caring. I had to have her, no matter who saw.

I kissed her again, peeling her wet tee shirt up over her amazing breasts, baring them. I cupped one in each hand and she moaned again. "Mike . . . I . . . " she mumbled around my insistent lips. I silenced her by inserting my tongue into her mouth. She sucked on it, momentarily forgetting her protests. One of my hands dropped to her crotch and I rubbed her pussy through the shorts. Needing better access, I started to pull the shorts down. They were so tight and wet that it was hard going, but she helped me by raising her bottom from the step she had been sitting on and wiggling a little. I managed to get one of her legs free from the shorts, and that was all I needed. I stroked her pussy, this time skin to skin. One finger slipped inside as I ran my hand along it and she let out a groan. It echoed in the room. She opened her eyes to the reverberated sound and looked around, startled. I slipped my finer deeper inside her and her eyelids fluttered with pleasure.

"Want me to stop?" I asked with a slight teasing tone to my voice. I would have if she asked, and I was really expecting her to. I was calculating in my head how long it would take for us to get out of the pool and all the way back up to our room. As I waited for her answer, I pulled my finger out of her crevice and rubbed it on her hard little clit. She cried out, gripping my arms tightly as she came.

"No . . . no," she gasped as the waves of pleasure receded. 'I want . . . to feel you. To make you come," she whispered. "But . . . " she blushed and looked away.

"But what?" I asked. She didn't answer, so I tilted her face up towards mine and asked again. "Ana, what is it? You can tell me."

"Could you . . . " she started, then drew close to my ear to finish. " . . . cover my eyes?" She pulled back, her cheeks burning, her expression as mixture of shame and excitement.

I nodded and climbed the steps out of the pool. I walked to the pile of clothes we'd left on the beach chair. My tee shirt? No, that wouldn't work. Towel? Too big and fluffy. My eyes landed on the long, thin cloth belt from the bathrobe. Perfect. I snatched it up and returned to my place in front of Ana where she was sitting on the steps. The water was up to her belly, her breasts still bared and begging to be touched. She was so damned sexy . . . the flush of arousal on her, the droplets of water adorning her skin. I roused myself from my appraisal of her and carefully tied the belt around her eyes to serve as a blindfold. Once it was in place, I ran my hands down her sides and gripped her round hips. She gasped at the sensation of my unseen hands on her submerged skin. I was harder than a rock and couldn't wait to be inside her. I pulled down my shorts to mid-thigh and was surprised by her hand reaching out, her fingers touching and seeking until they found my erection and wrapped around my length. As I enjoyed the feeling of her stroking me under the water, I heard a clicking noise. I looked up and was stunned to see a woman had entered the room.

She was wearing a robe like the one Ana had worn in, and looked to be middle age. She noticed us and stopped where she was, her eyes widening as she saw that Ana's shirt was pulled up to expose her tits. She was standing to our left and was only about fifteen feet away, so she was sure to be able to see what was going on under the water. That was where her eyes settled and they widened more, her mouth dropping open. Ana's ministrations brought a moan from me that I couldn't suppress. The woman's eyes met mine and I gave her a brief smile before turning my concentration back to Ana. I moved her hand away from my cock and picked her up with my hands under her legs, moving her to the highest step. Then I pulled her towards me slightly, spread her legs and entered her. She cried out in pleasure at the penetration and I started to thrust, climaxing right away.

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