tagErotic CouplingsHeat Lightning Ch. 03

Heat Lightning Ch. 03


I woke to a very pleasant surprise. I was on my side, facing Ana, who was also on her side. We were kissing and her hand was idly stroking my fully-erect cock. Such a pleasurable shock, waking up in the middle of a kiss and hand job. I had no idea who had started it, and at that moment I couldn't make myself care. Her hand on my hardness was so perfect . . . she was gripping me loosely, seeming to explore every inch of me with her fingers. She ran her hand down to cup my balls for a moment, then trailed her nails back up my cock to the sensitive head. She wrapped her fingers back around me, starting to stroke in rhythm. Our kiss ended and her mouth went to my neck, kissing, licking, sucking. She worked her way steadily down my chest, lower and lower. I tensed in anticipation of what I knew was coming. The room was warm, but a slight breeze was coming in through the screen on the open window. The rain was coming down like crazy and was very loud. The room lit up with sudden lightning, followed by a cataclysmic boom of thunder.

Making no sound, Ana took my cock into her mouth, pulling me in just a little, then running her tongue along the underside of it. Her hand still encircling the base, she took a little more of my length in, then more. Before long I was completely inside her mouth, her nose pressed against my pubic hair. By the tightness, I could tell part of me was in her throat. She bobbed her head up and down a few times, cradling me with her tongue. When she released me from the confines of her mouth, she gave me a few more strokes with her hand, spreading the wetness of her saliva around. She crawled up to lay on her back beside me and we kissed again.

I reached between her legs and found her hand was already there, her fingers moving quickly, thrumming her nub and then slipping inside her cunt. Her soft, sweet moans were scarcely audible under the steady sounds of the storm. My hand rested on hers as I felt her pleasuring herself, my index finger over hers. I didn't add any pressure, I was just along for the ride. The next time she dipped her finger inside, mine went with it and she gasped. She didn't go back up to her clit after that, instead she started fucking herself with both our fingers, deeper and deeper. When she came, she spasmed around our fingers, clutching our hands with her thigh and thrusting forward with her hips, drawing out her pleasure as long as she could. I became more active, plunging my finger deeper and adding a second finger. She humped our hands harder, cumming a second and third time before slowing and then stopping her movements.

Still without a word spoken between us, I climbed atop Ana and she spread her legs for me to enter. She was so wet, so ready . . . I slipped right inside her cradling depths. She was still so tight, but a little more accommodating. Her body was growing accustomed to me . . . and mine to hers. We fit together so perfectly, as though we were designed for each other.

I pushed into her to the base and we kissed again, deeply, passionately. Her arms were wrapped around me, her cunt holding my cock snugly. As we kissed, I flexed my cock inside her and she cried out, shocked into an orgasm. Feeling her clenching around me spurred me into action. No longer taking my time, I pulled out and slammed back in, going from no movement to nearly as fast as I could after only a couple of thrusts. Before long I was fucking her without mercy, grunting and gasping with the exertion. Ana was cumming repeatedly, lying there and taking everything I was giving her.

Out of nowhere I felt a small, sharp pain in the skin between my neck and my shoulder. Ana had given me a little nip! I growled with appreciation, continuing my onslaught. She grabbed my ass and guided my thrusts, digging her nails in. Ana was fucking me back, going wild with it. With her sudden assistance, I was over the edge, spurting into her, making a sound that was almost a bellow.

Once my spasms finished, I rolled off her. Ana nuzzled up to me and within seconds I could tell by her breathing that she was asleep again. I smiled, still a little disoriented from being so suddenly and pleasurably awakened. Nothing about this weekend had been what I had expected . . . and I'd decided to extend the weekend into Monday. (If my friend was agreeable, of course.) This latest encounter had been unexpected and interesting . . . my shy lover had started taking more initiative. She preferred to be docile, to let me take full charge . . . but she was feeling braver. More secure. Enough to come out of her shell a little. It was nice.

I was still musing on this new development when I drifted back to sleep.


We woke several hours later, to a cool and rainy dawn. The sky was dark and it was still thundering, but the storm was dying down. I looked down at Ana to find her smiling sweetly up at me. I bent down enough to kiss her gently.

We got ready for our day, taking turns in the bathroom and then showering together. We didn't play around in the shower, just washed each other. Afterwards, as we dried off and dressed, I let her know my plans for the day. She was happy to have another day for us to spend together before getting back to normal life.

After I called in to work, I stepped out to get breakfast and to pay the hotel for another day. While I as there, I cancelled the maid service. I didn't want interruptions. I went out to my car, rushing to avoid the rain. I should have packed an umbrella—when I'd left the house, I'd known the storm wasn't over. (Of course, I'd been distracted by my lovely companion . . . )

I went to a donut shop a block away. I was almost the only customer. There was an old man next to the window sipping from a mug of coffee and doing a crossword. There was also a sharply-dressed young woman who looked like a secretary ahead of me in line, ordering three dozen assorted donuts for her office. The cashier was cute and very young, blond hair in a ponytail, short and slim. After the first glance I stopped taking notice. After all, I had a goddess waiting for me back in my room.

I was checking my phone when the secretary walked past, loaded down with boxes. "Sir?" the cashier asked.

"Sorry," I said, turning to help the poor lady, who was trying desperately to open the door while keeping the boxes from spilling onto the floor. I took them from her and helped her get them to her car. She thanked me with a harried smile.

When I got back to the counter, the girl was smiling sunnily at me. "That was sweet of you," she said, her voice as cheerful as her smile.

"Nah. Just courtesy," I said, looking at the donuts through the glass.

"I've, ah, never seen you here before. You, um, staying at the hotel?"

"Yeah," I said, deciding on chocolate sprinkles for myself. For Ana I'd selected an apple fritter. She had ordered one of those the last time we went for breakfast together. I remembered because she kept trying to get me to take a bite of it and I'd finally given in.

"I, um, get off work in 45 minutes," the cashier said quietly, trying to make sure the man at the window didn't hear.

"I hope you brought an umbrella. It's pouring out there," I said idly, looking up and smiling. (I wasn't being a jerk. It honestly didn't occur to me just then that she was flirting.) "I'll take two of those with sprinkles, one of those big apple fritters, and two cups of regular coffee. One black, one with two sugars." (Ana was the only reason I kept sugar in the house.)

"Oh. Two cups," she said hollowly. Then she smiled again, recovering. "You got it. One sec."

As I watched her bustle around behind the counter, knocking things over, I realized what had happened. Oops. What can I say? I can be pretty dense. And I was understandably distracted. She gave me a big blushing smile as she took my money, and I made sure to give her a big tip.

Once I got back to the hotel, I paused for a second in the lobby to look at myself in the full length mirror that had been fixed to the wall. I looked normal, only a little wet from the rain. Tired-looking. Two day's stubble. I couldn't imagine why that girl had clumsily hit on me . . . up until I got to my eyes. My dark green eyes were big and sparkling. I looked really happy. I guess two days of sex and new experiences would do that. I smiled at my reflection and saw that the smile transformed me even further. I looked happier . . . content. Glowing, almost. I knew it was more than just the sex . . . there was something big happening here. I had a theory on what it was, but I'd wasted enough time. The coffee would get cold. And Ana was sure to be hungry.

I made my way back to the room. We sat at the small table next to the window to eat. I'd made the right choice in pastry. Ana devoured it. I offered one of my donuts, but she declined, sitting back in her chair and sipping her coffee.

We sat there for a long time, watching the rain slow and then stop, idly talking. We mostly discussed our plans for life. I wanted to get promoted, maybe buy a house, but didn't have enough motivation. She wanted to go back to college. She'd had to take a break when her student loan assistance fell through. Inevitably, the conversation made its way to relationships. I'd pretty much crossed love out of my life after my ex. (The young one I mentioned before.) I was tired of heartache. So instead I'd spent a couple of years with casual dating and casual sex. This course of action had kept me from getting too involved, and helped alleviate my loneliness. But I had to admit I was craving more.

Ana had dated a bit in High School, kept the same boyfriend senior year and the first year of college. She'd held him off until then with hand jobs and the occasional blowjob, not wanting to give up her virginity until she was sure it was love. Finally he managed to pressure and guilt her into it. The sex had been lousy, and after it was all he wanted. She eventually found out he'd been cheating on her the entire two years they'd been dating. It had taken her awhile to work up the courage to break up with him, and she'd needed the help of one of her guy friends to go through with it. That night, the same friend had used her vulnerability and gratitude to get her into bed. It was shortly after this that she'd met me through a mutual friend and we'd become close. She had given up on dating because of her bad experiences, but admitted she was interested in me from the beginning.

"So I'm only the third guy you've been with?" I asked.

She blushed. "Yeah. The other two were young, like me. Not good at it either. You're on a whole different level."

I puffed up a little at this . . . hell, what guy wouldn't? Then something occurred to me. "So all that stuff about you liking to be dominated, held down, hair pulled . . . "

Her blush deepened. "Wishful thinking, mostly. Fantasies. Stuff I thought about while masturbating. I tried to get my boyfriend to do all that stuff and he wasn't good at it. The first time I ever came during sex was once when he smacked my ass. I kept trying to get him to be rougher, but it was never enough. He didn't really try. I thought I loved him, so I wanted the sex to be good. But it was good for him, so that made me happy enough to keep doing it. Same reason I had sex with the second guy. I guess I was repaying him? But he never called me again. Maybe that was the whole reason he was my friend? I dunno." She frowned at the memories. Then she looked at me and brightened. "But none of that really matters. The past is the past, right?"

"That's right," I agreed.

"What about you? How many women have you been with?"

I shifted in my seat. "Aw, you don't want to know that. Doesn't matter anyway. The past and all that."

She nodded, seeming to be satisfied with this response. "So, a lot. Gotcha." She giggled lightly. "Well, experience is good in my opinion, and you do have that. You know what you're doing. You know how to be rough, and when to be gentle. And you're big." She bit her lip. "I know I'm not good, but I can learn. I think I've already learned lots from the last three days."

I got out of my chair and knelt beside her, taking her hands and looking into her lovely, big eyes. (What is it about vulnerability that's such a turn on? Probably just the protector in me.) "Ana, you're amazing. There isn't anything 'not good' about you."

"Really?" she asked, sounding unsure. "I just don't want you to get tired of me."

"That could never happen," I assured her. And I meant it. Out of all the women I'd been with (sixteen, by the way) Ana was, without a doubt in my mind, the best lover I'd had. I was sure I'd let her know that eventually . . . but not yet. It felt like it would be saying too much too soon. I didn't want to freak her out. You had to be careful in the beginning.

"Promise?" she asked in her small, timid voice.

I answered her with a kiss . . . a long, smoldering kiss that ended with both of us breathless and my cock uncomfortably hard in my jeans. I shifted, trying to rearrange myself without being obvious about it, but she noticed.

"I can help you with that," she suggested, smiling sweetly. Her combination of innocent and sexy was so fucking hot . . . god, this girl was going to drive me crazy. But in a good way.

"I know just what I want," I whispered, standing and offering my hand. I led her to the bed and helped her to get undressed, carefully removing her glasses and setting them on the bedside table. Then I took off my own shirt and jeans. She looked so alluring standing beside the bed, completely naked, looking shyly and wide-eyed at me. She was covering her breasts with her arm, her other hand between her legs. She was still so timid about being seen undressed, even after all we'd done together. "Ana, you're so beautiful," I said softly, taking her in my arms and kissing her soft neck. I ran my hands down her sides to her curvy hips. I don't know why, but my hands always seem to go there on a woman, especially during sex. I ran my hands around and gripped her full, soft ass. She murmured her enjoyment, sighing as my hand spread her legs a bit to touch her already-wet slit.

I lay her down on the bed and kissed her all over, starting at her neck, then to the shoulder, down to her round, supple tits, down and down. Losing control, I started licking her pussy, all around the lips, my tongue dipping inside and then up to tease her clit. She spread her legs wider as she came, her wetness flowing over my chin. She voiced her pleasure and I looked up to see her gripping her own tits, toying with her hard nipples, tweaking them. I set back to work, lapping up her juices, licking into her canal as far as my tongue would go. I replaced my tongue with my finger, which could make it much further inside. Then I twisted my finger around, seeking her g-spot, my tongue returning to her clit. Her moans became gasps as she felt something new building up.

She squirmed and grabbed my hair, almost like she was trying to pull my head away. I kept it where it was, though, moving my tongue and finger faster. "Mike," she gasped desperately. "Oh. Oh Mike! Ohhhhh!" She howled as she came, and to my surprise, she squirted as I removed my finger. She was bucking on the bed as she experienced the biggest orgasm of that weekend. I let her recover from it, gently licking up her sweet cum. "Ohhh. Oh shit," she mumbled, finally coming down.

I continued collecting her fluids, noticing some had dripped down towards her bottom. I followed the stream with my tongue, not even noticing at first that I'd somehow ended up licking around her asshole. When I did notice, I gently poked my tongue in, just the tip, to see what reaction I'd get. "Unh. Ohhh. Mike?" she murmured, propping herself up on her elbows. "What are you . . . ohhh?" I'd interrupted her question by inserting more of my tongue.

"Have you ever tried this before?" I asked.

"N—no," she mumbled. "Never."

I stuck my tongue back in and she gasped again. Then I replaced my tongue with my finger, not putting it in, just rubbing around her tight rosebud. "Want me to stop? Just say so, Ana. I don't mind." I teasingly rubbed closer to her hole, acting for a moment as though my finger were going to dip inside before going back to rubbing around the area.

"No. T—that . . . feels good. Maybe just a little?" she whispered, lying back and throwing her arm over her eyes.

"You got it," I whispered back, sticking my finger in my mouth to moisten it. I slowly but firmly pressed my finger against her bud, and as I did so, my mouth returned to her dripping and hot cunt, running up her parted slit to her still-rigid clit. She moaned as I continued toying with her nub, my finger slowly but steadily sliding into her ass. It was so tight . . . too tight to get all the way in. I hadn't even thought of trying this with her—it had just been a whim. But now that my finger was making its careful way inside, I was becoming more and more curious. Could I get my cock in there? Would that be something she'd like? Not all women did, but the ones who'd asked me to fuck them there had really enjoyed it. (I was never the instigator in those cases. To me, anal was something the woman had to ask for.) It wasn't a huge turn-on for me, but I did find it arousing. Kinky and dirty.

"Oh. Oh my," she gasped. I had slid my finger out, still slow, but a little faster than it had entered. I'd gotten it maybe an inch in.

"Want to try more of my finger?" I asked, leaning up to steal a quick kiss from her. My cock was straining against my shorts, so I stood up to pull them off.

"Yeah. I want more," she said softly, looking up at me with a burning look of lust. Looked like I'd piqued her interest.

I smiled as an answer and went to the bedside table where I'd left the bottle of massage oil. It was normal oil, not the kind that heated up, and I silently thanked myself for not getting the wrong kind. (Not that I ever would have suspected I'd be using it for this!) I brought the bottle back to the bed and dripped a little onto her hole, spreading it around with my finger, getting it all slick.

As I started to slide my finger in, she reacted favorably, wiggling her bottom to help me along. "Mmmm," she moaned as my finger made it all the way in. I didn't pull it back out at first, just wiggled it around inside a little, enjoying her sounds of pleasure as they grew louder, more desperate. The sensation was making her want to cum, so I helped her along, returning my mouth to her cunt. I licked her as my finger continued to vibrate inside her ass.

"Oh. Ohhh. OHH!" she shrieked, cumming suddenly. Her chasm gripped my finger and more wetness seeped from her slit. Once she was done, I started moving my finger, slowly at first, then a little faster. "Oh. Ohh yesssss," she hissed, starting to move with me. Dripping a bit more oil onto my middle finger, I added the second finger to the next inward push. "Ah. Oh fuck," she cried, cumming again, this time from just the stimulation of my fingers buried in her ass. When her orgasm trailed off, she opened her eyes and blinked up at me, her face drunk with lust and pleasure. "Mike? Please. Please . . . "

"Please what, Ana?" I asked.

"Please fuck me there. I want your cock. In me . . . please."

Mmm, begging. What guy could say no to that? "You want it in your ass, Ana?"

She nodded, looking both nervous and unbearably excited. It was an interesting mix.

"Then turn over, honey," I whispered, pulling my fingers out gently and helping her to roll over onto her stomach. Without further prompting, she spread her beautiful legs and tilted her ass up, readying herself for my cock. I spread more of the oil around her asshole and then coated my cock with it. I felt harder than ever with the anticipation. Ana looked over her shoulder at me, her expression still nervous. "Will it hurt?" she asked softly.

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