tagIncest/TabooHeather Ch. 15

Heather Ch. 15


All the characters in this story are over 18. It is set in England, so the words used are English not American. And this story continues after Heather Chapter 14...


It was a couple of weeks later when I got back from school, and heard voices as I walked up the hall. Maybe no-one had heard me come home? I was about to shout 'hello' before going up to change, when I recognised the voices in the kitchen. It was Heather who was talking, then I heard Joan's voice, then my mum Betty's. But what were the three of them talking about? I decided I had to hear, so crept towards the door, straining to listen. There was a second door to the dining room just next to the kitchen door, so I gently opened it and hid inside, my heart pounding. What could they be talking about? Were all my secrets being revealed?

"Well we can't talk about it for long, because he'll be home from school soon." my mother was saying.

"OK - it's just that I was wondering if you'd noticed if he'd had any wet dreams yet?" That was Heather's voice, "because he's a big lad now, and I read somewhere that boys of his age should be getting sexually active. I know it seems strange, but that's what it said."

What was she saying? Maybe she was getting herself excited by talking about it. "Well, Brian certainly has!" said Joan. "He used to be messing the sheets several times a week before I started jiggling him, and that was over 6 months ago, so I'm sure Andrew must be doing it too."

"Goodness," said my mother, "several time a week! I have noticed a few patches on Andrew's sheets, but not that much. And what's this jiggling you do with Brian?"

"Well, you know," started Joan, suddenly embarrassed, "I just use my hand on him, to get rid of his excesses, you know."

"You mean you play with him with your hand?" asked Heather, excitedly. "All the way till he squirts? You naughty thing! But 'jiggling' is such a good word for it, Joan, much better than those rude words that boys use for it."

"Do you really make him, you know, squirt?" joined in my mother, sounding very surprised.

"Well it's only like when I do Don," explained Joan, more calmly. Don was her husband.

"When I don't want him pestering me in bed, I often give him a quickie with my hand as it gets rid of his excess and keeps him quiet. I'm sure both you girls do your hubbies in the same way, don't you?"

There was a pause, while I guess heads were embarrassingly being nodded.

"Mmm," agreed Heather. "I do Ken that way as a little treat, or if it's the wrong time of the month - or if I can't be bothered!" and she giggled. There was another pause, when they must have been looking at my mum. "Well, yes, I've done Charles that way too, so I know what you're talking about, Joan."

"I just thought," Joan continued, "that I didn't want all this extra washing with Brian's sheets being dirty all the time, so once he's in bed it's much easier to lie him on his back and jiggle him, then wipe up his excess with tissues. No mess on the sheets! And it's over in a jiffy too because he does cum so quickly! It's not like Don where he seems to take ages, and sometimes my arm really aches."

"Well!" said my mother, "I don't know what to say! I don't think I could do that with Andrew - it would seem so strange! Does Brian like it? And what does Don say?"

"Brian certainly likes it - he can't wait to get to bed now. And he's good as gold around the house too - helping me with the dishes, anything really to get on my good side so he can have a nice jiggle later. And as for Don, as long as he's getting his own, he doesn't really care. I tell him I going to jiggle Brian once he's gone to bed, and all Don does is say things like ' lucky boy' or 'I hope it's me soon!' while he watches the telly. So he's not bothered at all. And although it was a bit strange the very first time, now it feels just the most natural thing in the world for a mother to do with her son. I just kneel down to kiss him goodnight, and slip a hand under the sheets. He's always hard as a board, ready for me, so I just give him some firm strokes, holding the covers up so they don't get splashed and I can see what's going on, and in a couple of ticks I'm pumping his excess out all over his tummy. And he does sleep so well afterwards too!"

"But - Andrew came over to stop with you the other week..." it was my mother again, clearly anxious. "You said something on the phone, Joan, but I had no idea what you meant!"

"Well I hope you don't mind me not asking you first, but I gave him a little jiggle too. It didn't seem right for me to do Don and Brian and not offer our guest the same treat. Andrew was very easy, and clearly loved it too - he was making enough noise to wake the neighbours until I told him to be quiet! And you should be very proud of him, Betty, because he's got a beautifully big dicky. It's bigger the Brian's by far - nearly the same size as Don's, and very very hard! And he does love looking at sweaters, doesn't he? He couldn't take his eyes off my breasts when I was jiggling him!"

"Well you take my breath away, Joan!" said my mother. "You've been 'jiggling' my boy - no wonder he wanted to go and stop with you again so soon! And he likes looking at your bosom too?"

"I don't think you should get upset about it," butted in Heather, "After all, it's a very important part of boy's growing up - and if Joan is helping him along, that'll make things much easier for him later when he goes out with girl friends of his own. If I'd got a son instead of two daughters, I'm sure I'd do the same thing. It just seems a sensible way of helping a boy to grow up. And yes, I've noticed how he does like looking at my breasts, especially if I'm wearing a tight cardigan. I think it's quite cute, the way he ogles me - it certainly makes me feel good! "

"Well..." said my mother, "I suppose I see your point about jiggling, Heather. It's just so much of a shock that Joan's jiggled him already, and I didn't even realise he was, err, doing that sort of thing."

"I'm sorry," said Joan, "it was just so natural I didn't really think to ask. But it's good that we can all talk about it in the open now. At least around the table - it's not the kind of thing to discuss at the school gates, is it?"

"No," said Heather, "but I'm so glad I asked the question in the first place! And Andrew is a very big for his age, isn't he. So he's probably been having wet dreams for ages... In fact when he stopped over at my house that time, I'm sure the sheets looked a bit messy afterwards. Just think - I could have jiggled him then if only I'd known!"

My heart was beating hard now, knowing what she'd actually been doing to me for these past months, and here she was pretending that I might have had a wet dream once! My cock was twitching with all this talk of jiggling, and I tried to visualize the three of them as they sat around the table, calmly talking about helping boys to cum. I was sure they'd all be wearing sweaters, so imagined their breasts looking so nicely rounded under the tight wool...

Heather's would be the fullest given her dumpy nature, then my mum's I guessed, as she was also quite a stocky build. Then Joan would be the smallest of the three, but even she had nice rounded breasts, as I remembered her jiggling me, and hardened more.

"Actually," it was Heather's voice again, "I'd quite like him to come over to spend the night with me, so I could give him a jiggle him too. Do you think that might be good for him, to have another lady jiggle him? Then I could tell you what it was like, Betty, and you could do him yourself afterwards if you wanted..."

"Well I did see him in the bathroom only last week," said my mother, to my surprise, "and couldn't believe my eyes as he was naked and standing to attention - he was just so very big. He tried to hide it with a towel, but I'd seen it well enough. When I used to give him his bath I kept an eye on him growing, but since his teens he's not wanted me bathing him, so I've not seen him big and hard like that before."

"Goodness, look at the time!" said Joan, "I must dash! If you want me to stop jiggling him I will, but I really think he likes it, so no harm's done. And why don't you try it yourself, Betty, or let Heather have a go? Anyway, let's talk again soon. Bye now!"

I heard the noise of chairs moving, so quickly hid back in the dining room, peeking out to see Joan as she came out of the kitchen, wearing the same cardigan as when she tossed me the other week, followed by my mother in a bright pink round-neck cardigan. They both went to the front door where my mother showed her out before going back in the kitchen.

"Well!" said my mother as she went back in and sat down. "That was a bit of a bombshell, I must say. Do you really think it's right, this jiggling that Joan's doing?"

"Of course!" said Heather. "If it wasn't for jiggling I dare say Brian would be reading all those dirty mags that boys seem to love looking at. And that's a risk for Andrew too, I suppose. Have you seen anything like that under his bed or hidden in a drawer?" My heart stopped for the seconds it took for my mother to reply. Had she found my secret stash of pictures and magazines? Did she spot Heather's sweater that time she'd lent me one to cum over?

"Well I've not really looked." replied my mother, to my great relief. "He may have something, but I don't think so. He's not that sort of boy."

"That's good then." Heather seemed relieved too. "So what do you think about Andrew coming round to stop the night with me? Ken's working nights this week and my two go to bed really early, so he could have the spare room and I could have a go jiggling him. I'd wear a nice tight cardigan for him - and of course I'd let you know all about it, Betty."

"I'm not sure..." said my mother.

"Shall we ask him when he gets in?"

"Oh no, Heather, we shouldn't talk about it in front of him! But I'm thinking that I'd rather you did him than me - and Joan too. I'd trust you to tell me all about it, but I'm not sure I trust Joan so much."

"Oh good!" said Heather, sounding excited. "Friday night will be best, and I'll make sure my two are in bed by 6.30. So you could send him round at 7, with a little overnight bag. You could just say I wanted some company in the evening, with Ken being on nights. How does that sound? Then I can tell you all about it on Saturday if I pop in for a chat."

"OK," agreed my mother, "I'll tell him you've felt lonely and ask if he minds stopping over at your house. And Friday is good because you won't have to get him ready for school the next day. Are you sure this is alright for you, Heather? It's not too much bother?"

"Of course it's fine!" I could imagine Heather smiling as she said it. "I'd love to give him a little treat for all the help he's given me over the last few months, and from what Joan says he won't take long. I can't wait to feel a young man's eager cock instead of Ken's old thing! But I'll tell you all the details on Saturday!"

"Thanks, Heather. That's really kind of you." said my mother.

"And I really must be going too," said Heather, "It certainly sounds as though Andrew's growing up well - and it will be lovely to help him along. It's only a couple of days away! Bye for now, Betty."

Then there was more noise of chairs moving and I hid back again as Heather came out of the kitchen, wearing her white cable-knit cardigan and looking as arousing as ever. I waited while my mother showed her out and went back in the kitchen, before I slipped out of my hiding point with a raging hard-on. Fancy, my mother had agreed to Heather giving me a wank! And then Heather was going to tell her all about it!

I crept to the front door, waited a few moments then opened it and shut it as loudly as I could, without slamming it, and shouted "Hello, I'm home!" "Hello, love." said my mother, when we met in the kitchen. "How was school today?"

"Oh it was OK," I replied, "nothing special."

It seemed like my mum was looking at me differently, and I saw her eyes focus on my groin. I was somehow more attracted to her pink cardigan too, and the way the wool showed off her breasts as she pulled her shoulders back. My erection throbbed - I just had to go and relieve myself.

"I'll just go and get changed." I said, "And I'll have a shower too."

Once I was upstairs and in the bathroom I stripped off quickly, putting the shower on so the water could run hot. Then I went to the airing cupboard in the corner, where my mum kept her underwear as well as the clean sheets. Soon I'd found a pair of her panties, so pulled them out. They were cotton, with little lacy holes all over - just like the ones Heather wore - and felt so soft to my fingers. While the shower sprayed water in the empty bath, I felt pure delight as I stroked her panties up and down my cock. God this was going to be a good one! I'd left the door open a little, half wondering if mum would sneak up to watch me, if she was that interested in my jiggling. And sure enough I soon heard the sounds of creaking floorboards just outside the door. So I angled my body so it was facing the shower, with the door to my left, knowing that gave a nice profile view as my right hand moved up and down my hard shaft. Would she really come and look at me wanking?

I kind of glimpsed a figure, through the crack in the door, but wasn't really sure. But it made my cumming that much more powerful, knowing I could be showing off to her. I kept up my hand movements, up and down, up and down, and my excitement grew to a fever pitch. Suddenly I realised I'd have to catch my cum in something - and it would have to be mum's panties. So I held them in my other hand and pumped myself like crazy as my cum splashed all over her panties, making creamy streaks and puddles all over the clean white cotton. As I continued my pumping to get every last drop out, I casually looked towards the door. In the half light I saw my mum, stroking her breast over her jumper, with her eyes half shut. Maybe she did enjoy it too! Whatever was to come next?

After my official jiggling with Heather, of course.

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