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Heather in Blue


It was just a brief glance and it didn't register at first then some of my synapses clicked in. "HEATHER MY HEATHER!" It screamed inside my brain.

This was a little joke that we had with each other at work. God how I missed her after she quit to raise her kids. She helped make the day go faster.

When we stood together it was the oddest sight I am sure. Her five foot eleven inches of fine tuned womanhood.

Me, I stood about five feet eight inches and was the real life Pillsbury doughboy. What we had was friendship. I knew it would never go further then what it was. She was married and I honor that a lot.

But then not soon after she left, she divorced her ass of a husband. Found out he was fooling around on her and verbally abusing her.

That raised my ire more than anything else. But that was in the past and the last time that I saw her, she looked great. Tall, tan and toned. Her brown hair still hung at shoulder length.

Her soft green eyes twinkled as she saw me and she smiled that wonderful smile of hers. The best description of Heather I could ever give someone is simple. Hilary Swank but taller and slightly more beautiful.

We chatted for a bit till it was time to cash out and I let her go first.

"Always the Gentleman Mike!" She said.

I just nodded.

While she went to get her credit card, she also found her business card and jotted down her cell phone number on the back.

"I need to pick up my kids but call me, we can chat." She said.

I told her I would and she headed out the door. I turned and watched her walk away.

She looked back and mouthed the words "Call me" I said I will.

I waited a couple of days and then called her around lunch time."

"Busy or do you have time?" I asked.

"I have just a few and then I have a meeting at 12:30!" She said.

"Heather, you know our conversations last more than half an hour!" I teased her.

"Yeah I know!" She exclaimed.

I asked how old her kids were now and she told me that John Jr. was 10 an Annie was 8.

"I can't believe that they are that old, seems like just yesterday, they were starting to walk and talk." I said to here.

"Yes and they are good kids, John is athletic like his dad, but Annie is so not like me at all, All prim and proper." She laughed at that.

"Oh shit I got to go Mike!" "She exclaimed "I willcallyoulater!" She said exasperated. "Later Heath!" I started to say as hung up her phone.

The rest of my work day was uneventful and sort of dragged.

I went home and fixed up a TV dinner. I was sitting watching reruns of Two and a half men. When you are limited to 200 channels you don't get many choices to watch a good show.

My cell phone rang and I picked it up. It took me a second to recognize that it was Heather calling me.

"Hey You!" I said with a bit of gladness in my voice.

"Mike, sorry about this afternoon." She said "We have a potential client we are trying to land and I had to be there."

"So did they sign?" I* asked.

"I think we are close, he seemed to like my marketing presentation. " She sounded a bit excited.

We chatted a bit more and I found out that she was coaching the local girl's basketball team. 3 more games and they would win the State Tournament

I asked her if she wouldn't mind me coming and watching her. But she said I shouldn't because she would be very nervous as it was and having me there might be a distraction.

I told her I would respect her wishes. This seems to make her happy.

We talked till midnight as she started yawning on the other end of the line. We said our good nights.

The next morning I woke up refreshed.

I knew I so wanted to date her but what with the kids and her tournament. I knew this was out of the question for awhile.

We talked like every other day when we both had some free time.

"Mike, Mike!" She screamed in the phone "We won! " She was almost out of breath when she called me.

"I can't stay on the phone long because I am taking the girls out for pizza but we did it." She screamed.

"HEATHER that is wonderful sweetheart!" I told her.

"I will call you tomorrow Mike okay?" Heather said

"I look forward to hearing all about it Heather, enjoy" I said

I watched the local news and saw the recap of her win. I felt so proud of her and her girls. I knew from our talks that they worked so hard to get where they did. And it was no easy win. They had to face the toughest team in the state.

I was half awake lying in bed the next morning debating on going into work or playing hooky. My doorbell rang and I put on my robe to answer the door.

There stood Heather still in the clothes I saw her wearing on TV last night.

"What are you doing......." I said

"Mike I am so on top of the world. " Heather said. "My boss called me right after the game and told me that we got the contract. He gave me the day off with pay."

She hugged me tight and then kissed the top of my forehead.

"I want to spend the day with you!" She said. "Can you get the day off?"

"Actually Heather, I was debating on playing hooky or not, you just made up my mind!" I said.

"Wonderful Mike, now go take a shower and get dressed we are going out to breakfast." She commanded.

I saluted her and walked away.

Believe you, me I took one of the quickest showers on record.

We went to the local diner and had a nice breakfast. Then we took a nice walk around town and just enjoyed ourselves.

Her cell phone rang while we stopped for lunch. It was the athletic director.

"Really!" She said. "No way!" No way! "She kept repeating. Yes Manny thank you for calling "

She started to jump up and down and hugging me. Once she caught her breath she told me what the phone call was all about.

"Well?" I looked at her quizzically.

"I have been named coach of the year. There is a banquet in a couple of weeks. "She said breathlessly

"Wonderful Heather! " I told her

"Mike I need a date would you like to go with me!" She asked.

I hesitated and she started to pout. I flicked my finger over her lips.

"Don't pout angel, I will gladly go with you. " I told her

"So much to do, I need a new dress and shoes." She said as she grabbed my hand and guided me to the dress shop.

After 3 hours of her trying on dress after dress she decided on this blue floor length sequin number. It looked really great on her.

"Do you need a tux Mike?" She asked.

I told her I did as I didn't get much call for such formal attire, these days. So off we went in to the local tuxedo store.

The night of the event I picked her up and gave her a nice corsage.

It was your typical awards banquet. It dragged on forever.

Heather looked bored at the head table. But when her name was called she went up and accepted her plaque and made a small speech.

After it was all done, a few of her colleagues wanted to continue the night at a local bar.

"Heather are you going with us?" One jock asked her.

"No Ricky, I think I have had enough of partying for tonight!" She said as she grabbed my arm.

"Come on Heather, don't be a party pooper!" Ricky said.

"Nope going home!" She said and with that we both walked out of the banquet hall.

I drove Heather home and she invited me in for a few minutes. We chatted on her couch for a bit and the next thing I knew, the sun was shining in my eyes through her window. She came in and handed me a cup of coffee.

"Did you sleep well Mike?" She asked. "I know I did" She said with a little smile.

"I slept like a baby Heather my Heather." I said and smiled.

I left and went home to change out of my monkey suit. Then I hit the gym. While there I ran into some of Heathers friends.

Ricky came over and started talking to me. "So Dude did you bang Heather last night?" He asked.

"A gentleman never tells Ricky!" I said.

He sort of persisted but I didn't say yes or no.

I knew this pissed him off as the other guys who asked me whenever they saw me.

Yes Heather and I did date for awhile until she got an offer on the opposite coast being an assistant coach on the college woman's basketball team.

The night before she left, we had a quiet dinner and kissed.

Before I left her house I told her "Heather no matter where you go you will always have a special place in my heart.

She kissed me one last time and hugged me tight.

"I am so going to miss you Mike "She said.

I didn't hear from her for awhile till she got settled in. We texted and talked and the kids loved their new surroundings.

Once the basketball season started the text's started becoming few and far between.

She started dating a guy out there and they ended up getting married. I was invited to the wedding and went.

I congratulated them both.

During my dance with the Bride she whispered in my ear.

"You will always have a special place in my heart too Mike!"

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