tagIncest/TabooHeather, My Best Friend

Heather, My Best Friend


Heather was my sister, she's two years younger than me and we were close growing up. For every cheerleading competition or whatever, I was there for her, and she was always cheering me on during basketball and baseball season.

Because we were so close agewise, we were often at the same parties and school functions. People thought it was odd that we were so close, we'd hang out together when we were in public and she always wanted me to take her to the newest movie.

She was so cute, I always looked for girls like her when I went out. Heather was silly and I was sometimes serious, we had so much fun spending time together. Of course I loved her, she was my sister and we were great mates. But every once in a while, whether she'd be across the room and look at me and smile, or if we stayed up late to watch a movie sitting quite close, I'd get turned on. I'd try to brush it away, but it was rather trying; my girlfriend would kid with me that she had to pry me away from Heather and that I liked Heather more than her.

Heather was gorgeous, she was only 5'2" and had natural long blond hair and sweet blue eyes. She had this cute round face, with these big eyes and the nicest little bottom. You know what those short perfectly proportioned girls look like, a nice chest and flat tummy. Our parents were French immigrants, we grew up speaking English and French and were a very kissy family. It was natural that my sister would give me a peck on the lips or cheek when I dropped her off.

I knew that she loved me as a friend, she shared so many smiles with me in school or when we went out. The summer after she had graduated highschool and I was going into my second year of university my parents were going to spend the summer back with my grandparents in France. Heather and I wanted to stay home for a month or so before we joined them in Tours.

The night of Heather's Graduation party was the last night before our parents left. She and her friends got rather trashed and when she came home we just sort of danced in the living room until about 4 in the morning. Her breath smelled of alcohol and she was a bit tipsy but she just came into the living room and said she wanted to dance. So I held her close with her head on my shoulder, smelling her fruity shampoo, and we danced for a few hours.

If this was any other girl I would of known that we were going to make love, but still it was one of the sexiest things I've ever experienced, just swaying with her body right up against mine. When she got too tired to keep dancing she told me to put her in her bed, I scooped her up and she nestled her head against my chest and put her arms around my neck. I put her in her bed, tucked her under the covers, and kissed her forehead. As I left the room she whispered,

"I love you Steven, thank you for the best night."

The next morning, at some ungodly hour, I had to drive my parents to the airport. We said our good-byes, well we spoke to each other in French most of the time so we really didn't say our "Good-byes". Yeah ok. I returned home and made Heather breakfast at around 1 pm.

"Steven, we should go see that new movie tonight." I said, "What new movie?"

She replied, "I don't know, lets see a movie, just me and you, no Alison." Alison was my girlfriend at the time, the three of us would sometimes go together.

"Ok, honey, just the two of us." I said as I handed her her meal. Heather spoke, "Are you gonna take me camping this weekend? You said that we would go camping sometime this summer, I want to go soon. Please?"

"Yeah, I don't work this weekend..But I did promise Alison that we'd spend it together."

Heather got up and sat in my lap on the bench and put her head on my shoulder and said, "But you don't spend time with me anymore, your my favorite. This can be my graduation gift, it will beat all of the gifts I ever got."

I caved in and said that I would, we planned to hike the trails and camp at the national forest that wasn't quite 50 km away. Now I just had to tell Alison that I would be breaking off our plans for the weekend, she was quite disappointed when I told her and mockingly said,

"Well baby, it looks like you're going to be mighty lonely up their in that scary forest with your little sister."

I knew she was kidding but I almost replied with something that would of gotten us into a fight, we spent that Thursday night together and I went home and fell asleep. That Friday morning Heather woke me up by jumping on me and yelling in French,

"Wake up hunky brother." There's something lost in the translation. We enjoyed talking to each other in French in public and at home because we felt secretive, like we were in our own little world. People would sometimes get angry with us and be like,

"What the hell are you talking about, that's not fair."

Heather was all ready to go, she had a light blue bandanna over her golden pigtails, a small little white tee shirt, skimpy wind breaker type hiking shorts, and her white tennis shoes. I got ready, took a shower and got the rest of the stuff packed in the car. We left around noon and got to the camping area at about 2 pm. During the car ride when there were moments of silence I would sneak a peek at her pretty legs and she would catch me and smile. It didn't seem like anything embarrassing.

We pulled into the site and it was pretty secluded at the base of a good sized mountain, there wasn't anyone in sight. We set up camp and pitched our cozy little dome tent, then went for a nice walk. When she was ahead of me climbing up a rock I could see her little green thong peeking up above her tiny green shorts. I was building a major hard on when we finally stopped to sit down and take some photos.

I tried to cover up, but it had to be obvious that I had a hard on. She looked over at me sitting on this boulder and laughed, "You must really like this mountain air, honey." I blushed and looked away, she giggled. We took the pictures and headed back to our site.

I made a roaring fire, of course that's what guys have to do, build the largest most ridiculous fire possible. Heather made fun of my trying to act manly and said things like,

"Steven, it is only me, you don't have to prove your manhood."

So I laughed and wrestled her to the ground and we play fought for a while until we got tired. It was getting dark by now, the first stars were out, we just laid there in the grass next to each other and stared straight up. Heather nestled in close and we lay there by the fire for at least an hour or so, with her arm around my waste and her head laying in the crevice of my arm.

"Merci." Heather finally spoke.

"Huh, what for?" I replied.

"For being my best of friends, mon amour"

I got up on my elbow and just stared into her tinkling blue eyes and pretty round face. I simply said, "I love you honey." and smiled. She leapt up and kissed my lips, this wasn't a sisterly kiss, this was a 'I need you now' kind of kiss. I made out with her for a few minutes before I pulled away and asked,

"Heather, are you sure about this?"

Her little voice responded, "oui." and she blew in my ear and nibbled the lobe. This whole time she's saying what amounts to, "I've wanted you for so long, I need you tonight, you are my one true love."

I kissed her neck and told her how long I've wanted her and have waited on her every word and would do anything she asked. She said that it was too cold out in the wind and stood up, grabbing my hand, and lead me to our tent. She put our two sleeping bags opened up on top of each other and took off her little white tee. Her pretty chest was illuminated in the moon light, since we had the top rain cover off of our tent.

Her green bra matched her thong that I had seen earlier. She pulled her shorts down while I took off my shirt, she bit her lip and waited for me. I moved in and unfastened her bra and let it fall to the floor, she had a gorgeous rack. I kissed her neck and made my way to her left breast while my hand massaged her right one. She moaned softly as I took her nipple in my mouth and played with it.

While I suckled her breasts she was undoing my pants and we were both kneeling at the same time. After I got my pants off I laid her on her back and continued to kiss her breasts. She rubbed her hands up and down my back and pushed gently on my shoulders. I knew what she wanted, I slid her little thong down her thighs and off of her, I witnessed a glorious sight, in true French fashion she had just the slightest strip of hair above her vagina, she had an attractive, small, concealed pussy.

I smelt her thong and she smiled, it smelt very womanly. I then pushed her soft legs up and she spread her knees so I could please her better. I blew up and down her slit then dove in and licked passionately at her labia. She kept whispering, "Oui, mon amour" and I nibbled on her clit and made her moan even deeper. There is no one better at oral sex then the French, it is a favored past time.

I sucked and licked at her vagina for minutes before she came and sighed with relief. She sat up then and smiled, kissing my neck as she slid off my boxer shorts. My dick stood ready and eager. Heather went down and kissed the tip of it with her little lips, I had my hand in her hair and brushed off her bandanna. She took half of my dick in her mouth and gently bobbed up and down in a nice routine.

I just ran my head along her pig tails and played with her silky blond hair as she gave me head. She turned her head sideways and licked the length of my shaft before taking the head back in her mouth. She sucked the head and I told her I was going to cum. She just kept sucking as I got a light feeling in my stomach and blew my load into her mouth and down her throat. She kept nursing it until she had swallowed every drop, nothing escaped her mouth. She kneeled and kissed me deep.

She could taste her pussy on my mouth and I could taste the cum in hers, we tongue kissed like this for several minutes while she jacked my cock in her tiny hand. I was hard in no time, she told me to lay down and I did. My cock was pointing straight up when she squatted over me and slowly inserted the tip then the rest of the shaft into her tight little coochie. When my dick was all the way into her she leaned forward, putting her hands on my chest, to get used to the feeling. Then she started to hump her ass back while I held her hips and pushed as deep as I could into her.

She was just moaning, "oui, oui." and I was telling her how much I loved her and how gorgeous she was. As she fucked me deeply the pasce quickened and we were going at it full on. She then told me that she wanted to be on the bottom and my dick never left her snatch as we turned over. She wrapped her legs around my back lifting her round butt off the sleeping bag as I fucked her.

Our breathing was now quite heavy and we were speaking/moaning and going at it like nothing else in the world mattered. She came at the same time I did and we were in heaven, she screamed and told me that she wanted me every night and every morning. I pulled my empty dick out of her vagina and a trail of fluid ran down her butt to the sleeping bags.

We lay there in each others arms for a bit before we were at it again, this time I took her doggie style and held her now un-ponytailed hair in my hand as I drove into her. I came in her again and we collapsed on the floor. She looked amazing with her hair down in a just fucked bliss.

When we awoke the sun was just about to climb over the mountains. I put her on her hands and knees and licked her ass and butthole until she came. We had an amazing camping adventure.

Heather and I slept together just about every night in our parents bed that month. At parties we would sneak off together and spent so much time in each others company, i broke up with my girlfriend soon. When it was time to leave for Tours we were disappointed that we wouldn't be able to sleep in the same bed anymore, but the adventure was still just beginning, Heather had been accepted to the Universite and I was looking to transfer. If things went right we'd be going to school and living together in France, where nobody would know that we were brother and sister.

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