tagInterracial LoveHeather's Fantasies

Heather's Fantasies


Sweet Heather was an 18 year old senior in high school, she had a boyfriend and that was her only sexual experience, except when the blue-eyed-blond masturbated to her favorite fantasy. She squeezed her 34C breast as she read interracial sex stories on the web. She longed to be taken by a black stud or a dominating black sex goddess or better yet, to be fucked by both! Heather fantasized about sex with blacks all of the time; she was obsessed with the fantasy of having sex with blacks. The 5'5" blond cheerleader really got excited when she involved her family in her fantasies.

A couple of months ago her parents sold their farm and moved to the outskirts of a big city. While living on the farm Heather rarely got a chance to see a black person, let alone get to know one, now there is a black family living right next door to them! Heather's mom and sister went shopping, her father was on the road, when he sold the farm he bought a truck and went into business for himself. Heather was glad that they moved, but missed her father; he was on the road most of the time.

It was a beautiful morning and Heather decided to get some sun. She was lounging by the pool when she heard a deep voice boom, "Hi gorgeous, you sure look fine today!" Heather looked up and saw Deshawn leaning on the wall that separated the two houses. Deshawn was the 20yr. old black man that lived next door with his three brothers, two sisters and parents. Heather could feel her heart flutter and her pussy twitch; she found him to be so handsome and sexy.

The young blond girl invited the 6'3" stud to join her. Deshawn jumped over the fence and thanked her. Heather went in the house and returned with two sodas for them. They talked for a while and when he saw the pretty blond white girl trembling, he took her in his strong arms and asked her if she was cold. Heather blushed and confessed, " No, I'm not cold; it's just that you are so damn sexy, I'm sorry but I just can't help it. You turn me on so much, you are the most handsome man I have ever seen!"

The tall black man held her tight, brushed his hand thru her long blond hair and pressed his thick lips to hers. The white girl melted like a marshmallow on the fire, goose bumps covered her entire body and the tingle in her little pink pussy triggered the release of her liquid love juice! She could feel the runny sap dripping from her hot hole. Heather moaned in lust when his big black hands squeezed her shapely buttocks. She became dizzy and was prepared to submit to him totally. She could feel his stiff cock pressing against her tummy and reached down to touch it.

Suddenly a scream interrupted them, "Just what do you think you are doing? Young man, go home, and Heather, get in the house, I will deal with you later. Wait in the house for me, I am going to talk to his parents!" Heather ran into the house sobbing, her 19 yr. old sister went with her. Her head rested on her sister's 34C tits as she asked how her mother could be so mean. Over an hour passed and they wondered why their mother had not returned. Heather told her sister Kathy to wait in the house and she was going to check and see what was taking her mom so long.

Still clad in her tiny bikini, heather knocked on the door but there was no answer. She heard loud rap music coming from the rear of the house and decided to walk around to the back door. She was startled when she heard noises coming from an open window and looked in. She gasped at what she saw; she could not believe her eyes. Her mother had her face buried in a hairy black cunt and her new boyfriend was fucking her mother from the rear. Heather was both disgusted and excited at the lewd display; an amazonian black woman with the biggest tits that she had ever seen was sitting on a chair with her legs spread wide pressing her mom's face to her hairy pussy and Deshawn was fucking her hard with his 11" love pole. Heather was watching the sex show so intensely that she did not know anyone was behind her until she felt a large body press against her and black arms wrapped around her. She moaned when he squeezed her tits and whispered in her ear, "Looks like I caught me a little voyeur; you like watching your mom eating my wife's pussy while my son pounds her sloppy white cunt, don't you bitch?"

"I...I..guess, I know that I shouldn't but it turns me on so much!" The man placed his other hand on her smoldering pussy and inserted two fingers in her tight little pussy.

"Damn, your fucking white cunt is soaked; you need a big black hose to put out the fire. Well, little girl, you are in luck, feel my hose and tell me if you think it is big enough?"

He guided her hand to his crouch, she grabbed hold of his big cock and exclaimed, "Oh my god!!! It's soooo bigggg!!!"

The large black man turned the stunned white girl around and pushed Heather to her knees and demanded, "Open my fly and take it out little girl; I'm going to give you exactly what you need to put out that fire between your legs!" Heather nervously tugged down the zipper and was in awe of the monster that she had freed from its cage. It was not hard yet and was at least 8" and very thick, the trembling white girl squeezed the black snake and looked up at the black man with lust in her blue eyes.

"Now baby, put my cock in your sweet little mouth, kiss and suck it before I fuck you good!" The little white girl stroked the big black shaft and moved her lips to the monster's head and tenderly kissed it, she kissed down the shaft and cupped his ball sack as she put the big black cock in her mouth. She tried to swallow up his entire shaft but it was an impossible task. Heather sucked with vigor, saliva dripped down her chin, she gasped for breath and then she felt the throbbing cock explode in her mouth. She desperately tried to swallow it all but the white creamy cum leaked thru her lips and down to her little tits. The man helped Heather to her feet and took her in the house, thru the back door.

They walked in a room and there was her mother sucking three huge black cocks. Deshawn and his two brothers were fucking her mom's face and telling her what a good little white cock-sucking slut she was. Deshawn's mother was finger fucking her sloppy cunt while she watched her sons debase the 39yr. old white housewife. The father said, "Look what I found, a peeping-pussy; she was outside watching her mom's deviant display. Get on your knees, slut, and clean my dick with your mouth!" Heather eagerly complied and licked him clean and looked up at him adoringly as his throbbing cock grew again to a rock hard 13"

He pulled her over to his wife and told her to eat mommy's pussy. The long curly black pubic hair tickled her face, she sniffed in the intoxicating aroma of the aroused pussy and marveled at the thick lips and stiff clit of the hairy pussy in her face! She screamed as the big dick entered her tight pussy. Her mom was still slobbering all over the three black cocks. As he plunged his cock deeper into her stretching cunt, the black sex goddess pressed her white face to the big black pussy. She was moaning and trying to talk but the sopping cunt in her face muffled her words; she sounded like she was in a canyon. After a hot load of cum was shot up her love hole and her face was coated with girl cum, Heather collapsed on the carpet from exhaustion. Her mother was on her back and the brothers took turns fucking her now stretched cunt.

The black woman lifted Heather up and sat the white girl on her lap. "I know that you like watching my son's fucking your mother! She came in here and demanded that I learn to control my son. I was going to kick the shit out of the snobby bitch but I decided to win her over with love instead. I am glad I did because your mother is a great cunt lapper and she will come in handy for my horny boys. Then you come over here, give my husband a blowjob, and fuck his brains out! Now, I will not make you pay for fucking with my husband if you join your mom as our family fuck sluts. Start by sucking my tits and cunt, show mommy how much you like my black pussy!"

Heather nibbled on the rubbery nipples and kissed her way down to the hairy cunt. The domineering black woman pressed her face so hard into her steaming cunt that Heather could hardly breathe; her nose was in the big black hole and the dam broke, and a river of love juice and cum almost drowned the little white cunt lapper. "Good girl, mommy likes the way you eat her pussy, you have a fucking mouth like a vacuum cleaner. I love it, you are definitely a better muff-muncher than your mother, tell me little girl, have you ever eaten pussy before?"

"Only with one of the other cheerleaders at school!" Heather was shoved to the floor, Deshawn and his brothers quickly came over and fucked the little white girl. Heather's mom was greedily slurping on the father's giant black cock.

Only after everyone was spent did the voluptuous black woman tell the mother and daughter to "Go on home." As they were leaving she said, "Oh, by the way, my name is Helen and my husband's name is Sam. We are planning a trip tomorrow, it's only sixty miles, we are going to have some fun and I want you to come with us, and oh yes, mom, bring your other daughter!"

Once in the house mom said. "I don't know what came over me, I feel like a cheap whore; I've never acted like such a slut before."

Heather was filled with glee, her fantasies finally all came true and she loved it. "Mom, let's face it, we are both sluts for big black cocks, don't fight it, just enjoy yourself." They wondered if Kathy should be told or if it would be better to say nothing at all.

The following day the three ladies walked to their friendly neighbor's house and were ushered to the living room. Everyone was introduced and Helen served ice-tea, she grinned when she told mom that Kathy would be staying home to keep her sons company.

They piled in the car, Heather sat in the back with Helen, and her mom sat in the front with Sam. Mom worriedly inquired, "What are your sons going to do with Kathy? She is a good girl. I'm so worried about her being alone with them!"

"Don't worry, and stop asking stupid questions, you know damn well what they are going to do with her, she will be made into a black cock slut, just like you. No doubt, she is sucking the big cocks as we speak. Very soon, she will experience the thrill of having a big black cock stuffed up her tight little white cunt. By the time we get home she will be a willing slut for black cock. I will let Sam fuck her and will introduce her to black pussy. I'm sure she will thank you for leaving her to become a cock-sucking-fuck-slut; I know the boys will want to thank you too!" Helen laughed at mom's shocked look after she made the statement.

The car came to a stop in the driveway of a small house off a dirt road. Sam told them that they used this house to get away from it all, he told them about a near by lake that was fabulous for swimming and fishing, "But we're not here for that, people come here to party, there is always lots of action, they even have strippers during the day. Oh yeah, the town is all black and I am sure that a blond mother and daughter will be a big hit with the party crowd."

Nancy called the girls into the bedroom, told them to strip and put on the clothes that were laid out on the bed for them. Mom and daughter complained that they would look like cheap whores wearing the super-short black mini-skirts, tiny red tops, black mesh stockings with garters and red high-heels. Once they had changed, Helen led the girls into the bathroom and applied thick red lipstick and long eyelashes. Back in the bedroom, mother and daughter looked in the mirror and were horrified at their own reflection. Mom cried out, "We can't wear this shit, we'll be arrested!"

Heather said, "Please don't make us wear these things; this skirt doesn't even cover my ass and I can hardly walk in these heels! It would be too embarrassing, please don't do this to us!"

"Stop you're fucking whining, you look like what you are, fuck- sluts! Now, let's go out and have a good-time." Helen loved the way the skirts barley covered their buttocks and slapped mom on the ass as they got in the car. Sam grabbed his big cock as he looked over at mom in her slut outfit and said, "Oh yeah, you ladies are going to make a lot of black cocks stand up at attention today! I can hardly wait to see you white sluts in action!"

They drove thru the small town and pulled into a parking lot to a building that looked like an old barn but it had a large sign that read (Helen's Hideaway). "Welcome to my swingers club ladies!" Helen proudly proclaimed. It was early afternoon and the place was jammed packed! All eyes were on the two white sluts. Mom tried to tug her skirt down as she click-clacked on the hardwood surface of the floor in her fuck-me high-heels, but it did no good, her white ass was still on display for the lust-filled eyes of the black patrons who stared at her. They were ushered to a table against the stage; mom and daughter were seated on the inside, so that they were closer to the stage.

The sexy black dancer on stage wasted little time, strutted over to the wide-eyed white women, and danced right in front of them so that her bald black pussy was close enough for them to touch! The dancer sat on her butt and humped and grinded her hips so that her pussy was in Heather's white face. "Kiss it baby, come to your big black momma, I can see it in your eyes, you want to taste my black pussy, do it honey, I have a tasty treat just for you!" Heather tentatively moved her face closer to the beautiful black love tunnel. The white girl breathed in the arousing aroma of the dancer's seductive slit; as if bewitched, Heather stuck out her pink tongue and licked the outer lips of the moist mound. The dancer roughly pulled the white girl's face to her smoldering black cunt and fucked the white girl's face furiously. Heather greedily gobbled up the sweet honey that dripped from the black dancer's honey pot! The dancer grinded her cunt into Heathers sucking mouth until she reached a screaming orgasm.

Two other exotic black dancers rushed our from behind the curtain and Pulled Heather and her Mother on stage. The two slutty looking blonds were on their knees worshiping black pussy with their mouths and tongues. The men in the audience were invited onstage to debase and humiliate the white mother and daughter. They orally serviced a line of stiff black cocks. Two men were placed on their backs and the white girls were lifted and then lowered onto the throbbing black fuck sticks. Other men knelt behind them and introduced the women to anal sex. Mother and daughter squealed like pigs when big fat black cocks rammed up their tight ass holes. Soon they were fucking back at the big cocks with wanton abandon. When the men spent all of their slimy seed, the women in the audience replaced them, sat on the pretty white faces, and made them eat their slushy cunts and smelly ass holes.

Mom and daughter had to be helped to the car; they were totally used. On the way home, Helen stopped at an apartment building and told Heather and her mom to get the fuck out of the car! Helen ushered them to a door and knocked. Several minutes later, a tall black girl opened her door. The 20 yr. old wore a flimsy robe that did little to hide her long legs and ample bosom. Helen asked, "What the hell took you so long to answer the door?"

"The girl smiled and said, "I was just eating dinner!"

"Dinner? I don't see any dishes or anything. What were you having for dinner?"

"You should have asked WHO I was having for dinner!" Helen opened the bedroom door; a black woman in her thirties was lying on the bed with her legs spread wide. She wanted to know who all the fucking people were. Her lover told her that they were friends.

Helen introduced the mother and daughter to Brenda and the woman on the bed was named Pat. Helen said, "Brenda, I know how much you love eating pussy, so I brought you a present. My two white fuck sluts have just been fucked and their pussies are full of hot cum. I know from experience that it is your favorite thing in the world." Brenda told the girls to get in bed a get ready for the best head that they ever had.

Pat complained, "What about me? Brenda just started to lap my cunt and I want some more of that good shit!"

Helen told her, "While Brenda is having her cream-pie, you can feed your hot pussy to my little white bitches." Brenda dove right in and licked and sucked the pink slits clean. Pat straddled Heather's face and fucked the white girl's face until it was glistening with her cum, then she repeated the fuck session with mom. All four of them reached more orgasms than they could count. Brenda loved eating pussy so much that she would always cum while she gobbled up a hot cunt! Heather and her mom said that they never felt so good, they told Brenda that she was the best pussy licker in the world and they were going to exchange telephone numbers. Helen broke it up, telling the mother and daughter that she would tell them who they would fuck, when they would fuck and where they would fuck. I own you fuck sluts, do you understand me?"

The two blonds bowed their heads and told Helen that they were sorry and would never do it again. "Good, I'm glad you understand. I know that Brenda can work magic with her talented tongue and mouth, we will include her in some of our future activities, but only when I say so."

As they were leaving, Pat pleaded, "Hey, what about me? Include me too; I just love a white girl's face in my black pussy!"

Helen just said, "Don't we all!"

When they got home, Helen's place was the first stop; Deshawn and his three brothers were fucking Kathy on the living room floor. Kathy was being fucked from behind while she sucked on a huge black cock. Mom and Heather gasped at the size of the black cock that Kathy was drooling over. Noticing the lust in their eyes, Sam proudly said, "That's my oldest son, he was out yesterday; so you didn't get the pleasure of meeting him, his cock is the same size as mine." Helen asked where her daughters were and was told that they were upstairs in the bedroom.

Helen grabbed Kathy by the hair, pulled her away from her sons cocks, and commanded, "Come upstairs with me slut, your mom and sister will take care of the men. I have special plans for you!" Heather and mom were still in their slut outfits and the men had no trouble fucking them as they were, they didn't have to bother taking their clothes off.

Helen pulled Kathy up the stairs and threw her on the floor in her daughter's bedroom. The startled girls asked what was going on. Helen said, "You poor little darlings had to stay up here and watch television while your brothers had fun with this white bitch. Now it's your turn to have some fun! The girls just looked at her with puzzled expressions on their pretty faces. The voluptuous black mother told her 19 and 21 yr. old girls to take off all of their clothes and she did the same.

"It's time to teach you girls a lesson. You have already seen that white sluts were made to fuck big black cocks. Now it's time you learned that white sluts like this were also born to worship black pussy, their faces are for sitting on and their tongues are for sticking up black pussies and licking up our cum! Watch girls, as I teach her how to worship a beautiful black cunt!"

Big black momma sat on the edge of the bed and ordered Kathy to crawl over to her and eat her juicy black cunt. The frightened blond girl just sat on the floor frozen with fear. Helen reached out, grabbed a fist full of blond hair, and pulled the frightened white girl to her. The girl was spread across Helen's lap and spanked hard. Big black hands brought red welts to the white buttocks, Kathy was sobbing and pleading with Helen not to hurt her. Helen pulled her blond head up and asked, "Have you learned your lesson yet? Are you ready to please me with your sweet little white mouth?" Kathy nodded yes and was lifted to the huge black tits. The white girl nursed on the succulent melons with fervor. She was surprised that it was so enjoyable and she wanted to please her black mistress so much.

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