tagNon-Erotic PoetryHeavy Parting

Heavy Parting


Sparks shot, unseen darts
Heading right on the spot
     Thus we two were marked

Caught unaware by sudden desire
Passions clashed in awesome fire
Willingly revel in orgasmic pyre
     Overlooking the clinging mire

Seductive laughter filled with joy
Child-like rough and tumble sport
Quiet banter whilst entwined
     Moments of unease brushed aside

Sneaking traitors come to light
Thoughts of future dreams took flight
Reality stalked onward with all its might
     Crawling ill fortune filled the night

Laughter laced with subtle scorn
Playful sport lost to sharp words
Verbal battles laced with contempt
     Moments of pleasure left for dead

Attempts to salvage the flame
Fell short in startled shame
Eternal snapshot of truth forever framed
     Stricken awareness maimed

Hateful ending now starts
Love turned hatred ice hot
     Hollow ashes lie unremarked

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