tagGroup SexHedonism Ch. 01

Hedonism Ch. 01


Adele's mouth encircled my already erect nipple as a low moan escaped my moist lips; moist from the sweet juices that had seeped from her pussy moments before as my tongue had sent her into a wild orgasm as I lay between her open legs pleasuring her wet clitoris. But now it was Adele's turn to bring me those same pleasures as her finger rubbed gently over my clitoris and her mouth sucked eagerly on my nipple.

The moan that emanated from deep within my being only served to encourage my lover to rub my clit harder, suck my nipple with more firmness. I arched my hips upwards in an effort to push my wet slit harder against her probing fingers; sensing my need she slid 2 of them into my wetness and I screamed at her at the top of my shaking voice.

"Fuck me Adele! Oh My God Yessss baby Yessssss Fuck your girl harddddddd!"

Our naked bodies clung together as the heat of our passion added to the heat of the room and caused our perspiration to mix together and join us even tighter as our bodies moved against each other on the bed.

Adele's fingers began a slow, sensuous exploration into the depths of my womanhood as my voice rose in passion and volume; only to be silenced as her mouth moved from my nipple and her tongue darted into the recess of my mouth as she kissed in the passionate kiss that only lovers can give. My hands encircled her soft hair and I pulled her mouth harder into my own as I began to suck desperately at her tongue before sliding my own into her waiting mouth. Again my hips arched upwards to impale my soaking wet slit onto her probing fingers.

Deeper and harder she drove them into me; working me into a frenzy of lust and need as my thrusting hips fucked her fingers into the wet depths of my swollen pussy. Our mouths remained tight together as our tongues searched and probed into each other in a frenzy of love and lust.

My legs were wide open and, as she suddenly broke our kiss and slid her body down my own until her face was inches from my soaking slit, I felt her hot breath on my swollen pussy lips and I knew that her tongue was about to join her fingers. When it did my hips arched upwards again and I felt my orgasm beginning to rise from the depths of my being as this lovely girl flicked her stiff tongue into me and began to fuck my very soul. I entered heaven and came back again as wave after wave of delightful ecstasy rippled through my body in an almighty orgasm that had me screaming at the ceiling above me. Perspiration dripped from my breasts and rolled down into my naval as Adele reamed and fucked her tongue into me over and over again until my body was exhausted and I lay trembling beneath her.


In the dark recess of my mind I felt a hand on my arm as it gently shook me.

"Sweetheart. Linda darling.. wake up!"

My eyes flickered slowly open as my mind sped back from Adele's bedroom in Morocco where I was reliving our experience from a few months before. Sleepily, I brought my mind into the present and slowly sat up in my seat.

"I don't know what you were dreaming about sweetheart but you have got the attention of the whole plane. Even the pilot must have heard you baby." My eyes opened and I gazed into the depths of Adele's eyes as she sat beside me smiling her sweet smile at me.

"Who was you with that was giving you so much pleasure?"

I smiled as my mind fully returned to the present and I whispered softly;

"You sweetheart. I was back in your apartment in Rabat."

Adele's mouth widened in a broad grin as she clenched my hand in her own. "No need to whisper honey. You were rather vocal in your dream and everyone around you has been listening intently. I went to the loo just as you dropped off to sleep and when I returned you were moaning to be fucked and your hand was between your legs. I woke you immediately but I think it was a bit too late to save your embarrassment sweetheart.

I looked around me as I felt my ears and face turning as red as my hair; and I blushed even further when I saw the smiles on the faces around me. Most of them turned away as my eyes met theirs; with the exception of two guys in the seats on the aisle opposite us. They smiled back at me with a glint in their eye that told me, before I even glanced down, that their cocks were hard inside their pants. But glance down I did; and their smiles widened as my face coloured to an even deeper red after spying the bulges that they both made no show of hiding. I was not sure whether to run for the loo, hide my face against the small window, or just go and jump off the plane. I decided on none of those options but instead I smiled at them and winked the sexiest wink I could muster. The tension broke and within minutes the four of us were chatting like old friends and my embarrassment was over.

I could feel my wet panties begin to cling to me and I gripped Adele's hand tightly as the four of us chatted, light heartedly, mostly about my dream. Adele had a broad smile as she squeezed my hand back in a manner that ensured that the boys saw. We both grinned as their eyes widened. Adele shook me with her bluntness as she lowered her voice so that only the boys could hear; "yes honey we are lovers. This is my girlfriend Linda and I am Adele. But don't lose heart hon, we are bisexual, not lesbian; so don't lose all hope." I grinned at her words as they introduced themselves as Alan and Dave from South London.

"Where are you staying in Jamaica Dave?" Adele asked questioningly if not invitingly. "Linda and I are off to Hedonism in Negril."

Dave's eyes glinted as if he had just felt a pair of female lips wrap themselves around his cock.

"But that's where we are staying as well." He replied with a tone in his voice that said he was on the pull already. "So we will probably see more of each other during the next 2 weeks Adele."

Adele squeezed my hand again as she replied with a hint of sexiness in her voice; "Well hon, with the small bikinis that Linda and I have brought with us you will certainly see more of us.

‘God!' I thought. "She's on the pull already.' But I smiled to myself as I thought it and decided to join in.

"Hopefully we will see more of you guys as well." It was a statement as opposed to a question and their hopes of a holiday fuck rose 100% I'm sure.

My mind raced 2000 miles down the east coast of America to Jamaica and Hedonism ahead of us. A guest would have to have something seriously wrong with them not to score at the infamous Hedonism Hotel in Negril. Wild toga parties that usually ended in sex with a near total stranger; beach parties that often saw most of the guests naked at some point or other, and drunken parties that lasted through until well after the sun had risen over the eastern end of the island.

The four of us had already decided to share a taxi hours before the Boeing gently touched down at Montego Bay Airport after flying low along the golden coastline of Southern Jamaica and giving the passengers on the right hand side of the aircraft a clear view of the delights that awaited them below.

As the old, dented taxi sped out of Mo'Bay, No Woman No Cry playing somewhat predictably on the tape deck, I slid my hand onto Adele's naked leg and moved it up to just under her short skirt. With Dave sat beside her my action was more of a tease for him than anything else; but I still felt Adele shudder slightly as she felt my touch. I had no intention of going any further until we had reached the hotel but her soft skin beneath my hand caused my pussy to moisten a little.

I looked out of the window at the many restaurants and hotels that stretched along the roadside and smiled as we swung around a roundabout that had 7 or 8 girls in the centre; their long, dark, naked legs on display beneath their short skirts; announcing that they were for sale to whoever had the inclination, and the Jamaican dollars, to pay for them. I heard the taxi driver above the voice of Bob Marley as he asked Alan, sat in the front seat beside him, if he wanted to ‘buy some ganja mon.' Alan politely refused just as the taxi swerved to avoid a stoned Rastafarian as he staggered across the road in front of us. A few minutes later we left the town of Montego Bay and headed up hill towards Negril.

* * * * * * *

I moaned loudly as I felt Dave's huge cock plunge into my soaking wet cunt and I immediately wrapped my legs around his naked waist to pull him deeper into me. Not that I could have taken much more of his massive cock but I certainly wanted as much of it as would fit in without splitting me open.

With long, slow strokes he slid in and out of me as my pussy muscles clenched his cock tightly and I knew he was feeling every lunge into me as I gripped him securely between my long legs……

On checking in at Hedonism we had found that Dave and Alan were on the same floor as us and the pool had looked so inviting that we had decided to change for a swim as soon as we had found our bikinis and the boys their trunks. Adele was ready before me and I told her to go hit the water while I finished rummaging through my case for my sun lotion. The boys arrived at our front door just as Adele opened it and Dave said he would wait for me while Adele and Alan headed for the pool.

I gave Adele a soft kiss on her lips as she left and the smile that she saw on my face told her I would be more than just a few minutes.

I could have been a real slut and made the first move on Dave as he stood waiting and wondering if he was in with a chance of getting into my knickers so soon after arriving. However he was the initiator of what was to follow when I returned from the bathroom, after donning my small, purple bikini, by a sharp intake of breath as he gazed lustfully over my near naked body. A small piece of material just about covered my shaven pussy at the front while the thin strand of purple buried itself between my arse cheeks at the rear. My breasts were squeezed tight into the 38D cups and the small covering left little to the imagination.

"God girl you look beautiful in that bikini." He stated suddenly as I entered the room. I looked over his firm, manly body and could see the bulge in his trunks even though he was still soft. "And I know you are even more beautiful out of it." He hinted sexily. He then followed up with a make or break line that would tell him once and for all if he was in with a chance. "But as nice as that bikini looks on your sexy body I'm sure it would nicer on your bedroom floor."

A little corny I thought but.. I moved closer to him and began to slowly rub my hands over his chest as I replied, sluttishly, "Then why don't you take it off and check out your theory Dave."

Our lips met as he pulled me into him and our tongues drove into each other's mouth while his hand slid straight down between us and into my bikini bottom. ‘No messing with this guy' I thought as I felt his firm fingers against my naked slit. My hips jerked forward and I moaned into his mouth as I felt 2 fingers slide into my moistness. His other hand moved around me to the clasp on my top but I pulled away and quickly slid it from my body, ensuring his fingers remained firmly inside my pussy before closing back into him as my hand dropped to his groin and the size of the now hard cock that waited there took me by surprise. A delightful surprise that had me tugging at his trunks in an eagerness to set it free.

It was Dave's turn to pull away as he slid his fingers from my cunt and whipped his trunks off in one movement to expose one of the largest cocks I had ever seen. It brought back memories of the Bedouin leader that had fucked Adele and I back in the Sahara; Dave's cock was almost, but not quite, as big as the cock that had seen Adele and I screaming out for mercy as it invaded our pussies, arses and mouths on that glorious night 6 months previous.

Once clear of his trunks Dave grabbed me suddenly and carried me into the bedroom to drop me, unceremoniously, onto the soft bed before climbing between my legs and laying himself on top of me so that his mouth encircled my nipples as he moved from one to the other with me squirming beneath him. His hands were holding my breasts tightly as his hips began to gyrate against mine. I could feel his hard cock poking against the material of my bikini as if he was trying to force it into my wet slit. I moaned beneath him as my arms wrapped around his naked body before I slid one of them down to his lovely shaped butt. A finger slid into the tight hole and he jerked his hips forward and his cock almost tore through my panties. A few more intrusions, with my finger, into his bum and he was screaming into my tits.

Suddenly he let my nipples free from his mouth and he slid downwards towards my waiting womanhood. The material from my bikini was sucked deep into his mouth as he strived to suck my juices through it; sending trembles of delight through my now sweating body. I felt his hand move and join his face and I almost screamed as his fingers slid the elastic aside to allow his tongue to ravish at the juices that were pouring from me. Up and down my wet cunt he lapped like a cat at milk before sucking, briefly, on my erect clit; then it was back inside my pussy to lick and suck until I was screaming at him to fuck me. But that was not Dave's plan. On and on his tongue licked and probed as my juices soaked down into his waiting mouth; the juices that were not captured by his lips soaked into my purple bikini and soon it was as wet as if I had just cum out of the water with it on.

Suddenly I felt his teeth suck again at my clitoris and my hips jerked hard into his face.

I came.

The first of many orgasms that were to rip through me during my time at Hedonism sent a scream echoing around the painted walls of the room. Before I had even stopped cumming Dave had yanked my bikini bottoms off of my legs and thrown himself back between them, only this time it was his massive cock that buried itself, in one huge lunge, into the depths of my wetness.

I moaned loudly as I felt Dave's huge cock plunge into my soaking wet cunt and I immediately wrapped my legs around his naked waist to pull him deeper into me. Not that I could have taken much more of his massive cock but I certainly wanted as much of it as would fit in without splitting me open.

With long, slow strokes he slid in and out of me as my pussy muscles clenched his cock tightly and I knew he was feeling every lunge into me as I gripped him securely between my long legs. In and out he reamed me and drove me crazy. My voice rose as I felt another orgasm about to rise and I clenched his cock even tighter inside me. My hand went around behind him and I sank a finger deep into his tight arse again; he yelled and jerked forward sending the whole length of his huge cock into me. I screamed in pain and pleasure as he fucked and fucked deeper and harder into my waiting cunt. The next orgasm erupted suddenly and I knew that Dave had felt my juices spurt onto his thrusting cock. He sent a few more thrusts into me as my orgasm began to subside before he suddenly pulled his prick from the depths of my wetness; raised himself off the bed and knelt above my breasts; I knew what he wanted and my hand gripped the base of his pulsating cock as my head lifted and my mouth encircled his hardness. He moaned loudly as I began to mouth fuck him; taking his hard cock further into my mouth as my hand fed it into me. In and out his cock plundered the depths of my throat as he began to verbalise his needs.

"Oh God. Oh Yes. Oh Linda. Linda. Oh God Linda yes yes yesss suck me. Suck my cock hard. Oh baby. I'm going to unload into your mouth you sweet, sweet thing. Oh Godd yesssssssssssssssssss."

He came. In a sudden jerk he unloaded his hot cum deep into my waiting throat. I swallowed the first wave just as a second wave spurted forth, almost drowning me as I attempted to keep up with the onslaught of hot spunk as it shot into me in big globules of heavenly cum.

Dave had my head in his hands now and was forcing my head back and forth onto his still pulsating shaft. I had rarely felt so much cum in my mouth and marvelled at the restraint he had shown in keeping it back for so long. At one point he pulled his cock from my mouth and I delighted at the feel of his hot sperm as it splattered onto my face and eyes before he again rammed back into my mouth.

Finally his cock began to soften inside me as I sucked the few remaining drops of spunk from the tiny hole in the head before letting it slip from my mouth and licking up and down the limp shaft to ensure I had retrieved the very last drop of sperm.

Exhausted we flaked back on the bed and lay there for couple of minutes, not even finding the strength to wipe the cum from my face, before the door slowly opened and Adele's head appeared around the side. She smiled at me as Dave slid from the bed with an awkward smile on his face, pulled his trunks back over his loins, blew me a kiss and departed saying he would see me at the pool.

As the door closed I looked at Adele and saw that glint in her eye that I had seen so many times before. The sight of her girlfriend, lying naked on top of a bed with cum all over her face and eyes was too much for her to resist. Her light blue bikini hit the floor as she stepped out of it a few seconds before sliding her body onto the bed beside me. I had noticed that her bikini was still dry and wondered why she hadn't yet been for a swim. The thought disappeared as my pussy began to moisten almost immediately and Adele started to lick the droplets of white cum from my face and eyes before planting her lips firmly on mine; at the same time reaching down between my legs and sliding a finger into my swollen slit.

Pulling her mouth away she whispered softly into my ear;

"So my baby has just been fucked by what looked to me to be a very big cock." I smiled at her and knew it was a statement on not a question.

"Hmmmmmm" was all that came out of my mouth as she again planted her lips onto mine and drove her finger deep into me again. Five seconds later she was in a 69 above me and her tongue was lapping at the juices that were again pouring from me. I began to moan as her tongue ravished my slit and she dropped her hips down and sunk her wet pussy onto my upturned face. I gripped her hips tightly as I drove my tongue into her and delighted in the moans that she sent into my own pussy. On and on we licked and probed until I suddenly felt Adele's body tremble as she erupted in an almighty orgasm that sent trembles rippling through her. Before she had finished cumming I too orgasmed for the third time in just over 30 minutes as I lapped eagerly at the sweet juices that were pouring from Adele's pussy.

Finally Adele climbed from my body and dropped down to lay beside me. Our lips met and her hand slid down into mine.

"You ok sweetheart?" Said softly.

"Hmmmmmm I sure am baby." I replied slowly. "I think I need that swim now.

To be continued….

If you like my stories then please feel free to send me feedback. Your votes would be appreciated as well.

Stay Safe. Sweet Linda

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