tagBDSMHeeding Her Command

Heeding Her Command


My Queen took me far away, and to be honest I have no idea where we are. I was blindfolded for the flight and the subsequent car ride. All I know is I am ecstatic my Queen took me with her and I am hers completely.

We share a huge suite. My attention is focused on the large glass doors that are open to a deep veranda.

It's nighttime, and the breeze is blowing the curtains into the room. The gentle wind causes my nipples to become erect, as I am naked per my Queen's request. The center of my universe stands at the railing, looking out over an ocean or sea. She is gorgeous, gloriously naked and I am so blessed to be able to look upon her that way.

My Queen told me she had a sizeable appetite, and that I had better satiate her. That was my duty, my calling, and my ultimate ecstasy. She stands out there and I am in here, ready to do as she says. I am to satiate her, no matter what.

I walk out, and she knows I'm there. I look down a bit and see how the cool night air has given rise to little bumps on her beautiful ass. Oh, how I want to worship it.

I have my chance. I kneel close to her, and she knows this. Slowly, she sticks her ass out to my face. I can smell her! There is no better scent ever created than that of my Queen. I look between her legs and directly above the faraway waters and the shimmering moonlight is the glistening royal pussy. I have been given such a gift, to drink at the fountain of my soul.

I lean into her, my nose nestling in her ass. My tongue juts out, and I catch my Queen's breath. I lick, and she enjoys it. She begins to thrust back at me, and I can use my lips.

I lick, I drink, I suck, and my Queen is pushing back into my face. Her pussy and ass are there for me to behold, and I can almost not stand the majesty. I take long slow licks from her pulsing clit to her puckered anus. I push my tongue into her, and she yelps just a bit. She pushes back, and I take my cue. I force my tongue into her ass, feeling the luckiest man in the world.

I return my attention to her dripping pussy, trying as hard as I can to get her to climax. Finally, my nose is between her folds as my lips are sucking hard on her clit. She bucks against me, and I know she's clutching the railing. I feel her body thrashing and I don't stop. Not for anything.

Her nectar dripping from my chin, my sucking changes to lazy long licks as she comes down just a bit. I know she's just getting started, and so must I.

I stand, and in a moment, my granite-hard cock is inside the royal pussy. I swear, I could die right now and be the happiest man in the world. My Queen must be satiated though, in the most carnal way. I grab her hips and slam my cock into her repeatedly. Not slow, but not too fast, to have my Queen feel every last inch of me, my pounding is nonetheless insistent. My Queen loves it, and I am blissed. I fuck my beloved Queen with all my heart, and with every intent. I pull her down a bit so I can reach around and hold each breast in my hands. I grip them fully, tightly, the piercing nipples between my fingers. In time to my thrusts, I'm pinching them a bit. I so need them in my mouth, but my Queen needs to be satiated.

My hands leave her breasts, one back on her hips and one around to rub her clit frantically. She's cumming again, and I resist the temptation to join her. I continue to slam my cock into her as she cums and cums, riding a wave that is becoming clearer and clearer to the night's sky and any passersby. I can imagine looking up at her from below, at her goddesslike form wrapped in pleasure. Such joy.

I must satiate her, and I know she's come with an appetite. I pull out of her and take her hand. I lead her to the large bed and lie her down upon it. I can now see her face, and she has the most beautiful delicious gleam in her eye. She wants more, and requires more of her pet. I am for her, all of me.

I am above her, my heart near to bursting, and her legs wrap around me. I slip into her effortlessly, and go deep. As deep as I can and I'm grinding into her clit and the royal pussy. Her hands caress my face and I am close to drowning in her love. Those hands graze my chest a while before settling on my nipples. She takes one in each hand and with a bit of a snarl, twists them hard. My body comes more alive with feelings and I close my eyes to fully experience all the sensations my Queen is gracious to give me. It makes me want to redouble my efforts, and I go for broke. I'm fucking my gorgeous Queen in long, deep strokes and she getting lost in them. She pulls me closer to her, further inside her, as her legs grip me in a vice. She's twisting my nipples, scratching my skin, and moaning fiendishly.

Finally, she arches her back and screams loudly. That is too much for me. I join her in orgasm, shooting my seed deep within her. I pour into her as I lose my mind, and part of me will be within my Queen forever.

I collapse upon her, and move a bit to the side. Her chest is heaving and so is mine. I am in heaven, and I can't keep my eyes open as she runs her fingers through my hair. I hold her close as she rides the waves, pouring my love into her.

We're like that for some time, one big fleshy, sweaty mess. Yet, it's perfect. We start to get chilly because of the breeze, so we pull covers over us.

I can begin to tell that she's not quite done for the night. Such thoughts cause my cock to swell once again, but I await my Queen.

More time passes, and with a finger draws my chin up so we are face to face. She kisses me deeply. She looks deep into my eyes. She says, "On your knees".

Apprehensive and more than a bit scared, I do as she says. She leaves the bed.

My Queen owns me, all of me. Despite what I want or prefer, it is what she wants that always takes precedence. She knows all my desires as well as my misgivings and I have faith she takes it all into consideration.

Soon, she's behind me. I'm unsure. I don't want to be taken this way, but she wants it so I wait.

I feel her legs against mine. I feel her push into me. I feel her hands on my hips. I give in to my Queen. I submit to her. I am still, taking her in and managing my feelings.

It hurts, and then pain subsides. She begins to move inside me, and my dripping cock cannot be denied. I am giving myself completely to my Queen. If she wants to fuck my ass hard, then I am happy.

I can hear soft moans so I know she's enjoying it. I hope she is looking down on her Pet with devilish gleam and ultimate love. I hope her utter domination of me pleases her. I give myself to her.

My Queen is fucking my ass and I am so happy.

I begin to lose myself and let her have her way. I try to concentrate on the sensations as well. Yet after a while my legs start to get tired and my ass starts to throb some.

My Queen, ever gracious, slows and stops. She pulls out and tells me to turn over.

She lifts my legs high in the air and out to the side, and she pushes into me once again. I can now behold her in all her loving, sweaty glory. I can see it on her face that she's loved what she's doing. I see her look down on my and I know I have done well by her.

Her thrusts are slow, she's loving me. She closes her eyes some and allows the thrusting to affect her body. I am weak, but still so wanting to please my Queen. My cock is absolutely purple and leaking immensely, though not entirely hard. I feel I could cum again, but I'm not sure I am allowed.

Then, my Queen demonstrates her absolute grace and total love. She leans forward, driving my ass even higher in the air. She leans forward and offers me a breast. Looking deep into her eyes, I take it into my mouth. I begin to suckle, in time to her slow thrusts, and I close my eyes. With every thrust, I become more hers. With every thrust I lose more of what I was and become more of what she wants. I am fading away into bliss. I am becoming only what she wants. I suck deeply of her, happy beyond imagining. My Queen is taking what's hers but is giving what I need. My ass is hers, and she is completely taking it. My body is hers, and she's used it. My soul is hers, and she is feeding it.

She thrusts deeply, she grips my cock with one hand and I erupt all over my chest. I continue to peacefully suck, as she pets my head. My sucking drives her to one final, quiet and intimate orgasm. She is above me, inside me, over me, completely my world, and she is cascading again. I am her pet and that is all I need to be.

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