tagMind ControlHelen Ch. 02

Helen Ch. 02


The Institute

Southern England


Helen Evans was alone and for the first time in about two hours the isolation chamber she found her self in was quite. Quite, oh so very quite. Her thoughts had started to calm and she found her self on her hands and knees sucking much needed air into her lungs. She had lost it for a time but felt sanity returning. The ring binder was in pieces all over the floor, with one of her shoes and her handbag.

The reasoning that made her a top student at the London School of Economics also now started to function again and she started to asses where she was, why she was and what was next. She had signed her self into a program to force lactation on herself and she had done so voluntarily after two heavy warnings from two serious people. She was here voluntary and the precise "where" was deep underground in some sort of cell.

"Why" was not hard, she had made a decision. The future she saw for herself was with a degree from LSE and to do that she needed a touch more money and her experience with "Laws&Tate" had given her the idea of earning the money in the lactation program. That pretty much covered"where" and "why" so she gathered her thoughts and went to the "what" of the matter.

"what" she thought as she rose from the floor could be broken down into what comes next and what had happened to cause to totally lose control and start screaming, crying and throwing things around for the last two hours. She checked watch, yes, two hours.

Shock had to be the first thing and this was followed by total lack of information.

Shock! Why was she in a state of shock? Well finding her self here for one thing, finding her self with no warning here; in an some sort of locked room. Reasoning kicked in and she was back in the directors office with the question hanging in the air. In or out? She had chosen in but had had no idea that it was to be so immediate, so whose fault is that she asked her self. Okay she was here in a voluntary capacity but it had all been so sudden, what of her life, her lectures and courses?

Information! Why wasn't she being told anything? What reason was there behind that. She would think on that while she took stock of her surroundings in a calmer manner. She was in a bare room that was about nine foot long, nine foot wide and about nine foot high. She was in a cube in other words. The light seemed to come from every where, the floor,walls and ceiling. It was a cube of white with her in it and that was all.

Well not quite all. Over in the corner but flush with the floor was something that looked suspiciously like kitty litter. She hoped it was because that is what she used it what she had used it for as there was nothing else suitable except the floor.

Then there was the ring binder but that is what had made her totally lose control. She started to pick it up and try to put it back together. She had lost it when she found two laminated pages and no answers to her questions. The nurse had clearly said that . . . . . no wait girl. Think! What had the nurse said exactly?

" . . . which will answer so many of your questions"

Yet it answered none. Think on that one as well girl, think on that one as well!

Thinking back the main thing that had caused her to totally lose it was the "few things you need to do" part of the nurses final conversation. It was really only one thing she needed to do. To get the nurse back she had to go to the door and press the green button then go to the back of the chamber and with her face to the wall, knees spread and hands clasped behind her neck and wait for the nurse. No, not quite right. She looked at the laminated pages and read the instructions again. Press the green button and when it starts flashing green, then go to the back wall and assume the required position.

Helen started to say to her self that she had done that but stopped the thought halfway because she hadn't. Yes she had pressed the button many times and after a time it had started to flash green but she had never followed through with the rest of the instructions. The instructions that make her kneel, kneel facing a wall. It was totally demeaning and she would not do it. O'oops, there you go again girl, bit premature with the never.

She had exhausted the options and herself, she moved to the green button and pressed it and about a minute latter it started to pulse. She moved to the back of the cube and knelt, spread her knees and clasped her fingers behind her neck. After about ninety seconds she heard the door open.

" Ms. Ev . . . "

She dropped her hands and turned, but before she could even rise the door had shut cutting off the nurse in mid sentence and she was alone again.

* * *

It took about an hour to get over her rage, her tantrum, the screaming and crying that had burst loose from her. She had figured it out in the end; no moving and maybe no speaking as well.

She went over and pressed the green button again and when the green started pulsing she assumed the position against the back wall and waited. This time when the nurse started to speak she neither moved or spoke.

"Ms. Evans. I have a simple question yes or no, are you alright," asked the nurse.


"Ms. Evans I'm afraid you have us all confounded, we assumed we had a rational, mature adult in our care while it seems as if we have some sort of out of control two year old."

" It has been over three hours and we haven't even got you through the first stage. Ms. Evans do you think we can try for the first stage now" said the nurse, but this time with a touch of sarcasm.

"A simple yes or no."

"Yes," she replied.

The voice she was hearing had no life, no inflection, it droned on in a mono tone.

" I will place a box inside the door. The door will close. You will come over and retrieve the box, press the button and assume your position on the back wall. Do you have any questions Ms. Evans?" she was asked.


She heard the door close. Breaking position she went across to the door, hit the button and took the box and herself to the back wall where she resumed her position. The door opened and the mono tone started again.

"Ms. Evans your behaviour has frightened me and other members of the staff. I have no wish to be injured by you. The reason we ask that our patients assume that position you are in is because that by the time you break it, stand, and get anywhere near me, the door is closed and I am safe. It is something usually done once, but your maturity is in doubt and that puts my safety in doubt so you will maintain that position until I tell you other wise. This is very simple but do you understand?"

Helen was nearly in tears, the person described was not her. Violent, she hated violence. She couldn't help it, she started to softly cry.

"Yes," she sniffed.

"I will make this very simple, if you have trouble understanding simple directions, ask?" came the same mono tone.

"Lower your bottom to the floor and cross your legs."

She was softly crying and thinking how wrong this was. She wasn't violent, she wasn't a silly two year old who couldn't follow instructions. Why were they treating her like this? She lowered her butt to the floor and crossed her legs although this presented difficulties with the suit she was wearing as she had to ruck it up to nearly waist level. It left her panties totally exposed.

"It is important to keep your bottom on the floor. If you break contact the door closes and we start again. Pivot your self around so that you are facing me."

She did so, hooking the box as she went and placing it in front of her exposed panties.

"We are going to get you focused on what you are here for Ms. Evans so the first thing we need to do is remove some of the extraneous items you have with you. Could you start by removing each item separately from your hand bag, identifying it for our and your record."

She, with some hesitation bought the requested items out her bag, identified them and placed them in the box. Phone, wallet, hanky, cards, pillbox, the usual; but to her each item was so personal and it was being taken from her. Her tears hadn't ceased and they didn't cease now.

"The bag as well Ms. Evans."

She placed her bag in the box.

"Jewellery Ms. Evans. Remove all your jewellery and place it the box," said the same remorseless voice.

She started with her ring, although it wasn't really hers. It had been in the family for years and was passed down through the generations. Next her ear rings, another heirloom. She took the brooch from her breast and carefully placed it in the box. Her great grandmothers. Next was the jade pin that kept the bun her long hair had been placed into and with it gone her hair tumbled to her shoulders. More tears, she was being stripped of the things that travelled with her through life, the things that she took comfort from on a daily basis. The last thing she had to remove was the gold chain from around her neck. It was her most favourite and it was with great reluctance she placed it the box.

"Suit coat."

"But . . . ."

"You are lucky Ms. Evans. You were given permission to speak or all this would be in vain and we would start again."

"Suit coat. You are wearing it over your shirt. Remove the coat."

She was being treated like an idiot child. The tears came faster now as she slowly unbuttoned her coat.

"Skirt. You may lift your bottom from the floor for no more then three seconds Ms. Evans."

Her hands went to her waist and started on the buckle of her belt. When free she placed it with her other things then paused a moment to consider the removal of her skirt. It was a quick tug and a lift of her butt that freed her skirt so that it could follow its associates into the box.

"Shirt," the voice intoned.

For the first time she hesitated but quickly checked it. Stupid time now to be worried about the size of your breasts girl. Her fingers moved to the buttons and soon the shirt was in the box.


"Oh no, ple . . . . . ."


She removed her most personal and precious possession and placed it in the box. Her sighted world was now a blur. Blind!

" Well done Ms. Evans that will do for now. Wouldn't want to tax you to much. When I'm gone a set of panels will open. The one on the left, food, right, water!

Now for me to be gone we have to get you to do one last thing. Now you have done it before but this time you'll have to do it in reverse. The door closes, put the box in front of it, press the button and then assume your position."

The door closed and she wearily arose and took the box to the door. She pressed the button and assumed her position.

"Maintain your position. Turn and face me Ms. Evans."

She controlled the volume but could no longer control the tears of her total despair and the heart breaking sobs that broke from her as she slowly shuffled her self around. Her humiliation and shame were now complete she thought. She had no idea that she would find her self in bra and knickers and in front of a complete stranger when she had put them on this morning.

She couldn't afford to just discard things because they were stained and she knew quite well that her under clothes were stained. Clean . . . . but stained!

"I knew you were stupid but I'll add dirty as well. Ms. Evans wh . . . ."

It was to much, she collapsed to the floor and let her grief and humiliation overcome her. This broke her position and the closing door cut the nurse off in mid sentence.

* * *

Helen sat on the floor with one hand shielding the stained crotch of her panties while the other idly plucked at one of her stocking garters. She was blind without her glasses so she was thinking.

Her drinking water tasted metallic and the so called food was only fit for pigs, but that wasn't what had her deep in thought. It was little things like the heat going up. She now perspired constantly. Another was the way the food and water was dispensed. The panels had surely opened and by touch she had eventually found them. The food and water dispensers were shaped as a women's breast and one bought ones mouth to the nipple and sucked.

She was blind without her glasses, which was another thing. Another thing, a little thing; some thing more that didn't add up.

Her brain was starting to slow now because of the head ache and the lack of sleep. Time had lost meaning since her watch had been taken. There was no comfort in this place, only light and heat. She wondered if . . . . .

. . . . the green light started to pulse and she made her way into position.

"Ms. Evans. Turn and face me but maintain your position."

"Keep your hands behind your neck, now stand."

"Now slide those ankles apart, further . . . . further. Enough!"

She assumed she was facing the voice and with her ankles spread this far apart knew that she wouldn't be making a break out before the door closed.

"Ms. Evans I have come for the rest of your clothing. Can you remember what we did before. Good. Let's try and get it right," and with that the door closed.

She went back to the wall and position then retrieved the box when it became available.

"Turn again, as before, stand and spread the ankles Ms. Evans."

For the second time in minutes she was on display it seemed.

"Ms. Evans close your legs and remove you garter belt, stockings and shoes. Ms. Evans, please just follow the instructions and don't do any thing stupid," came the voice.

She bought her ankles together then bent and removed the shoes. Rising, fingers started flicking the catches on the garters free and the stockings started to fall away to her ankles. Helen had known with what had gone before that she would lose her clothes so she just accepted there lose. Her head ache and tiredness were starting to overwhelm her and putting on a strip show for a nurse didn't seem to matter much.

"Move your ankles apart Ms. Evans . . . . okay, enough."

"Garter belt."


It was done then, naked.

She went through the routine, box to the door, position and then back to the isolation.

* * *

Time had lost meaning for Helen Evans and had been replaced by the pulsing green light that singled that she would be leaving the cube again and going to the treatment room with Nurse.

The light stopped and the door opened. She moved out of the cube, across the corridor and into the room opposite. She slowed and felt her way forward, waving her arms in front of her until she felt the rack. She bought her face to the padded rest, raised her hands and felt the restraints automatically close. With that done the device began to move, pivoting her at waist level until her chest was at right angles to her legs and her breasts hung free beneath her chest. She let her eyes close, she may have slept for a moment or two until she heard Nurse's voice.

"Ms. Evans, do you know what they are calling you up stairs. They are calling you Wettie."

She snapped back to conciousness. Had she been asleep?

"I have just come from from where you slept last night and a see a large puddle on the floor where it looks like you wet yourself in your sleep Ms. Evans," continued the voice.

The flush filled her face and turned it scarlet to hear her shame spoken out loud. When she had woken a few minutes ago; or was it a few hours ago, her bladder was empty and sure enough there was a puddle she was lying in. Now she was confused because her bladder was full and she needed to go again but the nurse had started to work on her breasts and she knew that she would be mad if she had to be released to empty her bladder.

"Are you listening Ms. Evans?"

"Yes Nurse."

"Ms. Evans you are driving us to despair. We thought you had a mature mind and yet some times you act like a two year old, now you are wetting the bed and we . . . . ."

"I need to go Nurse," she broke in.

"Go where Ms. Evans, we have just started?"

"I need to go to the toilet Nurse," she said.

This bought the work on her breasts to a halt and silence filled the room.

" I'm sorry Ms. Evans, I'm having a bad day or maybe this is some sort of night mare and I'll wake up in a minute."

"Did you just say you need to relieve your self, tell me that is not true Ms. Evans. Tell me I misheard you."

"Please nurse I need . . . . ."

It was to late, for some reason she just couldn't hold her self any longer and she let go. It started with a few squirts which soon changed to a strong gushing stream. There was a shriek from her nurse and then she was crying and sobbing and feeling the urine streaming down her legs.

* * *

"My name is Wettie nurse," she answered.

She had been bought to another room and was sitting in a kidney bath while the nurse washed her. Her crying had left her drained and the headache just made it worse. That she was being treated like in idiot child didn't seem to matter any more, in fact nothing mattered.

"Okay Wettie, were done; out you get and I'll dry you. Now do you remember how we are going to solve your problem?"

"With a nappy nurse, I'm to wear a nappy," she replied before bursting into tears again.

* * *

It was some time latter but she couldn't seem to remember time much any more since the headaches had started. That and her tiredness seemed to consume her waking moments. She did know that she enjoyed this part of the day.

After a bath and a nappy change she was dressed for the afternoon visit to the park.

Nurse had let her dress herself today. She liked her park clothes as they were soft and covered her nappy. She hated the nappy she now had to wear.

She was pretty much blind now without her glasses as everything was a complete blur but she could still see colour. The socks were white and her shoes were red. She pulled up the socks to just below her knees then buckled her shoes. Next came the dress which was blue with white polka dots. She tossed it over her head and settled it over her nappy. The buckle on the belt was hard to do up but she eventually she got it.

Nurse had braided her hair into two pony tails that were tied at the tips with two long blue ribbons so the only thing left to put on was the sun bonnet and her sun glasses. The light from the sun hurt her eyes some time. When she was ready she stood and turned to let nurse put on her safety leash. There were two holes at the front that went over each of her breasts, a set of straps came around the back with two more over the shoulders. Nurse adjusted her breasts then tightened the harness over her chest forcing her breasts out. A leash extended from the back which allowed nurse to keep her from danger. She was passed her white stick and the moved down the corridor to the lift.

* * *

She had trouble remembering these days but knew that things were better now that she had moved into nurses chambers.

She allowed nurse to look after her now and felt better for it. No more decisions.

The elevator opened into a cupola and with her stick sweeping before her she started on the path to the pool. The woods were scented with the smell of life and she took pleasure in the walk. Sometimes there was a gentle tug on her safety leash when she started to move off the path but other then that nurse let her make her way own way to the pool and the awaiting picnic.

She had been reluctant the first few times to leave the elevator when bare above the waist, the harness forcing her breasts out and away from her chest but she had been told she was being silly. This was a medical institute and no one cared really what was worn or not worn. It was the same after the picnic when nurse had her stand and took all her clothes off before getting her changed into some swimming bottoms and a bathing cap for her hair. Don't be silly Wettie, people see better things then you on chocolate boxes.

She liked swimming because nurse came in with her and was teaching her how to swim. She was learning the frog kick. There was a seat in the pool where nurse sat. Nurse had taught her to float while using her knees to support her in the small of her back while her hands supported her bottom and shoulders. She felt so proud, she could float for a minute now and was learning the frog kick!

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