tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHelen Puts on a Show

Helen Puts on a Show


Helen and I had chatted on the 'net several times. We flirted a bit, she'd read a few of my stories. We shared a common problem: our spouses were just plain less interested in sex than we were. We both maintained a commitment to our relationships, but the way we turned each other on through our little flirtatious chat sessions made meeting up seem to be more and more like a good idea.

Finally the agony of our teasing became too much. An opportunity presented itself as both of our spouses were to be gone for a weekend. We agreed to meet. Just that -- meet, with no plans for anything further. Although I suppose we both knew what would happen if we ever met face to face...

London isn't that far of a drive from Detroit. I left after work Friday afternoon and pulled into the hotel just before dinnertime. I called Helen on her cell phone. We were both quite nervous, but I talked her into meeting me at a safe place, a restaurant not far from the hotel.

I showered and changed into a good suit, feeling a little overdressed as I walked through the streets. I stopped in at a florist shop and bought a dozen roses before I found the restaurant, a small dimly-lit place off the main drag.

I ordered a drink and sat nervously checking my watch, feeling foolish about arranging to meet a near stranger and becoming more and more convinced that she wouldn't show. Just then I spotted a figure in the doorway. A very nice figure at that. It couldn't be...I can't be this lucky. We'd traded pictures, but that's still a far cry from actually knowing what someone looks like. She wore a simple, but elegant black gown that ended at mid-calf. A tantalizing glimpse of cleavage showed from the plunging neckline. The shapely calf extending from the hemline intrigued me even more.

She gazed over the table at me. Our eyes met. My heart raced. I knew immediately from the look in her eyes that Helen really was a special woman. I could see warmth and compassion, romance and sensuality. Her eyes locked on mine with a nervous playfulness, like she was thinking the same thing I was: "What the heck am I doing here?"

Wordlessly I stood and pulled her chair out for her. I reached for the box from the florist shop.

"Helen, it's so nice to finally meet you," I said as I handed the box over. "Pictures do not do you justice."

"John, I am so glad to finally meet you, too. But I have to admit that I'm pretty nervous."

"No need to be nervous. We agreed that we would meet for dinner and nothing else."

"Right," she agreed, with a look of uncertainty crossing her face. "The roses are lovely, by the way. Thank you!"

We overcame our initial nervousness and enjoyed a nice meal together. We talked about rather mundane things: our jobs, our families, our spouses. But the whole time we talked I was enchanted with the beautiful woman sitting across from me, beauty that was much, much more than skin deep. I gazed into her dark, soulful eyes, but from time to time my eyes wandered over her exposed cleavage. A small gold brooch dangled between her breasts. Her breasts were full and round, and I wondered about the secret places the brooch was privy too that were hidden from my view. I found myself in a constant state of arousal, which I found somewhat embarrassing, especially when the waitress came by our table. I did my best to hide my stiffness, but I'm sure the waitress noticed it

As we downed an after-dinner drink, the conversation became a little more risqué. We were both horny, and we knew that. Several times Helen reached out to place a warm hand on my arm as she laughed at something or other that I'd said. At one point she leaned over, and my eyes followed the brooch bobbing between her breasts. I caught the edge of a lacy black bra peeking out. As Helen straightened up she noticed my gaze. I was busted! (So to speak.) She lowered her eyes and focused on the bulge in my pants. An impish grin crossed her lips.

"Excuse me," she said, reaching for her purse, "but I have to use the ladies room."

I stood and pulled her chair, and watched her bottom swaying seductively as she made her way to the rest room.

When she returned, she sat right next to me in the booth. She smiled at me..(was that a wink?) as she leaned over to set her purse down. From this angle, I could see the full swell of her breasts beneath the fabric of her gown. I thought I could see the outline of her nipple poking through the lacy fabric of her bra just before she straightened up with that impish grin again on her face.

"Well?" she asked.

"Well, what?" I was embarrassed to think that she was going to comment on me peeking down her gown.

"Notice anything?"

"I, uh...I'm sorry, but I can't help myself from peeking down your top. Your breasts are just too--"

"Oh, never mind that," she laughed and waved her hand. "ALL men do that. I mean did you notice anything in my purse?"

I looked past her legs to the floor and for the first time I spotted a pair of black lace panties dangling from inside the purse. "Oh my," I said. "Did you just -- just now? In the ladies' room?"

"Uh huh," she smiled. Helen slowly lifted the hem of her dress to reveal the lacy tops of her thigh-highs. "You once told me that this was one of your fantasies."

"Oh yes, yes it is! But, Helen, we agreed that nothing would happen. At least not tonight."

A look of disappointment crossed her face. "Yes, yes we did."

"But I'm not sure that I can stick to that agreement now," I said, peering once again at her firm thighs wrapped in those stockings. "Maybe we were wrong--"

"No, we were right. We shouldn't give in to temptation that easily."

"No? Are you sure? Because I don't know if I can make it through the night without you." I reached out and took hold of her hand. "Helen, I want you -- no, I NEED you."

The wicked grin returned to her face. "Nope, we agreed. We need to get to know each other first. Plus, it'll be more special this way. Go home and sleep on it, and if you feel the same way tomorrow... Well, I'm not making any promises, but maybe."

Sleep on it, she said. How was I supposed to sleep with a raging hard on? With images of her luscious breasts, her smooth legs running through my head. The thought that this incredibly sexy woman sat next to me...with no panties on! I finally dozed off but slept fitfully.

We agreed to meet the next day on the dock. I've always loved the Great Lakes and wanted to take advantage of the warm spring weather to rent a boat for a cruise on Lake Erie. I arrived at the dock shortly after sunrise. Helen showed up a few minutes later in a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans.

"Dressed kind of warm, aren't you? Supposed to hit 80 today."

"Maybe it will later, but right now I'm freezin'!"

I helped Helen into the boat, started the motor, cast off the lines and pushed off. It was a glorious spring day. The water was calm, and the early-morning sun sparkled off the waves. Our conversation returned to the more mundane topics of the night before: jobs, families, spouses. The brilliant sun brought the temperature up, and I was quite pleased to see Helen reaching behind her to remove her sweatshirt. Underneath was a less-than revealing tankini, but the top was tight enough that I could detect the full shape of her breasts. Not to mention the outline of her nipples poking through the fabric in the stiff breeze. She slid her jeans down, always an erotic thing to watch, even if the woman is wearing a bathing suit underneath. My eyes were riveted to the smooth skin of her now exposed and very shapely legs. My eternal hard on from the night before returned. In my loose trunks, I'm sure my stiff cock was quite noticeable.

"Getting a little warm, huh?" I said as I lifted my t-shirt off.

"You were right. It's getting hot out here."

I wanted to test the waters, so to speak, to see if I could make some early progress after last night's disappointment. "You know, you don't have to keep your top on. I mean, if you're too hot."

She shot a rueful smile at me. "Oh, so you want me to take my top off, huh?"

"Uh, only if your hot, I mean uncomfortable."

"And right out here in the open, where everyone can see me?"

I looked around. There were a few boats off in the distance, fishing boats and a couple of sailboats. "They're quite a distance away. No way they could see you from there."

Helen strode into open hull of the boat and, with her back to me, peered over the water. To my complete surprise and delight, she lifted the tankini top over her head.

"It really is a beautiful day," she said, teasing me with the smooth skin of her back still facing me.

"What? I can't hear you," I lied. Helen finally ended my agony by slowly turning around.

"I said it's a beautiful day," she said, her breasts now exposed to me.

I was speechless. I stared at her large, firm breasts, at the dark areola and the stiff nipples poking right at me. "Yes," I finally croaked. "Beautiful. Just beautiful."

"The day?" she asked, reaching her hands down to cup her breasts. "Or my tits?"

"Your tits. Simply beautiful."

"Are they worth all the trouble you went to last night to peek?"

"Oh yes. And more."


Helen strode toward me. I killed the engine, then stood and tossed the anchor into the water. I sat back down and Helen leaned over me, her breasts just inches from my lips. I reached out first one hand then the other to softly caress her firm breasts. I slid a finger over each nipple and Helen let out a soft moan. I gently pinched her left nipple between my thumb and forefinger and slowly flicked my tongue over her right one.

"Oh God," she cried, "I dreamed about you doing this last night."

I drew Helen's nipple into my mouth, my lips clamped around its stiffness as my tongue flicked across it.

"Yes, yes!" she cried. "Lick my titties. This is just like my dream...I woke up so horny I had to rub my pussy and cum before I could get back to sleep."

Helen reached down and stroked my stiff cock through the fabric of my trunks. "And you, walking around with that hard cock all night! Were you trying to drive me crazy?"

She slid my shorts down and my stiff cock sprang free.

"I dreamed about this, dreamed about your cock, dreamed about sucking your cock, all the while rubbing my pussy because you wouldn't fuck me!"

Helen grabbed the head of my cock with her hand and started licking up and down the shaft with her slippery tongue.

"I wanted to," I said, my cock twitching in ecstasy. "I really REALLY wanted to fuck you, Helen, but you said--"

"Never mind what I said. You're going to fuck me now--right here!"

Helen slid her lips down my shaft, taking my cock all the way down her throat so that her lips and tongue tickled my swollen balls. I reached down and slid her bottoms off, exposing her ass and her gloriously wet pussy.

Helen lifted her mouth off my dick and started stroking it with her hand. "First you're going to fuck my mouth, then my pussy!" She dove back over my dick and started bobbing her head up and down until I was almost ready to explode.

She again released my cock. "Do you think you can handle all that?"

"Yes! I'll fuck you anyway you want! But please, keep sucking!"

"You're ready to cum already, aren't you?" Helen squeezed my cock between her generous breasts and slid them up and down the shaft. "I have a better idea. I want you to titty-fuck me. Yeah, that's it...fuck my tits! Harder...harder! I want to feel your hot cum all over my tits!"

The feeling of my cock against her smooth breasts, the sight of it squeezed between her beautiful tits...plus the sound of her voice spurring me on...all combined to bring to the edge. Helen pushed her breasts around my dick, flicking a finger across her nipples as she did so. I exploded in a tremendous orgasm. My hot cum spurted all over Helen's gorgeous tits, stream after stream of hot juice spilled all over her breasts. Helen smiled and used her hands to rub my cream into her breasts. She lifted a finger to her mouth and licked a drop of cum from her fingertip.

"Your cum tastes soo good. I hope you have more left, cuz I ain't done with you."

Helen laid down on the bench seat and pulled my head toward her warm pussy. "Lick me now, hun, lick my pussy!"

I slid my tongue between her lips, tasting her sweet juice. I buried my tongue deep in her pussy, ramming it in and out several times before flicking it across her clit.

"Oh yeah," she moaned, "suck my pussy!"

I encircled her engorged clit with my licks, sucking on it while flicking my tongue across it.

"Yes! Yes! Lick my pussy! Make me cum!

I flicked harder and faster. Helen's hips bucked and met the thrusts from my tongue. Then, suddenly, her motion stopped.

"Uh, hun?" she said. "We've got company."

"What? What do you mean?"

"A boat's coming this way."

I looked up from my position at the bottom of the boat, but couldn't see anything above the gunwale. "A boat? How close? How many people?"

"They're REAL close. Looks like four people...four boys."

"Boys? Like real young?"

"They're getting closer. Maybe college age. Shit. Throw me my top."

I grabbed her tankini top from the bottom of the boat and tossed it to her. Helen snatched it and covered her breasts -- just in time, apparently.

"Pardon us, ma'am," I heard a man's voice say. It sounded close -- very close. "But do you have the time? We're supposed to be back by 1:00."

"Um, yes," Helen said, clamping the tankini top to her breasts as she checked her wristwatch. "It's almost 12:30."

A breeze lifted her top, threatening to completely expose her breasts to these strangers. At first I was a little nervous about being caught like this, but then my playful side took over. I slid a finger in Helen's pussy.

"Ooh!" she cried out in surprise.

"Are you OK, ma'am," a voice asked from the other boat.

I pushed my face into Helen's pussy and resumed flicking my tongue over her clit while my finger slid in and out of her cunt.

"Oh! Yes!" she cried. "I mean -- yes, I'm fine."

"Are you out here all by your self?"

"Yes, just me."

"Pardon me for asking," the voice from the other boat said, "but we thought you were out here, uh -- topless."

"Oh, yes. You know, just trying to get rid of the tan lines. I didn't think anyone could see."

"Well doofus over her forgot the binoculars," the voice said. "We always bring them, you know, just in case."

"Just in case what?" Helen asked.

I doubled my efforts as my finger pounded her pussy while my tongue furiously licked her clit. Helen squirmed in response.

"In case you happen across a topless lady? Is that it?" Her voice had taken on a devilish tone.

"Well, yes," the voice replied.

"You want to see my tits, don't you?"

"Yes!" the four men's voices called out in unison.

"Alright, guys, here ya go!" Helen dropped her top and her breasts bounced free. A whoop erupted from the other boat.

"Whoo hoo! "Yes!" "Tits! "GREAT tits!"

"You like my tits, boys?

"Oh yes!"

"Then show me your cocks. All of you. Right now!"

I still couldn't see anything from my position at the bottom of the boat, but from Helen's response I took it to mean that they complied with her request.

"Oh, yeah! Four nice, hard, young cocks! Now stoke them for me. That's it, stroke those big cocks!"

Helen started squirming wildly on the bench seat. "I'm gonna let you in on a secret, boys. I'm getting my pussy licked right now!

"Whoo hoo!" The catcalls erupted again from the other boat.

"A man is down her licking my wet pussy. And he knows what he's doing. Oh, fuck yes! Do yourselves a favor, boys, and learn how to lick pussy. Your girlfriends will love you for life. Yes, stroke your cocks. Yeah! OK...I'm close...lick my pussy! Oh fuck, they're all shooting cum! Fuck me with your tongue! Yes, yes, I'm cumming!"

Helen bucked uncontrollably as she came. She slipped off the bench seat and hit the bottom of the boat with a thud. I heard the motor from the other boat start up and slowly recede into the distance.

Helen gave me a somewhat embarrassed look as she picked up her discarded tankini. I found my clothes, started the motor and reeled in the anchor.

After cruising in silence for several minutes, Helen finally spoke up. "Well, that was...different."

"Yeah," I replied. "I had no idea you were such an exhibitionist."

"Me either," she laughed. "What are you doing tonight? I know a great little romantic place for dinner."

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