tagMatureHelena's Hero Ch. 03

Helena's Hero Ch. 03


Helena slipped-out of bed early but I didn't stir until nine. I lingered in bed, happily half-dozing and enjoying the indulgence of sleeping in. I finally crawled out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom, shaking off the last bits of happy slumber.

Two minutes later my teeth were brushed and my bladder empty. I headed downstairs, thoughts of the prior evening running through my mind.

The anal sex over, I bathed Helena like I'd originally intended. I soaped up every inch of her, from her cute little feet and long firm legs to her round, soft ass and her full breasts. I didn't forget her shoulders or her back, either.

Helena returned the favor, scrubbing every inch of me. We took our time and must have lingered under the water for a half hour, enjoying the feel of each other's bodies in a state of blissful satisfaction.

We toweled each other off and put on comfortable pajamas, the kind perfect for easygoing snuggling.

We split a bottle of wine and then another, lazing about the living room watching TV and talking for hours. I dimly recalled the draining of a third bottle. In the end we stumbled upstairs and fell asleep in each other's arms, drifting off into a deep drunken slumber.

I got to know Helena a lot more during our talk. I learned about her childhood and her family. Her father was a surgeon and she had an uncle who was a congressman for many years. Helena also starred at point guard from middle school through the Ivy League, putting her height and easy athleticism to good use. These days she was an avid runner and gym rat. She'd always been an avid reader, too, and it showed in her incredible breadth of knowledge. She could discuss virtually any topic with informed insight.

The conversation turned to sex. I wound up telling her everything about me in that regard, from my first fumbling attempts onward. Helena's own sexual past was far more fascinating, her college years of particular interest to me. She studied hard, fucked harder, and spoke about it all with an easygoing grace. She'd never been shy about sex, she explained, and always had a healthy libido.

Helena thought her sexual adventures over after marriage. A few years into juggling a career, studying for an MBA, and the arrival of an unexpected child, however, her marriage hit a wall. Helena wasn't specific, but hinted at a near-infidelity on her husband's part followed by a gradual transition towards an open arrangement.

"It was the only solution," she explained. "We were apart so much, and both of us oversexed. It solved a lot of issues."

Helena had lovers after her husband died, as well. I was the youngest, however, by more than a decade.

"I hope I measure up," I teased.

"And then some, kiddo."


I found Helena in the kitchen. She stood in front of the stove melting butter in a skillet. Assorted ingredients were on the counter next to her. She wore her pink pajamas from last night, her hair and make-up already done.

"Morning, babe," I said.

"Good morning, Sweet Jonah!" she answered cheerfully. "Heard you stirring up there and thought I'd get breakfast going. Hope you've got an appetite."

"You know it."

I came up close behind her and slapped her ass gently. She twisted back toward me and we shared a long kiss and then she turned back to her cooking.

"Sit down," she ordered. "I've made coffee and poured you some juice."

"Thank you."

I watched Helena work as I sipped my coffee. She prepared everything in a calm, precise manner, her mind focused but also at ease. I could tell she knew what she was doing, and I wondered if she'd had professional training.

Breakfast was scrambled eggs with goat cheese, thinly-sliced chives sprinkled atop. They came served with a slice of rye toast on the side slathered with boysenberry jam. We ate at the big glass table in the kitchen.

I dug right in. The eggs were perfect, fluffy and delicate and balanced by the rich flavor of the goat cheese. The chives added both texture and another layer of flavor.

"I can't believe how well you cook," I observed.

"It's one of my two great passions in life," Helena said.

"What's the other?"

Helena cocked an eyebrow. I smiled.

"I know," she continued, sipping coffee. "Food and sex. I'm such a hedonist. The two are so similar, though."

"How's that?"

"Let's see," she said. "Both are multi-sensory, and sensual. Both, ideally, should be pleasurable. Both involve putting things inside one's body, as well as the bodies of others. Need I go on?"

"I think you convinced me."

"Never a doubt," she said. "So what did you have in mind for the day?"

"A few things," I said, finishing off my eggs.

"Such as?"

"Well," I replied, looking her over. "For starters, lose the pajamas."

Helena smirked, downing the rest of her coffee. She stood, pulling off her pajama top casually. She tossed it aside, her tits exposed in their full splendor. Next she shimmied out of her pajama bottoms and bright red panties.

"How's that?" she asked.

"So much better," I sighed. "Come closer."

Helena moved nearer. Reaching out, I ran my hands along the smooth firmness of her thighs. One hand went up over her hip, sliding along its curvature. My eyes fell upon her belly. In years past Helena might've had rock-hard abs. I preferred her forty-two year old waist, though, still trim but soft to the touch.

Helena's breasts were her crowning glory, though. They were large and full and topped off by large pink areolae. I looked up at her and Helena met my gaze. Her eyes were emerald-bright in the morning sunshine streaming through the picture window.

I took in the sight of her, my eyes wandering slowly over her curves. I love how gorgeous a woman in her forties can be. All the beauty of her younger years abides, now tempered and focused. Gone, as well, is the awkwardness of youth, replaced with a mature confidence and a grown-up sexuality.

Helena put her hand on my cheek, caressing it gently with the back of her fingers.

"Sweet Jonah," she whispered.

Leaning over, I took one of her nipples into my mouth. Helena sighed, her hand moving to the back of my head as she took the other and placed it on my shoulder. I enjoyed her tits for a long time, sucking and caressing them.

My hand wandered over Helena's pubic mound. My fingers sought out her clit as her sucked a nipple hard and give it a little nibble. As I did so, I rubbed her clit gently and she let out a low moan.

I eased a finger into her pussy. I fingered her as I sucked and nibbled her breasts. Helena responded at once.

"Oh god Jonah," she moaned.

Helena slid my shirt off my head. I pushed off my pajama pants and boxers. My cock was mostly erect. Helena reached down, stroking it to full hardness as she kissed me hard.

"What do you want me to do, baby?" she whispered. "I'm yours."

"Finger yourself for me," I said. "Right there on the island."

"Yes sir! You want a show, Sweet Jonah, you're gonna get a fucking show."

Helena stepped back, her hips swaying and her eyes staring at me as she licked her lips slowly. I sat back, jerking off as I enjoyed the performance.

Helena bent over the edge of the island, arching her back and spreading open her ass cheeks. In the clear morning light I had an excellent view of both pussy and asshole, not to mention the beautiful round ass framing them.

Helena stood slowly, shaking her butt back and forth. She turned back to me and then hoisted herself onto the island. She lay back, sticking her legs straight up into the air. She reached both hands down to her crotch. With one hand, she inserted a finger and began to fuck herself with it. She used the other to rub her clit. She was soon fucking herself with two fingers as she rubbed her clit back and forth, moaning loudly.

I jerked off, but was careful not to come. I felt the distant approach of an orgasm and slowed-up. After the sensation faded, I resumed jerking off to Helena's performance.

Twice I backed-off from the brink of orgasm. All the while, Helena fingered and rubbed herself furiously. After a few minutes, she let out a low gasp as she reached orgasm.

I could've come right then and it would've been intense, but I wanted Helena on my cock first. I waited for her to catch her breath.

"Come here, Helena," I whispered. "Sit on my cock."

Helena smiled, sliding off the island and stepping towards me. She lowered herself onto my cock, easing me into her soaked pussy. She placed her hands on my shoulders and her feet on the floor to either side of me. Positioned thus, she used her strong thighs to move up and down on my cock.

Helena started slow but her pace soon increased, her big tits right above my face. I reached up and grabbed hold of them, squeezing gently as she continued bouncing up and down on my cock. Soon enough, I felt my orgasm impending yet again.

"Oh god Helena I'm gonna come," I moaned. "Please, I want to come on your tits."

"Go for it."

Helena slid off me and dropped to her knees in front of me. I stood, cock in hand as I jerked on it furiously. It was wet with Helena's juices.

My orgasm's arrival had retreated with the momentary pause in the action, but it soon returned with vigor. I pumped my cock hard and felt the surge of release looming. I gasped, lost in the happiness of relief as I felt that initial throb of delight. A burst of cum squirted forth and struck Helena's chest.

"That's it!" Helena exclaimed.

I jerked my cock again in time to the pulses, sending a second glob of cum splattering across her tits.

My cock throbbed on, the pulsations slowly subsiding in strength and intensity. I sighed, looking down at Helena.

Helena looked back up at me and smiled wickedly. Several globs of cum dribbled down her tits.


We cleaned up after breakfast, showering separately. I enjoyed sharing a shower with Helena but I knew she'd appreciate having her morning routine so I used the shower down the hall.

Helena took a half hour longer than me to get ready prepared for the day. I was downstairs reading when she joined me. She wore tight blue jeans and high-heeled brown leather boots along with a pale purple V-neck sweater I'm sure was cashmere. A simple gold necklace and matching emerald earrings completed her outfit.

Helena looked casual yet elegant, sophisticated yet sexy. The way her boobs stretched the fabric on her sweater was a certain head-turner, too.

"Helena Davis-Wickham in jeans," I teased. "Now I've seen everything."

Helena smirked, twirling around and sticking out her ass. The jeans hugged her butt perfectly.

"I could always change into something else," she joked.

"No need for that."

I was anxious to get out of the house for a while and spend some casual time with Helena. Fucking all day hour after hour until we collapsed exhausted wasn't realistic. Besides, part of the appeal of our weekend was me getting to simply be around her. There'd be plenty of time for sex later.

We drove over to a nearby park. It had a large lake and a walking trail meandering past ball fields and playgrounds. We held hands and strolled. The ball fields called to mind playing shortstop through college. I told Helena all about it. She smiled and grasped my hand tighter.

We caught a few looks, which I expected. A pair of guys my age walking by nodded grinning, no doubt wishing they were in my place. A few minutes later a pretty lady Helena's age glared at us. Who knows what goes through people's minds?

Helena insisted she take me to one of her favorite cafés for lunch. It was in the business district on a side street dotted with art galleries. It was unassuming in appearance and we sat outside in the adjacent cobblestone courtyard. The chairs and tables were all bright orange and there was a tree growing in the center providing some shade.

Our waiter approached and greeted Helena by name. He was a tall guy my age.

"Do you trust me to order for us?" Helena asked me.


Helena barely glanced at the menu. She ordered us a pair of India Pale Ales and began pointing to various menu items.

"We'll start with the duck fat fries," she said. "For the charcuterie course, we'll go with the -- hmm, let's see -- let's do the coppa picante and the lardo. For cheeses I think the cambozola and the manchego. For my entrée, I feel like the halibut."

"Excellent." The waiter nodded, scribbling our order. "And for your friend, Helena?"

"He's not my friend, Todd." Helena managed to sound both serious and playful, never looking up from the menu. "He's my lover."

"Then he's a lucky man," Todd replied, with hardly a pause. "What would he like in terms of lunch?"

"Do you like scallops, Jonah?" Helena asked.

"I love them."

"He'll have the scallops."

Todd took our menus, casting me a jealous grin before leaving.

"I take it you've been here a few times?" I said.

"I'd say twice a week since it opened last year," she said. "Poor Todd. He's been panting after me the whole time. I should put him out of his misery and just fuck him already."

Lunch was among the best I've ever had. Todd brought us our beers and the duck fat fries came out a few minutes later, served in a mason jar with garlic aioli. We ate the fries and talked, watching people walk by on the street.

Next came the charcuterie plate, an assortment of cheeses and cured meats served on a wooden board with a baguette and a dollop of the spicy house mustard. It was all fantastic, as were our entrees.

We were just stepping out onto the street afterward, hands grasped, when we ran into two of Helena's friends walking in.

Helena introduced them. Their names were Kate and Hannah. Kate was tall and thin with long blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, and a broad smile. Hannah was a short, curvy brunette with glasses and light hazel eyes. They were both hot ladies in their forties like Helena and had an unmistakable air of urbanity.

Hannah, in particular, caught my eye. Her pretty eyes under dark eyebrows, full lips, and ample bosom all stood out to me. There was also a mischievous look in her eyes and a touch of lustiness in her smile I picked up on at once. She glanced at me, her eyebrows raised subtly, then back at Helena.

Helena introduced me.

"Jonah!" Hannah and Kate exclaimed in unison.

The next thing I knew these two elegant ladies were hugging me and giggling like school girls. I received kisses on the cheeks from both.

"Our hero," Kate said.

"I, um," I stammered. "I only did what seemed right."

"We're glad you did," Hannah said. "You saved our Helena. Well! You two enjoy the rest of your day. Call me, Helena."

Hannah glanced at Helena again, Helena cocking an eyebrow at her. Some kind of nonverbal message was conveyed between them. Whatever it was, I had no idea.

"I hope I didn't embarrass you," I said after her friends had gone inside.

"Are you kidding?" Helena laughed. "They're seething with jealousy right now."

Helena kissed me on the mouth and I wrapped my arms around her. We kissed right on the street and walked off holding hands.


We grabbed some espresso after lunch at a little coffee bar around the corner from the restaurant. It had bare brick walls covered with funky art work for sale. We sat and talked for a long time.

There was a simple joy in the act of sitting and talking with Helena. Although I was starting to feel horny again I was in no rush to get back to her house. In the afternoon light, the emerald brilliance of her ever-changing eyes deepened into a darker shade of green altogether. My mind wandered contemplating their depths.

Conversation turned towards me and my life. Helena listened to me talk about college and how I was close to Juliette and a small group of friends I'd known most of my life.

"Any young women in the picture?" she asked.

"I, um," I faltered.

"You're going to act shy now?" she whispered playfully. "Remember me? You know, the lady whose ass you fucked last night? The one whose tits you came all over after breakfast?"

"Yeah there's one," I said.

"That cute little receptionist?"

I stared at her in astonishment.

"I saw you two having lunch the other day. I wasn't stalking you, just rushing to a lunch meeting down the street. Good for you, by the way. She's gorgeous."

"I don't know how interested I am in her," I said. "I mean, after being with a woman like you, it's hard for a girl her age to measure up."

Helena cocked a skeptical eyebrow.

"No, I'm serious. Girls my age, they're just so damned dramatic and coy and silly. I prefer someone more mature, not just in body but in mind."

"You should give her a chance, Jonah. She might surprise you. Not trying is the only way to ensure your chances of success remain zero."


We'd scarcely stepped inside Helena's house when I turned towards her. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and we shared a long, luscious kiss.

"Someone's ready for more Helena," she murmured.

"You have no idea how ready. You've been driving me nuts all day."

"How do you want me?"

"Later I want to do it to you raunchy, really raw and nasty," I said.

"Oh! Helena likes the sound of that."

"But I want something else first."

I explained and Helena listened. When I was done she kissed me tenderly.

"Give me five minutes head-start," she said.

With that she turned and went upstairs. I waited, checking my watch every thirty seconds, and went upstairs when it was time.

I'd had sex with Helena four times, but this time was going to be different from the rest. This time, I wanted us to have sex that was tender and loving. There'd be time for crazy fucking later, but I knew I'd always regret it if I never made love to Helena.

Helena had everything ready. The lights in her bedroom were turned down low, just dim enough to add some mood but not so dark as to impair one's view. A piano concerto played on the radio on her nightstand and Helena lay on her side waiting for me. She wore a simple white silk nightgown with thin shoulder straps and a V-neck showing off her cleavage.

My eyes journeyed over her, admiring her full breasts, the curve of her hip under the white silk, and her long legs.

I smiled and said nothing, sliding off my shirt and wriggling out of my jeans. I took my socks off but left my underwear on and crawled in bed with her. Our faces inched closer until our mouths were mere inches apart.

"Are you ready for me, Sweet Jonah?" she whispered.

We kissed. Helena acted timid at first, as though trying to recreate a first kiss with someone new. Her lips parted ever-so-slightly, however, and things grew steadily more passionate. Soon, our tongues and lips were attacking each other with growing enthusiasm.

It lasted a long time, a symphony of tongues and lips twirling and licking in perfect harmony. Helena's hands explored my arms and shoulders, running down my back. She murmured and cooed, enjoying my smooth muscles. My hands caressed her face then traveled down her back, as well. They journeyed over the soft curve of her hip and across the smooth expanse of her legs.

Helena's hands found my penis, reaching inside my underwear. Despite all the orgasms of the last twenty-four hours, I was soon fully erect. She pushed my underwear down and off.

I lay there naked, the feel of the smooth silk of her nightgown against my skin. Slowly, she pushed me onto my back and crawled atop me. We kissed wildly all the while, our tongues warring as Helena's weight pressed down against me.

Helena took my penis in hand and guided it towards her pussy. The tip pushed against her vaginal opening and I could feel her moistness. She must have been intensely aroused, my cock sliding in smoothly a moment later.

Helena started kissing my neck, her tongue flicking my earlobe a few times and sending me through the roof. I was aloft in pleasure, my hands on her ass as she rocked back and forth on my cock.

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