tagInterracial LoveHelen's Chocolate Valentines

Helen's Chocolate Valentines


Helen Jackson watched her two daughters Megan, 15 and Lisa, 18 drive off in Lisa's green Ford Escort for school leaving her in a quiet house that only a few minutes ago had the noise of two girls running around getting ready for school. Now it was just her in the house with peace and quiet as company.

It was early February the weather was cold along with four inches of snow on the ground so she turned the heat up then, began cleaning up the house from the rush of her daughters getting ready for school. By 10:00 she was done with her morning cleaning and sitting in the kitchen enjoying her mid-morning relaxation with a cup of coffee.

Helen sat down with her coffee and opened up a Victoria Secret catalog that had come in the mail a few days ago. She was glancing through it and let out a small sigh, she was 40 years old, 5' 8" with an athletic build, medium sized breasts, and long brown hair. After her husband's death four years ago the most socializing she did now was her three times a week to the gym for an exhaustive 2 and a half hour long workout to keep in shape and the school functions she attended because of her two daughters. Helen's world now evolved around her two daughters and thanks to her husband's financial wizardry and life insurance she had been able to continue to be a stay at home mom for her daughters.

This was the fourth Valentine's Day without him and even though four years had passed it was still hard to get through the day. Glancing at the Victoria Secret models in their skimpy lingerie brought back memories when her husband had been alive. Helen would out of the blue buy a sexy lingerie outfit to surprise her husband when they went to bed in the evenings and they would end up making mad passionate love late into the night. Valentine's Day was especially a romantic holiday for them because he would always do something romantically crazy for her.

Since his death she had started having a Valentine's dinner for her daughters and afterwards they would go do something, however, this year Valentine's Day was going to be different. Her daughters had plans to go over to their friend's for sleepovers and Helen now had the evening to herself which presented a problem of what she was going to do tomorrow night to keep her mind off of her husband.

Helen was trying to decide what to do when the sound of the doorbell broke her thoughts. Closing the catalog she got up and walked in to the living room to see who was at the front door. Helen opened the front door and there stood her next door neighbor, Sylvia LaCombe.

An Afro-American couple by the name of LaCombe had moved in next door about eight months ago from Louisiana and the next day, the wife Sylvia, came over introduced herself and from then on it turned into a daily morning chat and coffee routine. Helen had found out through their talks that Sylvia was from New Orleans, 24, married to Walter who worked as a fitness trainer for one of the big fitness gyms and Sylvia was a part time fitness model and from what Helen could see Sylva had the body for it. She was 6 ft, a slim 135 lbs, a firm athletic body, with curves in the right place, short hair, and her skin was a dark ebony color.

Helen saw that Sylvia was wearing a pair of bright yellow spandex workout shorts, an extra large gray hooded sweatshirt with LSU printed on the front and a pair of running shoes. "There is snow on the ground and you're wearing shorts! Aren't you cold Sylvia?"

"If I had to go further than your front door I would have put on more. However, that doesn't matter I came over for our usual morning coffee and girl talk." Sylvia said. "I couldn't wait to come over this morning. We finally finished remodeling our house yesterday and since you have been nice enough to invite me over for coffee and girl talk the last few months I would like to invite you over tomorrow night to get better acquainted with Walter as well as show off the work we just finished having done which includes a hot tub and an enclosed swimming pool." Sylvia said with a strong southern accent.

"Well get in here before you catch a cold." Helen said giving Sylvia a hug then let Sylva in and shut the front door. She led Sylvia into the kitchen and while Sylvia was taking a seat at the table, Helen poured coffee for Sylvia and refilled her own cup.

"Well how about it Helen? Walter and I would love to have you come over." Sylvia said before taking a sip of her coffee.

"The invitation sounds nice but tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I was planning a quiet evening since the girls are going over to some friend's house for sleepovers and if I were to come over I'd just be in the way." Helen said while she sat down across from Sylvia.

Sylvia looked surprised at Helen and her plans for tomorrow night. She had known how hard Helen had taken the loss of her husband four years ago. "Look honey, I know you're still sad about your husband's death but you shouldn't be home by yourself. I won't take "no" for an answer you are definitely coming over tomorrow night." Sylvia said while taking another sip of her coffee. "Besides Walter wants you to come over as well because he wants to cook you some of his fine Louisiana cooking as a way of thanking you for being such a good neighbor and making us feel welcome in the neighborhood."

"It sounds wonderful Sylvia but I'll feel like a fifth wheel tomorrow night because you two I'm sure would like to have a romantic evening." Helen said with a sigh. She didn't want to discuss it anymore.

Sylvia set her coffee down, "Look Helen, Walter and I have no kids and we can do the "wild thing" and get romantic any time we want. It's just that I don't want my neighbor, as well as my new best friend, spending Valentine's Day alone. You can at least come over for dinner, some swimming in our pool followed by a soak in the hot tub."

Helen thought for a moment then said, "You know a swim in a pool would be nice and I guess I wouldn't mind coming over for a little while."

"Great, it's settled! Walter and I will be expecting you around 7:00." Sylvia said putting her hand on Helen's leg. "Say, how about coming over now for a swim? Walter has gone to work it'll be just us girls."

Helen was trying to get out of it without offending Sylvia. "I don't know where I put my swimsuit Sylvia. It's been quite a while since I used it." Helen said while hoping that Sylvia would let it go.

Sylvia gave Helen a sly grin. She could tell that Helen was trying to get out of coming over for a swim. Sylvia had been looking for a way to seduce the sexy looking white mother since they had first met. Sylvia was bisexual and especially loved white women and there had been quite a few occasions she had taken attractive white women to bed and had her husband Walter join in which would always turn in to a wild threesome. Sylvia could sense that if Helen let her hair down and relax she was probably a sex maniac.

Since their first meeting Sylvia had been trying to cook up a way to seduce the quiet mother and with the hot tub and swimming area being remodeled it provided a nice backdrop for a seduction of Helen."Look since it's just us girls why not go skinny dipping?"

Helen stopped short. "I don't know Sylvia."

"Oh come on Helen, when was the last time you did something crazy?" Sylvia winked at Helen.

Helen looked down at the floor. "I don't know Sylvia, what if Walter walks in?"

"Walter is going to be gone until at 4:00 this afternoon and he usually calls before he leaves the gym. It'll be just us girls, I promise." Sylvia said leaning over towards Helen grinning.

Helen took a deep breath, "Alright Sylvia."

"That's the spirit girl, let's go. I can't wait to show you the pool and especially the hot tub. Last night Walter and I broke it in right." Sylvia said grinning like the cat that had swallowed the canary.

A few minutes later both women were over at Sylvia's where she led Helen through the house out to the new enclosed pool area. There were two large windows on either side of the pool that could be opened in the summer.

"When the weather gets a little warmer Walter is going to build a deck out there and replace this window with sliding doors so that you can access it." Sylvia said pointing to one of the windows. "Now how about we take a dip?" Sylvia began removing clothes and tossing them to the side.

Helen watched as Sylvia stripped out of her spandex shorts and sweatshirt and was astonished that Sylvia had no panties or bra under her clothes. She had never seen Sylvia naked and was astonished at how firm and toned up Sylvia's body was. What really caught her attention was Sylvia's dark, ebony skin. Helen could see Sylvia's firm muscles rolling under the shiny black skin. Sylvia moved like a panther stalking its kill.

Sylvia saw that Helen was watching her and purposely undressed slowly and made sure that Helen got a good view of her. She then dove into the warm pool. Breaking the surface she saw that Helen was still standing and staring at her. "Well come on girl the water is fine."

Helen shook her head and began to undress and when she got down to her panties and bra she paused thinking whether she was actually going to strip completely. In her entire life she had never gone skinny dipping even with her husband and was having second thoughts when Sylvia's voice broke her thoughts.

"Come on Helen, you look fantastic! Don't be ashamed of that body!" Sylvia said while floating against the side of the pool.

"I'm coming." Helen said as she finally removed her panties and bra tossing them aside then dove into the pool. When Helen surfaced she was treading in the warm water which seemed to caress her nude body. "Wow Sylvia this feels great!"

"Yes it does. Walter and I always swim naked it is such a sensual feeling." Sylvia said with a grin.

Soon both women were swimming in the pool and splashing each other. They swam for over an hour and during that time Sylvia used it as an excuse to bump up against or touch Helen. Finally Sylvia suggested they go get in the hot tub. Helen nodded her head and headed for the shallow end of the pool.

Sylvia watched as Helen emerged from the water and enjoyed the view of Helen's tight ass. The Valentine's Day invite was an honest invite but it also presented a chance for her and Walter to try and seduce Helen. From what Helen had told her over the last few months Helen was not dating and was more concerned with being a mother so, Sylvia figured once the dam of pent up emotions broke Helen would go crazy.

Sylvia and Walter had discussed quite a few times how beautiful their next door neighbor looked and how hot it would be to share her in bed. Sylvia smiled as she watched the naked Helen enter the tub mentally picturing Helen between her legs eating her pussy while Walter fucked her from behind. "Hey I have a bottle of wine in the refrigerator, why don't we have a glass while we sit in the tub."

Helen sat down in the hot tub feeling relaxed. "That sounds nice Sylvia. It would be a perfect way to cap off our swim." The hot water felt good bubbling around her as she leaned back and closed her eyes savoring the sensation of the water bubbling around her.

Sylvia came back with two glasses of wine and sat them at the edge of the hot tub. She saw Helen relaxing with her eyes closed and for a moment took in the sight of the beautiful woman laying in her hot tub. Sylvia licked her lips then said, "Here you go sexy." Sylvia slid in to the hot tub across from Helen.

Helen opened her eyes to see Sylvia sitting in front of her. "I'm sorry, but this is so relaxing."

"That's alright I know exactly how you feel. That was the main reason we got this hot tub put in because Walter and I can soak in it in the evenings to relax after a hard day." Sylvia took a drink of her wine. "It is also a great place to have sex. Walter took me last night right where you're sitting at." Sylvia let her words linger then said, "I'm glad you decided to come over tomorrow night. Valentine's day is not the day to spend alone."

Helen had heard Sylvia's last comment and for a brief moment imagined Walter and Sylvia having sex. She felt an arousal at the thought of Sylvia being taken from behind. Helen crossed her legs under the water then refocused on the present. "Well usually my daughters and I do something but this year they have plans with their friends. This is the first year I would have been at home alone on Valentine's Day." Helen said with a sigh as she took a sip of wine.

Sylvia looked at Helen, "Helen, can I speak honestly as woman-to-woman?"

"Sure Sylvia, I've come to appreciate you as a close friend over the last few months." Helen said taking another sip of wine.

"It's been over four years since your husband died and well, from what I have gathered in our conversations you haven't been out much. You are such a sexy looking woman I think its time you got on with your life." Sylvia said in a concerned voice.

"I know Sylvia but we were married for 19 years and we were the best of friends as well as man and wife." Helen paused, "You know he would always find a way to have a romantic Valentine's Day and by the end of the evening we would always end up in bed making love all night like a couple of rabbits." Helen paused, "He would make me forget that I was a mother and for a while treat me like a sexy woman."

Sylvia saw the look of true love as Helen spoke about her husband. She knew what type of love Helen was talking about because she and Walter had the same love even though they shared their bed with other people. Sylvia scooted over next to Helen and wrapped her arm around Helen's shoulders. "Listen Helen I know exactly where you're coming from."

Helen was at first surprised to have Sylvia suddenly scoot over next to her feeling Sylvia's dark, bare skin against her was a strange but a comfortable feeling. When Sylvia placed her arm around her shoulders she felt comfortable and safe, a feeling she hadn't felt since her husband's death. Helen leaned into Sylvia.

Sylvia had felt Helen tense up when she placed her arm around Helen's shoulders but felt her relax and lean in closer. "I have an idea, why don't we make tomorrow your first day of letting go of the quiet Helen and release the inner one that is begging to be let out?"

Helen sighed, between the hot tub, wine, and talking to Sylvia it made her feel comfortable. "You know Sylvia, maybe you're right what do you have in mind?"

Sylvia gave Helen a squeeze then lightly kissed her on the cheek. She could feel Helen beginning to unlock her true inner self. "I saw that you were looking at a Victoria Secret catalogue at your house."

Helen smiled, "Yes I used to go buy sexy lingerie to surprise my husband."

Sylvia paused as the wheels in her mind turned planning out the seduction of Helen. "There is a Victoria Secret store over at the mall, why don't we start the transformation tomorrow morning after your daughters leave for school to go shopping. We can make it a girl's day shopping at the mall."

"Okay I guess I could go shopping. It's been a while since I've gone shopping just for me." Helen said with a smile. The last few years she always took the girls shopping and would occasionally buy her some clothes but mostly it was shopping for her daughters.

"It's settled then, I'll be by around 9:30 tomorrow morning and we'll go shopping like two crazy women." Sylvia said trying to control her urge to reach over and touch Helen's nipples that were just below the water.

Helen sat up, "Why we're there we need to look at swimsuits. The last time I wore mine was in Hawaii with Frank, about six years ago. I might enjoy swimming nude with you but I don't think I could do it with Walter around."

Sylvia could see that Helen was beginning to let down her emotional wall and was beginning to open up. "Look its February and there aren't too many places to pick up a swimsuit. I have several extra suits you could look at and decide which one to wear tomorrow night. We seem to be pretty close to the same size." Sylvia said. "Why don't we go upstairs and take a look?"

Helen knew that Sylvia was right about trying to find a swimsuit at this time of the year. "Okay, we can get out and dry off then get dressed."

Sylvia rolled her eyes, "Helen why get dressed? Let's just dry off and go upstairs. Remember it is just us girls and Walter isn't going to be home for another four or five hours."

"Okay." Helen said with a nervous sigh. She had been able to handle the skinny dipping as well as sitting in the hot tub with Sylvia next to her but walking through someone house naked was a little strange. She watched as Sylvia stood up exposing her exquisite ebony, firm body with the water running off of her.

"Come on I have two towels over here that I keep down here for Walter and I." Sylvia said standing long enough for Helen to get a good look at her body. She then stepped out of the hot tub and walked over to where she had put the towels.

Helen had decided at the last moment as they were heading up to Sylvia's bedroom to wrap a towel around her body however, Sylvia had tossed her towel aside after she had dried off then headed upstairs nude. Helen found she was mesmerized at the nude Sylvia walking in front of her as Sylvia moved in cat like fashion as she walked up the stairs with her long firm legs.

"You'll have to excuse the mess. I haven't had time to clean up." Sylvia said when they walked in to Sylvia's bedroom where there was a king-sized bed that was still messed up and clothes were scattered about.

Helen was confused as well as scared as she felt desires within her that had been dormant since her husband's death. Hypnotized by the ebony beauty that was prancing around the bedroom looking for the box of swimsuits was slowly stoking Helen's erotic fire. When Sylvia bent over in front of the closet giving Helen a clear view of her tight firm ass she suddenly had a desire to reach out and touch it. Helen felt her desires growing the longer she watched the nude Sylvia move about the room.

She had never experienced such feelings or desires to touch another woman like she was experiencing now. Helen felt wetness between her legs and noticed her nipples were sticking through the towel. Glancing away from the naked Sylvia in front of her she looked around the room to avoid eye contact with Sylvia when Sylvia's voice broke her thoughts.

"Well here is the box with some suits in it. Most of them are two pieces but there are a couple of one piece suits in there. Want to try them on here or would you like to take them home and surprise us tomorrow night?" Sylvia said stopping inches from Helen. She let Helen have a good look at her nude body. Sylvia could see Helen's nipples were erect under the towel and her breathing sounded a little ragged.

Helen tried to look at the box of swimsuits but was bewitched by Sylvia's firm breasts with their hard nipples that were only inches from her. The nipples looked like chocolate kisses that were screaming to be kissed. "Uh, I'll take them home to try on."

"Okay but I can't wait to see which one you pick." Sylvia paused licking her lips and then said sexily, "There is one in there that I think would look hot on but I'm not going say. Oh, one another thing, you may want to shave between your legs so that you can wear the swimsuits." Sylvia handed the box of swimsuits to Helen and saw that Helen was looking at her breasts. "If you need help shaving let me know I would be happy to help." Sylvia paused for a few seconds then whispered sexily, "Since you're staring at my breasts, would you like to touch them?"

Helen's face turned red, "Look I need to get home before my daughters do. Thanks for inviting me over and I'll see you tomorrow morning." Helen exited the bedroom leaving Sylvia standing with a smile. She went back to the pool where she pulled her jeans and shirt on then tossed her bra, panties, and socks in the box with the swimsuits. Slipping on her shoes then quickly exiting out Sylvia's front door.

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