tagSci-Fi & FantasyHellcyon Days Ch. 02

Hellcyon Days Ch. 02


The sight of the three of them staring mutely at Emily's nether parts would have been pretty hilarious had one not known the circumstances that had culminated in that scene.

With amazed wonder, Alex sidled over to the redhead before lightly brushing her pink flower. Still expecting a wince, Alex was surprised when she didn't shy away from his touch, even when he stroked downwards from her neatly trimmed triangle of fine red hair to the base of her lower lips, which elicited a small groan of pleasure from Emily.

"What the heck?" Leira commented succinctly, motioning toward the miraculously healed sex, she continued, "When did that happen?"

"My pussy's been itching slightly ever since our shower, I've been able to ignore it until now... is this because of you?" the green eyed girl said as she looked questioningly at Alex.

"I...don't know...I admit that I'm still feeling a little guilty about my...overenthusiasm earlier, and it's been nagging at my mind. But if I managed to heal you, it wasn't consciously," Alex hazarded.

Looking thoughtfully at Alex, the Latino beauty said, "So it could've been your subconscious that caused the healing, try and recall if you did anything with your powers in the shower?"

With an expression of intense concentration, Alex said haltingly, "Yes...my flame...did something to yours, Emily. During our shower session...it's hard to describe...my flame reached out and embraced the ember of your being. I think that might've been the cause of your astounding recovery."

The pixie-haired beauty was almost bouncing in enthusiasm upon hearing this, "So you have healing powers as well? What if it extends to the ability to manipulate bodies or organic matter? That would be so cool...and pretty frightening," Emily finished, she didn't look it, but the redhead was a pretty large comic book fan.

"I know! Try and heal this," Leira said as she pulled off her shirt to point at a small scar on her torso, just a slight discoloration on her otherwise unblemished skin. Looking a bit uncertain, Alex shuffled over and placed his hands against the olive-skinned woman's side. Closing his eyes and imagining his mindscape, he tried to replicate his earlier subconscious actions, but try as he might, his inner blaze refused to respond to his mental prodding.

With a frown, he opened his eyes to meet the hopeful gazes of his lovers and shook his head, "Nothing. I can't seem to affect my flame at all."

With a seductive grin, Leira purred, "Maybe we have to replicate our earlier...circumstances."

It took a moment for it to occur to Alex what the beautiful Hispanic was implying. Not saying a word, he shed his clothing, revealing the rippling muscles of his lean toned body; more akin to that of a swimmer than a bodybuilder.

With a smirk, he stalked over to Leira, whose slit began to moisten, before he pecked her on the lips and then whirled to his flaming haired goddess, snatching her up as he strode rapidly to the nearby love seat. Depositing her softly, he said with a roguish grin, "I believe it's your turn my elfin lady." Leira could only pout as Alex began slowly slipping her best friend's shirt off her body, kissing every inch of the slowly revealing flesh. Luxuriating in her lover's attention, the redhead closed her eyes to focus on the sensual caresses.

Pulling off the form-fitting top, leaving the emerald-eyed beauty clad in just a plain cream-colored bra, Alex unhurriedly reached round her back to unclasp the imprisoning garment, unveiling the proudly jutting torpedo breasts. "Utterly beautiful," he murmured as he stopped momentarily to admire the gorgeous sight, drawing a blush from the redhead, before hunching forward and tenderly fondling the pillowy mounds with gentle fingers, his luminous wings shooting about to support his uncomfortable position. Lightly stroking the sensitive flesh with his fingertips, Alex slowly explored the softly yielding flesh, occasionally tweaking the light pink peaks. Gradually expanding the sensual massage, Alex tried his best to find his red haired lover's most sensitive spots, identified by her peaks of pleasure using his supernatural senses.

Ramping up his efforts, Alex leaned forward to capture a painfully erect nipple in his mouth while extruding soft feather-like projections from his wings, which he focused on Emily's pleasurable spots. Jubilant at his successful experiment, he lavished his tongue over the redhead's sensitive breasts, leaving her heaving torpedoes slick with saliva and causing the pale expanse to flush a deep crimson.

Noting a sudden jump in the redhead's pleasure, the raven haired youth's eyes widened slightly before he started down her body, licking and nibbling at the luscious flesh. Stopping briefly at the slight indentation of her belly button, he continued past the small patch of curls toward the invitingly moist entrance. Dropping to his knees as Emily obligingly spread her pale thighs, Alex paused before the plump lower lips as he inhaled the musky almost spicy scent of the redhead's womanhood before taking a slow leisurely lick, parting the tightly clenched lips. Her juices tasted of sweetly exotic spices and he couldn't get enough of the delicious essence. Worming his tongue into the velvet tunnel, he lapped languidly at the drenched walls, trying his best to prolong her agony. The feminine hands which had been tightly gripping the hand rests of the seat, entwined in mussed black hair before attempting to force the torturous tongue to push her over the edge.

Attempting a new trick, Alex's tongue swelled to massive proportions before undulating rapidly within the straining beauty. Moaning as she was finally pushed over the edge, Emily's satin folds convulsed around Alex's thick organ, which changed course to rub vigorously against her G-spot, pushing her climax even higher.

Gradually reducing his efforts, Alex withdrew his tongue, which shrunk back to its usual albeit still unusual proportions. Emily leisurely opened her eyes when she felt Alex remove his tongue from her drenched box, before imploring almost timidly, "You've fucked me before, now would you please make love to me?"

The softly-spoken words struck a chord within Alex, "You only need to ask, my dear," Alex replied with an affectionate smile as he positioned himself above the red haired elf.

Slowly sheathing himself in her moist folds, he brought his lips to hers as he began a slow series of strokes into her clutching pussy. He paused after a few minutes, before he picked her up, still impaled upon his iron shaft and laid her upon the carpeted floor, before continuing his unhurried thrusts.

Emily was in heaven, where their earlier frenzied fuck had been a crazy vortex of pleasure, this was a gradual merging of souls, a slower but just as pleasurable build-up. Their lips never left each other as their tongues entwined and alternated dancing in their partner's mouths.

With a muffled scream, the redhead orgasmed on the throbbing member while Alex continued on his unceasing strokes, paralleling their earlier more violent coupling. This time though, Alex was in full control of his mental faculties and was carefully ensuring that no harm came to his gorgeous lover. Somehow entering his mindscape while still being entirely conscious of his continued movements, he tried affecting the desired changes on the nearby furiously masturbating Hispanic beauty. Failing to produce any results, he changed targets to the redhead he was making love to. Suddenly a sea of information flooded his head and he understood everything about her body. Spotting a few barely noticeable scars and blemishes in her form, he concentrated and slowly they vanished one by one. There were a few seeming abnormalities which Alex also promptly fixed, striving to make his lover as healthy and perfect as possible. As he used his newfound powers, the brightness of his flame dimmed slightly as it enveloped Emily's ember, though its size remained unchanged.

Moments after completing the healing of Emily's minor injuries, Alex was finally unable to resist the milking motions of the redhead's pussy, and with a great groan, he spurted his seed into the welcoming tunnel.

After filling her womb to overflowing, he rolled over to prevent his weight from squashing his lover, as he hugged her quivering body to him while she slowly recovered from her prolonged orgasm. As her shuddering gradually weakened, she whispered almost reverently, "That was...fantastic... Anyway, did it work?"

Looking over at the naked olive-skinned girl with the lewdly spread thighs, he grinned, "It didn't work on the little voyeur there, but it did work on you. I suspect that my ability may need either close proximity or actual skin contact during sex for it to work."

Upon hearing this, Emily began inspecting her body, before exclaiming and pointing at her arm, "My scar I got when I was 5 is gone! As are all the moles on my body. How come there isn't anything different besides such minor changes?"

Scratching his head, Alex replied innocently, "I didn't want to mess with your body without your permission and besides, you're perfect as you are."

A huge flush spread from the redhead's cheeks to her shoulders, before she glomped fiercely onto her lover. "You are truly one of a kind, but I'm sure we can think up some ways to improve my body," she crooned seductively into his ear.

Alex's slowly deflating cock surged back to full hardness upon the pale-skinned girl's words, eliciting a squeak from her. Smiling cheerily at Alex' hungry gaze, she unsheathed herself from his steely staff before waving in her best friend's direction. "Lei's turn!"

Aforementioned girl had been shuffling anxiously nearby as she dripped her fragrant juices on the floor. Quickly moving over to the vacated lap, the dark eyed girl swiftly impaled herself on the jutting organ with a groan of relief. Draping her arms around Alex's broad shoulders, she smiled radiantly at her lover, before initiating a passionate kiss. Alex was far from idle, his hands roaming the femininely muscled expanse of Leira's back.

Craving even more stimulation, Leira crushed her body to his, as if trying to merge their forms into one entity. She ground her firm tits into Alex's steely chest, while wrapping her gorgeous legs about his waist and pulling him towards her with all the considerable strength of her toned limbs.

As their tongues desperately dueled in each other's mouths, Alex slid his hands to the glorious perfection that was Leira's ass. Clutching the firm globes, he repeatedly lifted and lowered his Hispanic lover on his straining cock, slowly making love to one of the women who were steadily gaining a foothold in his heart.

Once again falling into his mindscape, he replicated his earlier actions and healed every old injury and blemish he could find. Finishing quicker than previously, he idly noted how the furnace of his soul didn't seem to dim as much as before.

At this point, Leira had been cumming continuously for many minutes, drenching his crotch in her juices. Grinning inwardly, Alex concentrated on his throbbing cock which produced a shocked scream from the dark skinned woman, "Holy shit! Is your dick vibrating?" Nodding slightly, Alex pressed his lover tightly to his hips, stimulating the entirety of her pussy and sensitive clit, which triggered an even more frantic series of climatic spasms. This in turn set off Alex's explosive orgasm as he shot his sticky essence deep into Leira's sucking insides. With a sharp intake of breath, Leira's mind overloaded with pleasure as she was flooded with Alex' potent cum.

As the shudders of their climax slowly abated, the largely ignored Emily commented, "That was beautiful...now we have got to stop screwing and decide what to do."

Minutes later after the group dried themselves off and redressed themselves, Alex sheepishly began, "Well, I'm quite sure that counts as a success, I think I managed to heal anything wrong with your bodies. If you can think up some way to improve on perfection, I'm open to ideas. Also, you might have noticed my little experiments during our...love making."

"Heck yea we did / Definitely!" the two women enthusiastically answered. Emily continued, "So you do have some form of bio-kinesis after all, though it does seem a bit limited at present. Do you know how much you can change right now?"

"Not too sure, I don't think I can morph anything significant yet at least, and I can feel how my transformations are...inclined...to the sexual. My ability to transform seems to be heavily linked with sexual intercourse," Alex replied.

"Well, we can always try more later, right now, we have to decide how we are to proceed," Leira suggested.

Nodding to her, Alex said, "The sun's been up for close to two hours now, I've been checking the streets periodically and those creatures seem mostly nocturnal. The roads are almost entirely clear of 'them' and I think we can probably grab a car to get back to our hometown. We can probably look for and gather our families then."

Both girls looked a bit apprehensive but agreed with the raven haired youth's assessment.

Alex smiled reassuringly at them, "Don't worry, I'll protect you with my life and... as added insurance, we've got these." He said while brandishing his handguns and bow, "I'll show you the basics to these Beretta M9's, though hopefully you won't have to resort to them."

Quickly demonstrating to them basic gun safety and ensuring that they understood the lethality of the weapons they were holding. They double-checked their provisions before settling the heavy haversacks onto their backs and heading out with Alex in the lead.

Proceeding cautiously down the hallway and down the stairs, they carefully checked around every corner before continuing. Just as they reached the ground floor stairwell, the threesome was astonished to see a group of armed people in diamond formation. Instantly on their guard, Alex was surprised to note that he recognized the beautiful woman leading the group.

Trusting his instincts and sensing that the group wasn't hostile, he greeted the Amazonian officer tentatively.

Before he could question the beautiful giantess further, Alex was shocked to note that he could sense a familiar ember representing the amazon cop in his mindscape. The rest of the group, just at the edge of his empowered senses, he could vaguely sense as emotive orbs of light.

Speaking while Alex was still in his flummoxed state, Officer Julia replied, "We came to check up on you actually, if you want, you can come with us. It'll be a tight squeeze, but we've got a transport to get back to our current headquarters."

Looking disbelievingly at the officer's flimsy reasoning, Alex was tempted to ignore his instincts but he sensed the sincerity of her answer, though he could feel that she wasn't being completely honest. What perplexed him more were the responses of her allies, the tanned giant at the back of the group along with the tiny dark skinned woman with stormy eyes seemed to be entirely too calm for his liking, and the middle aged cop seemed confused as to his lukewarm response.

Quickly making his decision, he nodded at them and the two groups briefly introduced themselves before the now larger group moved back outside, the three new civilians encircled by the other four. The two college girls looked fleetingly at Alex, but they trusted in his judgment and new abilities.

They had scarcely left the structure's entrance when they were beset by a group of slobbering beasts. Reacting quickly, Alex sent an arrow unerringly through the eye of the leading reptilian creature, causing it to drop to the ground like a marionette with its strings cut. The cops' responses were by no means sluggish as they pumped round after round into the rushing mass of beasts.

The gypsy woman proved to be a decent shot, though her lower caliber gun meant her shots were a lot less effective on the monstrous creatures, barring lucky debilitating injuries.

The last two women of the group tried their best, but they were utter beginners and as a result, missed their target more often than they hit, though they did contribute to the cacophony of shots.

Concentrating their fire on the leading monsters, the group was able to cut down most of the beasts before they could reach them. The heavy shotgun slugs once again proved their worth as the hefty projectiles smashed their way into the inhuman bodies of the monstrosities. Even then, each creature took multiple body shots to put down, barring the occasional lucky head-shot.

They had managed to eliminate most of the attacking creatures when with a resounding 'boom', a heavily dented car flew toward them, smashing the last few abominations before burying itself in the facade of the building behind them, just clipping the shoulder of the police lieutenant, sending him spinning to the ground.

The origin of the huge projectile was revealed to be a colossal demonic entity, the size of a city bus. Standing a full 15 feet tall even hunched over, its massive shoulders were plated with armor the color and texture of volcanic rock and bristled with cruel spikes. Its baleful crimson eyes shone from under a heavy brow from which a pair of gigantic curling horns sprouted. Roughly humanoid in shape and possessing huge oversized limbs that ended in rugged claws the color of ash, its footsteps shook the earth as it took gargantuan heavy steps toward the stunned group.

Shaking himself out of his reverie, Alex ran perpendicular to the demon's path while shooting his arrows at its craggy head. The broad head arrows just seemed to bounce off its armored visage, chipping off bits of armor without causing any real damage.

He was joined by the thunder of shotguns and the lesser roars of handguns as the armed group followed his example and began moving away from the monstrosities' rumbling charge. The heavy slugs of the shotguns proved ineffective as they gouged fist-size holes in the demon's carapace, but failed to inflict significant injuries. The smaller caliber guns just seemed to ricochet from the armor, while chipping away little bits of carapace and spikes.

"Focus on the head!" Alex bellowed as he tried his best to aim for the beast's eyes, but it proved surprisingly cunning, lowering its head to conceal its vulnerable eyes from attack and presenting its curling horns.

As the creature's lumbering charge rapidly approached the old bomb shelter, the group realized the predicament of the softly groaning figure of Lieutenant James still lying on the ground, unable to move out of the demon's way. Alex's heart stopped as he saw his beautiful elfin lover dash back into the line of the titanic beast's charge as she tried to move the injured cop.

His mind flashed through a hundred possibilities in a split second, as his body dumped huge amounts of adrenaline into his system, before he arrived at the only real prospect of rescuing his beautiful redhead.

Throwing aside his bow and quiver, he heaved his haversack off his shoulders, before stooping forward almost parallel to the ground and kicking off the pavement, smashing a sizeable crater in it, and propelling himself forward too fast for the eye to follow. In the split second that followed, his iridescent armor finished coating his body as the great luminous wings burst forth from his back, completely shredding his clothes and accelerating his body even further.

Faster than the blink of an eye, Alex was replaced by a shimmering armored creature with wicked talons and a terrifying saurian countenance with blazing lavender eyes, which slammed into the demonic entity with a booming crash that hurtled the monster hundreds of yards from the group, to crash into a distant building.

Standing completely still where the demonic creature had occupied moments earlier, the Alex-creature continued staring unceasingly into the distance, where clouds of dust obscured the hole made by the violent entry of the attacking demon.

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