tagSci-Fi & FantasyHell's Kiss Ch. 02

Hell's Kiss Ch. 02


Cautiously pressing the iron-bound door behind him, Argunthal stepped into the dim passage beyond. Nothing too unusual as dungeons went, dark stone, plenty of grime, and lit by the occasional torch sconce. Warily standing up a bit from his combat-ready crouch, he stood still, trying to make out a sign of the right direction to proceed. Hearing faint sounds from the right, he made his way down the hall, trying not to make too much noise with his bare feet.

The cool air felt somewhat pleasant, reducing the dripping sweat from his encounter with the demon seductress to the vaguely clammy coating familiar to anyone who's done hard work in the cold. The hall began to bend after a short distance, bringing the harsh echoes of a few voices into clearer focus. Argunthal halted, hoping to identify a friend or foe.

Two ugly, rather high-pitched male voices became more audible, the words becoming identifiable as he crept closer.

"Back down here again, eh? Wonder what she was up to this time."

"Beat a supervisor with a pickaxe, apparently. Shit, she's so tiny, how the hell did that happen? You've seen Marko, he's a guard, and apparently one of the smaller ones."

"Fuck if I know. What are we supposed to do about it, again?"

Another voice, feminine and melodic, joined the first two that Argunthal had decided were probably demons of some sort. He was now crouching a few paces away from a half-open door, listening as best he could.

"Don't you boys know? You're supposed to scare a little sense into her. Do a good job of it, too, it's rare I get to see anyone in action besides a brick-headed guard."

"They have bigger guys, why us?"

"Yeah, we're just imps, for fuck's sake! Let one of the guards do his own job for once."

The grumbling imps were cut off again by the third voice, taking on a more persuasive note now.

"They wouldn't send me down if this wasn't important, sillies. Now, are you going to wake her up, or are you going to make an office girl do it for you?"

The female demon was apparently quite effective, as Argunthal heard a small quarrel break out between the imps over who would do the job. A sharp slap rang out as their prisoner was brought uncomfortably to consciousness. A quick, rushed intake of breath resounded. Some unlucky woman was now awake.

"So, sweets, you know why you're here?"

Apparently the imps were just muscle, kept around while the administrator did her job.

The prisoner's response came in an icy tone that, while betraying great weariness, still had a note of steel to it.

"I'm here because I don't take orders from guards. Or from succubus whores like you."

A succubus. Argunthal couldn't help but wonder what she looked like after hearing Zalana's thoughts on the subject.

"You might come to regret that. Klurn and Harth will be more than happy to demonstrate why," the demon spoke, presumably gesturing to the two imps. "In fact, the only reason you're not being whipped to shreds right now is because we found something interesting in your corner of the cell."

This was followed by a sharp intake of breath.

"You- you found- what? I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about."

The quiver in the prisoner's voice was quickly covered back up with her former confidence, but she obviously had reason to be afraid. Given her attitude up to this point, she probably had real punishment to fear for whatever she'd been hiding.

"Oh, of course you don't. There just happened to be a set of lockpicks lying around the cell. Of course, that's not uncommon, but there was something different about yours. Feel like sharing with the class?"

Argunthal could practically see the cruel smirk on the face of the succubus, further evidenced by the twin chuckles that shortly followed.

"Actually, I think I'll tell you anyway. Those were perfectly shaped. From the ore you mined. Not only were you stealing it, but you somehow smelted it. Sugar, there's no furnace in that cell. You used magic."

"If that were true, I would have killed you with it by now. You have the wrong woman."

"Nice try. See that cute little collar? That's blocking any magic abilities you might have. That means that you're here, you're powerless, you're strapped to a table, and you're going to tell me what you know."

"Safe to say you're too dumb to understand most of it, slut," the prisoner growled back. "So you know I was plotting to escape. I'm not the first, and I'm not the first magic user, either. You're wasting your time."

"We know warrior's serum when we see it. You really should have been dead quite some time ago. No, you're a spy, and you probably think you're going to be some sort of hero and free everyone here. And that's just not acceptable. Honestly, management is tired of dealing with you. I think you can fill in the blank."

"Fine. Kill me."

Argunthal was impressed with her nonchalance, not to mention her apparent talents. In face, he wasn't sure he could simply stand there and let the demons have their way with her. He shuffled silently closer to the door, carefully peering into the room behind.

Two short male demons stood with their backs to him, slouching and toying with some sort of wooden switches. Painful-looking. In front of them was a stone table, its surface at about waist level. From what he could see, the woman strapped to it was alarmingly thin, her pale, exposed skin seeming to stretch thin over her ribs. Standing over the table was the succubus. Her body was admittedly spectacular.

Unlike Zalana, she wasn't particularly tall, but did possess an unreal set of curves, voluminous hips offset by a pleasantly contrasting waist. Even from behind, he could make out an impressive pair of breasts. For some reason, the way her torso moved simply in breathing was vaguely hypnotic, expanding and contracting in an irresistible, slow, sultry rhythm. She held a staff of some sort, made of purplish wood with a thick, bulbous tip.

Laying her hand on her curvy hips, the succubus let out a genuinely unsettling laugh.

"Oh, we're not going to kill you just yet. These boys here have to have some fun first, and, more importantly, you need to suffer a bit." Tauntingly caressing the prisoner's thigh with a fingertip, the demon continued. "Sure, we could simply beat you, but where's the fun in that?" Palming the restrained woman's breast, which was still a perky handful despite her starvation, the succubus giggled a little before explaining further. "It looks like you're still a virgin, hmm? Well, no need to take the to the grave, if you ask me. No, you'll be dying only when we finish stretching out your virgin cunt a bit."

Argunthal grimaced, feeling a wave of pity for the prisoner. He had no choice. He did his best to quickly think out a plan of action. Even if it was dangerous for him, he wasn't simply going to let the demons violate a fellow human. He couldn't.

"Stunned into silence, slut? Well, good, you'll have plenty of noise to make before you know it. Boys, remember what you were told about getting a bonus?"

The imps excitedly nodded. Turning around and stepping towards them (but thankfully too focused to notice Argunthal a few paces away at the door), she pulled a small tube from a pocket of her hopelessly inadequate tunic and applied a coat of purple lip gloss, which contrasted nicely with the red of her skin, more of a flowery shade than Zalana's menacing crimson. In fact, all of her was a lot less intimidating, softer. Her horns were just spikes at the temples, which Argunthal actually found rather cute for some reason. Smacking her freshly coated lips, she half-whispered, "I hope you two don't mind mixing business and pleasure. You need those cocks nice and hard for this, and I'm happy to help."

The special emphasis on those last few words jerked the imps back to full focus. They looked at each other with excited grins, ragged pants beginning to bulge a bit. Argunthal was both grateful for the opportunity that the distraction would afford and morbidly curious as to what pure demon penis would look like. Hopefully they wouldn't be too much like what had happened to his.

The succubus sank to her knees, sexily undulating as she stared at the imps' crotch-bulges. Playfully stroking the one on the right, she licked her lips.

"What're you waiting for?"

This was all the encouragement that the pair needed. Practically tearing at the dull brown fabric covering their groins, they had their members ready for action in seconds.

Sucking her finger in a quite arousing display, she looked at one imp, then the other. "Mmm... looks like Nali's about to get two big loads, right?' Giggling, she took one cock in each hand, smoothly stroking them to their full lengths. She wriggled the tip of her tongue in the air for a moment before finally putting her lips to the imp on the right, effortless taking down a good deal of the impressively long shaft. Given that the imp was less than five feet tall, the sheer size of his blood-red penis was downright extraordinary. Nali's head moved appealingly back and forth as she made a few passes over the forearm-length red shaft before heading to the left, giving the same treatment to the second imp. He let his head fall back in pleasure, clearly enjoying the very skilled fellatio he was receiving. Working up to a quicker tempo, Nali began to slurp as saliva dripped from the tight seal between her mouth and the imp. Not to be unequal, she released the left imp with a loud pop, giving the base of his shaft a few faster, short strokes with her hand before diving back to the right, her pace further intensifying as the imp cradled her head in his hands, taking a bit of control as he presumably came close to orgasm.

Judging by the cum that began to leak from her lips, Nali had done her job well, pressing her face into his crotch to take the erupting cock all the way down her throat. Popping back off him, she similarly impaled herself on the left-hand imp, producing an identical effect.

Still dripping cum, the first imp paced behind, reaching down to fondle Nali's impressive cleavage. She didn't seem to mind, giggling as she continued to suck the second imp, who chuckled to his friend, "Feeling ambitious, eh, Klurn?"

Klurn didn't really bother responding. He was busy with the fastenings of the succubus' dress. She stopped sucking, laughing as she exclaimed, "Hey, let's stick to business here! We're not supposed to... oh, fuck it!"

She reached back herself, peeling away the absurdly brief garment to reveal the rest of her voluptuous figure. He toyed with her nipples for a moment before lining his penis up to her already-dripping cunt with the precision and focus of a trained archer. Harth grinned, snapping Klurn an ironic salute as he plunged into Nali from behind. She took her mouth from Harth for a moment to gasp with pleasure before resuming the task with even greater enthusiasm, her moans muffled by a considerable length of dickflesh.

The two imps, both still incredibly aroused, exchanged brief glances. As if by some unknown signal, Klurn switched his position in an astounding athletic display, thrusting into Nali from underneath in a matter of moments. She seemed to enjoy the new angle, sucking Harth with even greater enthusiasm. Understandably, she seemed surprised when he stepped back.

"What's the matter, sexy?'

He didn't bother answering, but simply laughed as he swung a leg over her hips. A strange light flickered in the imps' eyes as Harth unceremoniously plunged into her ass, double-penetrating the succubus with gusto. She gasped in shock at first, but that almost immediately turned to intense moans of pleasure as the imps reached a consistent speed, performing like two fiddlers with their favorite duet.

Shaking his head to regain his concentration, and consciously straightening his comically surprised face, Argunthal decided that his odds of being spotted by any component of the sex-crazed demon sandwich were fairly low at this point. Carefully planting each foot, he crept over to the other side of the table to talk to the mysterious prisoner.

He cautiously raised his head to look at her face, trying to keep an unimposing expression. She was obviously surprised, visibly jumping, but managed to prevent herself from making any noise. Argunthal attempted a whisper.

"It's alright, I'm a friend."

Her response, in a very exasperated tone, practically made him wince with its venom.

"I don't care if you're a pile of cheese curd unless you can get me out of here. What kind of idiot doesn't deal with the demons first, then let me loose?"

"Alright, alright, I have a sword. The straps may be locked, but they're still just leather," he sheepishly replied.

"Less talk, more cut, brains," she added with a slight eye roll.

"Relax, I can handle this," replied Arguthal as he carefully took a precision grip on the blade of the sword. "All I need to do is line the blade up and-"


The impact of the sword on the floor after it fell from his hands, only managing to make a small incision in the strap, was painfully audible. The demon mini-orgy ground to a halt like a fast cart with an irritated driver at the brakes. The prisoner let her head fall back to the stone table, presumably executing another, even larger eyeroll.

"Who in fuck are you?!"

The imps jumped quickly to their feet, rushing Argunthal before he could properly prepare himself. A swift blow to his knee knocked him to the ground, followed by a cruel, clawed stomp that drove the wind from his stomach. He tried to pull himself up, seeing a double vision of an imp with his club raised for a mortal strike.

Argunthal braced himself for the end, but the impact never came. Instead, the weary but luscious voice of the succubus drifted through the air.

"Hold up, there. I have a better idea."

A stabbing pain erupted in his chest, and he looked down to see a red-feathered dart embedded in his muscles. A strange sensation came into focus as the skin around it began to flush.

"You seem pretty capable, truth be told. If you escaped from the kind of security they probably had you in, you'd be damn useful as a miner. On the other hand, you'd be even better as a demon. A great soldier. In a few minutes, the toxin on that dart will start to seep into your blood. After a few hours, you know what happens? Bye-bye, soul, hello new job."

Heart pounding with panic, Argunthal reached for the dart, panicking as his arm failed to obey his command. If he couldn't beat the venom in a few minutes, he had a one-way ticket to the underworld. The only reward he got for his struggles was Nali's laugh, reverberating strangely in his ears. Oh, what was the use? The poison would flow, she would laugh forever. The sound seemed to flow through his mind, weakening his resistance.

He was about to give in. No use anymore, might as well just go to sleep and let the future- wait. The sound was gone. Opening his eyes, he saw two pools of red, each containing an imp. Between those lay a collapsed heap of succubus. Over her stood a pale figure, sword in hand.

The prisoner bent down, plucking the dart from his chest and gingerly flicking it away like a biting insect.

"That was a close call, hmm? Luckily you had a half-dead, powerless spellcaster to save your sorry ass. Seriously, why even bother with all those muscles if you can't defend yourself?"

His jaw dropped open, astonished that such an emaciated form had the strength to break through her bonds even after he had cut them. His breath came in shudders as he realized just how close he had come to a highly unpleasant end. Seeing this, she bent down, her expression softening.

"Hey, you can relax. It's alright now, you'll be fine." Her voice, while much more earthly than that of the demon women, had a pleasant, soothing tone. It reminded him of the brook on his uncle's farmland back home. "I know, I have a bit of a rough sense of humor. Chalk it up to stress, I suppose."

Tucking a few loose strands of golden hair behind her ear, she laid a hand on his shoulder, gently applying pressure in a way that seemed to melt the tension. He inhaled contentedly, experiencing the first non-malignant good feeling since he had awoken.

"Call me Erendiel, by the way. I don't think we were properly-"

She stopped, rising like a cat as the lump behind her stirred. In a suddenly cheerful tone, she chirped, "Excuse me a moment, would you? Nali and I never really got to say hello before I knocked the skank unconscious."

Still mouthing his name in response to Erendiel's introduction, Argunthal propped himself up on his elbows. He had the feeling that he was going to enjoy what was about to happen. His ideas were confirmed as Erendiel took a purposeful grip on the succubus' staff, bending into a crouch and holding up the demon's head with the other hand.

"Awake, dear? Surely you recognize me after being in charge of my case for all this time. It's funny, I feel like you've done so much for me and I never returned the favor."

Argunthal didn't even need to look in order to see the truly menacing glint in her eye, which made the singsong quality of her voice all the more unnerving. Nali obviously heard it too, groaning and attempting to wiggle away.

"Oh, no you don't. Really, I owe you! Look, I even have a magic staff to help me out. I'm sure that a demon with your experience knows what happens when you hand a witch magical equipment."

As if on cue, the purple tip of the staff began to glow, and Erendiel's collar, which apparently held back her abilities, simply crumbled to dust.

"Ah, so much better."

Erendiel let her head roll on her neck a little, acting like someone who had just taken off a heavy, uncomfortable piece of clothing.

Nali now looked truly terrified. Not even bothering to speak, she simply stared at the still-glowing staff. Erendiel lifted a hand, and spoke with a new note of power to her voice.

"Spread your legs."

The demon obeyed against her will, thighs forced apart by some unseen force. Erendiel leisurely twirled the staff for a moment before touching it to the Nali's cunt-lips. Nali shivered as the magical aura of the glowing tip stimulated her, breathing in short, hard gasps. Her fists clenched as the sensation intensified, Erendiel beginning to penetrate her. She chuckled a little as she forced in the large, fist-sized orb, putting a great deal of strength behind the thrust. The succubus let out a low groan as Erendiel rubbed a finger over her clitoris.

"Now, since you wouldn't want that falling out, let's tighten you up a bit!"

Raising her hands again, she spoke in the same oddly powerful tone.


Nali openly moaned as her honeypot seemed to shrink, to the extent that the nothing the size of the staff could possibly get in anymore- or out. Argunthal was beginning to get an idea of where the spellcaster was headed here, looking on with stunned interest. Erendiel, barely able to contain her laughter, raised her hands up once more, now with a beaming smile.

"Let's get you started, slut! Vibrate!"

The staff glowed and began to shake, blurring slightly with its rapid motion. Nali's mouth gaped open, her body rocked by massive convulsions as she experienced what must have been the orgasmic equivalent of a large earthquake.

"Finally too much for you, dear? Oh well, I'm sure you'll get used to it," giggled Erendiel as she bent down and planted a kiss on the demon's cheek.

Turning back to Argunthal, she extended a hand to help him up. Her grip, while gentle, was stronger than that of most men he'd encountered. The same soothing touch that had massaged his shoulder supported a fair bit of his weight, helping him stand as he regained his balance.

"Sorry you had to see that, but she and I have been involved with each other for three years now. She's the officer in charge of me, since I'm apparently a captive of value. Not very nice, even for a demon. All's well now though, I won't hurt you. By the way, I'm not sure I caught your name."

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