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I opened the door to see Yvette standing there in her customary trenchcoat and pumps. It was rare to have much conversation beforehand; the basic "How are you doing?" chat to see that each other is okay is our extent. We openly dated other people, but didn't always sleep with them on the first or second date. Some, particularly in her case, didn't even have a shot at getting some.

So usually by the time we hooked up with each other, more conversation was the last thing we wanted. See, Yvette and I were far too self-centered to be with each other in a normal relationship, but we were too good together sexually to walk away from each other. So, our routine was simple: fuck first, talk later – if we didn't fall asleep. We cared about each other, but this thang we had was about relieving stress, feeling good, getting our freak on – which happened to be the topic of one of our last post-fuck conversations. We tried to see which one of us had the wildest fantasy – she won.

I let Yvette in, and she stayed in the living room while I went into the kitchen to get her a glass of red wine. When I came back, her coat was lying across the top of the chair, and her shoes were under the end table. She was sitting cross-legged and topless on the couch. Yvette had tan skin, and perky 32B titties. She was a small woman – if I put my hands on either side of her waist, my fingertips could almost touch – but her sexual energy was off the scale.

I handed her a glass, and as she sipped the wine as I shared a concern with her. The last two times we hooked up she seemed to want more than what I could provide. The longest I've been able to go at it was about 1½ hours, cumming about five or six times - but that didn't happen often. Even though I made good use of my tongue those, I was still sore afterward. I asked if I was leaving her unsatisfied most times. She said no, then laughed and added that it may just be that she really needs two men to get the job done, like in her fantasy.

"Thanks," I said flatly.

"Do you honestly think I would continue to make plans to see you if you weren't satisfying me?" she put her hand on my cheek.

"I guess not."

She set her empty wine glass down and stood me up to unfasten my pants. I took off my shirt and let her push my pants and briefs to the floor. She kissed my thighs, then my throbbing 8" dick. "That's what I love about your dick; he's always ready for me."

I looked down and watched her head slide back and forth, fast then slow. Yvette jerked my dick with her hand as she licked and sucked my nuts. She consumed my dick in her mouth again, and it was feeling real good. Yvette was the epitome of the woman who could be a lady in the streets: she was dainty, she was demure, and she had a way about her that made a man want to take care of her. But behind closed doors – she understood, and was not afraid of, her sexual needs. She was comfortable in letting her public image go, and squeezing every bit of pleasure out of intimate contact that she possibly could.

Personally I had never been with a woman who got so much pleasure out of sucking dick. She could cum while doing it, without even touching herself. She sucked sloppy, and she sucked noisy. She knew when to look up with those innocent eyes, she knew when to suck hard and when to ease off, she knew when to lick and when to swirl, and she knew when to take my tip into her throat and when to tap my dick on her tongue.

I felt my knees weaken, and grabbed her head. I thought she might stop when I got close, but she jerked the shaft and sucked the head until I unloaded in her mouth.

I regained my balance and knelt down to suck on her chocolate quarters, while opening the drawer of the end table beside the couch. I took out a blindfold – she sat back and looked at me when I went to put it on her.

"Why are you about to fulfill your fantasy, when I won the contest?"

"Because your fantasies scare me!" I joked.

Yvette laughed, "Chicken heart." She let me put the blindfold over her eyes, "A real man would be scared of being arrested."

"Hey, I got warrants already." I stood her up, and kissed on her body as I removed her panties. I noticed how wet they were, and took a sniff before tossing them aside. I led her back to my bedroom – where a video camera, and . . . other accessories were waiting. I laid her across the bed, and guided her arms above her head. I grabbed a bottle of caramel syrup I had warmed up before she got there, and squeezed the contents over her body. She smiled and told me not to hurt her. I licked and ate the syrup from her neck, chest, breasts and stomach, then went to work on her thighs and shaved pussy. Her giggles turned to moans, as she ran one of her hands over my head and told me to eat her good. I moved her hand off my head, "Don't move from where I put you."

With the syrup gone from her legs and toes, I went back to her pussy. The mix of the caramel that was left and her natural juices was delicious. I kissed her lips, and then lifted her knees so I could drag my tongue from her asshole to her clit while working my finger inside her. Her moans got steadily louder. Then I started sucking her clit, and stroking her g-spot with my middle finger. She grabbed my head with both of her hands, and I stopped to order her to lay flat like I had put her and to not move again. She complained that I was messing up her flow, but I didn't resume my meal until she did what I said. Within a few licks I was back in my rhythm, and so was she. Eventually she was driving her pussy into my face and cumming in my mouth.

"Slide your dick in me," she moaned.

I stepped away and motioned for Tim, my boy who was waiting immpatiently in the corner, to go to the other side of the bed. He stood over her head and ran his dick across her face. Before Yvette got there, he showered with my soap and used my cologne so we would have roughly the same scent.

"Back for more lips service, huh?" she licked his nuts. "Trying to tease me tonight?" she reached up to grab his dick.

Tim caught her at her wrist. He put her hand back down to the bed, as I moved behind him and warned her not to try that again. As far as our bodies, there were a couple of inches difference in height between Tim and I, and maybe 10 pounds in weight. I hoped Yvette wouldn't notice any differences in areas beyond that.

She continued licking his nuts, then curled her tongue around his dick. She licked every inch she could from that position, then cocked her head to the side to suck on it. I crossed my fingers and held my breath because this was a real hurdle. She stopped and turned her head back so that his dick came out of her mouth, "How come your so quiet this time? Am I not satisfying you?"

"I'm just admiring your beauty, and your talent."

She laughed and resumed sucking, harder. She would definitely know Tim's voice from mine, so I had to make sounds to go along with his facial expressions – basically, I voiced what he mouthed. I knew how good she was making his dick feel. Soon Tim was grimacing, and unloading cum into her mouth. He pulled his dick out, and stepped back from the bed.

"Hey, that was kinda fast for your second round. Maybe I am getting to be too much for you," she laughed. "Do you need to take a break?"

I walked to the other side of the bed, told her that there were no timeouts tonight, and pulled her to the edge of the mattress. I spread her legs, and worked my hard dick inside her. Her moan was deep and loud. A few minutes later I pushed her legs back so that her knees were by her ears so I could go deep. "Still want to talk shit?"

She gritted her teeth, "take this pussy!" She grabbed her ankles to pull her legs even farther back. She was so wet it felt like my nuts could slip inside her with the rest of my dick. I alternated between using the bed to bounce her up onto my dick, and using my hips to thrust straightforward into her. Either way, her body responded with spasms and mini-orgasms. She reached to pull me into her deeper, and I stopped. She was trying to ask me why, when a full orgasm ripped through her body.

"Don't do that!" she smacked my arm. "You can't just stop like that!"

"Try to touch me again, and I'll not only stop – I'll pull out all together."

"I can't stand you," she smiled.

I slid back, "Think I'm playing?"

She moaned, then put her hands back above her head. I noticed Tim trying to suppress his laughter while he moved the camera, and had to look away before I busted out laughing. I started stroking her pussy again, and she started meeting me stroke for stroke. "Pull your legs back again!"

Yvette lifted her legs, but this time when she grabbed her ankles she held her feet together over her head. That new diamond formation changed the feel of her pussy somehow, and in about five minutes I buried cum deep inside her. She screamed as another orgasm attacked her.

Tim, still erect, motioned for me to turn her over on her hands and knees. She was still breathing heavy, but I got her into position. Tim came over, went in her, and pumped real slow. Her "oohs" and "yeahs" were deep and long. Watching a woman getting dick in that position was even better live than in videos. Yvette rotated her hips, and bent her back like a cat. Tim made his strokes shorter and faster, and got up on the bed. Yvette stretched her hands forward and put her head down. Soon he was riding her ass, and she was loving it. Then he started smacking her cheeks.

"Oh, hell yeah! Smack that shit, Daddy!"

Tim got off the bed and put his hands around her waist to pull her back to meet his thrusts. Yvette's "oohs" and "ahhs" got real guttural. Tim had broken a sweat, and I noticed Yvette's back and forehead were glistening. I couldn't help stroking my growing erection at the scene in front of me. These two were fucking hard, and it was an amazing thing to watch. Yvette's screams suddenly stopped, though her mouth stayed open. Tim's mouth dropped open, and his eyes rolled back in his head. They both almost fell over, as their bodies twitched – then they moaned and both relaxed.

When Tim pulled out Yvette rolled on her side, breathing real heavy. I told her, "This isn't a good time to be acting tired."

She grinned, "You said there was no timeouts tonight, right?"

"You damn right," I lifted her leg to slide back inside.


"Yeah, I plan to," I put her leg on my shoulder, and leaned over her so that her pussy was good and spread. She was clinching a fistful of my sheet between her fingers and telling me how much she loved my dick. I sat up and lifted her leg off my shoulder to kiss on her calf and the back of her knee, which made her leg shiver. I let it rest on my shoulder again, then reached down with my other hand and stroked her clit with my thumb. Her whole body jerked, and she pulled my hand away. I pulled out so that just my tip was inside her, "This is your last warning!"

Her body jerked twice, and she let go of my hand.

"You're not in control of this, understand?"


"You have no idea what I'm doing to you, but you love it – don't you?"

"Hell yes!"

"Then don't try to stop me again, or I will stop!" I stroked her clit again, and her pussy started clamping down on my dick. Once it relaxed again, I braced myself and started increasing the pace and intensity of my thrusts. She started screaming and pulling the sheets from the bed. I brought her leg from my shoulder again, and took her big toe into my mouth.

Her eyes shot open, "No, don't do that! Ohhhhhhhhhh, don't do that!"

I sucked and ran my tongue around it.

"Damn, Daddy! What are you doing to me?"

"Whatever I want," I momentarily took her toe out.

"Ohhhhhh fuck!!!"

We came together; me shooting what cum I had left inside her, and her raspy voice echoing off the walls of the apartment.

Tim motioned for me to stand her up, so he could lay down for her to be on top of him. I thought this was a risky position, but I got her up.

"Baby," she tried to catch her breath, "let me rest. Let me get some strength back."

"Not tonight, baby. It's my turn to wear you out." I left her standing on the side of the bed, and walked to the other side. She commented that maybe I should rescind my own no-timeout rule, and I told her to hold on a second. When Tim was situated, he grabbed her wrists and guided her onto the bed, and onto him. She let out an "oh shit" on her way down his dick, and asked where I was getting all this energy from. With my head near Tim's I told her that her fantasies had inspired me to improve my performance. She smiled, got her legs into a comfortable position, and started riding him.

"See, you didn't need a break after all."

She then bent her body back and grabbed his ankles – her body looked so good stretched out like that it was hard for me not to start sucking her titties. I decided to get the camera off the tripod, and come in for a close-up. After a while, she sat back up and put her hands on Tim's chest. She was working her ass in all kinds of ways – grinding motions, circles, ovals. I went behind her and got some nice pussy and asshole shots. Yvette was so wet; a spot was forming on the sheet between Tim's legs from her juice running off his nuts. I was having a hard time holding the camera and rubbing my dick, so I put it back on the tripod.

Yvette's smooth movements became sporadic, and I figured she was about to cum again - her scream a few minutes later confirmed it. When her orgasm was over, her perspiration had turned to dripping sweat, but she started going again. She said she wasn't stopping until she wore me out once and for all.

Tim had put my pillow over his face. I put my head near Tim's again, and dared her to try. She started pumping her pussy onto Tim's dick more intensely than I had seen her thrust before. I said a number of "oh damns" just from the way she was working. Then she started grinding on him again. Tim flung the pillow away, and I saw the look on his face. From the way her hips swiveled and swirled I could imagine how she was making his dick touch every inch of her pussy. He started shaking his head, as if he couldn't take anymore.

Just then she must have hit her g-spot, because she let out a deep, quivering "ohh" that shocked the both of us. Then focused her grinds in that area, and dug her nails into Tim's chest. I put my pillow over his face when I saw him about to scream. Soon she was grunting and grinding her teeth, until Tim's toes curled and she let out a high-pitched scream.

Yvette lay back on the bed between Tim's legs, limp. Tim's dick plopped out and he rolled off the bed. He couldn't really stand up, and was still shaking his head. I got on the bed and slid back in.

"SHIT! Why aren't you done??"

I leaned over to her ear, "Had enough?"

She shook her head, "I need a break."

"And people in hell need ice water," I started slowly thrusting into her again. Taking a little mercy on her, I had Tim hand me the KY Jelly on my dresser and leaned back to pour some on her pussy as I slid in and out.

She let out a long moan, and brought her knees up to my waist as I slid back in. I put my head to her shoulder. She pulled me tight to her, and was grunting in my ear. "You love this pussy, don't you? This is good pussy, ain't it?"

"This pussy is the gold-standard. It's platinum pussy!"

"You can't get enough, can you?"

"Never enough."

She smacked my ass, "Never!"

I eased into her as deep as I could, and could feel her cumming again. When those waves subsided, I leaned my head over farther to lick and suck her nipples. After all the fucking that went on, this felt like I was making love to her. That's an area we usually tried to avoid, because it made us admit that we had real feelings for each other. If our egos would ever get out of the way, we could possibly have a good life together. But that wasn't going to happen, at least not now. As I long-stroked my dick into her, I thought about how much I loved her body and loved her willingness to open it to me.

I started grinding into her, and thrusting slow. We both came, then her arms fell back to the bed.

Her breathing was real heavy, so I asked her again if she had enough. It took her a little longer to respond, but she said she was loving it.

Tim took my place between her legs and held her arms down. He put his dick in her pussy, and Yvette opened her legs wide, saying "give it to me baby." He pumped hard enough for the slaps of their bodies coming together to bounce off the walls of the room. Yvette's mouth was open, but no sound was coming out. She gritted her teeth as she came, then let her mouth open again.

Tim eased up, took his dick out and slid it across her clit. It must have still been really sensitive because she started turning her head side to side and screaming. He slipped back inside her, and bent his head down to suck on her titties. She clinched her fists as she started to cum again. Her knuckles started turning white as Tim thrusted into her a few more times, then came with her. Yvette's entire body tensed up for half a minute, then she relaxed.

Tim got off her. We stood there watching and filming Yvette's body as it trembled. She caught her breath somewhat, and started saying she had enough – after nearly 3 hours. I sat her up, and told her to kiss my dick and call it her king – she grinned and complied. Tim stepped over, and I told her to do it again – she grinned and complied. I led her back out to the livingroom, and untied her blindfold.

She laid back on the couch, "Tonight was wonderful – exhausting, but wonderful. I may be walking funny tomorrow," she laughed.

"Blame it on me."

"And have my friends trying to have you do the same thing to them? Uh uh."

"Oh, now you want me to yourself?"

She shook her head, "I just don't want to share you with women I know." She kissed my lips, and took her clothes to the bathroom. While she freshened up and changed, I got the video and wrapped it in a gift box. When she came out, I walked her to the door and gave it to her to watch later. She asked what it was, and I told her it was a surprise.

After she left, Tim came out of my bedroom and asked if I was sure she was going to be okay with this? I told her we had actually fulfilled two of her fantasies – being with two men, and being videotaped.

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