Helping Mr. K


Mr. Kay asked, "Nina, is this okay - that I'm doing this?"

I whispered, "Y-Yes, I think so..."

Mr. Kay said, "Oh god - this is beautiful..."

The feeling I was getting from Mr. Kay hands as he touched my bra along my back were so gentle and tender, it was like he was calming me down - it was magical, and any stress in me faded away - just from his touch.

I whispered, "Mr. Kay, this feels wonderful, it's like I'm melting."

And I was somehow all lost in a calming trance.

The sensations were so wonderful and dreamlike; it was as if I was surrendering to the delicate touch of his hands.

I took a deep breath and whispered, "I feel funny, like this is a dream or something."

Mr. Kay replied, "I feel the same way. Your bra is - so pretty."

I looked over my shoulder to see Mr. Kay, who was looking at my back intently.

Mr. Kay asked me, "Nina. What are you feeling right now?"

I was so taken by his directness, that I replied, "Right now - I feel - a little scared."

"It's okay..."

"I feel - I feel - worried - it feels embarrassing."

Then Mr. Kay told me not to feel that way, that he thought I was perfect and beautiful. It felt SO good to hear him try and calm me down with his compliments. It was just how I felt when he told me it was okay that I would masturbate.

I whispered, "Thank you Mr. Kay, that helps."

He continued, and I watched him from over my shoulder. All I could think about was what he had done with his wife, and how much it haunted him.

I whispered, "When you told me about - what you think about - when, you think about Kelly, you said..."

And I trailed off into silence.

He told me to keep talking, to finish what I was saying.

I went on, "It made me feel good, that you would trust me, and share something so - well - so secret with me."

Lying on the bed, on my tummy like I was, I felt SO close to him. He was along side of me, looking at me, just at the edge of my sight.

I nervously continued, "You said, that - when, you think about Kelly - you were - naked."

Then, his gentle touching stopped. I couldn't believe I said what I said, and I felt terrible.

I stammered, "Oh God - I'm sorry - I didn't mean anything..."

I rolled over on my side, and I looked up at him, and he was obviously lost in some place of deep yearning. I stared at him, as he sat there, and all I could think of was how wonderful and kind he has been to me.

And right then, he seemed so vulnerable.

Just a few minutes earlier, he had entrusted in me such a beautiful secret. He literally told me what he thinks about when he is alone - when he masturbates. And the purity of that imagery affected me deeply.

He spoke, so tenderly, about his wife. How thrilled he would get seeing her, when she was wearing only her bra and panties - just like me, right now.

And then I looked over my shoulder at him, and he was sitting on his knees, close to me. He looked frozen, and just a few minutes before, he confided in me that Kelly would encourage him to - to be naked, because she KNEW he loved it.

I quietly asked, "Mr. Kay? Can you do something - for me?"

He replied softly, "What is it?"

I nervously said, "Can you - Oh god - I'm embarrassed to say it."

He looked at me, right at my eyes, "Please - it's okay."

"The sad thing - about that boy - the boy from school - the thing that seemed - so sad for me was..."

"Nina, you can tell me."

"I feel funny saying this. But, the thing that seemed - so sad for me was - the room was dark - and I never saw him - with all his clothes off."

I watched as Mr. Kay's expression changed. He seemed almost frightened by my words.

I said, "Oh God, I'm sorry, I never should have said that."

We were both silent for a long time, and my mind was racing with fears and insecurities. What had I done? I rolled over, back on to my tummy.

Then, he looked at me and smiled, and then he said, "Nina, you have no way of knowing how important you are to me."

And then he leaned in and kissed me softly on my forehead.

With that, he sat up and began to unbutton his dress shirt. I watched in amazement as he took it off and let it fall of the bed and onto the floor.

Then, he undid his belt, and then he lay down on his back, right next to me. He began to push his pants down. I was suddenly aware of a giant bulge, straining against the thin fabric of his boxers.

He put his fingertips on his underwear, and then he turned and looked at me. I think my expression was of absolute bewilderment.

He asked, "Should I stop?"

I meekly replied, "No."

Then - it happened fast, and suddenly he was naked. I got the briefest glimpse of his penis, it was erect and it seemed to spring up when it was free from his boxers.

I kind of squealed out loud, and I instinctively covered my eyes.

Oh my GOD - I have NEVER seen a man naked before, and to see Mr. Kay's erection - so close - really freaked me out. It just looked so HUGE.

I was scrunched up on my tummy, with my hands over my eyes, and I was trying to hide him from my view.

He realized he scared me, and immediately tried to calm me, "Oh Nina, please, I'm sorry..."

My heart was beating hard, and with my eyes covered, it felt strange - like I was floating.

Mr. Kay softly told me, "Please Nina, I'm sorry"

It was so calming, he spoke to me in such a gently and reassuring way.

I think that I must have been shaking I was so freaked out, the image of Mr. Kay's huge erection was just too much. I kept my face covered with my hands and buried in the bedspread.

He whispered, "Nina, tell me. Should I stop?"

Oh God, just hearing Mr. Kay's soothing voice helped calm me down.

I whispered a frightened, "No."

Then, he gently put his hand on my back. The panic feeling seemed to fade away, just from his touch, and I felt a little better.

He began gently stroking my back with his fingertips - along the straps of my bra - trying to calm me down.

At first I wanted to squirm away - but his fingertips felt SO gentle.

He asked me, "Oh Nina, is this okay, that I'm doing this?"

I meekly replied, "Yes."

Suddenly I was quieted by the sensitivity of Mr. Kay's soothing touch - and - it's hard to describe - it felt SO delicate.

Mr. Kay said, "Nina, please, I need to do this. Please."

Just hearing him say that, I was instantly calm. I was overwhelmed with this intense relief, like just his earnest voice made my fears and shame just melt away.

And Mr. Kay continued to carefully trace his fingertip along my bra straps, and the feelings made tingles run trough my whole body. It was magical.

And laying, like I was, on my tummy, in just my panties and bra - and KNOWING he was naked, on the bed with me, suddenly - everything just seemed perfect, almost mystical.

The feelings I was getting from Mr. Kay's fingertips were so gentle and tender, it was like he was calming me down - easing any worry in me.

I whispered, "Thank you, this feels wonderful."

I felt beautiful.

Then Mr. Kay stopped, and I heard him whisper, "Nina?"


Then he cautiously asked me, "Nina, can you turn over, onto your back."

I timidly replied, "I think - I think - I'm too scared."

"Please Nina, I don't want you to be scared."

I mumbled, "I'm - I'm embarrassed..."

I was powerless to his voice, especially now that I had melted into this blissful state.

He went on, "Please - I need this."

And then Mr. Kay put his hand on my shoulder and calmly asked me again, if I would roll over onto my back. This time, I did exactly as he told me, I couldn't help myself. I moved around on the bedspread and he took my hand and gently helped roll onto my back, I looked up at him and - looked at his - his exquisite erection, it loomed above me as he moved me.

Even though he was naked - and his penis seemed so scary- it was strangely beautiful and calming.

And then he cautiously moved towards me - and - I was entirely focused on his hard penis, it was almost purple, and it looked SO huge. But, I didn't close my eyes, not this time.

I bashfully held my arms across my chest, hiding my bra.

He whispered, "Please - I need to..."

Then, he carefully lifted my hands and slowly set both my arms above my head as I lay on my back. It was like he was deliberate positioning me, like an artist would pose a model.

All the while Mr. Kay was watching me, and it was SO obvious he was staring at my bra, and I knew - from before when he spoke about his desires about Kelly - that he must have been emotionally exhilarated.

I lay there, on my back with my arms above my head, and there was something so shy about the way he was looking at me. I realized how he responded when I encouraged him, like Kelly had.

I looked up and told him, "Mr. Kay - it's okay - please."

He got up a little on his knees, and moved a little closer. He was looking at me, at my bra and my chest.

He just looked down at me, sort of confused.

I went on, "Mr. Kay, you told me what you used to - to do - with Kelly - sounded so beautiful - please."

Little by little, he cautiously climbed right on top of me, on his knees, so he was straddling me, with his knees on the bed on either side of my tummy.

Then he carefully put his hands on each side of my head, against my hair, and lifted me a little by my shoulders, and slid a pillow under my head. He leaned in put his lips close to my ear and said, "Nina, please watch, I want you to see..."

Oh my god, his hard erection seemed to jiggle with each slow movement, and it was all I could focus on.

I looked down at my own chest - with the pillow, I could see perfectly - my plain white bra, and my little breasts, and his hard penis.

I didn't realize until then, but - right then - through the thin fabric of my bra - my nipples were unimaginably hard, in a way that I had NEVER seen them like that before, and seeing them SO erect was enormously thrilling.

I could tell this might be too emotional for him, and I was worried.

I encouraged him, "Please Mr. Kay, keep going, you are doing so good, it's okay."

He cautiously arched his hips toward me, toward my little bra, and got close - so his erection was right up close to my flat chest.

He spoke in a shaky voice, "Oh Nina - You are SO beautiful, you are perfect."

And just by hearing his beautiful voice, I shivered.

Mr. Kay slowly moved in and let his hard erection glide across my pale skin, along the edge of my bra. Oh god, it was immediately obvious that he LOVED it.

He whispered, "This is beautiful..."

Oh my GOD - I wanted to scream with Joy.

Mr. Kay began whispering, "Oh God, Nina - Nina..."

Somehow, I mean, my breasts are SO tiny - and because of that Mr. Kay's penis just seemed unimaginably huge as it glided across the pale freckled skin of my chest, and the white fabric of my little bra.

I stammered, "Oh Mr. Kay - this feels SO good..."

He spent a long time rubbing the very tip of his erection along the outline of my bra. He was unbelievably slow and gentle. I can't even try to describe how electrifying this was for me.

Oh my god - This was something so powerful for Mr. Kay, he was living out some sort of deep need. I could tell. He was on his knees and he moved in closer, straddling my ribs, until his knees were firmly tucked into my armpits. It was magical.

He seemed so exhilarated, and I whispered, "Mr. Kay - this is - this feels - nice."

It felt SO good, I mean, his erection was just so close to my face - it was incredible. We were looking right at each other, and the intensity of emotion in his face was glorious.

Oh god, Mr. Kay was SO turned-on, it was like he was possessed. And I wanted to make sure he was doing exactly what he needed, what he had done with Kelly.

Mr. Kay gasped out, "OH GOD, Nina - thank you..."

The sensations were overwhelming and intense. Mr. Kay's penis looked SO hard - but he was using it - to caress me - so delicately - and his movements felt SO soft. It was absolutely magical.

"Nina - thank you..."

He began to move - slow and gentle - and he pushed his penis up toward my neck, and then gently traced the bra strap as it went over my shoulder.

I was amazed at seeing his huge erection, So close to my face, I watched intensely as he guided it slowly along my bra strap.

My skin was so sensitive, I mean, his penis was so beautiful - and the feelings were SO intense. It felt magical.

And it would glide back down again, and he slowly traced the tip of his penis across my cleavage. And then I watched as he tenderly moved up the bra strap on the other side.

Then I cautiously asked, "Mr. Kay, tell me what you need."

And the question seemed to stop him, and he suddenly sat up a little.

I asked again, "Please Mr. Kay, tell me, it's okay."

He got off me, and he sat on his knees next to me, and he covered himself with his hands in a sort of modest pose.

He was thinking.

I begged, "Please, I want to help."

He sounded so emotional, "Nina I need - I need - to lay down - next to you."

The next thing that happened was he was on the bed, snug against me, and his mouth was near my ear.

I asked, "Is everything all right?"

He looked at me with his hunted sad eyes and said, "I think so..."

I said, "You are thinking about Kelly, aren't you."

There was a long pause, and he finally said, "Kelly would, sometimes, be in pain when - when - we made love together."

"Oh no, I'm so sorry."

"It was something that I worried about, and I tried to make it, as - nice as I could for her."

I didn't understand, what was he saying?

I asked, "It hurt her?"

"Kelly would - sometimes - have a hard time, getting - wet enough, and if she wasn't - wet enough, she would feel pain."

"Was there anything that helped her?"

"I would need to make her climax, that was really helpful, that would get - get her wet enough."

"How - I don't understand, how would you - help her - to climax?"

In a far away voice, he said, "I would use my mouth, I would kiss her, and use my tongue - and..."

I didn't expect him to say that, I asked, "And she could - have an orgasm - that way?"

"Yes, sometimes it took a long time."

"How long?"

"I don't know, I'm not sure."

Then, with help from Mr. Kay behind me, I moved my arms, and my little bra was off and on the bed next to me. Then, he helped me roll over onto my back again, with my head on the big pillow.

I could look at myself, my own tiny breasts, and - Oh god - my nipples were SO incredibly hard. It must have been the tingling sensations from Mr. Kay's attentive touch I don't think I had ever seen them so stiff.

I had always felt bad about my little breasts, but right then - they seemed so lovely.

Mr. Kay just sat there for a moment and looked at me, at my bare chest. It felt so good to let him see me, and - right then - I felt beautiful.

I looked over at Mr. Kay, and even though he was naked, and he had just rubbed his erection all over my bra, I saw him as so vulnerable, and so sad, and all I wanted to do was help him.

He said, "Sometimes I knew it would be painful for Kelly, and it was so important - for both of us - if she was as wet as possible."

All I could think about was that big soggy stain on my bed when my mom came in, and how scared it made me. I didn't understand what I was feeling.

He spoke in a sad and needy voice, "And, when she - had an orgasm, it made it wet enough that it didn't hurt her."

And then, Mr. Kay began to pull off my panties, and I had to arch my hips upward so he could get them off of my bottom.

He slowly slid them down my legs, and then off my feet.

It seemed like we had both just moved in slow motion, but now I was naked - just like Mr. Kay - and he was breathing so deeply his whole body kind of trembled.

And for a moment, he looked sort of confused as he held my little white panties in his hand.

I nervously asked, "Oh god - Is something wrong?"

He replied, "No, I'm sorry - it's just - your panties - are all - wet."

I instinctively replied, "I'm sorry - I can't help it."

"No - Don't feel bad, it's beautiful..."

And - right then - Mr. Kay was looking at me as I lay there - completely naked - and I was realized I was squirming from my desperate attempt to make sense of a flood of emotions - I could feel so much longing, it was almost too much.

Mr. Kay looked at me as I squirmed, - my eyes, my small breasts, my nipples - my tummy - and my sopping vagina.

Then he held my wet panties to his face, and inhaled, slow and deep.

Mr. Kay stammered, "Nina - Oh God..."

My pose on the bed -I felt so BOLD - I arched my back and pushed my hips a little bit forward to let him get a better look between my legs.

Mr. Kay was staring at my wet pubic hair and my vagina lips.

It felt so beautiful - I began to squirm. I desperately NEEDED Mr. Kay to look at me.

I whispered, "I feel SO pretty..."

Mr. Kay moved forward, toward me until I needed to spread my legs wider, because he was sitting between my knees and I was on my back.

He gently leaned over me - I didn't know what he was doing at first, but he gently lifted my head and then set it on the big pillow.

He cautiously whispered, "Nina, I need you to watch."

I couldn't respond, all I could do was spread my legs a little wider, and I knew he was somehow trying to recreate something he had done with his wife, and I wanted so bad to help him, to make him feel better.

Then, he looked at me and whispered, "It's important - for me -I need you to climax"

And he leaned forward and gently kissed my open vagina.

I thought I might scream, the sensation was so intense. He was enormously gentle, and with my head on the pillow - I could watch everything he was doing.

I reflexively spread my legs even wider and held my knees tight against my own shoulders, and I arched my pelvis up towards his face.

My voice was so desperate, I blurted out, "Mr. Kay - Oh god - Mr. Kay..." I was shocked at the intensity of my response, but it was so true.

Mr. Kay put his mouth tight in between my legs. I watched as he wrapped his lips over my vagina.

I whispered, "This feel SO amazing."

He took his mouth away long enough to say, "Nina, please, I want you to - I need you to climax."

I began to breathe faster as he slowly started to build in intensity, and what was, until this moment, just gentle kissing, now turned to licking and then sucking.

He seemed to be re-living a haunted memory with his wife. He was simply abandoning himself.

He started to suck my small clitoris, and right then I knew it was going to happen.

Oh my god, he was licking me with such passion. Suddenly, his tongue moved down a little - I could feel his tongue INSIDE me - and I was even closer to exploding.

I got up on my elbows to watch, and I stammered, "Mr. Kay - don't stop - Oh god - oh god..."

With that he sucked and licked my clitoris even harder. His hands moved under my bottom, and he started squeezing both cheeks, they were wet and slippery. Until his hands slipped under my bottom, I didn't realize how wet I was getting.

This was exactly what he explained to me, what he did with Kelly, to make her climax, to get her as wet, so it would feel good for her. I realized he was trying to get me as wet could.

Mr. Kay was focused entirely on my building sensations - on MY need to climax, and I could tell - I just knew - that he was thrilled to the point of being transported to some higher realm - and I watched his - his beautiful face was sopping and glistening. From me - from my wetness.

I concentrated on the sensations of his slippery fingers squeezing my bottom.

I was breathing harder and he was making loud sloppy sucking noises. My pelvis started slowly pumping up against his mouth - and down into his soaking fingers.

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