Helping My Brother


He fell to my side.

I couldn't breath. Could not catch my breath. Motherfucker!

We did it. After seven months, my brother fucked.



After what must have been fifteen minutes of simply returning to consciousness, breathing, saying nothing, I sat up and turned on the little light.

The covers were everywhere. A mirror behind the little bar showed my reflection, and from the tits up indeed I was glowing. My eyes were on fire and my hair looked like Medusa. I was the fire eater. I was life. I looked over at Nick, and with the covers pulled back, there his cock lay red, shining with cum, across his thigh. He was looking at me, not bothering to cover himself.

The little boat floating in the midst of the heavens.

I poured a brandy and then a second. I handed one to him, and downed mine in a single gulp.

I had never been naked in front of my brother, and now I settled back against the pillow in that little bed without the least compunction of covering myself.

My golden pussy matted with juices, his and mine, my belly streaked with sweat. My lips swollen and bruised. My breasts so deliciously full, so sensitive from being chewed and sucked. I had never been fucked like this. What that does to a woman is hard for a man to understand.

I was marked. Stained.

It is indelible.

I poured another brandy, and sipped it this time.

He lay a hand on my thigh stroking me softly, brushing his fingertips into my bush.

I looked at him and smiled.

He said, "Thanks, I guess." Looking at me with puppy dog eyes.

I patted his head, "I did not plan this and, I feel weird saying this, you are fucking incredible."


The light went out, and I lay back next to him, my brother/lover. My mind swaying uneasily between those two points of light.

I could feel him breathing softly, he had fallen immediately to sleep.

Me, not so easy.

Sex is not so casual as I had been letting on, or convincing myself. Sex alters you, the most meaningless sex has meaning. I thought about what I had said, and wondered what would require correction, editing. How does one establish a sex life with their brother? This just happened. It did and it didn't. I was not wooed. I was and I wasn't.

It still felt like a dream from which I would wake.

Did I say that? I said he could put his hands in my pants anytime he wanted. I said I was his fuck toy. Christ. I had offered to be his release as in he can fuck me in the future, and I wondered. Wondered about how I had opened myself so completely, to let him tap his root into my soil. They have a way of growing, of hanging on, gripping and growing into my heart. Altering us as we grow together. I let him inside me. He would be in me now, forever. Forever and ever. Once it enters it does not leave. Every man I've had sex with, there is something that remains. I love my brother, want him to be happy.

I lay my hand at his back, sleeping like a baby, and ran it down over his ass. We both have nice asses, damn.

I began reliving our breakfasts, and times with him, fishing. Wrestling. Picturing his smile, fishing. When was it we changed, when had I decided to have sex with my brother? Because I had chosen. My want was like nothing I'd ever felt, it scared me. The more I thought about helping Nick, the more I wanted to. What does he think really? I want Nick to know I'll love him no matter what, if this never happens again or if sometimes it does. Should this be a regular practice? I don't know how it can be.

With Nick? God, how could I possibly satisfy two men. I truly had not thought this through.

It wasn't the incest. I've never felt anything with any of the other family men in my life. But this was so fucking hot. I grew up in a house full of men all except for mom, and living in the country where I was the only girl for miles around. So these men were all I had, and in a way I AM abnormally close to Nick. Is THAT incest?

As far as cuteness goes, my cousin was cuter, and yeah I actually did crush on him. My uncles were mean drunks, but that's different. The age difference.

Nick rolled onto his back and unable to help myself I ran my fingers through the dark bush of his crotch, let the wiry hairs catch between my fingers. He is so delicious, so powerful, and these were the feelings which worried me. I would fall in love with him, was in love with him, and want this. Want this inside of me. Want to feel this again, again again and...I am getting wet, can feel it.

I lay back down like that with his thick cock wrapped in my hand, feeling the pulse of its heart beating.

To be continued

I am interested in your comments and thoughts. Do they spend a day together at the beach before going home? Should she be in her little yellow bikini? What happens when she gets home? What kind of little sex toy does Sara become for her brother? All fantasies welcome. Your comments are the reason I write.

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by Anonymous

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by WickedTongueGame03/21/18


That’s a great story, great writing. Reading it I thought, “A woman must have written this.” Your descriptions are really good, very deep, sexy, lusty, spiritual in s very earthy, grounded way.

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by Anonymous03/08/18

Good story

However, what is with all the double negatives? "I can't do nothing".
Also, why do so many UK authors use the word "cunny" when they indicate the story takes place in the states? We never use that termmore...

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by aware197101/01/18

Story time

An enjoyable tidbit. I thank you.

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by Anonymous09/17/17

great story loved it

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