tagIncest/TabooHelping Our Future Son-In-Law

Helping Our Future Son-In-Law


After a long summer day, my wife and are sitting outside relaxing. My wife and I were cuddled up in a swing. Suddenly I see my step daughter's car pulling into the driveway. We have not seen her in some time now. Niki get out of the car and so does her boyfriend Jake. Karen greets them both with a hug and a kiss. After some small talk, Niki tells her mom that she has to talk to her in private. Both Niki and her mom go into the house, leaving me and Jake on the front deck.

Jake was telling me about his problems with their car. So right away I thought they were there to borrow some money. No big deal I thought to myself. We talked about other stuff, but nothing major. Within 30 minutes, Karen came out of the house with Niki following her. You ready to go Jake, Niki ask. Jake gets up and they head off for their car. No sooner then they where out of the driveway, Karen sits and lowers her face into her hands.

I put my arm around her and pull her towards me. What is it Karen? What's going on baby, I ask her. We need to go inside the house Bob. Sure I said, as I helped her up and together we walk into our house. Karen heads right up to the bedroom as I follow her. Once inside the bedroom Karen starts removing her clothes. We need to talk, Karen says. But I think we should get ready for bed first. Sure baby, I tell her as I start undressing. Soon we are both in bed and cuddling.

Karen kisses me on the cheek softly.

I don't know where to start, Karen tells me. I said, they need money. Karen laughed and I wish it was all they needed. I held Karen face as I looked into her eyes. Come on Karen, tell me what is going on. Karen tell me that Niki told her that her and Jake were trying to make a baby. But after months of trying, no luck. That Niki went to the doctors today for some test.Karen said that Jake went in for testing the day before Niki. Well Karen tells me, it turns out the Jake has a super high sperm count, which is great. But that Niki had no eggs. The doctor could not explain it. But Niki was never going to carry a baby of her own.

I watched Karen's face as she looked into my eyes. Karen said, you know how hard it was for Niki to come here today and to tell me that. I saw tears in Karens eyes as she talked to me. I am so sorry Karen, I told her. I wish there was a way to help them. Do you mean that Bob, Karen ask. Sure baby. I mean Niki is my step daughter, but I love her as if she was my own child. But how can we help them, I ask.

Karen stopped crying now and looked me into my eyes. Niki wants me to carry Jakes baby for her. That way the baby would have some of Niki looks as well. My eyes went wide open now. Can't they find one of their friends to help them, I ask. No Karen says real quickly. Niki will only do this if I am the one that carries the child. Karen grabbed my face and said, please Bob, I want to do this for my daughter.

Okay I tell her. But how do we go about doing this. Well neither Jake or Niki has the money to do it though the doctors. The doctor want $10,000.00 to do this. Plus Niki doesn't want the world knowing about all of this. Karen hugs me tightly and kisses me. Once we stop kissing, she says that the only way we can help them is if I have sex with Jake and I have his baby the old fashion way. My mind is going nuts right now.

So you are going to have sex with Jake and carry his baby, I ask Karen. That is if it is okay with you Bob. You know I won't do it if you don't want me too. My mind was racing. One one hand the though of Jake fucking my wife kind of excited me. But Karen carrying his baby and me not getting any sex for nine months was not exciting me. I looked into Karen eyes and said and what about me Karen? What do you mean Bob? I said and what about me. Do I have to go nine months with out having sex with my own wife?

Karen laughs softly. Karen said she told Niki the same thing. That all of this was going to be so unfair for Bob. That Bob would have no sex for 9 months. Karen said that she told Niki that she would do it on one condition. That niki have sex with Bob during that first night and then when ever Bob required it during the nine months. Karen said it only took Niki two seconds to think about it. Niki told her hell yes. It seems that Karen always talked to Niki about us having sex and how great it was. Niki said yes in a heart beat.

Do you realize what this means Karen? Yes I do Bob. It means that you get to fuck your sexy little step daughter. Karen then said, I know you would love that. I just laughed trying not to look to excited. But I think my rising cock might of gave me away. Karen's hand found my cock and slowly started to pump it. Karen laughs softly. So which one excites you more Bob? The thought of Jake fucking me or Niki fucking you? Before I could answer her, Karen jump on top of me and started rubbing her bald wet pussy onto my hard cock. Slowly she was rocking back and fourth. Karen then asked, so I take it that you will allow this to take place then Bob?

All I could do is too smile. I thought you would like this idea. I am excited about some thing I tell Karen. But when is this going to happen? It going to happen tonight. The kids are coming back over to watch the football game and they are going to spend the night if things go right. I look at Karen. I am okay with this, but I have three conditions. Okay Bob, what are they. Number one, you only fuck Jake until you find out for sure that you are carrying his baby. Agreed Karen says out loud.

I ram deep inside of her and she slowly rides up and down. What is the next condition Bob. I want all of this done in the same bedroom. I want to watch Jake fucking you. As you know Karen, it take a little bit to to get me hard. So as Jake fucks you, Niki can be stroking my hard cock. Wow Bob, you are a dirty old man. Okay Karen says, I am okay with those two conditions. But what is the 3rd condition, Karen ask quickly. After Jake fucks you, he is to go into the spare room to sleep. Why is that Karen ask? Because I want one whole night with two ladies. You want a threesome Bob? Yes I do. Oh my god Bob, you are so dirty. I have never done anything like that, especially with any of my kids.

Okay Karen tells me, its a deal. I ask Karen, but what if Jake says no? Karen laughs. Who's idea do you think it was to do this. It was Jakes idea. When they found out they couldn't have a baby. Jake joked around with Niki and said to bad your mom can't help us. I laughed out loud. So see Karen, Jake has wanted to fuck you for some time now. Karen raised up and slowly starts to fuck me harder now.

Oh I said, seems like you like that idea Karen. Karen moans softly. Oh yes Bob, the thought of Jake fucking my pussy does excite me. I kissed karen softly on her cheek and whipsered into her ear. You want that nice hard cock deep inside of you baby. Karen started to really ride me harder now. Stop it Bob or you are going to make me cum. And then Karen says and you want Niki young pussy on your cock as well. Oh god yes baby I tell Karen. Karen reaches down and pinches my nipples hard. And just think Bob, you can cum inside of Niki all you want too.

No sooner that Karen said that I was arching up and cuming deep inside of her bald pussy. Karen moan out loud and I could feel her pussy clamping down hard on my cock and she came hard as well. Oh god yes Bob, fuck me baby. I shot rope after rope of my hot seed deep into her pussy. Karen slowly eased herself off of me and cuddled to me. We kissed as we hugged. We need to get ready for this, Karen says. The kids will be here in one hour. I relax as Karen heads off to the shower. After 15 minutes I take my turn in the shower.

No sooner than I was out of the shower, I hear the door bell ring. It was Jake and Niki. Jake had a 30 pack of beer with him. I greeted him and we both headed off to the kitchen. Niki and her mom stayed in the livingroom to talk. Once in the kitchen, Jake came right out and asked me if I was okay with things. I told Jake that I was find with it, but that Karen would talk to them both in the livingroom. We grabbed some beer and headed off to the livingroom.

Upon entering, I could see Niki and her mom still talking. Niki had tears in her eyes, but a big old smile on her face. Niki came over towards me and gave me a big old hug and a kiss on the cheek. Thank you so much Bob for doing this. But I have to talk to Jake outside first. With that they both went outside for a few minutes. When they came back in, Jake came over to me and told me that all three of my conditions were okay with him. But he did have one question. Sure Jake, what is it. Do we have to wait until after the football game and can we just get this started. Karen, Niki and I all laugh our heads off.

Before I could answer him, Karen did. I think that is a great idea Jake. After all, we all want to do this. Karen grabs Niki hand and off they go upstair to the bedroom. Jake looks and me and says oh well, guess no football tonight. We both laugh as we head off to the bedroom. I walked into the bedroom first and Karen and Niki both were laying on the bed naked. Karen and Niki were holding hands. Karen looks up and says, off with the clothes boys. You both have allot of hard work ahead of you tonight.

I walked over to the side of the bed where Karen was at and I started to undress. Jake did the same thing on Niki's side of the bed. I lean over and give Karen a very wild kiss. Niki is the first to act. Come lay next to me Bob. And I walk to her side of the bed as Jake walks towards Karen side. I lay down next to Niki and just looked at her young sexy body. I didn't touch her. I just looked and her perky little tits and her hard nipples. Then my eyes go lower and I notice that she shaves her pussy just like her mom's. Niki cuddles to me and kisses me on my neck softly. Thank you so much for this Bob. No problem I tell her. I cuddle to Niki so I can watch Karen and Jake. Karen rolls over to Niki and says, now remember Bob's heart and what I talked to you about. I got this mom, dont worry. Niki laughed softly.

Jake climbs into bed with Karen and right away Karen and Jake lock up in a wild kiss. As Jake is kissing Karen, his hand is rubbing Karen tit and playing with her nipples. Karen loves her nipples played with so much. I already hear a soft moan coming from Karen as they kiss. Then I notice Karen hand grabbing Jakes hard cock and slowly stroking it. Jake stops kissing Karen and I see his hand work its way to Karen pussy. No foreplay, he just rams two of his fingers deep inside of Karen pussy. Easy big boy, Karen tells him. But I also noticed Karen arching her back high into the air.

Niki is watching Jake too and laughs. Whats so funny I ask her? Well Jake is a good old country boy. All he knows how to do it fuck quickly to get it over. Karen must of heard Niki and said well not this time. If he is going to fuck me, I want to cum first. No problem Jake says out loud. I am laying beind Niki now and I slowly reach around her and cup her tiny little tit. If I had to guess, Niki is a 34 b in bra size. Niki places her hand on top of mind as we watch Jake and her mom. Do you want my mom to suck your cock Jake, Niki ask out loud? No Jake said back quickly. I want that pussy of her and I want to cum inside of her. I could see a puzzled look on Karen face.

No big deal with me Karen says. And no sooner that she sadi it, Jake was between her leg. Jake then lifted both of Karen legs up over his shoulders. Karen was reaching down to grab his cock and to line it up with her now wet pussy. Jake is a big boy and weighs in a 200 lbs. I look over and see his cock for the first time. I am surprized allot by his cock size. I guess he is about 7 inches long, but real fat. I have never seen that fat of a cock before. After a couple of strokes. Jake pushes into Karen waiting pussy. Slowly I watch as it all goes deep inside of Karen as she moans softly.

I also hear a soft moan from Niki as well. Niki reaches down and slowly started to play with my cock. It caught me off guard for a second. Niki habds are smaller than her mom's hands. I kiss Niki on the back of her neck and whisper in her ear. Are you okay with all of this. She turns her head to look into my eyes. Oh god yes Bob. Not only do we get a baby from mom. But I have also wondered what it would be like to fuck you like mom does. Don't worry Bob, I will go nice and easy on you, Niki says softly. And the best part is afterwards Bob. Whats that Niki? Mom told me that you want a threesome with me and her. Are you okay with that, I ask. Oh god yes. I am so excited about it. I have never been with another woman before and knowing its my own mom excites me beyond words. I kiss her on her soft lips and Niki opens her mouth fully. Our toungs dance as we kiss.

We then look back over and Jake and Karen. Jake is fucking Karen really good now. Karen has her eyes open wide as she watches Jake ramming his fat cock deep inside of her wet pussy. That is it Jake, nice and slow baby. There is no race tonight Jake. Karen reaches down and starts to play with her clit. Karen loves playing with her own clit as she gets fucked. I whipser into Niki ear, reach over and play with moms tit. Mom loves that I tell her. Niki does just that and Karen looks my way. Oh yes baby Niki, that feels so good baby. Jake see's Niki playing with her moms tit. Oh god how I have dreamed about this. Karen looked surprized.

I could see Karen arching her back. Karen looked up to Jake. You wanted my pussy Jake? Oh hell yes Jake answered back quickly. I have seen you naked before Karen and I loved how your sexy body looked, Jake says. When did you see me naked Jake? One time I came over to pick up Niki when we first started dating and you were asleep on the couch and your house coat was partly open. I could see your tits and your bald pussy. Karen laughed and looked over at Niki. Did you know about this Niki? Yes mom I caught him pulling your house coat open more as he also rubbed his cock though his jeans. Oh you dirty little boy, Karen told him.

I could tell that Jake was getting excited now. His secret was out. I noticed that his pace started to pick up a little bit faster. Easy big boy, we have all night Karen tells him. Am I going to fuck you more than once tonight Jake asked Karen? Sure Jake, after you relax a bit in the other room, I am yours for the rest of the night. Niki and I watch and all of Jakes hard cock is sliding in and out of her mom's wet pussy and Karen is rubbing her clit faster now.

Then I feel Niki placing my hard cock in between her butt cheeks and she starts moving back and fourth. You like watching mom getting fucked, don't you Bob? All I could do is to moan yes softly into her ear. Jake is going to cum allot into mom tonight. When Jake cums, he cums allot. I whipser back to Niki, then just think, you get to clean up his cum from moms pussy. Niki moans out loud and arches her back. As she did, her small hand eases my hard cock into her wet bald pussy. God I never thought that I would ever be fucking my step-daughter pussy like this. I am not saying I never thought about it. But I never thought it would happen.

Jake is really pumping hard now at Karen wet pussy. That's right baby, fuck me Karen moans out loud. Fuck me harder Jake, make me cum on that big cock of yours. I bet you wish you could of fucked me that one night you saw me naked, Didn't you Jake. Oh god yes Karen, Jake moans out loud. You want me to carry your baby for you. Oh god yes Karen. Do you like my tight pussy Jake. Oh god yes Jake moans. Thats it Jake, give me your baby seed baby. Make me your babies mother. Make me a grandmother Jake. Come on baby, give it to me. Jake is really fucking Karen harder than ever now. God I wish I could fuck you when ever I wanted, Jake moans out loud. Make me a baby first Jake and Bob and I will talk about me fucking you more.

I could tell Karen was about to cum again the way she was arching her back and talking so dirty to Jake. Now Niki starts talking to Jake. Fuck my mom Jake. Give it to her baby. Make me a mommy Jake. I think it was more than Jake could take. He rammed his cock deep inside of Karen and arched his back and held his cock still. I could see his face and I knew he was ciming hard too. Thats it Jake, give me all your seed baby, Karen screams out to him. Fuck me me, god your cock is so big. Oh god Bob, I can feel his hot cum shooting deep inside of my pussy. His cum is so hot Bob. Fuck him baby, I tell her. Karen wraps her leg around Jake as he leans down to kiss her wildly.

As they kiss, I reach down and start to play with Niki clit. Oh my god Niki says out loud. That was so hot watching my boyfriend fucking my mother. Just knowing that mom is going to carry our baby. I watch as Karen lowers her legs from around Jakes body and he rolls off of her. I got to use the bathroom, Jake says and off he goes to the bathroom. Karen turns around and slides over to Niki and cuddles to her. Then Niki grabbed her mom face and kissed her in a wet wild kiss. I could see Karen and Niki toungs dancing in each others mouths. As they kissed, Karen reached around Niki head and she ran her fingers though my hair. Then they stopped kissing. Karen then got up and said she would be right back. That left just me and Niki alone. Niki was still rcoking back and fourth on my still hard cock as I kissed her neck and ears.

Within minutes, Karen returned to the bedroom. I see you like your step daddies hard cock, she told Niki. Niki smiled and moaned out oh god yes. I can't believe Bob hasn't cum inside of my pussy yet. Oh yeah baby, Bob has good saying power. And his cock is so big mom. Karen tells Niki to stop for a minute and to move over some. Karen is now laying on one side of Niki and I am on the other side. With Niki on her back now. Both my hands and her moms hands and roaming over Niki body. Are you glad you said yes to this Niki. I think I will be, but the night is young yet. I just want to thank you both for allowing Jake to plant his cum in you mom. You are giving us a baby and I can never repay you both for that.

Then I watch as they kiss again. Then they stop. Are you okay with mommy touching your sexy little body, Karen ask. Oh god yes mom, do what ever you want to my body. Its all yours and Bob tonight. What about Jake, Niki ask. Don't worry about Jake. He has gone into the other bedroom and is resting up for later on with me. I looked at Karen. I thought the deal was we all sleep in the same bed. Karen laughs. Trust me Bob, after Niki and I are done with you, all you are going to want to do is sleep. I laughed and said prove it. With that Karen lowered her lips to Niki's waiting pery nipple and sucked like a new born baby on one tit as she played with the other one.

Niki turned her head and out lips met for the first time tonight. Our toungs became one as we both moaned softly. I watched as Karen one hand made its way to her daughters blad pussy. Her fingers parting her daughter pussy lips as she forced one of her sexy finger deep inside. Niki arched her back wildly as we broke our kiss. Oh my god mom, that feels so good. Niki hand found my hard cock again and started stroking it faster and faster. Do you like this Bob, Karen ask me. Oh hell yes baby I answered back. Tell me what you want Bob. I want to watch you licking her pussy Karen. And with out thinking, Karen lowers her face into Niki wet pussy and start licking her own daughter pussy like a mad lady.

Niki arched up off the bed and turned her face to me. Let me suck your cock Bob. I didn't have to be asked twice. I sat on the bed and lowered my cock into Niki lips. She took all of my 8 inches deep down her throat and she was moaning like crazy. After a few minutes Niki pulled my hard cock out of her mouth and kept on stroking it as she licked the tip of it. God your cock tast so good Bob. Thank you Niki. Then Niki reach down and grabbed her moms head. Karen asked, whats up baby. I want Bob to eat my pussy now. Sure thing Karen said, as she laid down next to her daughters sexy body.

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