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Helping Out a Friend


I pulled into the parking lot of the hotel where my friend had rented a room for the night. I was to help him out with a little "project" he had been working on with his married gal pal, a true testing of boundaries I think is what he called it.

I parked the car and waited until it was 2 minutes until the agreed time for me to join him. I was right on time...I stood in front of the door for a few seconds when he opened the door.

We had discussed in great detail my role in this "project" so there would be no need for talking. In fact, that was part of the deal, there would be very little to no talking during this session. I have no problem knowing what to do and where to go when it comes to being nasty...and this was a very nice kind of nasty!!

The "project" was a site to behold; she was blindfolded and bound by the wrists and ankles to the four corners of the bed. The gal had made declarations that she wanted to experience being with another woman but she wasn't quite sure she could reciprocate, having never been with another woman...but every time my friend said he could provide that experience for the gal, she would laugh and say she thought it was hot but not sure she REALLY wanted to experience being with another woman sexually. My friend had decided it was time to see if the gal was for real or just blowing smoke up his ass. I could care less one way or another. For me, it was an opportunity to indulge in what I do best, creating the best possible naughty, nasty sex scene! So, regardless of his gal pal's reaction, I could handle anything that was thrown my way and if she didn't think she could reciprocate, I had no problem taking from her what I wanted and found pleasing to myself.

The "project" had a good body for a woman her age. She had very large tits, large nipples which were already hard and begging to be licked and sucked...her pussy was completely shaved which allowed a full and unencumbered view of her puffing pussy lips and glistening juices of her excitement. My friend had been teasing and tempting her after binding her, getting her "primed and ready."

She had a good sized clit, it was already fully engorged and ready to be tended to. I was ready to begin my "work." I went to the bathroom and washed my hands, quickly and silently undressed, then returned to the foot of the bed continuing to admire the naked body before me. I crawled up on the bed between the woman's legs.

I started at her tits...I balanced myself over her and began to suck each nipple in turn. Her breathing quickened...she began squirming a bit, testing her bonds...which were not forgiving and holding her tightly in place. I had to smile thinking of how she had no idea that there was another person, much less another woman in the room with them...that was the beauty of it, introduce her to bi-female play without ever really "knowing" what or who was playing with her...some women want to live the fantasy, they're just not sure how to go about it...

I moved to where I could took a nipple into my mouth. I licked it ever so lightly, then began sucking it a little more intensely...then took my teeth and ever so gently nibbled on it...then turned my attention to the other nipple...she moaned and pulled at her restraints...

I then licked and kissed down her belly to her beautiful, womanly love mound. My friend had instructed his gal to keep herself smoothly shaved for him...she had done a good job...I continued to examine her pussy, running my fingers down the inside creases of her upper thighs...I took both hands and pulled her thighs apart a bit more, I could see that she was anticipating her pussy being touched...then I ran my fingers along the insides of her thighs, basically touching her everywhere but her pussy. She moaned and groaned thrusting her hips forward as if she was begging me to touch her hotness...that when I lightly strummed her pussy, then ever so slowly, I parted her pussy lips inserting first one finger and then another...the moans grew louder...she would pull her arms and legs but was secure in her bonds...

I fucked her juicy wet pussy with my fingers and tongue, alternating between licking her clit, sucking on it, then inserting yet another finger, then another...I managed to get four fingers into her sopping wet cunt...she was loving it.

My friend was loving it, he stood there next to the bed, naked and stroking his hard cock which was leaking quite a bit of pre-cum...

Her hips were involuntarily bucking up, begging for more...she was fucking back to my fingers and hand back...I then lubed up a finger with her juices and inserted it into her tight rosebud of an asshole, continuing to lick her click and finger fuck her pussy with my other hand and fingers...she gasped and called out..."Please, fuck me Baby, fuck me with that hard cock!"

My friend stood at the foot of the bed and replied, "Not yet my sweet whore, not yet."

She was gushing pussy juices, I was working that pussy, fucking it now with my whole hand inside of her...I could feel her pussy muscles starting to contract on my hand...she was getting close cumming...then my friend moved to the head of the bed...he then got up on the bed and stuck his VERY hard cock into her mouth...she froze for a second...

That was part of the beauty of this scenario...being able to watch the whole reaction of the gal the moment the realization that there was more another person there, playing with her, fucking her with his/her hand, eating her pussy, sucking her tits...her body went rigid for a moment, but only for a moment. She was too far into her sexual pleasure to stop now...her body was reacting and responding purely on instinct and involuntarily natural responses to the sexual teasing. My friend looked at me and smiled. It was just as I had described to him on how she would react. He loved it, it was just like I told him it would be, she would suddenly know but she was too far into the sex to do much protesting...and how could she protest with a hard cock in her mouth, HIS hard cock in her mouth...she started sucking vigorously on his cock and I then put my mouth on her swollen clit and started sucking gently at first and then increasing the pressure while I fucked her with my hand in her pussy. I sucked kept increasing the pressure on that hard clit and felt her pussy muscles clamping down harder on my hand deep inside of her pussy...she was totally lost in the moment, gurgling and moaning as she sucked the cock in her mouth...

She was on the edge of her orgasm...I loved feeling watching as she fought to try and stay on top of the orgasmic cliff but she was there, over she tumbled started thrashing and bucking as her body writhed in the moment...she moaned and groaned, thrashing in her bonds, pulling at the restraints...my friend exploded a load of his cum load that had been boiling in his balls...she was sputtering and trying her best to take his load down her throat while giving in to her own spasms and jolts of orgasmic electricity...what an incredible site to witness!!!!

I pulled my hand out of her sopping pussy...I sat back and watched as the tremors and spasms of her orgasm began to subside, running my fingers up and down the inside of her legs, brushing her nipples ever so slightly to see her trembled a little.

We waited for a few minutes to let his gal come back to her senses...My friend came over to me and we kissed fully on the mouth...he smiled at me as I knew he could taste her juices on my mouth, tongue...I held my hand up for him to lick and suck her juices off of each finger...which he did, quite loudly...smacking and sucking, the louder the better...

His gal raised her head up, trying to figure out what she was hearing...we continued...

My friend was still pretty hard even after shooting a load into his gal pal's mouth...that's the beauty of Viagra, it provides that little extra a guy needs to get the "other" woman in the scene off!!!

Now his gal pal was going to get to lay there and listen to her man fucking another woman while she remained blindfolded and bound to the bed!!!

He reached down and felt how wet my pussy had become, I moaned loudly...I was so turned on and ready for him to fuck me...yes, his gal pal was now going to listen to us fuck...that was the beauty of this scenario.

It didn't take my friend and I long to find a place on the bed for to fuck...we wanted her to feel the bed as we coupled next to her...she would feel the motions, hear the sounds of my friend fucking the other person in the room, which should be evident that it was another woman...

She started pulling again at her restrains...

"Untie me." she demanded.

"You'll lay there and listen, my little cum-slut, listen to the sounds of fucking." he told her. She laid back. I wondered if she was pissed...I really didn't care...she would never see me or know who I was...

His cock was raging hard and my pussy was so wet, you could hear my pussy juices as he slowly inserted his cock-meat into me...we were deliberate in our movements...I let out a moan and groan to show my delight and then he started his in/out motion...yes, we were right there on the bed where his gal pal could feel the bed moving with each stroke, she could hear us fucking right there next to her...and we did...I reached down and began to stroke the very end of his shaft as it came out of my pussy, lightly stroking my clit each time with our co-mingled juices...I would look over at her as I had positioned myself where I could watch her facial expressions. She was laying there pulling at her arm restraints but going no where...she wanted to know but she didn't want to know...she would lay very still while he continued to fuck me...

"That's it Baby, fuck me, give me that cum load," I hissed at him and he practically exploded on command...he let out his moans and groans, exaggerating so she would know how hard he was cumming...she was very still, no longer struggling except in her mind...I let out a scream as I couldn't hold back my own orgasm and we both grunted and groaned until the waves of ecstasy started to subside.

Without saying another word, I got up and went to the bathroom to clean up and dress...when I returned my friend had climbed up next to his gal pal and was feeding her his limp cock-meat covered in MY pussy juices...she seemed to be a bit leery of the smell of his cock but she did not refuse the cock offering...she started licking and sucking though stopping to smell every now and then...

I smiled and waved good-bye to my friend...he gave me the thumbs up as I closed the door behind me...

So, my Dear, I want to know, was your so-called nasty gal pissed at how she was introduced to her first bi-female experience? Does she continue to ask "who" the woman was? Does she struggle with the concept that you actually fucked another woman in the same room on the same bed with her there all bound up and blindfolded??

Let me know when you need my assistance again. Licks, nibbles and kisses!!

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