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Helping Sis


A few months ago, I went to visit my little sister. She was a couple of months into her recovery from a terrible miscarriage. The baby had died, and she came very close to death herself, the only way the doctors could stop the bleeding was to perform a hysterectomy.

As I arrived at her home, there was several cars parked around, and it turned out to be several of her husbands sisters. They were planning the annual family reunion/seminar. My sister married a man who was the youngest of nine children, and he was the only boy. Their family owned several successful businesses and each year they "combined" business meeting with family reunion, for tax purposes you know.

It seems as if my sisters in-laws and her husband felt that since she could no longer add to the family legacy she was useless and was treating her more or less as a servant. She was told she should stay home from the seminar and recuperate. She was devastated.

I joined the husbands of the sisters in the den, and regaled them with stories of my recent excursion to a local strip club. On Saturday nights it is swingers night, and all the married couples and exhibitionists come and show off. As the evening wears on, it gets more and more erotic.

I went to refresh my drink and my sister stopped me in the hall and asked if I would take her there the next time I went. It seems she was eavesdropping on my stories. I told her that she wouldn't fit in because of her dress and makeup. Her husband was a strict Pentecostal and my sister no longer cut her hair, wore makeup, and wore high neck to floor plain dresses. The forlorned looked she gave me broke my heart, and I immediately left.

On the drive home, I called her and told her I changed my mind, and she replied, "no, you were right, I won't fit in. I asked her when her husband was leaving for his seminar. She told me that Friday afternoon. I told her to watch her mail on Thursday. After work the next day I went to a fashionable ladies shoppe. With the help of a young saleslady, I bought her a blouse, skirt, panty and bra set and a pair of stockings that had the elastic to hold them up. I mailed them in order for her to get them on Thursday.

On that Thursday she called me to thank me for the new outfit, and I told her I would take her to dinner Friday evening so she could wear her new clothes and get used to them.

That friday, I went to pick her up,she was so happy. She modeled her clothes for me and I said, o.k. lets see your panties. She stop and said what? I told her, look you are going to a swingers club, you need to get used to people seeing your panties, so let's see them. She paused, and then slowly reached down to her hem and pulled her skirt up showing me her panties. I had her turn around, show her butt, and had her tuck the hem of her skirt into the waistband before we walked out to the car. I held the car door for her and made her expose her crotch to me as she slid into the seat.

At the restaurant I kept reminding her to spread her legs to show anyone looking her panties. During dinner she had a couple of drinks and was really enjoying herself. After dinner I took her to the mall, to Fredericks of Hollywood. There I had her pick out a newer, sexier outfit. Garterbelt, stockings, miniskirt, sheer blouse, halfcup bra, and crotchless panties. When she was in the dressing room, I bought her a huge dildo vibrator, and lubricant.

As I dropped her off at her home, I told her to go inside, strip nude, use the lubricant on her pussy, and keep the dildo next to her, and I would call her when I got home. By the time I got home and called her, she was aroused, I then ordered her to begin using the cock and as she began to moan, I had her switch it on and fuck herself hard and fast. I hung up to her cries of orgasms.

Saturday, I picked her up, and she immediately and without instructions lifted her dress showing me her sexy underwear. I took her to dinner, had her drink a couple of cocktails and drove to the club. She danced with several men, allowing them to feel her up everywhere. Later, she danced with several black men, and eventually was down to just her panties, garterbelt and stockings. One of the black men invited her out to his car to smoke a joint, and I told her to have a good time. When she came back, she was walking bowlegged. She made several more trips out to other cars before we left early that morning. I dropped her off at her home, and she begged me to come in and fuck her, but I told her to wait, call me later. I fell asleep to her gutteral moans of ectasy.

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