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Helping Stephanie McMahon


If you haven't read the other stories in this series, I suggest you do so before you read this. Not imperative though. The first title is Helping Torrie Wilson. Enjoy.


It was dark before Kyle's eyes slowly opened. The drone of the plane almost lulled him back to sleep. His eyes adjusting to the dim lights of the cabin, he peered around, attempting to make sense of his surroundings. The inside of the plane was pitch black except for the dim guide lights on the floor. Looking out the window, the night sky revealed nothing as Kyle attempted to pry past the dark. He could hear snoring coming from somewhere across the cabin, and he was suddenly aware of a head of long hair on his shoulder as the body beside him gently rose and fell in silent breathe.

Not attempting to decipher who it was beside him, Kyle slowly and carefully maneuvered the sleeping beauty away from his shoulder. He rose silently from his chair and used the dim guides on the floor to assist him to the back of the plane where he was sure he would find a bathroom. Sure enough, before long Kyle saw a small sliver of light beneath a door on his right and fumbled for a handle. He entered the surprisingly spacious bathroom and rested for a short while against the sink, gathering his legs. He was still slightly asleep and wondering if all the events over the last three days had been a dream. He ran the tap, placing his hands under the water, cupping them and bringing the trapped water up to his face. He gently washed his face and then looked up at the mirror. Slowly he smiled brazenly. He was currently the luckiest man on the planet.

Kyle grabbed the towel from the rack, bringing it to his face and drying it off. He opened the door, turning right and heading back towards his seat. Before he knew what he'd done he'd blundered through a curtain and was looking around at an exquisitely designed lounge. It was reasonably lit with a few dim white bulbs on the roof just above his head and the walls, ceiling and floor were all royal red, as was the furniture. To his right and left were two large beautifully designed chairs with large windows beside each and directly in front of him, extending from one side of the plane to the other, was a long, single couch, above which were cupboards made of oak, beautifully polished. Obviously this was not a part of the plane he was supposed to be and Kyle quickly turned around to head towards the front of the plane.

Before he could do so, however, Stephanie McMahon's head poked through the curtain and stopped him dead in his tracks. 'I'm up front with my pilot for one moment ensuring he's awake and now I find you sneaking around my office?' She pushed past him nonchalantly and sat in the large chair on the left of the plane.

Failing to notice the lack of anger on her face, Kyle quickly stammered an apology and opened the curtain to leave before he caused more trouble.

'No. Please. Stay. I could do with the company.' She said, opening a hidden door to the right of her chair and pulling a notebook computer from it.

'I really wasn't sneaking Ms McMahon, I just took a wrong turn and...' Kyle said, still stammering.

'It's Mrs McMahon-Levesque actually,' she said, typing into her laptop, and then looking up at Kyle and smiling. 'But you can call me Stephanie. Take a seat.' She turned back to her computer again. Kyle hesitantly sat across from her on the lounge, once again taking a look around the room, noticing now the small TV above the entrance that he had missed. Kyle also had time to notice Stephanie. Steph's hair was tied back, revealing completely her beautiful face which was so rarely as emotionless on television as it was now. Her dark eyes, fixed squarely on the notebook in front of her, were so beautiful in their ferocity. Her nose, lips and chin were immaculate and almost beckoned to Kyle.

It was hard for Kyle to stop his eyes from going where they wanted to next, and sure enough they had their way. Beneath her chin, and only semi-covered by the purple robe she was wearing were Stephanie's magnificent breasts. Her cleavage was incredible, and though only a small portion of her gorgeous skin was on display, it was more than enough to allow Kyle's mind to wander and his penis start to grow beneath his pants.

'Can you do me a favour and open up that cupboard behind you?' Stephanie asked him. Kyle's eyes snapped back to Stephanie's, but they were still glued to the computer screen as she worked away. Finding it difficult to avert his gaze from her, Kyle stood and turned around, opening the cupboard behind him. Inside there were six beautiful crystal scotch glasses. 'Night cap? Help me out and pour me a scotch on the rocks would you? There's a hidden ice box and scotch in the middle cupboard.' Kyle quickly found the hidden door beneath the cupboards, opening it to find a fridge full of ice cubes. Grabbing two glasses, he filled them both with ice and then pulled a half empty bottle of scotch from the cupboard above. He poured the two glasses, replacing the bottle in the cupboard and then passing Stephanie her glass.

She took a quick sip and then, flicking a switch on her chair, placed it in the now visible cup holder and went back to her work. 'I don't mean to be rude but this should only take a minute more.' Sure enough, by the time he'd finished his scotch she had flipped the laptop closed and her attention was focused on him. 'Sorry about that. Just filling out the last form from that horrible incident the other night.' She said, finishing her scotch and rising from her chair. She grabbed Kyle's glass, reaching past Kyle to reach the scotch from the cupboard. Doing this caused her robe to rise a short way up her legs, and while it didn't reveal anything personal, the sight of Stephanie's gorgeous silky legs was enough to get Kyle's cock going again. Quickly rearranging his growing erection beneath his pants, Kyle thought he had managed to avert his eyes before Stephanie had finished rummaging in the cupboard.

'It's okay for you to look. I'm married, not invisible.' Stephanie smiled at him as she sat down next to him, handing him his glass. 'Besides Kyle, it's been a while since anyone has looked at me like that.'

'Nonsense Stephanie. Triple H would be nuts not to... and if he doesn't then the rest of the world...' Kyle insisted.

'Paul doesn't have time for me much anymore. And when he does, it's short. In more ways than one.' She looked out the window, a sort of sadness in her eyes. 'So I've decided to focus on work rather than a family. I've wanted nothing but a child for so long... But that's impossible now.' She said, pouring herself yet another scotch and avoiding any eye contact.

'What do you mean it's impossible? As long as you and Triple H keep trying there's a chance of that.' Kyle said, taking her hand as a tear fell from Stephanie's left eye.

'That's sweet of you to say but you don't understand.' She said, turning to him. 'The years of steroids... he's... sterile.' And then she burst into a fit of sobs, leaning hard against Kyle.

'Shhh...' Kyle whispered softly, stroking her hair and holding her close. 'All's not lost. You still have plenty of options. You can adopt, find a donor, artificially inseminate... You can still have a child. I promise. Shhh...' He continued to gently stroke her hair as she sobbed herself to sleep in his arms, her whimpers growing softer and softer until finally there was nothing but a gentle whistle of her breath.


Kyle's eyes opened quickly as he felt a rumbling around him and he got tilted back. Looking around he realized they were taking off and Stephanie was nowhere to be seen. Wiping his eyes, he quickly gathered his composure. Sliding over the lounge to the window to see an enormous city falling away from him.

'London.' Stephanie said from the doorway. She was holding two steaming mugs. 'Coffee or tea?'

'Can't stand coffee.' Kyle replied.

'Good cause I can't stand tea.' She said. She was now wearing a suit again, it was day time, late morning from what Kyle could tell, and any hint of alcohol gone from her image. 'We had to refuel in London. It'll still be a long flight, but you're more than welcome to anything in my plane.'

'Thank you. It's greatly appreciated, but I think I'll leave you to whatever it is you do and go catch a few Z's.' Kyle said, rising with his tea and brushing aside the curtain to the rest of the cabin.

'Kyle, wait a moment please. I feel like I owe you an apology.'

Kyle turned, a puzzled look on his face. 'An apology? What for?'

'For the way I acted earlier. I shouldn't have burdened you with all that rubbish last night.' Stephanie said, her eyes on the floor in shame.

Kyle took a couple of steps towards her. 'Stephanie, there's absolutely no need to apologise. We all need to let it out sometime, and by the sound of it you had a lot bottled up. There's no shame in that.' He gently lifted her chin with his finger, a smile on his face.

Smiling again, Stephanie said, 'Well I will at least say thank you.'

Kyle smiled and turned away again. 'Oh, just one more thing Kyle. I thought about what you said last night, and you are right. It's not over. I think I'll find a donor. I can still have children.'

'Well that's great Stephanie!' Kyle said from the doorway. 'You'll make a beautiful mother.' He turned to leave.

'I'm glad you think so, because I was hoping you'd be the donor.'

Kyle stopped in his tracks. He didn't look back at Stephanie, he didn't say anything. He just stood there in shock. To do this was a monumental thing. There was so much to consider. Fathering a child but not raising it, giving two people happiness, giving Stephanie a child, whether Triple H would agree, how Kyle's family would feel. So many things were wheeling through his mind. Stalling, Kyle turned and said, 'I would love to Stephanie, but don't you have to ask your husband first?'

Stephanie slowly stood and unbuttoned her suit jacket, letting it fall to the floor. 'He wouldn't have to know. We could start the process right here, right now.' She stood there, making it clear what she wanted and allowing him to make his move.

Kyle's response was immediate. All hesitation disappeared as he all but leapt at Stephanie, forcing her back onto the couch as his tongue entwined with her's, her legs wrapped around his back and her arms wrapped around his head. She wasted little time in removing his shirt as he lay her down, resting his weight on top of her and allowing his noticeable bulge to rest upon her crotch. She moaned in pleasure as it ground against her, grabbing his ass with both hands and helping him thrust. She turned her head to the side and moaned as his lips found her neck and gently began to caress her soft skin. Her hands roughly gripped his curly black hair as she encouraged him with her soft cries.

His right hand quickly made its way to her large breast, grabbing it roughly and rotating it clockwise. Stephanie's moans increased and she once again wrapped her legs around his back, forcing Kyle to grind harder against her crotch. Yanking his head up to meet her's, she kissed him fiercely, sucking on his tongue and biting his lip. Her hands ran up and down his bare, muscle bound back as he continued to dry hump her, and Kyle began to feebly fumble with the buttons on her white business shirt. Stephanie quickly pushed his hand away, marauding her own breasts with her hands. Kyle slowly crawled down her body, lifting her shirt slightly to kiss her beautiful stomach as Stephanie moaned loudly in bliss.

Stephanie quickly pushed Kyle off, rising and moving quickly over to the door. She pressed a button on the side and a door slid shut. 'Now that we can't be disturbed, it's time to stop fucking around.' Kyle sat and stared as Stephanie unclipped her skirt, throwing it to the floor. Then, slowly she reached down, removing her black lace panties one leg at a time. Then button by button she opened her white business shirt, allowing it to rest on her shoulders, barely covering her enormous breasts. Almost fully naked, she signaled Kyle to approach her. Kyle rose and slowly walked Stephanie back against the door. 'Kiss me.' She said.

Kyle leaned in slowly, but was forced away as Stephanie shook her head. Taking Kyle's hand, she isolated a finger and said 'Here,' before guiding it down to her crotch and allowing it to slide inside her depths. Kyle allowed his lips to run down her neck, brushing the skin between her breasts, over her soft stomach and her trimmed mound until finally he found himself in front of her dripping snatch. Grabbing her sweet ass, he wasted no time in plunging his tongue deep within her cunt, eliciting a scream of delight from the billion dollar princess. Her hands gripped his curls tightly as his tongue delved inside of her, his fingers roughly grabbing her ass as she moaned. Using one hand to steady herself, Stephanie roughly mauled her own chest with her free hand, pinching her nipples and moaning loudly. Kyle's tongue flicked her clit with reckless abandon, and Steph's shrieks applauded Kyle's efforts.

'I can't take it any longer. Get up here and fuck me bitch!' Steph said, pulling him to his feet and ripping at his pants. His pants were no sooner down than Steph had a hold of his dick, quickly guiding it into her well lubed snatch. She moaned in ecstasy as he filled her with his cock, and Kyle groaned in satisfaction. Not wasting a second, Kyle swiftly lifted Stephanie up, slamming her against the door and pounding up into her as if his life depended on it. Stephanie's hands searched for any hand hold she could find as her shrieks filled the room and the slapping of skin against skin resounded throughout the cabin. Kyle's cock blasted in and out of her cunt as she moaned in bliss, her head banging fiercely against the roof of the plane. Kyle grunted fiercely as he fucked her senseless, the pain of her fingernails running across his back only heightening the pleasure he felt as he fucked this princess.

'Cum in me you fucking hot prick! Ahhhhh.... Fuck yes.... I want your cum... ahhhh.... inside me!' Kyle was beginning to tire and he was slowing. 'No you fucking don't you cunt! You're gonna fuck me til I cum!' Stephanie pushed off the wall, forcing him to the ground. She began to bounce on top of him, not missing a beat as his cock thrust deep inside her dripping snatch. Kyle's hands mauled her large breasts as her snatch pounded against his member, willing him to cum inside her. 'I'm getting close! Fuck yes!... Oh fuck!.... Cum inside me!... Fuck yes!... Cum in me!... Ahhhhh.... Make me pregnant! AHHHHH!' This was all Kyle could handle and he rolled her over and began pounding her pussy harder than ever, his cock so close to erupting he could feel it. He felt her cunt tighten around his in orgasm as she shrieked at him and his cock exploded inside of her. His hips spasmed and his virile semen erupted from his cock into Stephanie's cunt as her hands pulled him deeper inside her and she moaned in pleasure and satisfaction.

'I haven't been fucked like that in years.' Stephanie said as Kyle's cock grew limp inside of her. 'I hope you can keep that pace up for a while because I swear to God, until I'm pregnant, that cock is mine.' She then got up, got dressed and left without another word.

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