tagRomanceHer Awakening

Her Awakening


No, this couldn’t be happening, she thought. This was not something she would ever dream of doing, no, she was a “good girl”. She had never even had a one-night stand, how could she now want to do this? She couldn’t help but relive that day.

It was a warm late winter day, the kind that makes you know you’ve made it through the winter and that spring was on the verge of blossoming. I had had flights of fancy before, but something was brewing inside that was totally new. I had taken to calling it “My Awakening” in a sensual and sexual way. For so many years, I had repressed this part of my life, for various reasons. But those reasons no longer held the power they once had and this awakening was real to me. It wasn’t just a slight feeling either; it was looming large over my every thought. Rather incredible but oh so nice.

I had heard that women reach their sexual peak in their late thirties and early forties, well that was what this must be I figured. The strength of these emotions was compelling beyond my wildest imagination. In fact I’d never really had much imagination or experience when it came to sex. Well, no longer could I say that, for I had become more than imaginative and the astonishing thing was that I wanted to act upon my thoughts. Perhaps this was my “mid life crisis”, but it surely didn’t feel like a crisis, in fact the only crisis was fulfilling my desires.

Driving down the highway on that lovely day, with the sunroof open and my honey blonde hair blowing and swirling about, enjoying the jazz music playing loud and smooth, I was feeling very much like a woman. I had worn a slightly sexy lavender dress that day, my makeup was just right. It was just one of those everything is great days! I had worn my hair pulled into a clip but as I drove I just pulled it out and let it flow around me, thick and soft. The new lace bra and panty set, which was also a lavender color, along with the stockings made me feel so sensual. I had splurged the other day and was enjoying all my new purchases! Wow, had my life changed so much, I had changed and life was fantastically exciting to me.

I hadn’t noticed the man driving the pickup truck I passed, I was lost in my thoughts of physical delight, and wanted to get home to relieve this pleasant stress, even if it meant being alone again. Perhaps a friend would be available for a phone call I thought, and knew just who I was wishing would answer his cell. Driving faster now, I hadn’t noticed that the truck came up upon me quickly in my rear view mirror.

I thought, well he is in more of a hurry than me, giggling to myself and wondering if he too needed that sweet release. I pulled over to the right lane to allow him to pass not giving much more thought to him, my thoughts were certainly occupied elsewhere. But he didn’t pass me; he pulled along side and traveled with me at the same swift speed. Normally I would not look over, but the new me didn’t have that fear. When I glanced over I saw he was smiling at me with the most beautiful smile on a face that made me feel a catch in my breath. My return smile was automatic, there was no thinking about it, one couldn’t help but return that smile. I felt myself blush and yes, even giggle. This was the stuff of twenty year olds, this does not happen at this stage of life! But it was, I was certain, and a grin came over my face.

We traveled this way for a few miles, glancing at each other, smiling, flirting without words at 70 miles per hour no less. He pulled in front of my car and began to slow. I slowed as well, just to see what this was about, I wasn’t fearful so much as intrigued. His directional signaled that he was pulling into the rest area just ahead. I saw him motion to me to follow. Well, this is where the rubber was about to meet the road, I thought. Would I pull into a rest stop because a handsome man smiled at me? No, how foolish and dangerous! Every thought in my head said no! But my body was hearing none of that; there was something inside me that had more power than my head. My directional went on and my eyes widened in shock. I was actually following him!

In my wildest fantasy I would never do this, why now? It’s my awaking, working its magic and taking over me. As I slowed in the rest area, he stepped out of his truck, and leaned against the driver’s door. I pulled along side and slid the window down, a bit more than half way, I may be acting on physical lust, but I wasn’t all together stupid. He smiled and greeted me with a nice hello. I return his greeting in the same manner. The quiet was awkward but not long.

“I noticed how happy you looked as you passed me” he said, with a grin.

“Oh” was my reply with a soft giggle, “yes I am quite happy today”.

It was as if he knew just what was making me so happy these days. His grin grew and his eyes smiled. I was found out, I knew it, and now the blush taking over my face was the final give away.

“Would you like to have a cup of coffee or something? You could tell me your secret to happiness” he was asking rather suggestively. And this is where the new me emerged.

“Umm, ah, well sure. Why not? You’re not an ax murderer are you? I asked him with a nervous but playful laugh.

He chuckled and shook his head no; even opening his truck door to show me there was no ax. I laughed back at him and smiled.

“Follow me, there is a place right off the next exit”, he was in charge. I followed him with some thought of wonder and amazement. But I followed him just the same.

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