tagIncest/TabooHer Brother Catches and Joins Us

Her Brother Catches and Joins Us


We're fucking in the spooning position this particular morning thinking that everybody is gone. We are at her father's house visiting for the week and he took the kids to his girlfriend's house so naturally we figure we are alone and both awoke aroused. While fingering her clit, slowly fucking her pussy and listening to her soft moans we are both startled to reality! The door opens and it's her brother. The three of us in a moment of shock just froze; he froze with a smile on his face. After what seemed like eternity he slowly closed the door and was apologizing the entire time.

I couldn't help but remember many years ago that we both woke up in the middle of the night, horny and started at it. When we were done and laying there we both admitted we had arousing dreams. Then the clincher, we both dreamed of similar scenarios, us and her brother! Though the stories had small differences they were both quite similar. I mention this lightly as we are still both just laying there and said that I wouldn't mind if she gave him a blow job but unless he had protection there would be nothing more. She asks in a surprised but aroused manner if I was sure and I reassured her that I meant what I said but that with no rubbers no pussy! I tell her to call for him and she does. As he opens the door he apologizes once again. That's when I cut him off and tell him that if he would like to join in and get the best blow job of his life he can and Renee gives him a reassuring smile that lets him know she is up for it too.

With Gene naked standing before us I see a little bashfulness in him I guess is the word, after all he is standing naked in front of his sister. Looking at my wife, which my dick is still buried in, I see nothing but smile on her. We've talked about many things, sexually, and she has had very few thoughts like this but she has thought of it and I know for a fact because he told me that he wouldn't mind having her.

As he lies down in a position for her to be able to service us both I watch as she grabs his already stiff dick stroking it and giving it an inspection. I'm sure the thoughts running through her mind are more like "where to start". She gives him another look, his face marked with guilt, anticipation, a wanting desire and pleasure all mixed up with a little questioned curiosity, the curiosity of what is about to happen and what to expect.

Renee has a more cautious look, maybe uncertain. She may be worried about how far anyone can go and if she can perform well enough. Well I'm here to tell you she can perform! I've lived it for 15 years and we have had a MMF threesome before and it was great, she was great. But that wasn't with her brother either, this is. She does have that look of hunger and desire in her though, I've seen it before and I'm seeing it now, she wants to have us both and she will.

She parts her lips and takes the head in her mouth and Gene lets out a moan of all moans. What is he going to do when she goes down all the way I wonder. She slowly works his dick with her lovely lips and takes him all finally and well he manages to let out a moan that would tell anyone he was in heaven. I watch for quite a few minutes as she works his dick over with her mouth my own dick still in her and hard as a rock.

Gene mumbles something to the effect that it is better than he dreamed. I ask if he has had dreams or fantasies about this and he confirms that he has. While she sucking him and I am fucking her I ask him to please tell us and don't leave out a detail.

It is apparent that him talking about his fantasy is arousing all of us. Renee is getting wetter and I think about ready to orgasm, I am about ready to explode as if I haven't already, I've left a pretty good deposit in her already listening and watching all of this and Gene has been leaking and giving small spurts of liquid pleasure to her as I watch her glistening lips perform their magic.

What I just said cums true as Renee lets her orgasm go I feel her warmth surround my dick which puts me over the top and I let loose with my load and fill her already wet pussy. Once we've both caught our breath she continues with Gene and wraps her wet, warm and soft lips around his shaft while stroking it at the same time. The sight is amazing as well as very arousing and Gene must think it is all good as I watch Renee pull her red hot lips off his dick and stroke him. Gene starts to moan and there it is, he shoots a load, more like 3, and shoots it far. He shot cum so far it hit his ear, some on his chin and a pool on his belly. I knew she was good but damn she's good!

After a moment we all sit up, Gene is cleaning himself as I am, Renee looks at me and Gene and asks if that is all. I tell her that if Gene has rubbers that it doesn't have to be. With that he smiles at us, gets up and leaves, still naked.

Renee asks me if I'm sure and I let her know with a kiss and a smile that I am. I tell her that if he has 12 rubbers that they can fuck 12 times as far as I'm concerned, as long as I know and am there.

Gene returns, smile still upon his face, holds his hand out flat and displays 4 rubbers. Renee seeing this smiles at me and him and lays on her side. I then let Gene know what I told Renee and he had no problems with that. He asked if he were to get more if he could have more and I told him "sure, as long as I am here also". He had no problems with that either.

Gene drops to his knees and places his hands on her breasts fondling and squeezing them. She looks into his eyes and tells him to "help himself" and he does as I watch from the side, his mouth trying to take an entire breast into it. There she lies with her legs spread and bent with her brother laid in the folds of her thighs sucking her tits. Her hands move to his head to pull him to her tits, one stroking his head and the other his shoulders while whispering dirty talk which turns me on more and him too. I watch them as he works her breasts and slowly kisses and sucks her body down to her pussy. She pulls on his head to stop him and that's when he informs her that he has dreamed of this for years and he isn't going to let it slip by, he has always wanted to eat her pussy as well as fuck it and he does just that. He dives into her cum filled pussy without hesitation and she is enjoying it judging by the moans coming from her mouth. I hear her breathing the words "eat me, eat my pussy" as his mouth savors her. He grants her request without hesitation as I watch him bury his face in her most erotic and private territory. Watching her laying there on her back, legs spread and feet floating while he has his face buried in her is just too much.

She sees me stroking my semi hard dick, leaking profusely and begs for the sweet nectar that it is producing and I gladly give it to her. Now this is truly erotic, her sucking my dick, a task at which she is very good at, and watching her pussy being eaten well by another man, her brother to top that off and not one of the three of us is even giving that a thought, just three people enjoying a very erotic, pleasurable and desired escapade of sex.

With her lips coated with a plentiful amount of my seed I watch as Gene has already donned his rubber and moves to lance her beautiful pussy with his dick. I move to the side so as to watch with anticipation and thrill, I absolutely love watching her being fucked and she seems to love granting my wish, as long as it is someone we both agree upon and desire.

With Gene on his hands and knees above looking down at her she looks down at his dick as he guides it in and slowly penetrates her with a look of desire I see in both of them. With the head of his dick now in her they both moan with pleasure as he slowly enters her and tells her he as dreamed of this for many years and she looks to him "please, fuck me, take me and make your dream come true". With that said he buries his pining dick into her yearning pussy as they both let out the most, bubbly enthusiastic moan I think I have ever heard.

Once they both recovered from the thrill of the taboo I watched as they fucked like wild animals. I think all of us are a bit turned on at the thought of the taboo in which we are all engaging in right now and I've known for years that Gene has wanted to fuck her and now it is all coming true. A few minutes into there fuck fest I watch as they look into each others eyes and what happens next not only surprises me but more surprising is how turned on and thrilled I was as well as them I'm sure. They looked at each other with a lust and hunger while he was slowly pumping her pussy with his dick and she pulled his mouth to hers and they kissed. With the initial shock gone now they locked lips in a passionate and lustful embrace while he slowly fucked her. The sight is unlocking feelings of excitement and thrill in me while I watch them fuck, her legs spread with her feet almost locked behind his ass. He breaks from their kiss and starts to kiss and nibble on her neck, I know she likes that and she lets him know by pulling him to her inviting it without resistance, in fact I haven't seen any resistance from any of us since the start!

After a good ten minutes of pleasurable fucking by the two I watch as he lifts himself on his hands and proceeds to have an orgasm which in turn the looks and thrill of all of it put Renee at the edge as the feel of his throbbing dick inside her pushes her to orgasm. I watch still stroking my own already hard dick glistening with precum as they pause, looking at each other and give each other a soft quick kiss. Gene then pulls his half limp dick from her and removes a cum filled, and I mean full, rubber from his dick. What happens next is a shocker as well as a thriller, Renee pulls his wet cum soaked dick to her hungry mouth and takes it in, sucking like there is no tomorrow. I watch with arousal as she sucks him and he gives without reservation as my own now rock hard leaking dick is aching and his is refusing to go limp with her encouragement.

With him sitting on her face, his dick buried in her mouth and her pussy looking more than inviting I move to release my own back pressure. She feels me wanting it and spreads her legs offering herself to me as well while not missing a beat sucking her brothers' dick.

I sink myself into her and start to pump her pussy. It feels good, so good and I hear her pleasurable moans matching mine as I fuck her fast and hard while she sucks another. It is all too much as I last only about 5 minutes and I'm pumping my seed into her hungry pussy and her brother is leaking all over her mouth with a mix of the three of us on her lips. She releases her hold on his dick and looks at me, she looks so hot and beautiful, I bend down and kiss those ruby red soft lips. They taste good as she presses them to mine and we kiss with passion. As we break our kiss and I pull out of her she thanks me, me, no thank you I say as the three of us just sit there pondering the possibilities of not only the rest of the day but the days ahead.

I look at her and Gene and smile as I tell them, "that was so erotic and such a turn on". I let them both know, I'm sure she wondered how I felt and now she will know, that I would like it again and that as long as I know prior to and Gene wears a rubber that I have no problems with the three of us or if they find themselves horny and in a position to go ahead and have some fun. The smiles on all three of us was unbelievable! I'm ready for more now!!

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