Her Cut to the Chase


Chase slammed his hips forward one last time and loosed a loud, growling cry. His cock swelled between her lips and pulsed. The first hard spurt burst into her mouth, and she squealed in delight around him. He grunted and growled, filling her mouth with his hot cream. Kim swallowed, savoring his young cum as it settled in her belly.

He jerked back as he grew sensitive, leaving a sticky trail of semen down her lip, chin, and into the valley between her breasts. She licked her lips and moaned. "Wow. That was a lot."

He let out a weak chuckle as he lurched to where he could sit down hard on the opposite arm of the couch. Kim pressed two fingers into the crotch of her shorts, momentarily assuaging the ache there. She then sat up and cupped her breasts before swinging her legs off the couch.

His eyes followed her as she stood and kicked off her shoes. She then unbuttoned her shorts and turned away from him. Her bottom swished as she walked and slowly pushed the cloth down. When she looked back over her shoulder, she saw him bracing a hand on the couch to stand.

Kim walked down the hall to her bedroom and dropped her shorts on the threshold, revealing her lacy black panties. Chase appeared in the hallway at the same time, and gave her a lusty grin as she swept into the bedroom. She pushed down her panties when she reached the bed, and had just stepped out of them when he made it to the door.

Standing up straight, she leaned on the nightstand and let her panties dangle from her fingertips while she smiled at him. The damp cloth tumbled down and pooled to the floor a moment later. As he crossed the floor toward her, she slipped into the bed.

Chase sat down as she parted her legs and ran a finger over her smooth nether lips. A whimper escaped her from the touch and she twirled the moistened digit through the strip of dark blonde curls she left unshaven on her mound.

"I'm so wet," she said before teasing her need once more. "Please."

He pulled his legs up onto the bed and leaned into the V of her legs. Kim's breath quickened as he drew nearer, looking up into her eyes.

"You want me to eat that pussy?"

She sucked in a gasp and begged, "Please. I need it."

He kept his eyes locked with hers until the moment when he dived in and gave her a hard, broad-tongued lap.

Kim squealed as his slippery tongue set her aflame. There was nothing of teasing in the way he licked and sucked her folds. He devoured her with hungry moans and pushed two fingers deep into her canal.

"Ah, that pussy's tight," he said with his hot breath washing over her sex, and then locked his lips over her hood.

Her hips lifted from the mattress, pressing her sex hard against his wonderful mouth. He sucked hard, making her clit throb, and stroked the fingers buried inside her. As soon as she could force her eyes open, she trembled from the sight of the hot young stud between her legs. Reality was leaps and bounds above the numerous fantasies she'd entertained about him while furiously masturbating.

Chase was relentless. He licked and sucked, demonstrating quite frequently that he knew where her clit was. Kim writhed in ecstasy as he stoked the fires of her pleasure ever higher. She twined her fingers into his hair. Her walls squeezed down on his stroking fingers. Faster than she would have ever believed possible, she ascended her mountain of bliss to teeter on the precipice.

Some dim part of her awareness not consumed by the torturous intensity of her approaching orgasm could hear the squishy sounds of his fingers plunging in and out of her. His other hand was curled around her right thigh, digging in and trying to hold her in place. Whimpers and squeals erupted from her lips as the knot of pleasure inside her reached white-hot intensity. Sound faded, drowned out by the pounding of her heart in her ears. For a fraction of a second, she felt as if she was hovering above the bed, every other sensation ceasing in that moment of numb nothingness.

Then she came.

A loud wail burst from her lips as her back arched up high from the mattress. Chase's slippery fingers dug into her other thigh, his strong hands keeping her bucking hips from escaping him. Her throbbing clit was sucked hard between his lips, his tongue washing over it in quick flicks. She thrashed to-and-fro from the sweet agony, desperately trying to escape even as her hands and thighs held his lips tight against her quivering sex.

She never even noticed him sliding back from her folds until she crashed down from her heights. Powerful aftershocks continued to wrack her body, making her twitch uncontrollably.

"Damn," Chase exclaimed in surprise as he watched her.

Kim's eyes snapped open. "Oh my god. Oh my god," she panted as her orgasm finally began to wane.

"That was hot as fuck. You're a real screamer."

"S-so hard. You made me come so hard," she whimpered. "God, I needed that so bad."

Chase lay down next to her and indulged his fascination with her rapidly rising and falling breasts. Kim slowly caught her breath, moaning as his touch and the smell of his cologne kept the pleasure coursing through her in gentle waves.

For long minutes, she was lost in the warm afterglow, until he said, "So..."

"Hmm?" she asked before she felt the tap against her leg and glanced down. She gasped when she saw he'd swollen to full erection again. "You're hard again — already?"

He answered with a nod — as if he needed to. The question on his mind didn't require any words either.

Kim moaned and said, "I want it."

Chase popped up to his knees almost before she could finish. She slid her legs apart just enough for him to move between them, and then he took over. His strong hands pushed her knees up and out, spreading her wide open.

"Oh yes, give it to me," she said in a rush as he pushed down on his erection with a thumb.

The mushroom tip rested against her nether lips for only a moment before slipping inside. Kim loosed a high-pitched groan as he filled her full with a smooth, powerful thrust. The sound changed to a gasp when his balls pressed against her and began an immediate retreat.

"Fuck yeah, that pussy's tight," he said as he buried his cock inside her again.

"Oh, so good," she moaned over the clap of their bodies colliding.

"You like that?"

"I love it. I love your cock."

Kim slid one hand between her legs to her clit and rolled it beneath its hood. Her breasts bounced and jiggled erratically as he drove her ass into the mattress.

The show wasn't lost on him. "I love watching those big fucking tits bounce."

"Oh yes. Fuck me, Chase," she half squealed, and rubbed her bud faster.

The excitement of the young, gorgeous stud fucking her sent her soaring, as it had when he made her come on his tongue. Anything he lacked in experience he more than made up for with enthusiasm and strength. She couldn't remember the last time she'd been truly taken this way, and it was driving her crazy.

"Like getting that pussy fucked hard?" he grunted.

Her reply emerged in a yelp. "God yes!"

Chase grunted and growled with effort, his hard young cock plunging in and out of her depths at an almost frantic pace. Kim's fingers flashed over her clit, fanning her flames ever higher. She could feel a climax bubbling up within her, growing nearer by the second. Her mouth opened in a silent scream and her lower lip quivered as the pressure swelled within her.

"You gonna come?"

"Y-yes. Yes! Oh fuck, yes!" she cried, and then proved her words true by exploding into orgasm with a shriek.

"Yeah," Chase spit out as he buried his cock and leaned over her.

Kim thrashed and screamed, pinned down by his throbbing cock. Her womb contracted. Her eyes pinched shut. Every breath was a gasp that emerged as a scream. She was still deep in the throes of ecstasy when he jerked his cock free. Before her climax-fogged brain could process that, his lips locked over her clit.

Fingers curled into claws dug into his scalp as he sucked her bud. No man had ever gone down on her after his cock had been inside her, and the sensation sent her shooting to another peak. She came and came until her vision was growing dark at the edges and her cries were little more than croaks.

The bed shifted as she drifted back to earth, his lips having finally given her respite. She felt her shoulder dip down and opened her eyes to see his cock looming large in her vision. He pushed the swollen organ down toward her lips, and she took him in.

The sheath of her milky cream covering him set her taste buds afire. She sucked between gasps for breath, her toes still curled and aftershocks arching out from her sex to crash into her extremities.

"Where do you want it?" he asked in a growling voice through clenched teeth.

"Inside me," she answered, and then sucked him again. "I want you to come inside me."

"Ah, fuck yeah," he exclaimed, and then pulled away.

Chase reached across her body and grabbed her left arm. She rolled over onto her stomach when he tugged, and then bent her will to finding the energy to pull her knees beneath her. He moved in behind her a moment later — hands digging into her hips — and lifted.

Kim straightened her trembling arms and looked back just as he stabbed his cock inside her.

Her high-pitched grunts mingled with his as he took her, pulling back on her hips every time he buried his cock inside her. The loud slaps of their flesh colliding and the headboard banging against the wall echoed through the room. Her heavy breasts swung uncomfortably, but she barely noticed in light of his ever-louder grunts.

"Here comes," he growled.

"Give it to me. Come inside me," she encouraged him.

Chase slammed into her, jolting her forward, and let out a roar. She sucked in a gasp as she felt him swell inside her, blasting his seed against the entrance to her womb.

"Yes. Oh yes," she said as he continued to pulse in her clinging embrace, flooding her with his hot young cum. His hips jerked and twitched, and the sounds bubbling from his lips shot up in pitch, making her chuckle. She squeezed her intimate muscles, milking his cock to ensure she got every drop he had to offer. When he was finally spent, he rested his forehead on her back, gasping whenever she contracted her walls around his sensitive organ.

Kim moaned when he jerked his cock free and stumbled backwards a couple of minutes later. She sank down onto folded arms with a contented sigh — her ass still high in the air and his cream already beginning to dribble from her gaped canal.

"Holy shit," Chase weakly groaned.

"Mmm hmm," she moaned in agreement. After letting her knees slide out from under her, she rolled over onto her back. She didn't speed his recovery at all when she reached between her legs, gathered up a large dollop of cum, and brought it to her lips.

Chase twitched as his softening cock throbbed from the sight. "That was too fucking hot."

"So, was I as wild as you expected?"

"Oh yeah."

"Mmm. You weren't so bad yourself."

He grinned and twitched his eyebrows at her, which caused her to shiver. She rather reluctantly said, "I'd better go wash up before I make any more of a mess of the bed."

He nodded, and his eyes followed her as she walked naked across the room with one hand cupped between her legs. Looking back over her shoulder at him, she knew she'd never felt as sexy in her entire life as she did at that moment.

After cleaning up, she brought them both bottles of water and settled back into the bed. Much to her delight, he let her snuggle up with him, and wrapped an arm around her. For a while, they both half dozed, but then he obviously couldn't resist the sight of her bare breasts, because he began playing with them. Kim had thought she was at the limits of her endurance when he filled her up, but as he teased and tongued her nipples, she felt her ardor rising once more.

After an especially strong suck, she moaned and asked, "Do you think you can get hard again?"

"Maybe." A crooked grin crossed his face and he said, "O-69?"

As she leaned into his lap and straddled his face, Kim purred, "Bingo."


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