tagNonHumanHer Dark Lord Ch. 01

Her Dark Lord Ch. 01


"Blessed be."

Katharine blew out the blood red candle in the middle of the pentagram she was sat in.

She cleaned the blood off her hands and put all her candles away, her parents were due home any minute and if they find out what she was doing they would do a lot worse then burn her at the stake. They were strict Catholics who had rammed the religion down Katharine throat for nineteen years. The next morning her parents dropped her off for school in what the thought was appropriate to wear, a long brown skirt with thick black tights and a white jumper. As expected, as soon as the car pulled away from her school the torture began to start...

"Geek! Fat twat, swat, bof!"

Then Cassandra appeared, the bitch, the evillest waste of space ever.

"Hey Kathy, oh my God that outfit is so cute wow! Where did you get that jumper?"

As she said this she jerked her can of coke all over Katharine jumper.

"Oh no... I'm so sorry hunny."

Katharine wanted nothing more than to blow her up from the inside as her minions were in fits of laughter as she stood there with her perfect smile. Katharine pushed past them all getting abuse through the whole trip to the toilets. Sitting in the toilet cubicle she had enough of the shit, she reached into her bag and pulled out the new clothes and make up her twenty two year old boy friend just brought. It only took minuets to get fully dressed this time. Emerging from the cubicle to the large mirrors at the sinks, starring at her new clothes that consisted of the tight zipped up black sleeves top with high arm warmers, black trousers and platform heels. Her make up was also Gothic styled. Katharine looked at the time,

"Hmm ten minuets until lesson."

Katharine looked round at the empty room and smiled. She pulled out a small blade and pulled back her arm warmer, she cut seep into her wrist. Her blood started to pour out it felt good turning her on she began to drink the blood from her wrist. She loved the way the warmth filled her. She drank for a few minuets taking it slowly so she didn't cause any damage to herself. She began to clean herself up, using antiseptic wipes and cream finally covering it with a bandage and leaving the toilets,

"We all feel better after a good drink" She said to herself.

Now all she had to do was wait for school day to go by so her boyfriend could come pick her up, when her parents though she was at the choir practice after school.

The day as always went by slowly, with the echoing sounds of words like Goth and emo in the class room as she sat down. One maths lesson was partially boring. But it was OK she had God's help, she pulled out her bible she was made to carry. On page thirteen stapled down was a small bag of coke, as her teacher was in the store cupboard she snorted the powder. Getting a head rush straight away, she hadn't been taking it long about two months. It helped her through the day, she became invincible. No teacher could make her feel bad, no bully could hurt her and her parents rants were drowned, when the sweet little powder took effect.

Her boyfriend pulled up in his black range rover rolling down his blacked out window, revealing his piercing blue eyes and his smile showing his sharp fangs.

"Hey my dark princess."

That always made Katherine smile forgetting all that had gone on through the day. She never told her boyfriend about the bullies at school because she knew what her dark lord would do to all the horrid creatures that fest in her school. Katherine got into the passenger seat and her boyfriend slid his hand up the inside of her thigh.

"Hmm..." It felt good, making her wet. Her boyfriend could smell her.

"Hmm baby girl we need to get you to the dungeon."

When they arrived at the house, Lee walked Katherine into his dungeon filled with whips and chains hanging from ceiling and the walls.

"You want some exlicer baby?" Exlicer was the name Lee gave to his cocktail of vodka and blood.

"Yes please dark lord." He poured half the chalice with vodka and the rest with his blood. He gave Katherine the chalice, she knocked the drink back.

"Hmm, you taste good dark lord." She said as she began to un button his black shirt. Biting into his neck he grunted and grabbed her arse chucking her onto the floor.

"I want to take you my dark princess."

Lee was already hard by this point, he slid inside her and began to fuck her. He ripped out a bag of coke and snorted it off her body whilst she grabbed the bottle of vodka and smashed it on his his back covering her hands in blood. Blood and vodka begins to flow down both of them of them as came together at the same time. Lee bit into her neck drawing out her blood. Her moans were so loud when her phone rings she jumps up covered in blood and answered the phone.

"Hey mummy.... Your picking me up early!? When? In fifteen minuets!! Erm OK mum see you then.... Love you. Shit Lee! We've got to get back to university."

"Come on princess we can make it." Driving across country roads they made it in seven minuets. He grabbed her arse and kissed her deeply.

"Do the ritual tonight again and I'll come to you in your sleep." He winked and drove off. Oh how she wished she could spend the night with Lee she hated being without him. Cleaning the remaining blood off her hands that she didn't manage in the car, she stood in her parents favourite clothes waiting for her parents to arrive.

"Hey Katherine" Her mothers voice was depressing.

"Hey mum, you OK?"

"I'm great thanks how are you?"

"I'm alright"

"So what did you do today?"


"Katherine talk to me, what have you done today."

"Maths, bio, eng, maths and R.E"

"Did you enjoy them?"

"Oh yes mother"

The rest of the evening flew by, but as she tried to study all she could think about was Lee. Not long after her parents called her to bed, she sat up and waited till exactly twelve o'clock to start the ritual she did every night in her long white nitey. Drawing a pentagram in the middle of the wooden floor, covering the lines of the pentagram with tea

Lights and placing a blood red candle in the middle surrounding the candle with her legs. Picking up the candle she poured the hot wax on the inside of her thighs, leaning her head back taking the burning on her inner thighs, the pain was good. It was the most realise that she could get as she was not able to see her dark lord. Once the candle wax had cooled she cut into her hand and dripped the blood into the candle making the flame flicker red, burning incense at the five points of the pentagram creating a shield to protect her. She closed her eyes putting her hand in the flame she began to drift imagining Lee was behind her. The smoke from the incense became his breathe on her neck, the burning flame became his kisses on her hand, the wax oh her legs seemed to heat up again reminding her of his soft warm teasing hands.

Again that night as Lee promised Lee appeared in her fixed trance entering her room. Slowly undressing her taking time to examine and touch each part of her body. Lying her back down on her bed which had now been covered in deep red roses, her black hair mingled with the petals, the roses on the bed still carried their thorns so as he began to make love to Katherine the thorns started to dig slowly deep into her pale skin. Moving up and down slowly ontop of her size ten body, Lee stared into her beautiful green eyes and couldn't help but kiss her. The innocent look she had when he made love to her was irresistible, her moans were short gasps and girlie screams as they both came together again. Lee filling her till she couldn't take no more. Her breathing became heavy and tears slipped through her closed eye lids,

"I miss you Lee..."

"Princess I love you, get some sleep."

She was sure these words were coming from behind her. She turned round breaking concentration and the illusion went, she could no longer feel his presence. She always turned around but she couldn't help it the temptation was to strong.

"Blessed be." She blew out the candle once again and retreated to bed. He didn't leave her, he held her all night. Katharine could relax knowing that they couldn't get caught when Lee visited her this way.

Tuesday came, today her parents made her wear a purple suit. Cassandra had her boyfriend pin Katharine to her locker, Katherine was very good at fighting but when ever she was at school she was unable to do anything against them. Grabbing her by the throat revealing her healing bite makrs.

"Eurgh looks like she been doing some freaky emo shit! Your disgusting." Punching her in the stomach she fell to the ground. Trying to catch her breath, she walked into the toilets once again. Two blondes were sat on the sinks complaining about ex.'s

"Get out now"

"What why should..."

"Get the fuck out now!"

The girls grabbed their bags and scattered out of the room. Reopening the cut on her wrist from yesterday, she sprinkled coke into her open cut, it stung so bad. She ran into the toilet cubicle and changed into her Gothic clothing. Trying not to scream at the burning that was moving round her body. Her heart began to beat extremely hard and fast then her breathing became restricted. She knew what she had done it just clicked...


She grabbed her phone,

"Lee I need you, I've got coke directly in my blood I'm in the toilets, please Lee!"

The phone was put down and Katharine screamed, her heart wouldn't be able to take much more. Her vision began to blur. She started to freak when she realised she hadn't stopped her wrist from bleeding, she went to grab her shirt to help stop it but everything went black as she collapsed. Lee smashed through the cubicle door to find his girl collapsed he picked her up and placed her on an empty side. He began to draining her blood, he could taste the coke. He took as much as he could bandaging up her wrist and picked her up and began to run to his car.

"What's wrong with her? Why are you taking her excuse me put her down now!" The croaky voice of Katherine maths teacher shouted.

"If you don't put her down I'll have to call the police..."

"Call them then."

The teacher grabbed him. Lee snapped he had no time, he punched the teacher breaking his nose feeling the bones crush against his fist. He carried on running ignoring the teachers wailing.

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