tagSci-Fi & FantasyHer Dragon Love Ch. 02

Her Dragon Love Ch. 02


For a kind person who didn't totally smack down the first story I ever wrote on literotica.


Jewel blinked her eyes open slowly against the bright morning sun. She hated to wake up in the morning but knew that she had to. She stretched out her arms, feeling her muscles lengthen and begin to heat. One of her hands brushed soft skin next to her and she grinned. Slowly, so as not to disturb her husband, she rolled over. She never could get over how handsome this man was.

Well, he wasn't exactly as man. Almost a year ago she had met her husband. It had been her birthday and she had been old enough that her village had said she must get married on that day. Many suitors had chased after her, including her husband. It had turned out, however, that her husband wasn't everything he seemed to be.

The said man rolled over and opened brilliant eyes to look at her. They smiled at each other and he purred.

"Good morning, dove." He reached out to stroke her cheek gently and she leaned into his touch. "Would you like to go flying today?" She nodded eagerly and he laughed at her excitement. You see, her husband wasn't just a man. He was a dragon.

Her husband stood, his lean but muscular body glistening slightly in the sunlight. She had never seen anything else like him. It may have been the fact that he was a dragon disguised as a human but she thought it was just his form. He had wonderfully broad shoulders which tapered to lean hips. His skin was bronzed but seemed to glisten in the light. She watched him dress, smiling to herself the whole time.

Johnathan, her husband, turned and grinned at her.

"Like what you see?" He slipped a shirt over his head. She chuckled and reached out to run a hand down his chest.

"I definitely like what I see." She loved the texture of his skin underneath her palm. He shivered and moved away.

"Let us fly." He stepped out of their little cabin, gesturing for her to follow him. She stood and quickly donned a white dress before following after him. By the time she reached the clearing outside their home he had already shifted. He was now an enormous green dragon. His tail was long and had small white spikes on it. His wings were long and almost emerald green. He had matching green eyes with speckles of gold in them, giving dimension. She reached out and stroked his hard green scales, feeling the small separation between each one.

He purred and rubbed against her hand, loving the feeling of her delicate but talented fingers stroking him.

"Little one, you should get on before I decide to do something else to you." She giggled and hurriedly climbed on. She loved it when he had his way with her but she wanted to go for a ride first.

He beat his wings hard and slowly, rotating them a certain way to try to get them off the ground. She had once asked him if it was hard getting off the ground vertically.

"Of course it is," he replied, "can you jump off the ground and fly? It's not any easier for me considering I'm many times larger."

She watched him now, smiling happily as she felt his muscles rippling between her knees. She could feel herself getting wet, her panties getting soaked. The feel of his massive powerful body between her legs was wonderful and made her crave him.

After many powerful beats of his wings they were in the sky, flying surely and freely through the wind. She lay her cheek down on his scales and smiled, holding onto him tightly. He purred and she could feel the rumbling in her own chest.

Suddenly she felt an impact from the side and was tossed away from him, her hands slipping on his slick scales. She was suddenly plummeting through the open air, reaching with her hands. She didn't scream, couldn't gather enough air for it. Suddenly she was in the claws of a dragon, could feel the sharp points against her stomach. But she could see her husband, his large green form, away from her.

"Oh god..." she gasped, looking up into the red eyes of an enormous red dragon.

"Not even close." The dragon rumbled, watching her with lusty eyes.

"Let her go! She's mine!" Johnathan roared, slamming into the other dragon with all his weight and momentum.

"Not any longer. If you can't protect her then you should expect she'll be taken. We're not a single mate species." Jewel whimpers and closed her eyes, wishing it would all go away. She had no way to fight back in this position.

"I am a single mate dragon. She is my mate. If you still wish to fight me then set her down and we will duel for the right to her." Sebastian offered. The red dragon grumbled but soon accepted the offer. They both landed and he set Jewel away slowly.

Jewel stood and watched as the two dragon slammed into each other, bellowing and roaring angrily. Sebastian clawed at the chest and stomach of the other dragon. The red dragon snarled and tossed him away easily. Sebastian was smaller but appeared to be older and more experienced. The red dragon was much larger but seem young and brash. They circled around each other, snarling and occasionally snapping at each other. Sebastian took a leap forward before bounding onto the other dragon's back. Just as the red dragon was about to toss himself back Sebastian leaped off and bit into the flesh at his stomach.

The red dragon roared in pain and tossed himself backwards. Slowly he shifted into human form, gripping his stomach.

"Help me..." he gasped. Sebastian growled and lifted a paw, getting ready to crush his opponent.

"No!" Jewel screamed. She rushed forward and jumped in front of Sebastian's claws. "Please. No. He doesn't deserve to die. You told me this is normal for dragons." Sebastian slowly put his paw down and shifted. Jewel turned and began patching up the other dragon, working on him persistently. Soon he was well enough to sit up. He watched Sebastian warily, growling. Sebastian rolled his eyes and snapped at him.

"I'm sorry I tried to take your woman," the dragon murmured. Sebastian sighed and waved his hand.

"Forgiven. As long as you don't try to do it again. Find your own woman. Now leave!" Sebastian roared, leaping forward. The other dragon stood and quickly ran away, disappearing into the forest. Sebastian turned to his wife, stalking forward.

"I need you. Now!" He gripped her and yanked her into his chest, kissing her roughly. "You are mine. Always." Jewel whimpered and kissed him deeply, tangling her tongue with his. She loved his dark taste, feeling it go straight to her head.

He took her to the ground, ripping her clothes off. He kissed down her chest to her breasts, lapping at them lovingly. He nipped her nipples gently, loving the sharp gasp that came from her.

"Sebastian. I want your child," she murmured suddenly. He froze and looked up at her, eyes blazing.

"Then I will give you my child." He stepped away and shifted back to dragon form. His cock was long and hard, throbbing as he watched her. He was larger than a human but dragons weren't the massive beasts of legend. He would stretch her but he wouldn't hurt her. In fact he was around ten inches long and only a little bit wider than a human male.

He licked and kissed her nipples as he pressed his cock against her sex. Slowly he pushed in, stretching her completely. She moaned and whimpered loudly, desperate for him to fill her. He began thrusting longer and harder, her cries filling his ears. He snarled and thrust deeper into her, brushing her cervix. She screamed and came around him, unable to stand the pleasure anymore.

He growled, feeling a tingling in the base of his cock. Suddenly he roared, his cry shaking the birds from the trees. He shot his hot seed deep into her.

"You are mine..." he whispered, tenderly licking her, "Now you are the mother of my child. My true mate." Jewel smiled up at him and kissed his cheek.

"I love you, Sebastian."

Many years later the happy couple was still together. They had three children, two girls and a boy. Each was a dragon like their father. One day Jewel was out in the grass, watching her children play, when the red dragon from years earlier stepped out of the trees. A woman was following behind him him, holding his hand. But that is a story for another time...

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