tagInterracial LoveHer Fantasy Past Caught Up With Her

Her Fantasy Past Caught Up With Her


This is a love story of none consensual love, also consensual love, it is also part descriptive interracial homosexual, it is interracial love.

Reader, please take note.

We were finally on our way; the wedding had been a great success. We had over nighted at the hotel that had hosted the reception.

It was 10:00am Sunday morning, and dozens of friends and family were there to see us off.

Mr and Mrs Andrew James were going on honeymoon. Me? I'm Lisa, was Lisa Bellamy, but now I was Mrs Lisa James. It felt wonderful.

I had had a year of indecision as to who to marry. Although no one else knew of my internal problems. Or more to the point who to spend my life with. My problem was I was, or am in love with two different boys. Andy who I had just married, or Jed Burrows who lives across town.

They were as different as chalk and cheese, I had been to college where I met my now husband, and I had met Jed at the garage where he was a mechanic, and who was to mend my car. It had broken down right outside, and he came to my rescue.

He turned out to be a rough, bad boy, but he wasn't bad in an illegal way, he was 'dangerous!'

Andy on the other hand was studious, quiet and somewhat effeminate. 'He was a safe haven.'

My romance with Andy was a long drawn out affair, he was shy, and I liked him, I liked him a lot. We grew closer and closer, the trouble was I was growing closer to Jed as well.

It felt like I was two different people.

Andy would always ask me to do this, or go there. Jed would tell me, no argument!

I had sex with Jed before sex with Andy, simply because Jed insisted. Andy would wait until I gave him the word.

The first time with Jed was on a river bank, we had gone for a drive, and he just seduced me. He had me climbing the walls, he knew exactly how to turn me on, and turn me on he did!

He taught me about sex really, he was 5 years older than me, so knew more too.

I passed that on to Andy, although he didn't know it. I taught him all I knew, which wasn't a lot really, but?

The big difference in sex between them was that Jed loved oral; he would drive me insane with his mouth and tongue. I absolutely loved it. Where by Andy wasn't that keen on it. Jed's tonguing was his favourite; he would spend ages on me before letting me cum.

I was in a 3 way relationship. Jed knew about Andy, but Andy didn't know about Jed. They both had more or les the same size in cocks, so when one was in me, in never felt really too different.

But when it came down to deciding who to marry, Andy won hands down. Jed wasn't happy, but accepted it, but he did tell me, he would be 'seeing' me after wards.

So here we were on our way, and there was Jed, stood at the side of the road, waving goodbye. And he was smiling a real nice smile, I waved back. Andy asked me who I was waving at, but I said, I don't know, they waved, so I did.

Andy is about 5ft 8" not very tall really. But built accordingly, he is quite good looking, and a real nice all round guy. He has a good future in the banking profession. He didn't deserve me really, but I was determined to make him a good wife. He wasn't fabulous lover, but he did okay.

In fact sometimes, I had wondered once or twice about his sexuality. And even thought he should have maybe batted for the other side?

We were honeymooning in the mountains; it was all arranged, a super secluded stone built house, with all amenities, pool, BBQ, tennis courts, all sorts of sporty things to do. The kitchen was fully stocked with all our favourite foods, and we had wide screen TV, with all the channels that were going.

Me? I am Lisa, I am 22 years old, and more than good looking, I have had my share of boyfriends, and had my admirers, and some I didn't want either.

I have blonde hair that is now past my shoulders, I wanted it long, so had grown it over the last year. I'm 5ft 4" and weigh about 110 lbs.

My face is what attracts men to me, it's a lovely one, and my lips are my prize. They are just like Catherine Zeta Jones's lips, so seductively sexy. Have high eye brows, and big blue eyes.

I have a really good body, nicely shaped, tits that fit my size, and terrifically upturned nipples.

I can still feel Jed's stubble around them.

All in all, I considered myself to be as fortunate as I could be, I had been born beautiful, and I was thankful for it. And I love sex, something Andy is going to have to get used to, no doubt about that!

The house was about an 800 mile drive, so we stopped 3 or 4 times for breaks etc.

On what we considered to be our last stop, as the sat nav said we only had about 30 miles to go, we filled up at a garage, and went into the diner for a snack and a drink.

We were sat at the counter near the far end, there were only us there, then the door opened and in walked two men, black men.

They took places just up from us and ordered coffees, the bigger one turned to us and said, 'Hi there, you folks okay?'

'Yes thanks,' we replied in unison.

'Are you folks passin through these parts?' He drawled.

'We are starting our honeymoon,' Andy said proudly.

'Well gee now, congratulations, bartender, get these 2 fine folks a drink on us.' He said.

'Thank you,' Andy replied.

'Where ya'll stayin now?' he asked.

'Up at the Monroe house, about 30 miles from here I think, for 2 weeks.' Andy said.

'Great place might see ya around maybe?' he told as they got up to leave.

'Do you know it?' Andy asked them.

'Sure do, we was brought up roun there, me an my bro here.' He said, pointing at his companion.

'Oh okay then.' Andy returned, 'see you, bye and thank you.'

He gave me a real once over, I could feel his eyes undressing me. I shivered. I could see it in his face what he was thinking. I got excited, it was the first time a black man had ever been so lewd to me.

I glanced at Andy, but he didn't seem to notice it.

They left, and 30 minutes later, we were on our way too.

We arrived just before dark. The sun was setting, it was beautiful.

Andy found the keys just where we had been told they would be.

He opened the door, swept me off my feet, and carried me boldly over the threshold.

I reached out and turned on the light.

The shock was total.

There on the couch were the two men who we had been talking to in the diner!

'Well now folks, you gone an got here, that's good, real good,' he muttered.

Standing, he walked to us, Andy just stood still in shock. And taking me from Andy said, 'I'll take care of her now white boy; you just go sit over there.' He told Andy nodding at a chair.

That's when Andy found his voice, and I found mine.

'What the hell do you think you are doing?' I shouted, struggling to get free.

'Leave her alone, put her down right now,' he bellowed.

He charged towards the man holding me, the other man stepped forward and punched Andy on the side of his head. He went down in a heap.

'Take care of him Tommy,' the big one holding me said, 'tie him to that chair, but strip him first okay?'

I struggled as hard as I could, but he was just too strong, I couldn't do anything.

The last sight I had of Andy was him being stripped off.

My captor carried me to the large bed, and climbed on it with me still in his arms.

It was then I realised what was going to happen, and began to struggle even harder.

He just smiled at me, as he began to undo my clothing; I was fighting on two fronts, one to get free, and the other to stop my body being made naked.

I lost both; I could neither free myself, nor stop him from undressing me.

He looked at me and said.

'My my, you sure are a purty little thing ain't ya girl? We sure gonna have a good time sweet thing.' He said, smiling.

As I was still struggling, he was busy holding me, and getting his own clothes off at the same time. I was treated; if that was the right word, to see his body slowly appear in front of me.

I had never seen a black man up close, and it was an odd sight to see his black skin. In different circumstances, I'm sure I would have been turned on. He was good looking, and weighed about twice what I did! But I was going to be raped! I was crying, in tears, begging him to release me. But he was having none of it; He took no notice what so ever.

His accomplice had tied Andy to the chair and dragged it into the doorway facing the bed I was on. He was naked too. They were going to make him watch my defilement.

'What's your name baby?' The man said.

I don't know why I told him, but I said through my tears. 'Its Lisa, please let me go?'

'Aw baby, you won't be sayin that soon, relax honey, okay? My name is Jethro, pleased ta meet ya Lisa.'

The man threw water over Andy's face and brought him round. But he left him to join his partner on the bed with me.

The bigger of them, the one who had me, told his brother to watch first. And what he did next astonished me between my tears.

He stuck his tongue out at me. It was like a sole of a large shoe, I had never seen a tongue so thick, so big and long, why he did that I wasn't sure. It was almost like a flipper off a seal!

'Know where this is gonna go baby girl?' He asked me, as he flapped it about, and made it point at me in a long tip; it sort of folded in the middle.

I still didn't understand what he was on about.

'Get up here,' he told his partner.

He swapped places.

I was now in the other mans grip, he started to kiss me, there was no way to avoid it.

Then I felt my legs were being lifted, I saw my feet appear above me.

And then I found out what he had been on about. Suddenly something alive was in my pussy; I could feel it squishing in me, finding me, swirling around. He had pushed his huge tongue into me! And immediately my pussy responded, it grabbed at it, as it slithered about in me. I could feel it touching all parts of my insides, and my body and pussy was attaching itself to it, or trying to.

His nose was right on my little button, his lips sucked at my pussy lips. I tried to fight the sensation, but it was impossible to ignore it. I was going over the edge. I couldn't help it.

I completely and absolutely love being tongue lashed, and the fact that I was being forced to accept it, by this large black man made no difference to my nether regions.

I vaguely remember flopping on the bed, all resistance gone to these monstrous attacks on my pussy, and my clit, it was total devastation.

The man above me holding me and kissing me, now had nothing to hold me down for, I was falling into oblivion. I really believe there wouldn't, couldn't be a woman in the world that could have withstood a tonguing like the one I was getting, it was impossible to refuse, or resist.

The man above me had his tongue in my mouth now, and I was sucking on it, in tune with my pussy sucking on the tongue inside it!

I felt him move, and he got off me, I saw the bigger ones arm pushing him away. I was folded in half more or less. I looked up and saw his head between my thighs; he was going at me like a piston engine. I was going beyond resistance now. I couldn't see Andy, but he had to be watching his bride, submitting, and beginning to whimper as her seduction was forced upon her.

Looking up at his head bobbing away at me, his hands came up, and 2 thumbs, and 2 forefingers took both my nipples between them at the same time, squeezed and rolled, and I exploded.

My body stiffened, my legs shot straight out, my thighs crushed the man's head, and I came. I couldn't stop it, it was impossible.

I was crashed on the bed; the man brought me down gently, continuing to lap at me, he was drinking my nectar I suppose? But it left me feeling languid and very satisfied.

He still had me upside down, my legs dropping over his shoulders. I had never ever been made to cum like that. Oral sex had never been this good. I had thought Jed was a master, but he wasn't any where near as lethal as this man was.

Still hanging over his shoulders, he lifted his head, looked at my backside, and said appreciatively, 'Mmmm.'

I didn't know he was gazing at my little brown hole.

He leaned down a little and his tongue poked out like a knife and probed my bum. I would have jumped off the bed had I been able.

He licked at me, this was a new one, even Jed hadn't done this! The soft feeling of it was marvellous, it was a silky feeling I had never experienced. After a while of licking and kissing my brown puckered arse, his fingers still working my shattered nipples, and keeping me on a high.

He stuck his tongue right in, I could feel it in there searching for what? I don't know. But it drove me in to bliss. It was like having a live cock in me; in and out it went, in, moving, out, kissing and sucking. Another orgasm was on its way; it was an orgasm that was so brand new. It was so different from any other I had had, fabulous, it blew me to bits. I shuddered and shivered, trembled and jolted about on the bed, but he kept hold of me, as he controlled me completely.

He moved up beside me, on the side away from Andy, he now had to have a view of me and what had happened. I couldn't even raise my head. The man leaned over and kissed me, he had my taste on his lips, I kissed him back. I had to didn't I!

As I came to my senses a little, I raised my head, and got another shock, a massive one. What I saw stunned me beyond belief.

Andy was in the chair still, tied to it; I could see the ropes holding his wrists and ankles. But what I saw nearly made me faint. He had been turned sideways on to me now. The black man there with him, was kneeling by his side. And he was playing with Andy's cock, but it was stiff, he had a hard on. He was slowly jacking Andy off.

But what made me gasp more was that Andy was staring at the man! He must have seen what had happened to his bride, but he was totally oblivious to me, he was concentrating on the man.

Jethro, the man who had me on the bed laughed, and said to his brother.

'It sure looks like you foun you self a live one there little bro!'

'Yep, sure does bro, looks like he loves this, see how hard his lil pecker is?' he replied.

They were talking like I wasn't there.

'Well maybe you should find out bro,' he laughed.

Andy was still staring at his captor.

The man pushed his other hand between Andy's legs, and he jumped and moaned, I'm not sure what he was doing, but it looked like he was poking at Andy's bum?

I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

'Andy!' I shouted. He lifted his gaze to me. He looked at me sort of in a wan way, mouthed the words 'I'm sorry,' and returned his look the man who was toying with him.

He glanced at me a couple of times, but he went back to the black man jacking him off, and now with his hand between his legs.

My man was still toying with me too, he had moved in close, and was holding, caressing and kissing me, while his bro was doing what he wanted to Andy.

I was still in a stupor from my orgasms at his behest.

Then something else that made me see and realise what was going on.

I didn't see him respond, but he didn't fight it off either, there was no struggling in the chair.

He liked what was happening, the bastard liked it! Was he really gay! Like I had sometimes suspected him to be? He had to be didn't he? He just had to be!

Jethro said to him. 'Why don't you take him down the hall?'

'There's another bedroom, take him there, and find out proper bro?'

'Will do Jethro, you take care o that little girl, ya hear!'

'Will do bro, you can be sure o that!' He laughed.

The other man stood, grabbed the back of Andy's chair and dragged him off. I heard a door open then close shut.

'Now my little beauty, where were we?' He asked me.

'Please let me go, let us both go, I won't say anything I promise.' I begged.

'Aw shucks lil girl, I done already tol you, you won't be sayin that agin, you won't want to I promise you baby.' He giggled.

'You already foun out about ma nice big tongue eh honey?'

'There'll be more for ya later sweet thing, that's fo sure.''

I wasn't going anywhere, there was no way I could get out of this, and I was still reeling and weak from my orgasms.

He began to play with me and my emotions agin, I tried to resist I really did. But I had had fantasies of being in a situation like this, and I know that's all they usually are. But he was bringing mine true, I hadn't expected the oral thrashing that's for certain, nothing could have prepared me for that. But I had fantasised about this very thing.

I had orgasmed many times on my own, I have a black vibrator, and it's a good one. I often use it to think about a big good looking hulking black man forcing me, taking me, abusing me, and fucking me into helpless heaven.

I am trapped under him while he fucks me hard and long. And I have always had massive orgasms.

And that's where I was going to go, I just knew it.

He guided my tiny white hand to his mammoth prick, making me hold it, then telling me to look at it. My heart popped into my mouth!

It was the biggest thing I had ever seen; it wasn't a monstrous, 12" long and all that bullshit. But it was a lot bigger, thicker and fatter than Jed or Andy's.

He pulled me close, and said. 'Now baby, you just get used to ol Jethro, smell me, look at me and feel my black skin baby, you gonna see a load o me for a while okay honey?'

I was snuffling into his black hairy chest, I could sense the power of the man. And I smelt him too. It was a smell I didn't know. But it wasn't a bad smell, it emanated from him.

His black skin against mine made me rethink all the times I had imagined it, the thought powered through me, it was something not to be denied.

He said. 'You ever been blacked honey child?'

Stunned again, it was something I had often pondered and always wanted it to happen, but would never have gone to it, not voluntarily anyway. I whispered. 'No I haven't, please don't?'

'Hey baby, don you worry none, ya hear, you gonna love this fo sure babe!'

He moved my arm up and down making me pull on his prick, I could feel it thickening and hardening too.

He kissed me, and that tongue disappeared into my mouth, it felt like a silk rope stroking my lips, my tongue, the roof of my mouth, even my tonsils got a licking too.

Between that, his lips, his tongue, my hand holding his thick prick, his fingers had found its way into my pussy. I gave in completely.

I didn't even consider resisting now, this man had got me, and he was going to fuck me whether I agreed or not. I didn't actually agree, but I never said anything like no either.

The blackness of his skin was assailing me, the contrast between his and mine was a marvellous sight to see.

He pulled his face away from me, smiled, and said.

'You ready now for ol Jethro's black love stick baby?'

'Please don't Mr Jethro,' I pleaded, but even then I knew I didn't mean it. And that I even wanted it.

He got over me, and told me to put him in.

I did, and he shoved that great black pole all the way slowly into me, I gasped, moaned and groaned, but it went in. I was stretched to the limit; nothing had ever been in me as big as this.

He hit every part of me there was to hit, and he began to fuck me, and it was a fucking in all its beautiful glory, he was slow, gentle, commanding, forceful, dominant in a way, that Jed could never hope to achieve. This was a masterful man, in every way; I had to join in with him, his very being as he looked down at me, made me connect to him.

I began humping back, although carefully, he was still too big for me, but I knew I would get used to it, and I did. He sped up, his thrusting became harder, and harder, more forceful and demanding Soon I was bouncing around under him. Doing my best to hold on to him, I used my nails and feet to ride him from underneath as he drove me mad with lust and arousal!

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