tagLesbian SexHer First Lesbian Experience Ch. 01

Her First Lesbian Experience Ch. 01


"Have you done it often?" I asked Rebecca as we waited for our next client last Friday.

"Only a couple of times," she replied, "but I really enjoyed it and she did too."

I thought about what she had told me about her experience with her roommate and how I would like to have been there with my camera. "Are you involved with a girl now?"

"No, silly!" she laughed, "I'm not a lesbian or anything, we were just experimenting. We both like boys. Warm, hard cocks are better than anything a girl can provide!"

I have a small portrait photography business and Rebecca is my assistant. She handles appointments and other office chores as well as hair and makeup as needed. I've found that having a female assistant with a friendly personality helps put clients at ease while I concentrate on staging, lighting and other technical aspects of my art.

My clients are mostly singles, couples and families who want standard studio portraits. Some want the full package that includes studio and location photos. Occasionally I'll have someone ask for what I call vanity portraits or boudoir shots. These usually involve lingerie and/or partial or total nudity. For the female clients it is especially nice to have Rebecca in the studio.

Up until recently I haven't advertised boudoir photography but that changed when Rebecca mentioned her tryst with another woman. One thing led to another until we came up with a plan. We decided to reserve Fridays for private sessions for singles and couples who wanted discrete personal photography services.

Rebecca placed ads in publications that cater to the younger, modern crowd and on Craig's List. She included a couple of nude images of herself with her face masked from her portfolio as examples. It wasn't long before we had Fridays booked a month ahead! It looked like we had found a niche that hadn't been served in our city.

Some clients wanted photos for their boyfriend or girlfriend. Others wanted photos of tattoo's that were near or on private places. We even had couples book sessions where they posed provocatively together or even performed sex acts in front of the camera.

Ours is a military town and that has been our primary moneymaker. Military wives come in for photos to send to their husbands or boyfriends who are away from home for extended periods. They tell their friends about our services. Word of mouth has helped us build a very nice list of clients.

We hadn't thought much about the lack of lesbian couples taking advantage of our services until last Friday. Shannon, whose boyfriend was stationed in Iraq, had booked a four-hour session, our last appointment of the day. She brought a dozen outfits including sexy outfits, a gorgeous sheer black nightgown, a tiny two-piece swimsuit and different panties and bras to pose in and out of.

"My, my. You've been shopping haven't you?" Rebecca asked Shannon as she unpacked.

"Well," Shannon responded, "He's seen all of my old outfits so I wanted these pictures to be with new stuff. You think he will like it?"

Rebecca said, "The only man who wouldn't like seeing you in that would have to be gay!"

"He's sure isn't gay," Shannon laughed, "When he is home on leave we spend the whole time in bed! He really knows how to make me happy and I like to return the favor."

"You're a lucky woman, Shannon," I told her, "And we are going to do our best to make him drool over your pictures."

"Great! I've seen pictures that you've made of some of my girlfriends," she told me, "You are really a good photographer."

"Thank you," I smiled, "every good photographer needs a good model and you show every sign that you'll be one of my favorites. You have a great figure and the outfits you've brought will enhance our photos."

Rebecca injected, "What do you want to wear first? The swimsuit might be a nice start. Wearing that instead of something more revealing will help you get used to the camera and us before moving on to something else."

"Good idea Rebecca'" I told her and turned to Shannon, "You can change in the dressing room over there. Rebecca will help you with the poses and freshen your makeup if you want. Your hair looks great. I'll setup a fan and a hair light to give it some life in the first pictures while you change."

Shannon nodded, picked up her outfits and walked to the dressing room, while I busied myself with the camera and lighting. I use a digital SLR connected to the studio computer. I have a large second monitor positioned so that the subjects (clients) can see the images as I make them. I also have music playing during photo sessions, relaxing stuff for a session like this one, up-tempo for some others.

After ten minutes or so Shannon exited the dressing room with a grin on her face. "I've never really done anything like this but it makes me feel so sexy!" she said as she did a quick turn, her shoulder-length blonde hair flying, so we could admire her swimsuit.

"I'm not surprised, "I chuckled, "You look super sexy to me."

"Me too," Rebecca said.

The top barely covered her B-cup breasts; the bottom was merely a small triangle of fabric held on by thin strings. The fabric was thin and, as we watched her walk to the set, her nipples made tiny tents in the top while her entire ass was on display.

Rebecca took over, directing Shannon to stand in front of the couch, turn sideways to the camera and place her hand on her hip. As she directed our client I captured images, each one showing on the monitor. Rebecca glanced at it from time to time and adjusted her position and facial expression to give me different looks for each photo.

At one point she turned her back to the camera, bent forward and looked over her shoulder giving us a great view of her bare ass. "I'm starting to feel really sexy, am I doing OK?" she asked as she wiggled her ass and giggled.

"Yes!" we both answered simultaneously.

She didn't seem at all modest and Rebecca took advantage of that by suggesting progressively more provocative poses. She had Shannon sit on the couch and bend over with her arms crossed under her breasts. Although she didn't have a lot up top, her arms pushed them up and together which made them appear larger than they actually were. When she saw that on the monitor she grinned and said, "Wow! This makes my boobs look big!"

Shannon sat back up and Rebecca moved behind the couch.

"I'm going to untie your top if you don't mind," she said, "You can cover your breasts with your hands. Your boyfriend will love the shot."

Shannon said tentatively, after a brief pause, "OK...I guess."

"Would it make you more comfortable if you weren't the only girl in the room who's topless?" Rebecca asked her.

"That would probably help," Shannon answered.

I've seen Rebecca naked before; I helped her build a modeling portfolio that includes nudes. I wasn't surprised at her question; she had gone bare-breasted under similar situations when a female client showed reluctance to pose topless.

She unbuttoned her shirt and tossed it aside, then removed her bra as Shannon watched.

"See, it's OK," Rebecca told her, "Justin's seen and photographed lots of boobs and always remained a perfect gentleman."

Rebecca then untied the neck strap and let Shannon's top drop forward leaving her breasts bare while she untied the lower strap. Shannon didn't cover up. She kept her eyes on me. She arched her eyebrows, silently asking for my approval.

"Your breasts are beautiful, very feminine," I told her as Rebecca moved out of the frame carrying the swimsuit top.

"Not too small?" Shannon asked.

"I love small breasts and models with small breasts are in demand by photographers these days," I told her.

She replied, "I can't believe I'm doing this. Other than my boyfriend and the girls in gym class at school, no one has ever seen my boobs."

She took a deep breath and thrust her chest forward as I snapped a couple of pictures. Then she cupped them in her hands and looked seductively at the camera for another couple of shots, glancing at the monitor when each image appeared.

Rebecca said to me, "She's really getting into this. We just may have a new erotic model on our hands."

Shannon injected, "I doubt it, I'm having fun but it's just for my boyfriend. I'd be so embarrassed if my dad or mom or especially my brother saw the pictures."

I repositioned the camera so that she could watch the monitor without moving her eyes too far away from the lens. She began running her hands over her breasts causing her nipples to become fully erect again. As I continued to capture images she gently tweaked her nipples, occasionally closing her eyes. I thought I heard al soft moan, but it was difficult to be sure because of the music from the stereo.

After a couple of minutes Rebecca spoke up, "OK, let's open those legs a bit more." She stepped in front of Shannon and placed her hands on Shannon's knees, moving them apart, then backed away. I noticed that the fabric covering her pussy showed a little wet spot.

Shannon gave me a seductive look and kept her legs apart. After a few seconds she opened them even more than Rebecca had and continued to play with her breasts as I pressed the shutter button half-a-dozen times.

"I really love being able to see the pictures as you take them," she told us.

"We've found that most people like that," I replied, "it helps models play to the camera when they can see themselves. I think we've gotten a good group of swimsuit shots now, how about changing into something else?"

She got up from the couch, making no effort to cover her breasts. "Can you help me pick something out Rebecca?" she asked over her shoulder as she walked to the dressing room. I watched her go and enjoyed the show when she released the strings on her swimsuit bottom and pulled it off before going through the door. Rebecca followed and closed the door behind them.

As it looked like this was to be an extended session, I locked the front door, activated the telephone answering machine and turned out the office lights.

Upon my return to the studio with a cold drink I sat on the couch and reflected on the events of the past couple of hours. I was very glad that I had hired Rebecca. In addition to being a good receptionist and office manager she had a way with the clients. While her methods for putting clients at ease are sometimes unorthodox (getting naked with a client is normally frowned upon by the industry) she is usually successful in her own way.

When they came out, Shannon looked like a sophisticated country girl. She was dressed in high-heel shoes, a short denim skirt and a long-sleeved, ruffled peasant style top with a low elastic neckline pulled down off of her shoulders. The bottom hemline was just below her breasts, leaving her midriff bare. I couldn't tell if she was wearing a bra but it didn't matter. Her hair was in a ponytail and she looked HOT!

"Is this OK?" she asked.

I answered, "You are so sexy in that outfit, I'm really glad that you came to us for your boyfriend's pictures. Have a seat on the couch and we'll get started."

As she got settled on the couch Rebecca (still topless) whispered in my ear, "she's so worked up that her bikini bottom was wet! Hell, she's making me horny. I'm going to ask her if I can pose with her, OK?"

I nodded my head and asked Shannon to turn around and kneel on the couch. She did as I asked and twisted around to look into the lens. I snapped a shot. Rebecca told her to bend at the waist, spread her legs a bit more and twist just enough to be able to glance toward the camera. I got another couple of shots.

Rebecca's next direction was for Shannon to lay on the couch with her head and shoulders propped on one arm. As she repositioned herself, her skirt rode up and I got a shot of her leg bare up to her waist in that unprotected moment. Once she was on her back Rebecca directed her to pull her left foot up and hang her right leg off the front of the couch.

"Ummm, OK I guess," Shannon said, "but I'm not wearing panties."

"That's alright," Rebecca told her, "Nobody sees the pictures without your permission. If it would make you more comfortable I can take my pants and panties off too."

"Yes, that would make me a little more comfortable. Besides, you look so beautiful," Shannon quietly answered as she gazed first at Rebecca's perky breasts, then into her eyes.

My assistant smiled at our client, then dropped her pants to the floor and kicked them aside. She slipped her thumbs under the waistband and pushed her panties to the floor. "There, how's that?" she asked.

"Wow!" Shannon exclaimed, "You don't have any hair down there!"

Rebecca replied, "I gave up pubic hair over a year ago. Once I shaved the first time I never went back to the old hairy me. Besides, guys love a bare pussy."

"Really?" Shannon asked in surprise, "my boyfriend hasn't told me that."

"They usually don't, but do it and you'll see how much he likes it, I promise!"

Now totally naked, Rebecca resumed her direction, having Shannon pose for my camera for a dozen shots. Once she became more comfortable with the camera and me behind it, she made no effort to hide her pussy. She even sat on the couch and spread her legs without Rebecca's having to ask her to. I got some nice up-skirt images that would probably make her boyfriend shoot a load when he saw them.

"Justin's gotten plenty of pictures of you in your country girl outfit," Rebecca told Shannon after a while. "Let's go for some more sexy ones now. Let me help you off with your top and skirt."

"OK, I guess it's time," Shannon admitted and lifted her arms so that Rebecca could pull her top over her head. They were standing facing each other with their sides to the camera. I had the presence of mind to keep my finger on the shutter button.

As Rebecca lifted Shannon's top she moved closer and their breasts touched. Shannon startled and exclaimed "Oh!" but didn't protest. Rebecca finished removing the top and stepped back.

"I love your boobs," she told Shannon, whose nipples had come to attention, "Your boyfriend must like them too."

"He calls them my little boobies, with emphasis on the little"

"Size isn't important, mine aren't large," Rebecca assured her, "Yours are perfect on you, it's sensitivity that counts." She then reached over and ran her fingertips over Shannon's breasts, tweaking the nipples; "We need to keep these girls at attention, don't we?"

I was quietly watching the action and capturing images of the show. I had developed an uncomfortable bulge in the front of my pants and reached down to make an adjustment.

Shannon closed her eyes while Rebecca played with her breasts.

"Lets get that skirt off now," Rebecca told her after a minute of boob-play. She put her fingers under the elastic waistband and slipped the skirt down to the floor, leaving both women completely nude.

"Wow," Shannon smiled sheepishly, "I had planned to go topless for the pictures but that's all. Now I'm comfortable being naked! You and Justin make it seem so natural."

"We'll take that as a compliment, your body is beautiful. Don't let anyone convince you that it's not," Rebecca told her, then directed her to lie on the couch on her back again.

"Let's give your boyfriend some pictures that he will never forget," Rebecca said as she climbed onto the couch with Shannon, "Do you mind if I pose for Justin with you?"

After a moment's pause, Shannon answered timidly, "I don't think Bobby would like that. But it sounds...interesting. I don't really have to send him all of the pictures, do I?"

"You only send the pictures that you think he will enjoy," Rebecca told her, working her magic on this inexperienced young woman. "You can wait until he comes back to show them or never show them to him at all. In my experience, guys get really turned on watching two girls together, you'll like it too."

Rebecca positioned herself on her knees between Shannon's legs. Meeting no resistance, she bent forward, resting on her elbows and forearms with her face over Shannon's. "Pictures of girls kissing are really hot now," she said, "you see them all the time on the social websites like RunWild."

Shannon watched as Rebecca lowered her lips toward hers. She closed her eyes as their lips met in a kiss. After a moment they parted, then kissed again. Shannon didn't protest when Rebecca pushed her tongue past her lips. I could see that she responded with her own tongue as they kissed passionately. She wrapped her arms around Rebecca's back, pulling them close together, breasts mashed together.

After a few minutes, Rebecca pulled away enough to kiss Shannon's chin, then her neck. Working her way down with kisses she reached the woman's breasts and showered them with kisses. When she licked a nipple, Shannon opened her eyes and looked down.

"That looks so sexy and feels so good, I want to do it to you too," she murmured as Rebecca sucked and licked her nipples, dividing her attention between them. When Rebecca gently nipped one with her teeth Shannon arched her back, pushing her breast against Rebecca's face. By that time my cock was so hard that it hurt. Ever the professional, I disregarded my discomfort and continued taking pictures.

Rebecca resumed her journey down Shannon's body, trailing kisses and licks over her stomach and down one leg, then back up the other. By this time Shannon was lost in her own world, twitching when Rebecca hit a sensitive spot, moaning and thrusting her hips up when she reached her pubic hair and stroked it with her finger tips.

Rebecca helped Shannon spread her legs a little more and ran a finger over the young woman's labia, then up between the lips. Shannon's breathing quickened and she gasped when Rebecca's finger found her clitoris. As I took the camera off of the tripod and moved closer Rebecca massaged Shannon's clit and took an occasional trip down to gently probe her vagina.

When Rebecca adjusted her position and placed her warm mouth over Shannon's pussy, she moaned. When she flicked Shannon's clit with her tongue she shivered and shouted "Oh!" and gripped Rebecca's head with her thighs.

Rebecca commenced to tongue-fuck Shannon who jerked her head from side to side while loudly voicing her approval, "Oh god, oh god, oh shit that feels so good! Please don't stop! Oh, oh, I'm going to cum! Oh! Oh! Ooh! Ah, ah!" She reached down and pulled Rebecca's head tightly against her pussy. Her stomach muscles tensed and relaxed over and over. Then her whole body shuddered. She arched her back and screamed, "I'm cumming, oh shit, oh shit."

When her orgasm faded and she recovered somewhat, Shannon, with eyes still closed, murmured, "I'm a little embarrassed but I've never cum like that before, I didn't know that I could. Umm, does this mean that I'm a lesbian?"

"Only if you give up men," I told her.

"Girls know what girls like," Rebecca told her, "do you want to do me? I could sure use some loving right about now."

"Yes, I really do want to make you feel as good as I do," Shannon answered breathlessly, "but I'm going to need a little recovery time."

"And, I really need to pee!" she laughed.

Rebecca got up off the couch and helped Shannon up. She pointed to the bathroom in back, telling her "It's over there."

When the bathroom door was closed, Rebecca asked me, "How did you like that mister? It's the first time you've seen two girls together isn't it?"

"Yep, it was the first time and I hope not the last," I replied. "It was pretty intense."

"And," she said, "there's more to come, I think she really wants to do to me too!"

"That's what it sounded like," I agreed.

She looked down at my crotch and said, "It looks like you enjoyed our little show. Do you want to use the bathroom after she finishes so you can take care of that problem?" As she spoke she put her hand to my crotch and gave my swollen member a squeeze.

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