tagLesbian SexHer First Taste... Ch. 03

Her First Taste... Ch. 03


Her First Taste of Another Woman Ch. 03

As I think back on that long three days, I remember Mandy a great deal, I mean how could I not remember her. She looked like she was 28 or 29 but she was actually in her late 30, almost 40. I close my eyes and see her nipples pink, hard and stuck out so far they almost looked like they were fake. Yet we all knew they weren't since my wife and I had both tasted them and sucked on them quiet a few times that weekend. I had taken each one in my mouth and tasted it. I had also used my fingers and pulled on them to make sure she knew I like them. Her body was wonderful it never stop moving under my wife or me.

Amanda's hips were large but firm and almost flat like her stomach as she lay on our bed looking up at either my wife or me and telling us how much she was enjoying both of us. Mandy told us she worked hard to keep her body tight and in shape, golf was her favorite activity except for sex. Her hips complimented her round beautiful body and full ass. Her rear was not overly large but perfectly shaped, round and very firm. Mandy was a woman not a schoolgirl and like a woman she knew how to please a man or a woman.

I was having the time of my life now watching my wife lick the pussy of our new British lover. And as I continue the story here's what happened.

As my wife now had her head pressed between Mandy's legs sucking my warm freshly shot cum out of her freshly fucked pussy, we both heard Mandy moan with pleasure. I had forgotten all about my fear of Mandy being a full-blown lesbian and who had come to America to steal my wife away from me. I had fucked her hard and long and pumped a huge load of cum into her body. No lesbian I knew of would have allowed me to do that I felt pretty sure.

As I moved out from between Mandy's open legs I saw my cum beginning to run out of her pussy as my wife quickly moved in to replace my cock with her mouth! Now my wife almost pushed me over and out of the way as she came into Mandy's openness. I watched as Vastie lowered her head down on Amanda's cunt. I could hear her mouth sucking and slurping away on Mandy's wet cum filled pussy hole. I heard Mandy moan, "OH YES! OH YES! MY LOVE! OH V SUCK MY PUSSY!"

I moved back and sat on the bed with my legs under me and watched now as my wife took over for me and began to clean Mandy's pussy of my cum! She licked and sucked Mandy's pussy like she had done it before. In fact I was amazed and surprised at how well my wife was eating pussy since it was her first time or so I felt it was anyway. At least that's what I was thinking as I watched in amazement as Vastie licked and sucked and went at Mandy's pussy like a starving woman went after her favorite candy. I smiled at that idea, pussy that tasted like your favorite candy. WOW I could make a million!

My wife ran her hands up and down Mandy's innermost thighs as I watched her make love to this woman. Then I saw my wife move out and lick up Mandy's inner thigh catching some of the cum I had dripped on it. Vastie licked everywhere and for a very long time Mandy slowly rocked her body and hips as Vastie devoured her lover's body.

Finally Mandy moaned and moved her hands to my wife's head and pushed it in towards her heat! She said, "OH please baby! My clit lick my clit! OH yes! Yes! Yes! Just like that! Oh Jesus your tongue feels like heaven. It's so good baby! So good!! SO GOOD! Now! OH YES! NOW! SUCK IT! SUCK ITTTT! OH V! OH YES! SUCK! SUCK! SUVCK! SUCK MY LOVE! SUCKKK!!! OHHHHHH YES!!! SUCK MEEE!!! SUCK MEEEE!!! SUCKMESUCKMESUCKME!!!!!!!"

Mandy was fucking my wife's face lifting her hips and thrusting her pelvis as she went absolutely wild on Vastie's face. Over and over again she cried out as orgasm after orgasm swept over her body pleasing her like no cock could ever do. Her nipples were huge now standing out almost two inches. He body quivered and shook and my wife's tongue continued to please her. Mandy was holding my wife's head and fucking her face and mouth as Vastie sucked and sucked Mandy's pussy like only another woman knew and could do. I sat there amazed at what I seeing. I never would have guessed my wife would go at another woman like she was doing with Mandy. And Mandy was instructing her and guiding her and telling how good she was making her feel and how she loved what she was doing and how she had waited so long and how badly she had wanted my wife to make love to her.

It was very apparent that my wife had eaten pussy before and my guess was she had done it many times before. She wasn't an amateur at all. Vastie held her hands under Mandy's firm thighs and cupped her round ass with her hands. Then she assisted Mandy to lift her pussy up sort of like an offering to her. She was giving Vastie more room and offering her cunt to her. Mandy rotated her hips and smiled at my wife as Vastie looked over her mound and smiled as she fucked her with her tongue. She continued and continued to fuck Mandy's pussy with her tongue until Mandy could stand it no longer and elevated her lower body even higher up off the bed screaming as her climax hit her like a plane crashing into the ground. She exploded, and continued to do so lifting her body higher and higher up off the bed until only her feet shoulders and head were remaining. She thrust her pussy into my wife's face and screamed for her to fuck her faster and harder. I moved around and pinched Mandy's long hard nipples as my wife continued to lick and eat Mandy's gushing cunt! With one last cry Mandy's body shook like she was having a convulsion and climaxed harder than I have ever seen a woman do before. Vastie held on to her lower body and hummed and darted her tongue in and out of Mandy's vagina tunnel.

My wife continued to lick and suck on Mandy's pussy as she was being instructed and Mandy seemed to float on the bed as she began to recover from my wife's stipulations. Finally Vastie sucked Mandy's hard red thick clit making Mandy cried out with her desire one last time before Mandy pulled her out from between her legs and pulled my wife out over her lovely body.

Vastie moved up pressing her body together with Mandy's body. She pressed her breasts against Mandy's full much larger ones. Pussy to pussy stomach to stomach and breasts to breasts they closed their bodies together and kissed. Mandy held my wife and made soft love to her by kissing and tongue fucking her mouth. It was like Mandy's tongue was a snake and my wife's mouth was an opening and the snake was moving round and then into it. I heard my wife moan and then saw my wife sucking Mandy's tongue as Mandy softly stroked and rubbed my wife's back.

I sat there watching them make love and that worry came flashing back into my brain. I was worried. I realized my wife had given Mandy much more that I did and I have given her my very best. And Mandy had enjoyed receiving the attention from my wife. Mandy certainly enjoyed my wife's mouth tongue and fingers making her climax much more than she did my cock. It was unbelievable to me as I sat and watched these two very beautiful women making slow gentle love now.

I wanted to join in so I moved up as Vastie rolled off of Mandy. I moved my hands over Mandy's body. Mandy smiled at me and then turned her head and smiled at Vastie on the other side of her. With Mandy in the middle, my sat up resting her head on her elbow. My wife's fingers were now slowly moving over Mandy's body on one side as I worked on her left. I watched as my wife was stroking Mandy's vagina and moving her fingers so very lightly over Mandy's clit.

Since they were laying on their sides partly on their sides now Mandy's thighs were open and she was exposing her clit. Her vagina was fully exposed and I smiled as I saw Vastie look at me and then look down at Mandy's pussy as she began to stroke it on and off. She didn't do it hard or fast but more like a slow stimulation and pleasure for her lover. She moved her hand in and then out to the sides of Mandy's upper most inner thighs. She ran her hands over the little pussy hair Mandy had at the top of her vagina. Then Vastie ran her fingers down into her wet pussy lips spreading then and touching the pink insides. I sat there stroking Mandy's breasts and body too as I watched the two of them. My cock was screaming hard again.

Vastie's fingertips gently touched Mandy's very hard blood swollen clit button as I watched Mandy rock easy on Vastie's finger. Vastie only used one and pressed it on the center of Mandy's clit. Again and again my wife ran her finger slowly and very, very lightly over Mandy's entire pussy length. We both heard Mandy moan softly as she would inhale deeply each time that Vastie would touch her clit!

Then my wife looked directly at me and She looked at me and said, "Watch Bud. Watch my finger Bud. See how I'm doing it? Slowly, very, very slowly and easy, so very easy. Just the lightest touch. Not hard, women hate it when your fingers press hard on us. You have to be especially easy now she's so sensitive right now after cumming so hard and so many times."

Mandy moaned again and looked at us as Vastie went on saying, "See her smile as I touch her? See? She has her eyes closed now from the sheer pleasure as I please her body some more? Slow and easy Bud! You do it slow and easy. And you keep doing it until you know she wants more. Mandy will tell me when it's time or her body will. Watch! Now watch us and learn how to please a woman correctly my husband."

I saw Mandy's red clit sticking out from under its hood further than before. It was fucking huge! And it was hard as a little cock. My wife used her hand and fingers to stimulate it directly as Mandy humped on it. In a fit of sexual rage she reached for my wife's hand and held it tightly on her clit pushing Vastie's thumb directly against it harder now! She pressed Vastie's thumb harder against it and began rubbing it around in circles slow at first. Then she moved faster and then faster and then she arched her back and moaned out again with her lust! Mandy was fucking my wife's thumb as fast as she could now. Humping and humping and humping herself on Vastie's thumb Mandy said, "Suck it NOW!!!"

Vastie quickly moved over Mandy's body and as I watched she covered Mandy's pussy ands sucked her clit deep into her mouth! Mandy screamed and thrush and bounced up and down as she moved her entire body up and down on the bed. She went wild with an orgasm that was by far the longest and hardest she had had tonight! Mandy pumped her beautiful body on my wife's mouth as she moved her thumb out of the way and sucked Mandy's clit with her mouth! The thumb was now inside Mandy's pussy hole fucking it! As Mandy's hand held my wife's head on her clit my wife was tonguing Mandy and fingering her pussy. Mandy moaned and moaned out with some sort of an animalistic cry from her need being fulfilled.

I watched as Vastie held her down and licked and sucked on Mandy's pussy again now while Mandy thrust and fucked herself on Vastie's thumb and mouth! Mandy screamed with rapture as she lifted then both up off the bed again and went wild as she fucked her body on the stimulation my wife was providing!

When it was over Vastie moved out of the way and rolled over on her back. She looked at me and said, "Fuck her again now!"

My cock was full and hard as hell. I entered Mandy's pussy with easy she was so wet and opened. My cock pushed al the way into Mandy and as our bodies touched she moaned, "OH YES! NOW BUD FUCK ME HARD!"

It took only seconds before Mandy climaxed. Vastie was squeezing and pinching Mandy's swollen clit now like she was milking it as I rammed my hard cock into her as we lay missionary on the bed.

I moaned and then she moaned as we both fucked each other matching motion and thrusts! As she wrapped her legs around me we began to bounce on the bed as Mandy used her round ass to lift me up and give me the best fucking I have ever received. As I arched my back Mandy said, "I can feel you! Oh God you're getting harder, thicker! Oh yes Bud! Yes cum in me again! I want it! Give me your cum baby!"

Slap, slap, slap, slap the sound of my balls hitting Mandy's ass was the only sound in the room now as I moved faster and faster and still faster now towards what I knew would be a hell of an orgasm. Mandy held on to me tightly as we humped up and down on each other. She was fantastic and she moved us up and down on the bed as we locked together in a dance of lust! She had locked her legs around my back and was pulling me deeper as she held my ass with both hands. My hands were under her spectacular ass and holding on too! She looked at my wife and Vastie kissed her hard as I arched my back more now and released my hands so I could lift my body up off of Mandy and held myself up on my arms. I cried out and rammed my cock one last time as deep into her as I could get it! I began to cum! Shot after shot of warm thick cum pumped into this beauty woman's body as I enjoyed myself tremendously and completely emptying my balls and staying deep inside Mandy's openness.!

As I began to relax a little I fell on top of Mandy and felt her relax her arms and legs that had been holding us both tightly against her body. She smiled at me as she felt my wife's mouth move down her wet body and over her stomach towards her pussy. Then Vastie was between us. I moved higher until my cock head was al that was left inside Mandy. I was almost kneeling now to let my wife in there. Mandy's open thighs wide now. Mandy opened them wide for her pleasure and her own.

I slowly moved my cock out of Mandy's pussy and I saw my wife's head move over Mandy's dripping cunt!

When Mandy felt her cunt being sucked and licked, she knew we were both keepers. That was the word she used, "keeper" as she lay there sucking on my tongue now while my wife licked her pussy clean again! She said, "God my head is spinning!"

As Mandy arched her back and felt the cum inside her cunt being sucked and licked out by my wife. She cried out and said, "OH... OH... OH GOD! YES... YES... YES! EAT... ME! EATMEAGAIN!"

Vastie lowered her pussy down over Mandy's mouth and felt her tongue push into her vagina immediately. Vastie moved into her and kissed her pussy and licked her clean. As her tongue short into her pussy Mandy's did the same to my wife's cunt. Mandy began to give her oral sex as I continued to watch. Mandy moaned from Vastie's taste as my wife buried her head between Mandy's open thighs and licked and sucked Mandy's wet cum filled pussy. They fell asleep that way the first night, with both women between each other's open legs. I slept on the side of the bed wondering what would happen by the end of the long weekend?

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