tagLoving WivesHer First Taste... Ch. 06

Her First Taste... Ch. 06


Her First Taste of Another Woman Ch. 06

As Vastie bent forward and started to suck on the head of my cock, Mandy worked the shaft up and down in her hands. Vastie sucked my cock head harder with each breath and Mandy pumped my shaft faster and faster. It was unbelievable and I very quickly could feel my balls tighten and I knew I couldn't last long with two beautiful women working on my cock at the same time.

I was hard as hell in minutes and throbbing in minutes. As I held my wife's head and began to thrust my cock up into her mouth I could feel the added stimulation of Mandy's very wet cum covered slippery hand pumping my shaft. I moaned with pleasure.

It was then I realized that they both wanted me to cum quickly, so that I would be done and leave them alone. "Those fucking cunts!" I said to myself. They had planned this and they are going to try and make me cum in my wife's mouth instead of Mandy's pussy. They would satisfy my sexual need quick and hope that I would become soft again. If I did, I would then leave them to their lovemaking. "I'll be damn! Those cunts! Those fucking cunts", I said again to myself.

They both wanted me to cum fast and to do it into my wife's mouth, not Mandy's pussy! However, I had joined them on the bed so I could fuck Mandy's pussy again. I wanted to cum in it if just to prove a point and satisfy myself knowing she had been fucked by me, a man!

Then........an idea hit me like a bolt of lightening! I had an idea of how I might turn this around to my advantage and let my wife know and understand by seeing that Mandy was in fact a fucking Lesbian and perhaps a full blown one at that!

I quickly pulled my wife's mouth off my cock head and said, "Ladies! Why not switch. I mean Mandy, how about you sucking my cock for a while and let my wife jerk me off. You know I have never had my cock sucked by another woman since we have been married. Your mouth looked so nice sucking on my wife's pussy, come down and suck my cock baby! Let me see how good you are at it."

They didn't move. So I said, "Vastie, switch with Mandy. OK? I would really enjoy seeing Mandy sucking my cock this time."

Mandy looked at me and then at my wife. Vastie was looking back at her and then Mandy said, "I think your wife knows how to do it the best for you Bud. I like stroking your hard cock shaft! Then you can fuck me after you cum in Vastie's mouth"

Vastie bent forward again and licked the hole in my cock head taking the pre-cum off of it. She opened her mouth to engulf my cock head but I held her and took her by her shoulders pulling her back up. She said, "What?....what's the matter Bud."

I said, "I want Mandy to suck my cock real hard then I'm going to fuck her. How should I do it Mandy? I want to do it doggie style with you down on all fours. How's that sound?"

She didn't answer me so I continued by saying, "Yes, I want to fuck you from behind and play with those big tits and nipples as they hang down. And while I'm fucking you doggie style, Vastie cans slid under us, under you and lick and play with your clit. Yea, while I bury my cock deep inside your body Vastie can lick your pussy and my cock. Is that OK with you Vastie?"

I looked at my wife and saw her look at Mandy. Then I said, "You like doggie style Mandy? Do you baby? Ok let's start!"

Mandy looked at my wife and Vastie said, "Let me get you harder first Bud."

She bent forward again and tried to suck on my cock. I said, 'NO! I want Mandy to suck it! Is that a problem ladies?"

Vastie looked at Mandy and finally after a moment of complete silence she said, "Sure Bud. Go ahead Mandy. Suck him for a little while and I'll watch. We did say he could join us. Suck him hard again and then when he is, I'll watch you fuck him. Then I'll lick your clit like Bud suggested as he fucks you."

I said, "Yea, come on Mandy! I can't wait for your full red lips to cover the top of my cock and suck on it while I fuck your face! God you are so beautiful!"

I touched her face and ran my hand around her face to the back of her head. As I pushed gently against the back of her head I felt her resist. Mandy didn't move for a long second and then she looked my wife and back to me as she finally said, "I think he's hard enough already Vastie. There's no need to suck him more. We sure don't want him to cum so fast do we Bud? Come on baby! Just fuck me like I know you want to do. Here look at my pussy baby! It's all wet from that big damn dildo. Now, I need your real cock in me Bud. Come on and fuck me!"

She slid down and opened her legs wide as my wife and I watched her. Vastie smiled down at Mandy and said, "GO on Buddy! Fuck her! I know you want too! God just look at her body! It's so beautiful fuck her Bud. I want to watch."

I said, "I do want to Mandy, I really do. But first I want you to taste my cock. Here, I'll just straddle your shoulders and put my cock in your mouth! That's Ok isn't it? Just suck it a little."

Mandy looked at my wife and I could see the disgust and a little fear in her eyes now. Vastie touched her face and said, "Just a little baby! Suck him just a little bit and while you do I'll lick your pussy and get it ready for him!"

I said, "NO! No Vastie, I want you to watch her sucking my cock! I don't want you to eat her pussy or lick it or do anything to her. In fact don't touch her. I want you to watch as Mandy mouth fucks me. Just watch her suck my dick Vastie! That's what I want from you now."

Vastie sat back down next to Mandy and watched me move up and begin to straddle Mandy's shoulders. When I placed my hard cock head right in front of Mandy's face she flinched and said, "NO! No Bud I don't suck cock! I never have and I hope I never will have to suck a man's cock!"

I smiled down at her as I sat on her full breasts and shook my cock at her face. I could see the hate for me in her green eyes. I said, 'Suck it Mandy! Or, I'll make sure my wife knows you're a full-blown Lesbian. Now suck it bitch and prove me wrong!"

Vastie said, "Bud! Don't talk to her that way. If she doesn't want to suck your cock then let it go. Just fuck her."

Mandy was struggling now and told me if I didn't get off of her and move my cock away from her face, she would bit the head off!"

I turned to my wife and said, "See! I told you she was a man hater. Look at her face. See how she hates me! See how she hates my cock so close to her face? Tell her Mandy! Tell her how you hate me."

Mandy said, "I just don't suck cocks that's all Vastie! OK! OK! Just fuck me Bud. I don't suck cocks! That doesn't mean I hate men, I just don't suck men!"

Vastie said, "Bud, let her up please. I think you have gone way to far here. Please stop. Stop or leave Bud. It is apparent Mandy doesn't want to suck your cock. And we won't do anything the other doesn't feel right about. And no wonder she doesn't want too, the way you acted here, I think she is right. Please get off of her."

I didn't move. I smiled down at Mandy as I moved my arm behind me and used two fingers on one hand and began to rub her pussy opening feeling how wet Mandy still was. I had the other one between her breasts holding her down. I said, "OK. But I still want to fuck her. If you don't fight me for doing that too we'll do just fine. Here let me fuck you Mandy, I'll leave you two alone after I cum in your pussy. Then Vastie can clean it out again for you. I know you would love that!"

Mandy sighed very loudly and said, "OK! Then fuck me! Fuck me fast Bud and then get out and leave us alone God MEN and their dicks!"

Vastie watched as I moved off of Mandy and waited for her to roll over and get on all fours. I was going to fuck her doggie style. She said, "No Bud, fuck me like this. I don't want to do doggie with you! I hate it that way!"

I asked, "Why? Why not Mandy? Why won't you submit to me and let me fuck you the way I want? Why Mandy?"

She said, "That method is so disgusting and degrading to women that's why. Now fuck me as I lay here or let me get on top! But no doggie style."

I smiled and looked at my wife. I said, "See, she won't do it my way because that would show I'm in control. She won't let that happen Vastie. She won't suck my cock because that's subservient to her too. And she won't fuck me doggie style because she thinks that's also acting like some slave to me.

She will only allowing me to fuck her in the way she wants and that's missionary. And she's only doing that so I'll leave and she'll have you alone. She is trying to convert you baby. She wants you to follow her life style Vastie can't you see that?"

My wife just looked from me to Mandy and back to me. She said, "You're wrecking all of this Bud. You're destroying everything here with Mandy. What do you want?"

I said, "I want my wife back. I want you to admit Mandy is a fucking Lesbian. I want Mandy to suck my cock and let me fuck her doggie style. If she does, I admit I was wrong and that she's just BI. If she's BI just like you say you are and you let me do those things with you, then she should too! If she does it with me then I'll let you two alone the rest of the day!"

My wife looked at Mandy and said, "Would you? Would you allow him to have his way, his thrill with you Mandy? We did monopolize each other yesterday when it was really to be his turn with you. Would you let him have you just for a little while Mandy? Please! Would you let him fuck you the way he wants, doggie style, please?"

Mandy sat up and looked loving at my wife. She said, "No Vastie, and neither should you. No women should have to suck a man's cock or be fucked in that slave position. If you want I'll fuck him on top or under him. But I won't get down on all fours like a dog and be fucked from behind like a female bitch in heat! I won't do it!"

Vastie said, "I have. And I don't look at it that way at all Mandy. It's just another position. And, actually it feels rather good that way too."

Mandy said, "Perhaps we were wrong to try this with him. Remember this was going to be mostly for us. At first Bud wasn't even going to be included. You were going to meet me at my hotel. Then we decided you wouldn't cheat on your husband and we agreed to include him but he would only be included on the first day and the last. Then when he was told what we were going to do, he butted in again and we added more for him. It was to be what we wanted Vastie. Only for us baby, and I don't want Bud. I want you and I believe you want me my love."

Vastie's eyes closed and she held Mandy's hand against her face and then she kissed it. She said, "I know but I could never cheat on my husband with you or a another man. I had to know what and who I am and to do that I had to include Bud and tell him about you and us. I love him too Mandy!"

I said, "Too?? What's that all about?"

She said, "I love Mandy too Bud. I told you that I did. It's not the same type of love. It's different but I can't explain it any more than that! I want her and she wants me just as much as you and I want each other."

Mandy pulled Vastie to her and they kissed. Mandy asked my wife, "You really want that Vastie? You want him to use me like a common whore. You want him to make me look like a female bitch in heat or a slave? You don't see how wrong that is?"

Vastie's eyes got somewhat larger from Mandy's last statement. She shook her head and said, "I know this meeting was mostly for us Mandy. You know I wanted to see if I needed a woman in my life too. But my love, we did talk about including Bud in our sex. I think you should try to accommodate him like I have accommodated you."

Then she touched Mandy's face with her fingers and said, "It's not wrong what Bud is asking. It's another act of sex that's all! You're BI like I think I am, and I have to tell you I love sucking my husband's cock hard and then have him fuck me anyway he wants or I want. That includes doggie style too."

She touched Mandy's face again and then kissed her gently. She continued by saying, "But my love, I so enjoy your touch and love-making completely and the way we fucked each other with that big dildo was amazing. I love it all Mandy. So I'm asking you to try it! Try doing what my husband asks that's all. Try it and then Bud will believe me when I tell him you're not a Lesbian and that you are just like me!"

Mandy looked at Vastie and then to me. Finally she said, "You really want that don't you Vastie? If you want it that bad my love I'll try and do it just for you. But I want you under me licking my clit as I do it with your husband."

And with that she told me to lie down on my back and I did. Mandy moved her perfect body between my open legs and she kneeling down on all fours and covered my swollen cock head with her mouth. She had her ass and pussy up in the air and Vastie moved around and got under her body, between Mandy's open legs.

I watched as Mandy started to suck my cock and jerked it off. As she did, I saw my wife move behind and under Mandy's hips. Then I saw Mandy lowered her pussy down onto my wife's mouth! I moaned loudly as Mandy sucked my cock hard and pumped my cock faster and faster. I asked her, "Are you sure you have never done this before?"

I was thinking, "well so much for my plan. I'll have to come up with something else."

And I did! I now had another idea, which might help me.

Mandy grunted and just continued to suck my cock as she was being licked by my wife's tongue and her clit sucked on by Vastie as she lay under Mandy's pussy. Mandy pressed against my wife's mouth! It was the most fucking erotic thing I have ever seen or done before.

I could tell my wife was dripping wet too as she lay under her female love and licked her clit Vastie stroked her own pussy with her fingers. I could see them running over and in her swollen puffy vagina lips. Every once in awhile Vastie's fingers would disappear into her cunt.

As my wife's tongue moved over the warm wetness of Mandy's sex and then backs to her other hole, Mandy's legs opened more and she squatted down further onto my wife's face. I was rock hard and told Mandy to release my cock. At first she didn't do it and continued to suck on my cock. I pulled her up by her hair as Vastie sucked and licked her pussy over and over again. Finally Mandy released my cock from her mouth and I moved around and got behind her!

As I knelt behind Mandy I inserted two fingers into her vagina hole and pushed them all the way into her opening. As my cock moved around now and I centered it at the edge of her open lips. I could feel my cock head separate them and the hard cock head of my cock moved into her body. My wife moaned and said, "God this is so hot! His cock looks huge going into your pussy Mandy!"

She then went back to licking Mandy's clit and I started to pump in and out of her hole. It didn't take but a few minutes for Mandy to begin to push back and rock her pussy on my cock and my wife's mouth! She moaned and I felt the gush of fluid coat my cock as Mandy began to cum. She moaned again and then moaned loud as she pushed back hard and said, "Suck me Vastie! Suck! Me! OH GOD! I'M CUMMING BABY!!"

It was like I wasn't there, at first that is. Then as my wife lay under her lover licking and sucking her clit, Mandy spread her legs even wider and stayed squatting almost sitting on my wife's face now. She was giving Vastie more room to go deeper with her tongue to please her. Mandy wasn't thinking about me now at all. I hoped that would chance soon enough. As she positioned her body for Vastie, it also allowed me to penetrate Mandy's pussy even deeper and I could thrust up into her better now. Both Vastie's tongue and my hard cock fucked Mandy into another orgasm.

I moved my cock shaft in and out of Mandy's wet hot pussy as fast as I could now while Vastie's mouth went wild on Mandy's clit. She watched my hard cock shaft moving in and out of Mandy's pussy tunnel covered with her wetness and it excited her to see it! I could hear the slurping and sucking Vastie was performing on her lover as I began to shorten and quicken my strokes pumping my cock into Mandy now.

I worked on her and worked on her pussy with my cock pumping in and out with short quick strokes. I was building Mandy's lust and passion the best I could. Then I shoved my hard cock completely into her body letting my balls hit my wife's face as she lay under us.

Mandy moaned. I pulled out until only my cock head remained inside her pussy hole. In and out, in and out again and again I fucked Mandy's pussy this way. Thrusting and pulling out, thrusting and pulling out I did it again and again and again.

I drove Mandy's face down into the sheets and made her grunt as I rammed my cock into her cunt. I could feel her pussy trying to hold my cock deep inside. I moved faster now. Fucking her harder and as fast as I could, she moaned and I could hear her breath as she sucked in air. I felt it was working

Then I heard Mandy cry out with her lustful need and she told me, "Oh God fuck me! Fuck me Bud! It's been so long baby. Oh yes!! Oh yes! Fuck me!"

Vastie held the front of Mandy's hips and as she lay under her she sucked and licked all around Mandy's upper thighs and to the very edge of her vagina. Mandy yelled out loudly "Suck my pussy! Fuck me Bud! Oh God! My clit! Suck my clit Vastie! Oh God! It feels so good! Fuck me Bud! Fuck me suck me fuck me suck me!"

She went on and pone as her passion went higher and higher. She actually shook and I wondered if she would pass out. Then when she felt Vastie's lips around her throbbing clit and I thrust into her one last time and started to cum, she screamed! And I felt my wife's lips move around my shaft and over Mandy's pussy.

I reached around Mandy's body and cupped both of her large full breasts feeling her hard long nipples in the palms of my hands.

Vastie sucked on Mandy's clit hood and licked her wet snatch. Mandy thrust her pelvis down into her face and then thrust it back into my cock.. She fucked herself on my cock and Vastie's mouth as I held her hips and watched her round full ass move back and forth. She went wild as she cried out and began to orgasm again.

She cried out with pleasure as my wife sucked her clit and I continued to fuck her into another orgasm. Cum was everywhere and covered my wife's face and dripped on the bed. Vastie continued to watch me pump my cock in to her lover's pussy as she lick and suck on this sexy woman's pussy. With her head moving tighter between Mandy's legs, Mandy began to shake and we all felt her shutter as she peaked with her climax.

I continued to fuck her pussy now like I was drilling for oil. I knew she like it I could feel her vagina tunnel squeezing my entire cock shaft now as I buried it and kept it deep inside her pussy. Mandy's hot wetness cunt was pointing up in the air now as she sort of offered it me.

Vastie moved out from under her and sat on the bed stroking Mandy's face and breasts that lay on the bed now. Mandy was bracing herself putting her head and shoulders down on the bed. She looked like she was going to go to the bathroom she was squatting and waited for me to begin fucking her some more. She was opening her pussy as wide as she could so I could please her with my cock.

The woman and I moved together. Mandy's pussy was fucking me as I held my hard cock still inside her now. I had stopped moving completely and waited as she rotated her ass and pussy around and around. My wife came over and kissed me hard slipping her tongue into my mouth. I could taste Mandy's juices that covered Vastie's face. I moaned as my wife knelt with me and as I pumped my cock into Mandy, she held me and kissed me and let me tongue fuck her mouth.

Vastie said, "OK Buddy! OK. You fucked her doggie style. Now fuck her some other way. She had let you do what you wanted. Now let her move into some other position one that she likes better. OK?"

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